10 People Who Played ONE Game For YEARS Until It Paid Off

(digital tones) – [Falcon] In order to keep
up with the breakneck pace that games are released, a lot of us switch games fairly often. But what if you didn’t? Hi folks, it’s Falcon,
and today on Gameranx, ten people who played one game for years. Number ten, in the massively
multi-player online game Tibia, way back in 2005, there was
a door added to the game with the message “You see a
gate of expertise for level 999. Only the worthy may pass.” And not to mention that
leveling in this game is apparently extremely tedious because there are very
large amounts of EXP that you need to get in between
levels in the higher levels, and dying can send you
back down certain levels. And it took nine years, but a player made it through the door. And that was a lot of work. Work that was done despite the
fact that developers had said there was nothing behind the door. And there was no guarantee that there would be
anything beyond the door. And yet a player by the name of Kharsek managed to get there, and then disappeared without saying anything. Yes, they made it through the
door, and then did nothing. They just stopped playing the game, they stopped posting to the Internet under any accounts that
they had, and that’s it. That’s all we know. Thanks, Kharsek. Number nine, a Reddit user
by the name of Liserius played Civilization II for ten years. They made a post on the /r/Gaming Reddit entitled ‘I’ve been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result.’ Now, I’m not going to be able to read you this whole
post, it’s fairly long. But I do want to point out some specifics. First, the world is a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation. And yes, that is a direct quote. There are three superpowers in 3991 A.D., and there have been
dozens of nuclear wars. There’s a front line where
all three superpowers meet in battle, but it is more
or less at a stalemate and has been for 2,000 years. Any attempt to advance
results in a nuking, and they obviously just retreat. In this version of the
world, the three nations- the Celts, the Vikings, and the Americans all reside on swampland because the icecaps have melted over 20 times, due to all of the nuclear wars. So not only is it swampland, it’s irradiated swampland
that you cannot farm, both due to the fact that it
is swampland and irradiated. The military stalemate is so significant that all resources pretty much get funneled into tank building. Because, when you lose tanks,
they have to be replaced, otherwise the stalemate can’t continue. However, you can create tanks at a rate that accounts for the loss of tanks. It just makes every city into a tiny town full of starving people. Yes, ten years of Civilization II. ‘The world is a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation.’ A perfect quote. Number eight, a Mortal Kombat player who had the arcade versions of the games, and has been playing
them for over 20 years, found some secrets in
Mortal Kombat I, II, and III that haven’t previously been found at all. Specifically, he found a menu
in all three of these games called The EJB Menu. EJB obviously standing for Edward J. Boon, or Ed Boon, the main Mortal Kombat guy. Now these menus feature
various interesting things, like the ability to see all
of the various fatalities in succession, which
obviously because of YouTube isn’t that big of a deal
at this point in time. But way back when the games were designed, that would’ve been a big thing. That’s kind of the
motherload, so to speak. In Mortal Kombat III,
there’s also a mini-game, that’s basically Space Invaders
but completely impossible. Also filled with those
goofy Ed Boon sounds. Number seven, back in 2011,
a YouTuber by the name of kurtjmac started trying to
walk towards the Far Lands, the area in Minecraft where
the game kind of just stops working correctly and generates
terrain that’s bizarre. He has been walking in
Minecraft since 2011. Obviously not continuously, of course. But has been walking that long, and is about a quarter of the
way there as of last year. His most recent video was
not more than a few days ago, I don’t know exactly how far he is, but as a ‘let’s play’ series,
he’s accrued over 730 episodes and has raised about $400,000 for Child’s Play Charity doing this. Now keep in mind, newer
versions of Minecraft don’t have a Far Lands. So he’s still using an
older version of the game, and that’s a very long way to go still. I can’t imagine that after
going for seven years, last year, he’s much further
than 25% of the way there, but it’s interesting to
wonder if he’ll ever make it. Number six, a lot of Minecraft servers are simply group-built projects where people contribute their time and knowledge of the
game to creating a world. Now, when you have a server
that has 1,500 people on it, that’s open for about five years, and a lot of those people spend very large amounts of their
time doing the building, you get some pretty amazing results. As seen here on Minecraft
server The Shire. On this server, there’s
