👴👵 Top 10 Worst States to Retire or be a Senior Citizen.

👴👵 Top 10 Worst States to Retire or be a Senior Citizen.

What is going on everyone? It is late
September we are moving towards winter and it’s getting colder and if you’re
like me and you’ve broken a couple bones in your life more than a couple of my
case winter means those breaks start to hurt especially in the morning currently
I get up in the morning and walk around my room for five minutes and I look like
I’ve been drinking all night it happens even more and it gets worse with age
that is one of the reasons you have snowbirds in case you’ll notice Snowbird
is it’s a name they give retirees and senior citizens that live in northern
states like Minnesota New York and then they head south for the winter – like
Florida Arizona deployed the colder weather of their northern home states
summer tyree Snowbird full time there are other reasons retirees relocate when
they do retire cost living crime access to quality health care and culture those
are the four big ones they also list family but there’s no way to really
measure that so we got to take that one out so what is the methodology how do we
figure this out well we take the four things that we can actually rank and I
go to websites like the Council for Community and Economic Research and
figure out how they rank the states then we go to the agency of Healthcare
Research and quality and we see how they rank the state’s then of course the FBI
website and then you know there’s various websites like the AARP website
and things like that different retiree and senior citizen websites and they
kind of list what states and what cities have the best entertainment and things
to do for seniors that’s how we kind of rank they all rank and put them all
together and come up with the ranking so now you know how we do it and that being
said why don’t you watch this when you get back from your early bird dinner
there’s a Save button for a lay save for later button on YouTube you could use
that in case you don’t know about it but for the rest of you here’s my top 10
worst states for retirees and senior citizens number ten South Carolina the Palmetto
state kicks off this list at number ten let’s start with why you should retire
here they have decent weather until a hurricane shows up and they have good
down-to-earth people where it starts to suck is culture and entertainment
they’re ranked 45th after Myrtle Beach in Charleston there isn’t much to do
here for seniors and stop typing I’m sure if you live in South Carolina
you can list some really cool lawn bowling sites and whatnot we are
comparing this to the rest of the states and they’re lacking in that department
crime is middle-of-the-road at 27 and where it gets bad is health and wellness
South Carolina’s ranked 50th how do you rank 50th in health care did the state
decide that they’ve made enough medical advancements in like 1970 you go to your
doctor you got an STD he pulls out some leeches not good South Carolina number
nine new jersey number nine brings us to new jersey the Garden State the good
news is they have a lot of things for retirees to do and surprisingly as a
state their crime isn’t bad I’m thinking someone forgot to count Camden that’s my
guess but if excessive spray tan and hair products were a crime they’d be the
absolute worst the rest is bad news they ranked 43rd and cost living their
weathers 27 and health care is 26th they do have another problem in New Jersey
Atlantic City and senior citizens flooding the casinos I’ve seen it it’s
not good and what’s all ad in a casino try and get her senior discount on a
hand of blackjack she also tried to order a prune daiquiri from the waitress
that was really weird anyway some of the casinos actually cater to this
demographic you’ll know which ones they are they have two floors of handicapped
parking in the parking structure number eight Minnesota of course the
land of 10,000 lakes is on this list Minnesota has some of the coldest
winters in the country this state is like the inspiration for heading south
for the winter birds clued in to this over 60 million
years ago and sometime later a lady named Ruth said this Minnesota weather
I’m heading to Sarasota and the Snowbird was born Minnesota is ranked 47th and
weather 35th and cost living utilities are a big part of the cost living in
Minnesota I’m sure owning many layers of clothing
has something to do that too at least you don’t need sunblock so
you’re saving on sunblock well least as much as you would other states it is
estimated that between twenty and thirty thousand residents flee Minnesota before
winter arrives just come back around April number seven California yes
California my birth state made it on another bad list surprise surprise least
it’s not the worst this time now this is the part of the video where we get the
same old tired comments about California liberals this Democrat that homeless
yada yadi or whatever just so you don’t miss anything we will watch this puppy
getting a haircut while some lady pulls his hair while you leave your comment California’s major issue for the retired
crowd as you can imagine is cost living there ranked 49th it’s expensive live in
California when I was growing up the eastern part of California was always
cheaper that’s not really even cheaper anymore now they do okay with health
care and culture but they take it in the pants when it comes to crime they’re in
bad shape they’re they’re ranked 39 out of 50 California is a place most seniors
and retirees are leaving on a permanent basis not just for the winter that’s a
trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either number six
Oregon and now for my current home state the beaver State Oregon you know I still
smile whenever someone calls it the beaver State I guess I’m never gonna
grow up I’ve given up on trying anyway Oregon is not the place for retirees it
never has been it’s the rain for the most part it rains here a lot most
people that retire like to get out and do things
you’ve worked most your life probably in an office or factory you should Oregon
most the year isn’t the place to do that the summer’s here are amazing don’t get
