10 Countries Most Afflicted By Modern Slavery

10 Countries Most Afflicted By Modern Slavery

Slavery used to look like this, then it evolved
into this, and today it looks like this. In fact, there are an estimated 45.8 million
people living in modern slavery across 167 different countries. They fall into three general categories: children
held in the commercial sex trade; adults held in the commercial sex trade; and any other
laborer made to work through force, fraud, or coercion. The trafficking victim often looks like anybody
else at work in a mine, on a farm, in a factory. Many are lured by promises of a steady job
in another country, only to have their passports confiscated when they arrive. However, many slaves work in their native
countries or even the cities where they were born. According to the The Global Slavery Index
these ten countries are home to the most modern slaves. They each suffer from income inequality, discrimination
and classism, and entrenched corruption. Number ten, Indonesia, produces about 35%
of the world’s palm oil. The many small palm plantations present an
immense challenge to inspectors trying to crackdown on child labor. The country’s many islands are also home
to tens of thousands of enslaved fisherman trafficked from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and
Cambodia. Number nine is the Democratic Republic of
Congo. 20,000 of the DRC’s more than 870,000 slaves
live in one of the most hellish landscapes on the planet, a vast ore mine in the east
of the country. The terrorist group Boko Haram gets overshadowed
by ISIS, although it kills more people. When it comes to enslavement, one of its tactics
is to give Nigerian entrepreneurs loans and then force them to join their group if they
fail to repay fast enough. Seventh is Russia. 55% of the slaves there work in construction. Foreigners are lured mainly from nearby Azerbaijan,
the “stans,” Ukraine, and North Korea—thanks to this border on the far eastern edge of
Russia. The North Korean government is the world’s
largest single slaveholder. Not only does it force more than one million
of its people to toil in labor camps and other similarly hopeless situations, but it actually
loans out some people to work in neighboring China and Russia, then pockets most of their
wages. This exploitation generates about $2.3B each
year for the Kim Jong-un regime. The fifth most enslaved country, Uzbekistan,
is the world’s sixth largest producer of cotton. It has benefited from forced labor, as the
government puts more than 1 million people to work using threats of debt bondage, heavy
fines, asset confiscation, and police intimidation. Slave recruiters in Bangladesh promise poor
families that their boys will be given a job, only to be enslaved on a faraway island and
beaten to clean fish for up to 24 hours straight. Often, these fish are exported as cat food
for our pets. Sometimes, the boys meet a gruesome death
when they are eaten by tigers while searching for firewood. Third is Pakistan, which has suffered through
decades of conflict, terrorism, and displacement—especially along its northwestern border with Afghanistan. It’s provinces have not raised the minimum
age of marriage, which has allowed the widespread problem of forced and child weddings to continue. Over 250 million Chinese have migrated within
the country to find better opportunities, creating the ideal conditions for human trafficking. Each year, 58 million children are ‘left
behind’ as their parents search of work in the China’s many booming cities. Every year, up to 70,000 children fall into
forced begging, illegal adoption, and sex slavery. And number one is India, which has – by far
– the most victims of modern slavery. While economic growth has greatly reduced
the percentage of its citizens living in poverty, the country’s sheer size still results in
more than 270 million Indians living on less than $2/day. It’s unsurprising that intergenerational
bonded labor, forced child labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced begging, forced
recruitment into nonstate armed groups, and forced marriage all exist in India. The government has already created many of
the laws necessary to fight the epidemic, but the challenge is enforcing those laws
and tracking improvements and areas of continued need. On the flip side, these are the countries
rated as the ten best at fighting modern slavery. As you can see, no country has completely
eradicated the problem and leaders on this issue — like the United States — can even
contribute to it by consuming products that were, at some point in their supply chain,
touched by slave labor. While it can be hopeless to be a slave, the
rest of us can help by raising awareness, helping an anti-slavery group, or pressuring
government officials around the world to take action. Kevin Bales, a professor of contemporary slavery
and the lead author of the study on which this video is based, described to NPR’s
Fresh Air one of the many instances where he’s seen slaves being freed. [Fresh Air’s Dave Davies] “Can you share
an example of where that’s worked, where locals with the support of the organization
have liberated slaves?” [Dr. Kevin Bales] “Oh sure, I’ve got lots
of those in fact. But I think the one that I most find rather
thrilling, myself, is how in Northern India, more than ten years ago, we began to work
with a local organization. Those young men who had come to freedom began
to operate with our support to go into other villages where the entire village was enslaved
in hereditary slavery, working in quarries. Because they were the same ethnicity, they
would slip in in the evenings and they would meet with people while they were having their
supper and they would say, ‘oh, so who do you work for around here? Oh, you all work for the same person? Oh, you’re all working in the mines? But where’s the school? Oh there is no school.’ And they’d start this Socratic dialogue
that would lead in time to an awakening of an understanding of an alternative. It’s important to remember that when you’re
in hereditary slavery, you have no notion of freedom. But when the image and truth of freedom is
awakened in your mind, people really do become unstoppable. There would come a time when those young men
would say, ‘you know, I used to be in the same situation, I used to live in a village
just like this one, but now we have a school and we even have a clinic. We have jobs and so forth.’ And then people would say, ‘how do you get
there?’ And then, what we found there is that in those
villages, the women would step forward even though it’s a very male dominated society,
the women would step forward and say we will lead this even if it leads to our deaths. Because, they would say – not to me, but to
my women colleagues – ‘we don’t want our daughters to be raped the way we were raped
by the slaveholders, by the slavemasters. And they would push that along.” You can learn more about this study through
the link below and you can help spread this video by hitting the like button and sharing
it with your friends. Thanks for watching. Until next time, for TDC, I’m Bryce Plank.


