10 Most Protected People In The World

10 Most Protected People In The World

turn most protected people in the world
number 10 Floyd Mayweather jr. undefeated boxer Floyd money Mayweather
jr. is worth over five hundred million dollars and spared no expense on his
twenty five million dollar la mansion in 2017 security is no different with CCTV
cameras and other state-of-the-art security measures covering the expensive
property which even has a suite on-site for staff this follows the fighters
former home being robbed in 2008 and after losing seven million dollars he’s
visibly rethought his home security but despite being one of the greatest
fighters of all time Mayweather’s real protection comes in
the form of his personal security team everywhere he travels Mayweather is
accompanied by one thousand four hundred and seventy pounds of human protection
that’s pounds in weight not British money his full man personal security
team where the money team t-shirts ranging from size 3 XL to 7 XL the
largest of which belongs to the 7-foot one-inch Alfonzo Redick the former
footballers boxers and basketball players respond to mate weathers
instruction to put up that great wall and they all fall into formation hiding
him from sight entirely high salaries and generous bonuses from may where they
even ensure that the team sacrifices most of their free time to be on call
for the boxer 24 hours a day number 9 jay-z and Beyonce in 2014 US
Representative Hakeem Jeffries rallied for stronger presidential protection by
pointing out that jay-z had better security than President Obama although
in defense of the US government jay-z has better security than most in 2011
after the birth of their first child he and Beyonce invested in an armored car
to keep Blue Ivy safe they also spent big on protecting the hospital where
their first child was born reports claim that Beyonce had spent 1.3 million
dollars on a bulletproof maternity ward and although the couple denied these
claims security was indeed tight that’s according to Neil coolin of
Brooklyn who claims he was unable to visit his twin daughters in the same
hospital because Beyonce security would not let him in their next big security
investment came 2014 when the power couple building
security fortress on their 88 million-dollar bel-air mansion this
included a 10 car carport and living quarters solely for their security team
that was to protect their assets while on their on the run to tour which in
turn for them hire 500 security staff this included 16 personal bodyguards
watching the couple and their daughter 24/7 number 8 bill gates given his
fluctuating status as the richest man in the world it’s no surprise that
Microsoft founder Bill Gates surround himself with extensive security but
gates reassessed his personal safety after he was hit in the face for the pie
in 1999 and these precautions have increased to frankly Bond villain levels
here’s 150 million dollar lakeside complex outside Seattle was built with
the most high-tech security systems in the world one of the most impressive of
these is a pin system where every guest controls their preferred room
temperature music and other variables through a pin pad this hospitality
function also allows the house to recognize when unauthorized visitors
enter by their lack of a PIN pad and even their weight not matching that of
any approved guests said guests are also heavily protected like the attendees of
gates National Governors Association party in 2004 the party had homeland
security manning the doors and the security perimeter blocked a large part
of Lake Washington while the lake is public getting too close to Gators
complex on Lake Washington will see you sworn by security speedboats in a matter
of seconds and promptly turned around number 7
Tom Cruise Tom Cruise’s approach to secrecy and security is no different to
the enigmatic religion of which he’s a member and benefactor in 2008 The
Telegraph reported that the Mission Impossible star had been receiving death
threats from anti-scientology activists a source told the paper that this scared
crew so much he didn’t form the FBI and requested protection for him and his
family this went so far as cruise traveling in bomb-proof cars and living
in a separate location to his daughter Suri and then wife Katie Holmes reports
even claimed that Cruise built an underground bunker in his Colorado
estates at the cost of around seven million dollars an anonymous source even
described a survival bunker as having a high-tech air purifying system
we’re up to ten people can survive for years in 2013 it was reported that crews
spent fifty thousand dollars a week alone
on protection for his daughter this provided her double the two rings of
security agents that he had following him it’s even believed Suri had a body
double for extra protection although recent reports claiming Cruz’s estranged
from his daughter may scupper this heavy security detail
number six Vladimir Putin Russia’s federal protection service is an agency
as secretive as they are powerful tasks primarily with the protection of body
number one that’s Vladimir Putin the agency’s origins lie in the KGB and
share their ruthless reputation allegedly their methods include the use
of a Putin body double for his more dangerous engagements and a number of
underhand techniques to safeguard the presidents despite limited to no public
data existing about the group it’s believed that its members retain the
right to wiretap detain and search the homes of Russia citizens they also have
control of every Main Street in Moscow between state agency buildings and other
sensitive sites keeping dossiers on their residents to provide the president
safe passage of the over 50,000 members of the service as many as 3,000
specifically worked for the presidential security service many of whom have
rewarded for their loyalty with valuable land in 2019 it was even revealed that
GPS spoofing technology had been used to mark the location and movements the
president with false GPS signals although Russia officially denies
responsibility number five Pope Francis at over 500 years old the
Pontifical Swiss Guard is one of the oldest standing military unit in the
world founded in 1506 by pope julius ii the small army is made up of top x
