how are you I’m Luis codling hello Luis
where are you from I’m a London boy 27 I’m just singing oh you’re thinking to
say okay brilliant good luck funny
Sonora I’m so clever the way you did that Lewis
that was brilliant are you actually having me fooled yeah
you’re a very good actor where where do you guys normally perform in gig we just
literally put the whole show together I’ve got really dry mouth this David
once do you want to get in some water we go there we go there we go no problem well done well done ready cake stuff yeah I’m not sure you really want me to take
my clothes off it’s not quite as nice as that I think
you know we’re going to take a vote before things get out of hand
okay David yes or no yeah I’m on the fence okay you see yes okay yes for me guys
Simon I’m gonna say yes oh yes what is a big fat juicy yes from me hello hello welcome to Britain’s Got
Talent thank you what’s your name a sander and
how old are you 11 Wow very few lovely now are you gonna
sing today who are the stars that you really look up to you like to be like
fiance I’m often compared to Beyonce I’m a little bit of a diva I listen to Beyonce and Rihanna they let
my inspiration like Beyonce punches on stage she brings such fel I’m talking
about like please music is everything to me when I’m saying it I just feel magic
I sunned us that over the house she just cannot stop her when she does her
homework I says drucker because I have to tell
you listen sometimes I’m singing now asunder it’s time to do your homework
I’ve got the chance to sing the Queen maybe I can teach her how to live and
eat in a diva and the Queen can teach me take it away good luck thank you here we
go some right look it’s fun some right got some moves you’re a shooting star I
see like you
like time some right Oh believe my eyes you know when you are on
the money your voice is incredible already you’re 11 years old you were
like a little diamond I’ve only rustle words I mean I kept
laughing because you’re just like it’s just ridiculous and you go all the moves
Sunday you know we’ve had a lot of people your age over the years
performing I’ve never seen anyone who’s got such amazing stage present for an
eleven-year-old thanks I mean seriously seriously good and you have the best
smile I have ever seen we’re gonna vote David yes on that it
was phenomenal I’m gonna say yes good
a massive yes for me thanks to make saundra you have four big fat yeah I want to give or two very proud parents
behind you to me it was Nelly crying hold them bucket well it’s all you’re
going to celebrate now hello how are you are you evil do you
work for this Dark Lord good luck whooping coming up star the Dark Lord guys girls I don’t know who you are I
literally said if we could find stormtroopers who can dance
seriously I said that this show is going to go through differently my dream has
come true thank you I’m so glad that you were allowed to
come onto this show and audition because you were brilliant you shun some light
into this day welcome I just love the fact I went to me I got the no surprise
that the real-life Darth Vader quoted for his troops
it was brilliant but I do worry this fireman cowl may have lost his mind I
don’t care but you know what the dark side is taken over see you in the finals
guys hello I welcome to Britain’s Got Talent
what’s your name my name is Jackie routined but people call me junior
junior yeah how are you junior I’m 17 what are you
gonna do for us today and what if you don’t see it okay so
what got you into dance well in the past I’ve had some behavioral issues and like
I’ve been dancing like for a long time now and it’s really helped me to grow as
a person and get better so I really really nervous today this is like the
biggest performance I’m ever like I’m ever gonna do I’ve come a really long
way now as the chance to prove myself and
show my family who I am been waiting for this for a long time and like I feel
like it’s a must I have to do when I was at school like I used to struggle a lot
with the work I would feel like if I’m getting a bad grade I can’t do better
like I just feel like I’m like a dumb kid or I’m just not smart enough
I felt like misbehaving was like the only option I used to get in a lot of
trouble got excluded a few times I was in a bad situation when I started
dancing he actually gave me like so much confidence and I got people praising me
and saying good things about me rather than being in school messing about where
like I’ve been training every day man so that hopefully like it all pays off when
I am dancing that I feel free I can just like tell you a story every took to you
dancing has saved me from going down a completely different road I can imagine
if I wasn’t dancing that I don’t know where I would be today okay the stage is yours it’s overwhelming Alicia what do you think she no wallet
usually that kind of thing cringes me out but for some reason with you it
didn’t at all I couldn’t take my eyes off of you
that was incredible thank you I could see in your eyes what it meant
to you and all the negative things that you’ve obviously been through you’ve now