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    Zayd Charles

    The top 10 countries listed for "stopping" slavery initiated slavery in these countries that are afflicted with it.

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    Hanzo Hattori

    Lol. You really think the Americas and Europe are that green on the map in your thumbnail and they are the only ones? The west love their brainwashed standards without realising that they are more slave to it than they like to think.

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    Chris Hardy

    They fail to realize or tell you that North Africa was the biggest slave owners on the planet And they were not white

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    Search Results

    Featured snippet from the web

    In 2012, it was estimated that 10–20% of the population of Mauritania (between 340,000 and 680,000 people) live in slavery.

    No mention of this why?

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    Eddie Brock

    Video: Slavery is bad around the world
    Comments: see, we're not as bad those guys!
    Me: side eye

    "I wounded dog howls."

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    What You Need To Know

    We have a video about Modern Slavery – what it is, how to spot it and what to do when you suspect someone is a victim. Select our logo to visit our channel if you'd like to see it.

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    David Weber

    Hmm $7.25 an hour in the USA and $600- a month for health insurance ? 20 hours a week. What total bull this index is !! USA comes dead last.

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    Constant Victory

    …income inequality, discrimination, class-ism and entrenched corruption…in hopeless conditions; hmmm, that sounds familiar.

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    The truth is the customers for the commodities these slaves are working for are mostly in the West! So basically this is slavery induced by the demand of western countries hungry for consumer products. This also your fault for creating the demand that justifies the economics of slavery

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    european slavery didn't come just like this, you murdered 100+ million africans most of them thrown in the ocean

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  30. Post

    Ironic………the Arabs and Africans where SLAVERY STARTED still has some of the highest numbers.

    But let's blame WHITE PEOPLE instead 😉

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    paul isaac

    Hmmm ever read the thirteenth amendment? How many people are in the usa prisons again? Oh yay, america is best again, we have more slaves than any other country.