me wrong people come out they’re always happy they’re nice to each other they
have events fairs festivals and then it starts raining in late September and we
all start drinking beer till April Oregon ranks 38 when it comes to weather
after whether you have our health and wellness it’s not the best we have a lot
of depression here in Oregon Oregon is actually ranked 45th and a health and
wellness that’s not a good number forty fifth worst that’s five from the bottom
and this is where someone always has to comment you forgot the homeless problem
because the Democrats and liberals are running yep yep yet whatever tell you
what I know you got to leave your comment will watch this skeleton doing
some karate while you do that number five
Washington Oregon’s neighbor to the north comes in fifth the Evergreen State
Washington Washington is very similar to Oregon as far as weather and want other
things but Washington kind of sucks across the board they have nothing
that’s really good it for retirees on this list at least nothing is the worst
but nothing’s good the cost of living is 41st crime is 37th culture is 25
weather’s 36 and the health and wellness is 37th so it sort of just blows for
retirees here I mean New Jersey had low crime California had great weather South
Carolina has decent weather Washington’s got none of those things not a good
place for retirees number four Alaska at number four we have the last frontier
Alaska I was just in Alaska and I can tell you statistically retiree shouldn’t
be living here but they are that’s like 75% of people I saw in my week that I
stayed in Alaska it was like retiree age people you know retirees senior citizens
that type of thing Alaska ranks 49th in crime and they have the worst weather in
the country they’re ranked 50th dead last Alaska the cost living here
surprisingly high I mean you’re in a place that most people don’t find
desirable but the cost of living is that of a place that everyone wants to move
to so I it’s just weird but what it is is most everything in Alaska but fish
and Christmas trees are shipped here so there’s added cost to that I went to the
grocery store while I was in the Kenai Peninsula and while I was there when I
came out I got 90 bucks worth of stuff and I figure I could have got the same
in Oregon for about 60 there’s quite a difference there especially if you’re
living there full-time number three Illinois coming in number
three is the land of Lincoln Illinois right off the bat the dog whistles went
off and people want to leave comments about Chicago B in this crime infested
City where ice cream men are pulled out of their trucks and given Indian burns
and Charlie horses or whatever the local gangs are doing these days Chicago isn’t
that bad as proof it doesn’t bring down the whole state with its crime stats
actually for retirees they’re ranked 26 sort of middle-of-the-road there in
comparison Arkansas is ranked 46 in crime because of to medium cities for
the most part that’s it just to medium cities are bringing that whole state
down now I’m not saying the rural part of Arkansas is without crying
it’s got crime but these two cities really bring down the whole state but
Illinois still sucks for other reasons cost of living the ranked 40th and as
far as health care and wellness they’re second from the bottom at 49th
there whether it isn’t the worst either but it isn’t the best by any stretch of
the imagination it’s actually 25th number two Marilyn Marilyn comes in at
the second to the worst place for the retirement crowd in the entire United
States that’s right the old line state is not the place you want to spend your
golden years that is one of their nicknames the old line state a free
state is another one of their nicknames they have which I find ironic seem that
the cost of living is so high that nickname actually has nothing to do with
cost but yeah they’re ranked 47th and cost living crime weather culture and
entertainment aren’t the best either the health and wellness for the retired
crowd is also something that needs to be worked on it’s ranked 37th in the
country Marilyn isn’t a terrible place in the rural areas but when you live out
there you lose a lot and entertainment and culture you know type things to do
sounds all great to live out in the sticks until you realize you’ve been
counting down the days till the county fair for like six months just so you
have an opportunity to actually talk to someone else
face to face and number one New York there’s a reason
people are flooding out of this state and it isn’t just cost living they’re
actually the worst in the country coming in at number 54 affordability but that
isn’t the most common reason listed retirees and seniors can’t get out of
the state quick enough New York actually leads the country in outward migration
for people over 50 brutal winners especially upstate crime and healthcare
are all reasons listed by people fleeing the Empire State the only thing they do
have is culture and entertainment they have more than any other state on this
list and they’re ranked fourth in the country one thing I read with people
over the age of 50 retirees and seniors some of the more common reasons for them
leaving New York were fear of another 9/11 the mortgage is too expensive in
retirement insurance prices and the taxes on annuities and their digital
asset management now that one’s very specific but I believe that was from The
Wall Street Journal so I guess that makes sense to them not me I’m an idiot
but yeah New York is the number one worst a poor retirees it’s not a place
you want to live if you’re on a fixed income or you just want to enjoy the
latter part of your life it just doesn’t make sense for most people all right so that’s my top ten worst
places to retire in the United States hope you guys got some information I
hope it helps out someone you know do a little more research just don’t take my
word for it research some of these states and see if it works out for you
if you’re retiring it’s not something you want to you know mess up make sure
it works for you anyway don’t forget to hit that like button leave me a comment
buy a t-shirt I’ve got all those links below everybody have a great day be nice
to each other