members of the swiss armed forces and must be unmarried 19 to 30 year old
catholic males the guard serves to protect the Pope and guard the Vatican
early on they were embroiled in a number of military engagements but in recent
history the role has become more ceremonial that was until 1981 when pope
john paul ii was shot four times according to charge historian Alistair
seer security then became top priority this saw three other people
assassination plots uncovered using a range of new technologies
including video surveillance and large databases of potential suspects the
Swiss Guard now receive extra training in lethal and non-lethal weapons
surveillance VIP protection and crowd control they may not look particularly
dangerous with their 15th century halbert’s but the Swiss Guard also
boasts one of the world’s most impressive Arsenal’s this includes the
same armor-piercing rifles favored by the SEAL Team six and a host of other
advanced weaponry that allowed them to safeguard the holy father
number four Mark Zuckerberg Facebook’s controversial billionaire
creator has always spent more on security than his Silicon Valley peers
in 2017 the US Securities and Exchange Commission showed that Facebook spent
4.2 six million dollars alone on its CEOs protection the next highest spend
on security for a tech CEO was the 1.6 million dollars a year spent on Amazon’s
Jeff Bezos and Zuckerberg security was 20 times the amount spent on Apple’s Tim
Cook between 2012 and 2017 Zuckerberg personal security costs increased more
than 500% but this was dwarfed again in 2018 Zuckerberg decided to up these
protection again and Facebook approved a 10 million dollar annual budget for him
to do so this excessive budget can be put down to a number of factors not
least Zuckerberg feigned paranoia in 2013 he bought four houses surrounding
his Silicon Valley house for the massively marked up price of 30 million
dollars but allegedly leased them back to their owners
supposedly Zuckerberg did this on the condition that he would decide who would
replace the tenants if they chose to move ensuring he always had trustworthy
neighbors number 3 Donald Trump love or hate him I’m sure you’ll tell me in the
comments down below regardless it’s hard to deny that Donald Trump has a fair
amount of critics which is certainly reflected in his security budget for
example according to conservative think-tank judicial watch protecting
President Obama and his family during his incumbency cost roughly 16 million
dollars a year but the LA Times reported that Trump ranked in a security debt of
twenty nine point four million dollars after just a hundred days as presidents
as well as this Congress projected a budget of 120 million dollars for the
Trump family for the year that’s just a few million shy of the budget for all
eight years under but even before he reached the White
House Trump was a well known figure with an extensive security detail for
instance for 120 days prior to the election on November 9th presidential
candidates still in the race are granted protection by the Secret Service but to
be doubly safe Trump’s campaign continued funding private security
spending two hundred sixty two thousand and seventy four dollars on it in just
over a month between october 20th and november 28 this meant he was covered
24/7 not only by the best private security money could buy but also the
best that taxpayer could offer not to mention the fleet of armored cars and
planes granted to him as president’s number two kim jeong-hoon
in 2018 kim jeong-hoon security team became a source of global fascination
when they were seen running information around the dictators car
according to washington post beijing bureau chief and a five field kim got
this human shield idea from watching clint eastwood in in the line of fire as
a boy the rest of the supreme leader security measures don’t sound any less
like they come from a movie either allegedly kim’s food is all taste tested
to avoid poisoning and his personal toilet follows him everywhere so foreign
governments can’t analyze his DNA for health information these security
measures are all overseen by the 100,000 strong supreme guard command but only
the most elite of this group are selected for kim’s guard command the
only people allowed to carry firearms near kim are painstakingly selected for
their health eyesight martial art and firearm capabilities as well as their
looks and personality bodyguards must also be around the same height as the
diminutive dictator under only selected from North Korea’s most loyal political
families according to defector Ariane guck up to six different layers of these
guards form a security blanket even a single aunt would find it hard to go
through number one Queen Elizabeth the second Britain’s current monarch is so
heavily protected by an array of on personnel that in 2017 when she went for
an unannounced stroll in the garden it almost got her shot Elizabeth the second
was thought to be an intruder and was quickly spotted by one of the royal
protection squad who protected her 24 hours a day except seemingly from her
cell the squad was formed in 1983 and today a reported
195 SAS trained officers watch over the royal family at an annual cost of around
27 million British taxpayer pounds the RPS operates out of a former police
station which was built next to the palace at the cost of 1.9 million
dollars following a security breach in 1982 this all sounds pretty reasonable
for the head of the British Empire but the true extent of elizabeth’s
protection was exemplified in a 1960s visit to Pakistan according to royal
biographer Robert Hardman when the Queen held a tea party at the Lahore a fort
all men and some women were excluded the 200 women who did attend were only
allowed within 15 feet of the Queen subject to a medical test an x-ray
attesting they were healthy hardly ever mention that one crestfallen the horror
matriarch could not meet Liz because she had a sore throat so that was the 10
most protected people in the world which one surprised you the most and have we
missed any out let me know in the comments down below also give this video
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    TOP 5 Selected