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    Raage Abdi

    What about Italian farmers forced young refugees from Libya and west Africa to work in the farmers all over Italy

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    said awdars

    If you put russia in the list ,you might as wel add the USA ,Spain, italy, UK ,Saoudi-Arabië, the emirates and many many moore…

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    Mohan kumar

    Yes. It is true. India is really in modern day slavery. There is no labour enforcement. No minmal wages. I was thinking of india when you were reading name of countries.
    I do not say india is bad. But really i find it bad about the situation of poor people. Politician and corparate are sucking the nations wealth( tax and nafural natural resources ) from middle class and poor people. poltician are in favour of corporate people. Agriculture is source of income of poor but that too is taken by big companies by branding agriculture produce from company farm. Small grocerrary will soon be over taken by big company owned brands like RELIANCE FRESH, tata's "MORE" super market. Reliance electronics, reliance trends. I think after sometime even the public toilets in street will be taken by big companies. Big corporates are trying to capturre every business.

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    Remco Wiegmink

    This is about illegal slavery, but legal slavery exist too. Multinationals moved their businesess to low income countries for a reason, low wages and less regulation. They let people work for very low wages and for long hours, and in all those hours they earn just enough to eat. Technically those people ar no slaves, but they don't really have an option to quit. They work hard to just eat, while the company earns a lot of money from those products.

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    Thee Watcher

    5 Countries in Africa Which Abolished Slavery in Africa in the 21st Century. Slavery still exists among some communities in Africa today. Read more at: https://patriotte.blogspot.com/2019/05/5-countries-in-africa-which-abolished.html

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    Synergy management consultants

    Modern day Organization in India makes employees work like slaves on peanut salary

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    Chris L

    Someone show this to black Americans and their pathetic media. According to them, the only slavery that was ever a "real" problem was slavery in the states.

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    Master Blek

    And nobody mentioned Bulgaria…
    Why?: We get brainwashed that United States are evil and hard work is more important than anything else in this world (construction).
    Our politicians want to hide that from the world so they all steal money and lie to all of us that things will change.
    Old people are getting beaten by young hooligans and the same hooligans are getting released from prison few days later.
    People here LOVE to beat their children thinking that this will make them stronger…
    Communism still exist no matter what we try to do…
    There are no available jobs for artists (we work for other countries instead).
    This is 1% of the problems we have in Bulgaria but i think that if you wanna know more you can actually make a research.
    Oh btw it will be hard to make a research cause people are proud of the nature ONLY cause we don't produce anything.

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    r.maditya sashank

    Politicians ARE problem of India
    Culture is very RICH …but application is very WORST …
    I am from India…
    Politicians NEVER control POPULATION

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    Autochthonous Being

    This one part of slavery, anyone that works for someone is a slave, the fact that taxes take most of your paycheck make you a slave.The fact that its illegal to be homeless in some places is a form of slavery, the prison complex is slavery…Most ppl are slaves some just work under worst conditions.

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    Jake Mackie

    if they aint black, the american politicians (liberals)dont care.
    instead of caring about modern slavery they want to dwell on slavery from 160-400 years ago, (for votes)

  50. Post

    american black people should shut their mouth about slavery and racism. their previous slavery is nothing compared what is going on in other places of the world now

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    Ali Safeer Hyder

    Sorry but you got my country wrong(Pakistan) I have to admit we have more slaves than the number you told
    I see kids being brought in from villages to do disgusting jobs(no sexual ones at least what I've seen but there have been cases of it)
    They're paid 15 dollars a month at the highest which sucks considering there parents are willingly giving them away for slavery but most of the work are either garage workers donkey riders and the most common one doing house chores to you it might not sound that much of a deal and even calling them a slave would be wrong but when you see it with your eyes you'll know what I'm talking about

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    Komer West

    This is why Democts love people coming into this country illegally. They become as slaves forced to live in run down housing sometimes with up to 15 in a two bedroom mobile home paying $100.00 each a week to a manager or owner that they work for. Stop the slave traid

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    Ahlad soma

    I live in India.
    And I don’t know where these many slaves are in India.