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    Rick Johnson

    I do believe that Illinois is closer to #1, taxes are bad all over the state, and yes Chicago is a 💩 hole. I believe we're close to the highest in the nation now on gas tax, real estate, car tags etc. Of course it doesn't help that they vote in a mafia leader as governor.

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    Carl Jito

    That's why New York is no longer called the Empire State but is now called the Vampire State. The DemonRATS will definitely suck you dry.

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    mike B

    Left Maryland, miss the crabcakes but that's it. In Virginia now but it is turning blue so may not stay here. Right now it is a good choice but if costs go up I leave.

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    Don Akins

    If you want decent health care in Oklahoma you need to break the law. Because they take better care of prisoners than they do there senior citizens.

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    Brian Stapleton

    You said New York is the worst state, but your arrow pointed to Massachusetts. Freudian slip, or you don't know your states?

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    Patti Lafleur

    It appears most of the worse states have been under democrat jurisdiction for years. So, one just needs to check the cities they might be interested in for retirement & see which political party has control. Run away if it's been run (ruined) by the Dems. Not trying to get political, just stating facts. Check it out

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    Carol Ley

    Oregon's too rainy? You must not have been in the desert of eastern WA. Around madras, OR it's as warm as AZ. WA, my current home state has a lot of cultural things for seniors. You need to do your research.

  20. Post

    I will have to give you credit, least you didn't just name the same handful of states that always get kicked around with one of these worst states video. And in the most part I agree with your list.

  21. Post
    Barbara Guy

    Enjoyed the video—Virginia has two counties on the Eastern Shore: Accomack and Northampton. Beautiful, peaceful places. Your map showed it as Maryland.

  22. Post
    Julian Cate

    Wow, you really don't like people pointing out the failures of Leftism, do you? As if any criticism of some Democrat-run shit hole is somehow irrelevant to a discussion about why it sucks to live there. No need to guess your politics.

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    libtards suck

    #1 connectifuck
    #2 connectifuck
    #3 connectifuck
    #4 connectifuck
    #5 connectifuck
    #6 connectifuck
    #7 connectifuck
    #8 connectifuck
    #9 connectifuck
    #10 connectifuck

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    Bosco Bob

    I don't care what anyone says, when the Great Spirit made the Earth, he made Oregon first and then used the leftovers for everything else. For nobody's business…we seniors LOVE the rainy coast in the wintertime. Nothing better than renting a place with a fireplace over on the coast and storm watching in front of a roaring, warm blaze. Where else in the country are you 1+ hour from the beach and 1+ hour from skiing in the mountains and…where cannabis is legal?

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    Everett Cox

    I downvoted you b/c your subtitle spelling is atrocious. I live in Texas and I understand plain English so that part doesn't matter to me. Do something about your spelling.

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    Dan R

    About Seniors and retirement.Join my movement HOUSE. Help Our Unloved Seniors Exist. 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day and 20% have only SS.