so many different areas inspired by so many different realms of science fiction and real places. You could see urban architecture. You could see suburban architecture. You can find the Emerald City, as in from The Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City. Beautiful, Latin America-inspired cities with rivers for their transport system. Lots of different castles
that are huge and gorgeous. There’s even an underwater city, not officially named Rapture, but apparently has been
done in the tradition of laissez-faire capitalism and
scientific abomination so, yeah, it’s a reference to that. But perhaps the biggest accomplishment is that it’s all connected
by a railway system. I don’t know if you’ve
ever built a railway system in Minecraft, but even in creative mode, it’s very time consuming. And this whole thing is
beautiful, and functional, and well done, The Shire. Number five, a Reddit user
by the name of salmondude had played Grand Theft Auto
III for over ten years. And he thought that he’d seen everything over the four platforms
he’d played the game on, but he found an Easter egg,
actually around five years ago, and shared it with other folks
on the /r/gaming subreddit. That Easter egg is, a
man that he shot dead holding a drawing that he had drawn, which, let’s just call
crude and call it a day. If that’s what you walk around
drawing on your free time, that when somebody mows
you down, somebody’s like, ‘oh, that guy’s drawing weiners,’ then you’re probably an NPC
in Grand Theft Auto III. Number four, a lot of people
play EVE Online for many years, but this is something
that we wanted to share that we thought was interesting. It’s kind of doing a specific thing in EVE Online for two years, which doesn’t sound like
a long period of time compared to a lot of the people that we’ve already talked about, but considering they were just basically stalking another player,
the kind of dedication is- well, it’s interesting. So, a few pirates in the game wanted to get a hold of a Ragnarok Titan. Which is a ship that’s worth $3,000. Yes, American dollars. Actual, real Fiat money. Or at least was in 2014
when this happened. I don’t know if it still is. So, this group really
wanted a Ragnarok Titan. And they were going to steal
it from a certain player that they had found who was
traveling around with one. The problem is, is that their logins were extremely intermittent. As such, it’s kind of hard
to steal the Ragnarok Titan from the player who is not logged in, and therefore not occupying the world. What they did was to follow them around on alternate accounts, and kind
of try to predict his moves. When he would log in,
where he would log in, and if he would log in on the
big account with the big ship. When the player finally
did log in on that account, they promptly attacked
him, and in the chat log, happened to go ahead and
say, ‘welcome back mate.’ Number three, Halo
players tend to find rooms that are in cinematics
or part of the scenery that they really want. The rooms that you’re not
supposed to be able to get into and what they want is
clearly to get into them. For instance, a group of players that were playing Halo Reach, there’s some Banshee rooms in the hangar of the Long Night of Solace level, and they really wanted to get into it. The name of their group
was Termacious Trickocity, and I’m not going to sum
up the entire process, but they had to do a series of actions that involves flying into the hangar, triggering the map to overload until somebody spawns without a vehicle, activating a cut scene in a specific way, so on and so forth. And it took them five years, but they did, they got into it. Similarly, that same group,
Termacious Trickocity, spent ten years trying to get into an empty cage in Halo III. That process is really
interseting because it involves pushing a vehicle basically
to a certain point, and just sort of colliding
with geometry in strange ways. When asked why they do this, Termacious Trickocity said,
’cause it’s a challenge.’ And I have to agree with that reasoning. A challenge that’s just
not intended to be there feels like the ultimate
challenge in some ways. Number two, when World
of Warcraft turned ten, Blizzard rewarded all of the players that had been there since the beginning, people who had played every year since the inception of Warcraft, by sending out a statue
to them of an orc that’s- it’s a pretty good statue. This was back in 2015, and
although there’s not really a lot to say about it, it makes me wonder what
they’re going to do if and when the game turns 20. Although I’m assuming it’s
probably when more than if, and I cannot wait to see those statues. And finally, number
one, Reddit user gperk69 outed their grandma as
having played Wii Fit every single day for a full decade. We’ve actually covered this person before. There’s a picture of her posing with her Wii avatar and saying
‘this is your 3,949th day,’ which is a lot of days. I can think of not a lot of things that I’ve done consistently
for ten years at all. So, wow. Wii Fit of all things. Have you played any one
single game for a long time? Leave us a comment, let
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