turned into a positive it was an amazing very different
performance to anything we’ve seen before thank you I have to tell you is
one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen on this show
I mean seriously you’re going to be talked about after this performance I’m
telling you thank you I thought it’s so brave of you to
channel all your emotions and anger or feelings whatever they might be into a
piece like that and it really expands what we think dance can be so it’s
incredible what you did you should be very proud you’re gonna vote and I’m
gonna kick this off with a yes Jr say yes for me it’s a yes from me and make that for you Julia tremendous Wow it was amazing go
to Columbia waffle that was really let you said he was very brave
yeah they’re really meant a lot to him yeah brilliant thing and we got fun enjoyment hello right there what’s your name James
Moore how are you James and 24 is this what you do full-time or do you have a
day job which is now full-time for me I’ve been doing its bit of magic since I
was 8 Simon loves I know how much he loves it
I do like magic when it’s good okay okay best of luck you don’t grow into a fantastic
confidence very slick definitely gonna say yes yes what’s your name
Darcy Oh Darcy where you from I’m from Canada are you living in the UK oh yeah
I’m not no I came here just for this I’m 26 and what got you into the act that
you’re doing today when I was a kid actually I had hopes and dreams of
becoming a doctor but my parents insisted that I become a magician my
name is Darcy oak I’m 26 and I specialize in sleight of hand and
illusions I’ve loved magic for forever when I was a kid my dad was messing
around with cards I pick one he pulled it out and it was my card I experienced
that feeling of like how did you do that and I wanted to do that to other people abracadabra I’m auditioning for
Britain’s Got Talent because it’s the biggest talent show in
the world and I want to be performing on a global scale and I feel that if it
goes well it can change in my life I’m gonna go out on that stage and I’m gonna
do what I’ve practiced my whole life and hopefully they like it all right wish you the best of you very
much Oh hello hi how are you thanks how are you
good nice to meet you what’s the act called Charla and Jonathan Charla and
Jonathan okay how old you both I’m 16 okay and you thought the combination
would work whose idea was it it was a singing teachers actually she thought
it’d be good to try us out together and we both sounded quite good were me
saying what we did okay you’re not saying much Jonathan he’s shy sometimes
I’ve always had problems with my size since like I can remember and when I was
in sort of primary school it was back then really that I had sort of them Nick
taken out of me and is it kind of damaged my confidence quite a bit when
when people would say something to me I just it just take a little piece out of
me in a sense I’m protective of Jonathan like if someone if I was there and
someone stood there and said something to him I wouldn’t sit I couldn’t sit
there with my mouth shut before you make a judgment on someone I think you really
need to get to know them it’s not as cliches it’s not judging a book by it’s
cover you’ve got you’ve got to read what’s inside Charlotte’s been a really
big help for me in terms of confidence and making me a better performer and I
really don’t think I’ll be going up on stage today if I didn’t have Charlotte
on her side and do you think you could win yeah
together all right good luck thank you here we go Oh Alicia
not very often but that happens that you can move an audience like that you sing
beautifully together a pop voice and an opera voice together
it was incredible okay this is what I think a Sharla I
think you’re good fuck Jonathan you are unbelievable you have an outstandingly good voice
thank you very much how are you 17 I mean that’s
unbelievable Jonathan you are a future star thank you I like the fact that this works as a duo
but a worry Charlotte whether you’re gonna hold him back well we’ve come on here as a duo and
we’re gonna stay here okay baby we’re gonna vote yes
such an easy decision yes thank you definitely a yes from me Shauna I think your voice complements
Jonathan’s really well so don’t be disheartened so yes for me my head here would say to you Jonathan
dump her my heart would say there was something
kind of magical at moments together as well so I’m going to say yes to the two
of you is a kingdom and pepper off to them I’m
notable for that years to be that young and that good son is a mustard fun of
you that is the biggest response we’ve had today don’t you think it could be
life-changing life-changing well yeah to be honest I think seeing I’m naturally and
I love to see I’ve been singing ever since I was four
I sing at school I sing home I sometimes sing when I’m eating my dinner I would
like to be a singer and a diva and I definitely wanna be like beyoncé hello darling ten nine which is really
cuter what’s your name and how old you my name’s Natalie and I’m 10 years old