  32. Post
    Joe Don Baker

    Thanks for showing the skeleton so I could post that most states run by Democrats SUCK! High taxes, sanctuary cities, etc…

  33. Post

    While I find most of your data to be interesting and valued it's ashame you like to detract facts with your little " oh dems this and libs this, go ahead and leave right comment while…" while you have some shit show going on. Could be dems or repubs. Doesn't matter. Facts are facts. Liberlas run those damn states with the worst crime, poverty, taxes etc… and you make that part of holding those in charge of those governments accountable into a joke. Truth is truth. Try it sometime without your bias.

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    V8flattop Gamer

    Erm ok I waited till after the dog got his haircut & the skeleton dancing to say democrats have messed up those states. I sure got one over on You!

  41. Post
    ms 3405

    Is it a coincidence that most of these states are hard core Democrat states? Crime and cost of living were mentioned a lot.

  42. Post
    Bob Johnson

    Maryland is a shithole. Another liberal mecca with ridiculous taxes and very high cost of living. Ya got this one right and of course NY. Forget it. Smokes ar about $ 15 a pack which is a good indicator of the cost of living. Also you can't buy a monster soda anywhere because the government is asshole.

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    Sam Mencia

    Maryland isn't that big and WDC more or less has culturally affected most of it. Expensive housing and nowhere to retire unless you made millions on govt contracts or in front of a camera.

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    walter condi

    All these videos are full of shit,..they are all opinions according to different assholes just to make money, they do not know what they are talking about,…have never lived in any of these states,..and all their Information has been compiled from different places.

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    Jeremy mcmanus

    Homelessness and crime only matter, when you're stepping in human fecal matter while getting mugged, according to this guy.

  62. Post
    William Johnson

    Briggs your stuff is awesome! I relate to you well being retired U.S. Army. Man you thought you were going to die in Columbus GA well so did I. Went through the School For Boys OCS in 1983 and I couldn't wait to get the hell out of the south. Course my next assignment was in Al. Thanks for your Tubes. I enjoy your humor, spin on things and down to earth great information.

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    Leroy Jenkins

    I find it hilarious how retardicans complain about how the Democrats are bad yet the retardicans are the ones who are causing all the damage and fucking everything up. Just look at Trump and his mindless drones called constituents!

  65. Post

    noticed you did not say anything about the health and wellness of Minnesota, is that because one of the best hospitals on the planet there? The Mayo clinic

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    Marcus Blaesing

    I live in Minnesota. We need sun block all year long even when it's 35 degrees below zero (not I repeat not including wind chill) we also need sun glasses all year long. Thing people don't always realize is that the snow reflects the sun so even though in the winter time the sun's power is weakened due to the angle it has to go through the atmosphere it is then doubled. We don't get the heat benefit from this but we do have to put up with the sun coming down on us and the sun being reflected back up at us when we drive, go ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, and so on. So I suppose if all we do is stay in doors but going outside we get to put up with the sun going up and down both at the same time.

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  69. Post

    Amen to Minnesota. Grew up there as a KID!
    Over 60 at -39 below zero…everything stops working. EVERYTHING! (I can't even watch porn after -10 below!) I'll stop their. You get the freaking picture…I love fishing though!!!

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    laserleftfoot ttt

    10>south carolina (lousy heathcare) 9>new jersey 8>minnesota 7>cali(cost) 6>oregon (rain) 5>washington(cost of living) 4>alaska(crime) 3>illinois(wellness) 2>maryland(cost) 1>new york(cost weather crime) THERE! I just saved you 12 minutes!!!

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  74. Post

    California may not be the worst place to retire, but it is one of the biggest shitholes in the country! As for Oregon, well, let's call it an Antifa, homeless shithole run by the shadyass pinhead Ted Wheeler! So if those are your 2 favorite places you might want to think about that.

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    Kevin Rehberg

    Your video is incomplete in its information.. There is a mountain range called the "Cascades" which changes the weather dramatically between eastern and western Washington..Most of your favorable weather is EAST of the Cascades.. places like Spokane, Wenatchee, Yakima, the Tri-cites of the eastern half of the state and Walla Walla.. all remarkably inexpensive to live in compared to Seattle Tacoma Olympia..I know I grew up in eastern WA and worked in western WA..For all of the shortcomings eastern WA is by far a better place to live

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    Tony S

    New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota…blue state, blue state, blue state, blue state fleeing to red states that have their sh-t together.