    It might just be this source is wrong or May be in my state I didn’t find this kind of slavery

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    Wing Nut

    I can't say this enough in 2019 there is more slavery on this planet than at any other time all to do with Obama's open border policy that allowed the migration and to slave countries the only way to combat slavery is to buy American Goods American made take away slave countries income and you will need to vote for Trump in 2020

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    Boko-Haram isn't necessarily associated with slavery but is more of them seeking control and plot for Jihadist subversion of key areas within the nation. Kidnapping is a way of attracting international/global attention about their rather malicious "plights" and coercing one to uptake arms isn't all that slavery but brainwashing. Slavery is against one's will and often done under duress and a certain level of threats. There are nations that still experience a high level of slavery

    Hongkong-Filipinos can testify
    Saudi Arabia-Indonesians can allude to these claims
    UAE Dubai- Indians, Bangladeshis, can corroborate
    Libya-Ghanaians and other Africans- Moroccans can make similar assertions
    The USA-DUH! MODERN-DAY SLAVE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Native Americans, Blacks, and (Latinos/Latinas-the fence saga and concentration camps) would concur
    AUSTRALIA- The BOSSOM of SATAN- Aborigines are treated as pariahs and less than dogs.
    INDIA-SEX SLAVE AND RAPE OF 3-16 YEAR-OLDS Are on the rise as well as slave workers

    Honourable mentions
    Russia (which you identified)
    ISRAEL-Human Serpents treating Ethiopians as dogs and pigs and ironically setting up make-shifts concentration camps for ETHIOPIANS and other Africans. As for Palestine, and/or Palestinians- they treat them as bugs and you tell me GOD exists on that land..

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    Leslie Grayson

    The start of Slavery was the bad preparation of countries and people for long Droughts and famines – Egypt's well known historical 7 years of feast and famine. It was a choice.
    People now choose to work for money as indentured slaves [the worker employee arrangement]. It should not surprise you that as a worker you are a slave. You mostly don't own land, and must let your services be used by another for a livelihood. This is slavery, its everywhere. Its always been there for over 3000 years. It is like Prostitution it will always be there. And we cant get rid of it, its part of Western civilised society and its freedoms. Is it bad, Hell no!! its a way of regulating by agreement services, labour, and work done, through payment. Not getting paid through a Socialist system like China's communist people party and their payment of US$150-200 a month for 12-14 hours days 7 days a week is not a good deal . and Shunned by and Western Country.. there will always be Countries and Corporations who distance themselves and use people as if they were animals not worthy of respect. Blaming the USA and its people for the scalping of profits that were encouraged by these Countries and Corporations is also not right and useless. Education of the USA states people of what exactly is happening and putting it on you tube is what its all about… all the rest is just Socialist Propaganda… You have the ability to change the world..

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    Kamaljit Singh

    India is one of the corrupted country and their politicians more than 60% people’s are uneducated more than 90% people’s didn’t fight against corrupt government or politicians for their own rights because of religion and politicians dived people in to religion,caste,rich,poor,farmers against who live in city’s government knows if people fight against each other no one asked questions about no jobs,bad hospitals,schools, colleges , bad road ,selling good government companies to their businessman friends for 0% profits this government makes this much corruption government didn’t have money to help out India economy but Indian blindly following Hindu religion these people again vote for them even they know he uses their religion for political purposes

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    The united states still has millions of slaves. The exception is right there in the 13th Amendment, and we make good use of our prison industrial complex to keep cheap textiles coming.

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    Anil Kumar

    What do you think working every day in the western countries even though people hate it .media makes you Hungary then you have to work and this is a sycle to death.work and spend and again work watch and want and buy and be in set and so work.spend more time working than living!!!!!

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  68. Post

    I am doing civil service for Finnish government and I get paid like 5€/day which is basically nothing in Northern Europe. I didn't want to do military service so I had to choose between civil service or prison. Now I am doing this and I will be sent to prison if I "quit".

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    Family Fun

    Slavery is still Slavery!!!!this is another way to reroute and make you feel you should be happy ur in your kind of slavery. Be willing to starve be for you be a slave in any country. God will kick start you a way to make your own wealth. That's why everything is on the other side of fear. With out fear nothing is controlled but the love of god.

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    RekhArt DawN

    if you blame india for nything you're in other words blaming the whole world. its a sub-continent with more than 1000 languages and even more tribes, race, gods and caste. india is the hardest of all and it is unfair to compare with the other countries.