    all time 10s is the best!!
    Inspired from this channel i am starting a countdown video i would really appreciate your support! Peace

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    Mr. Friendship

    Number 1: Mary Sue

    She is the most overpowered being in the universe because she was always protected by many people on Earth.

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    Zeus is my name

    So a guy who makes phones for a living is more protected then the most powerful person on the planet (Putin)
    Yeah right

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    Broheimsef Keith

    Imagine being the most overpowered and athletic man in North Korea but Kim says you look funny and have to spend the rest of your life in exile

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    Henky Mizella

    *Only FAKE POPE uses Their own Security, other than God! Hahaha Vatican dwellers are members of ILLUMINATI! Hello Rothschild, the Time is now I EMBARRASS THEM ALL!

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    Luther Martin

    The Popes were not so protected at one time. In the Middle Ages Popes knocked off Popes, so to speak, those who desired to become Pope, and had the backing of the Cardinals, would pop off the resident Pope. This happens many, many times

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    9. Did they guy sue for wrongfully be denied access to his daughters? Don't think they had any legal ground to do that to him.
    8. Again any legal ground to do that on public waters?

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    Henryk Gödel

    That security team isn't going to be able to save the extraterrestrial known as Zuckerberg from anti-trust.

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    the dad who wasn't able to see his twin daughters in the hospital while beyonce was there should be been granted access. he's not going there to do anything bad, he just wanted to see his newborn babies.

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    Zoltan Csikos

    Beyoncé is a disgusting whore. Your baby’s worth dog-shit, yet you block a man from seeing his twins…fuck the industry.

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    Sean Mulqueen

    Question… If God existed… how come he is a bigger asshole than me? I mean if i had someone representing me on Earth, and i was all powerful and could do anything, i wouldn't let them get shot as it seems an asshole thing to allow if i have the power to stop it

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    Cant stand JayZ how dare he stop someone from seeing their own children in the hospital. Your child is ugly no one cares about it.

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    So Elizabeth still thinks herself as a real powerful Queen of a so called Empire while in reality British monarchs are showpiece at best.

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    Oberyn Dane

    Tom Cruise’s home in telluride Colorado has been for sale for 5 years now because he won’t drop the price below $35 million dollars, when the estimated price for the property is still sitting at $21 million, my dad’s real estate law firm has had an open representative file on the property since it was put on the market. My dad toured the home with the realtor and was made to sign a non disclosure agreement about the contents of the basement. my dad put it that one of the main reasons for the property not selling is because no one is allowed to see the basement before purchasing the property… fuckin creepy

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    Dr Beer Games

    You lose credibility immediately when you start this list off with Floyd fucking Mayweather Jr…… Maybe he spends a lot on security but you can instantly put the leaders of the ten most powerful nations in the world WAY ahead of a rich boxer with a couple body guards.

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    vjeran vlahovic

    rubish….Vatikan can protect the Holy father at such a price….well they can pay so much that no other country in the world can!

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    The biggest weakness in the US presidents limo is the fact it’s a Cadillac I don’t know if that transmission or motor is going to hold up.🤣🤣

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    Strider LB

    Lucky all those infidals are Not in Arab countries otherwise you would see that all this expensive equipments and hulks are equal to a small bullet

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    *pauses after reading/hearing “Floyd Mayweather Jr. *
    Man… Y did dis POS of a human gotta b on dis list?
    No! Seriously! I’ve got nothing but contempt 4 his rancid greedy ass! OK so what he got, perhaps, the best boxing skills, but he only rematches one person (2 my knowledge), waited like 5 years b4 finally fighting Pacquiao when 5 years prior it woulda been da fight 2 watch, and, of all things, he chooses 2 shop at Gucci after dat disrespectful display of them showing blackface!
    I wish nothing but bad things upon him; truly!
    *resumes *

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    It's not the Holy Army.

    They're the 189, in the service of Heaven.
    They're protecting the Holy Line, it was 1527.
    Gave their lives on the steps to Heaven, Thy will be done.

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    Kyle Palmer

    If you're going to use American units at least put the metric equivalents on screen, not everyone who watches YouTube is American.

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    Having security with a background in the military is nice and all, but I'd rather security with a background in emergency medical response.

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    Sean Mcneill

    Best thing is when at balmoral the queen is know to go out with just one undercover police officer to the shops

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    The most defended people are the ones we can't put a face or name to, or do a good job of being ignored if they're already known. Don't need an army to defend a ghost.

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    Avrage Trinidadian

    You forgot Steve Irwin.

    He may have passed away but people will still destroy you if you attack him or his family

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    veterans for equality

    i like this channel bu of course it had to be the queen at number one, no where near the level of pretection that trump and putin get, biased much..

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    samarasimhareddy chintalapelly

    You never addressed INDIA in any video I think you are only interested in English countries

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    Yeah cause everyone wants JZ and Beyonce dead now days….. Idiots that lost touch with reality, they think everyone is out to get them. Huge bounty on them from what I heard…. fucking idiots with to much money is all that is.

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    some random guy

    Funny how the pope had securities. I mean if they died, it's their God's plan right? thought they don't have to worry because God is protecting him. smh

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