  80. Post
    yvonne savoy

    Whatta ya mean MD doesn't have anything to do…let's see we have the Powerboat show, where all the rich ppl come in & then there is the Sailboat Show, when all the richer ppl come in. We have the switch & bait for all the ppl that didn't grow in Annapolis. The switch & bait is where they put up all these pretty expensive homes for ppl that work in DC to come live, but little do they know they back right up to a project, because we have 8+ in a town that is a peninsula & only 5miles long. Then when you move away from all the influxers to live in the country you can play the game, how many crosses are on the aide of the road because we are apparently too poor to install shoulders & the thing ppl live to do here apparently is drink & drive. It's super fun.
    For real though, my dad is a retiree & spent 40+yrs serving his community as a fire capt in the capital. If it weren't for smart investments all his life he couldn't affors it if it weren't for his grandkids, my kids not wanting to switch schools in HS he would have moved full time to our house in NC.

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    butch armstrong

    I thought for SURE my home state of Michigan would be on your list! What with Detroit, the horrible winters, the "I couldn't care less about senior citizens" attitude of well…almost everybody here.

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    David Earnest

    I live in Oregon on a modest retirement and I do just fine. I just stay out of DT Portland and away from Trimet and I'm GTG. Been here 55 years of 65. No place I'd rather live. Except maybe Anywhere in Montana or Wyoming. Good Diesel Mechanics can get work anywhere at any age.

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    PaPa Brad SOG

    Why do you place "culture" on your list. Old people do not want culture, we want cheap, safe, cheap, safe, cheap. A drive to the city for culture and doctor visits is expensive and exhausting. Where in the world is cheap and safe? Add a bit of warm and rain and we are set!

  88. Post
  89. Post
    sam moore

    #10 south carolina
    #9 New jersey
    #8. Minnesota
    #7. California
    #6. Oregon
    #5. Washington
    #4. Alaska
    #3. Illinois
    #2. Maryland
    #1. New York

  90. Post
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    Joseph LaFrance

    We moved out of California may 0f 2018 and never looked back , trying to get my mother out of that toilet. im a disabled Iraq veteran you talking about about being a depressing state? ever since we moved to Oregon mine has improved a lot ,love the out doors . those that still live in California all I have to say is ….. SUCKERS.

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  94. Post

    Currently enjoying prune daiquiris in Ohio… looking forward to Tampa next year! Loved the puppy and the skeleton. One of your best. 🙂

  95. Post
    Gayle Gordon

    I love your channel!! I love how you say “Stop Typing.” Makes me giggle. However, (“oh no,” he muttered, “here it comes”) I early-retired in Colorado Springs. Mainly because I late-worked and lived in Colorado Springs. It’s nice; I like it. Except when it’s not and I don’t. Just sayin’ – ain’t no place perfect ‘til Heaven. For now, this’ll do. Thanks for a great channel!

  96. Post
    A R

    Ya know the this guy is a**** and a hypocrite, why? lol cause he ends every commentary of stupidity with …. be good to each other. that's a joke right.

  97. Post

    I'm from Chicago but live in Austin, TX and it's more expensive to live here than Chicago. Also your stats and perspectives are based on white peoples' standards. The crime in Chicago has always been what it is now since I was born there. The only difference is the tech and media we have today to saturate the news and internet. I feel safer in Chicago (and NY) when go home and to NY for business. Also I'm over 50 and I'm doing everything I can to relocate to NYC. Perspective dude…

  98. Post
    Mike Grayson

    Cost of living in New Jersey and California are very bad for a retiree. I have a cousin in New Jersey who is 70 and he pays 8,000 a year property taxes on a 1450 s.f. home. Property taxes aren't that bad in California but they have so many other taxes and utilities there are really high.

  99. Post

    I researched states that have no income tax, no tax on Social Security benefits, no tax on pensions, and 'low or no' inheritance tax, which are all major contributing factors to financial success in retirement. Here are the winners: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington (inheritance tax on >2.193 million), Wyoming. I know where I'm headed to retire!

  100. Post

    And BTW, of the states I just listed, the only Blue states are Washington and Nevada. Hmmm…what does this say about the difference between priorities in Red and Blue states?

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