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    Countries (given by the list at 4:26) with the least amount of slavery ranked by percentages:

    1. Austria – 0,01751%
    2. Belgium – 0,01775%
    3. Germany – 0,01796%
    4. US – 0,01799%
    5. UK – 0,01804%
    6. Spain – 0,01806%
    7. France – 0,01808%
    8. Australia – 0,01809%
    9. Canada – 0,01812%
    10. Sweden – 0,01845%

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    J. R.

    Romans came with the concept of making Yugoslavians servants and every captured man or woman were afterwards in history named slaves ! ! !

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  86. Post

    Human sex slavery is so cruel and I think destroying a persons soul is just as good as killing them. I think that most of these traffikers making millions from sex slavery are the richest and most honourable men of the earth. America probably benefits most from human traffik and sex slavery, isn't Hollywood built on fornication?
    Ezekiel 28:5
    By thy great wisdom and by thy traffick hast thou increased thy riches, and thine heart is lifted up because of thy riches:

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    Tu ppá

    It sucks being poor i live in america its soo hard here. Believe it or Not. All u earn goes in Bills. I cant save no money

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  92. Post

    Ох уж эта горячая русская порнушка с рабами из Азербайджана, Средней Азии и Северной Кореи.

  93. Post

    I just saw your phony prediction on President Trump 2016 election! So your credibility is in the toilet! President Trump will win reelection in 2020 and all your theories blew up in smoke dude!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    John Edward Gallagher

    You described many injustices and abuses of human beings. However none of them were slavery. Hostages, exploited debtors, women forced in the sex trade. etc. BUT NOT SlAVES. There is a tendency in this modern information world to miss name things and it does not help in any way to purposefully miss represent something for effect. Issues must be dealt as they are and to miss name is to assume that your audience is to stupid to handle the correct information and make the appropriate choices. It is manipulation even if you think the cause merits a small lie.

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    SelfMade 1K

    he didn't mention the biggest slave company in America aka the prison system it self slave inmates n only pay them 23 cents and force to work for gain time,and many other businesses is are business partners with them to get the labor from the inmates with very low wages n da inmate is only promise to get gain time by doing labor that would cost a regular citizen $15 a hour work…prison system is a $37 billion dollar company in America have the number 1 mass incarceration in the world with the most prisons in the world,and only prison Latinos and blacks but more blacks then anything…do some research the prison system is the New Jim Crow,in 1971 Richard Nixon announced war on drugs aka public enemy number one,basically war on drugs was war on blacks after the cia planted drugs in the black community,knowing the black panther party was fully against drugs,cause of this was because the Government and FBI J Edgar Hoover and Rodney Reagon didn't like how the black panther party was uniting the black community together n other races as well,they dont like to see a black leader in America with millions of followers,that's why they killed MLK,Malcolm X and black panther party and made a organizations called " us" to attack the black panther party J edgar Hoover again was the one behind all these black leader murders ,they said MLK was the biggest threat in America just like they said bout the black panther party,i know many people never thought the black panther party could go against the strongest army in the world and win,so how they was a biggest threat?? they was peaceful also,slavery didn't really go away they just designed it secretly and made the New Jim Crow in the prison system,in America you can see definitely if you black that's if your skin is black your life doesn't matter to the court system like that if you been killed by a law enforcement unjustly definitely if you black and poor,the system was made to bring down blacks n put whites above them,America was built by black slaves but wasnt built for blacks to be successful then whites,u would never see the White House full of blacks n I promise you that,its called the White House for a reason

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    Daniela Soukupová

    If you’re reading this, firstly have a lush day!❤ We are currently fundraising for an anti-trafficking charity event, 24HourRace, and we will need every single person’s help!😩 I know that the chance is slim but we really need your help to fundraise for good means! If you care about the 🌎 , care about people who are not as fortunate as you are, please click on the link in my bio and donate! Every cent counts! Thank you so much🥰❤https://gogetfunding.com/westbourne-distance-matter/

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