okay and what are you doing today well I’m gonna sing a song called lo one from
Alicia Keys okay yeah I know that what I drive you crazy
yes you’ve had enough are you trying to pawn off on us now good luck darling I just want you close you can stay
forever candy diesel can’t talk get up on their feet clapping your Kalam Jade’s brother are you okay
yeah oh well tell us a little bit about yourself I’m 26 I’m from home and I’m
singing a cover of a song by Robin I love Robin it’s dancing on my own but
it’s a bit slower okay whenever you’re ready good luck thank you somebody said you got a new friend does she love you better than I can there’s a big black sky over my town I know a bitch she’s alone stilettos and broken bottles I’m
spinning around a circle and I’m in the corner watching you kiss her and I’m
right over here why can’t you see me and I’m given in my I’m not the guy
taking home I keep Encino mom so far away but still Samir the lies
come on the music dies B you don’t see me standing here I just came to say
goodbye I’m in the corner watching you kiss her can I I keep dancing on my own still smear the lies from the music dies
B you don’t see me and for them Oh welcome Harlan it’s a pleasure to be
here that’s very nice of you to say I’m so
what are your names boys my name is Charlie my name is Lee Andre I’m dad
together we’re bars and melody gum what’s the dream with you two guys
I just wanna deliver it to you people I just want to give an awesome performance
I get you what is your mum and dad do for it good
job normal as a personal trainer and my
father’s a stonemason don’t make some and you my mum’s are cooking to school
lady my same company can I just say one thing
Alicia I love you so much you’re my inspiration he friends the Alicia
he don’t like Amanda Amanda you’re beautiful as well he is lying
boys can I just ask you what are you singing well it’s a hope by twisting
faith everyone’s but it’s a bit of a twist in the rap because I wrote it
myself what’s the song about it’s about anti-bullying angles earlier
yeah this is something that I feel deeply waxing I started rapping because
I went through a very hard time in primary school I was getting bullied as
a parent is one of the hardest things to see the child upsets and going through
emotional turmoil it is hard very hard when I used to be like them you know
them I said write down my rock I feel to express myself through what I was
writing though I was very happy with the way they Andre dealt with it they
actually stood up to the bully the situation I’m in school and a much
better environment I love I really do love me
I’m very proud to them very private the first time we met we really clicked
it was just a automatic connection that I didn’t forget be like that we’re
brothers the music’s made him a lot stronger if
it wasn’t for his music he wouldn’t be as confident than this cheeky you know
it just helps him a lot we really want people to listen and hear our lyrics
that are in a song okay good luck thank you check it out oh no you were young please help me god I feel so alone I’m
just a kid how can I take it I’m writing this song you wanna feeling my do I
belong I wake up every day don’t wanna leave me always alone just get the same
just get the higher I walk into school swear I’m a cop I’m just the kid I took
one looks rested one of the bed if I like some mess the nature call me they
got real bad I wanna tell my mom that you haven’t
talked to my dad I feel so trapped is I wanna fight I wanna learn so clean is
the bully talk with a junkie you know I have no dad I’m living yes I am hopeful
for today take this news do you see like these two and he’ll make away but that’s okay Jews I think let me go
but never have to pay I ain’t got no money you take all our head when they
give you to you i central my bags a physical skip mean you shout me down you
pick me punch me throw me to the ground when I ask you yo whatever done you hit
me again I make fun of my or today take this new check it out let it take you and I know it ain’t need taper that’s
okay just be cool always Oh visibly help me please yes I am out for two days
you see gonna take you away every hope for food and he’ll make away I know
everything needs a / that’s okay just people seems I we hardly need to critique you
answer well but let’s have some comments Amanda I’m just so happy for you your
voice is beautiful we all would the minute you started that first they
actually brought a smile it was really and you carry with you I won’t be
rapping so yeah thank you so much two young kids like yourself to come out
and I’m singing about something that really affects you do it in a style
that’s completely yours is a really rare thing that’s why you’ve got that golden
buzzer steak well you know what I’ve heard a sermon
monstrous songster day and I just was literally losing the will to live you
know what I listen to every word this happen in your life I got bullied
when I was young but no involved yes no it’s all gone oh yeah I take that breath
cook appear here I really do I really the you

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