10 Regular People Who Went Viral For Being Beautiful

Look closely and you’ll see beautiful
people everywhere well I won’t when I look in the mirror
but I’m sure if you look around you’ll see lots of people who look great and a
lot of the time some of the most beautiful people on this planet are not
supermodels instead they’re just doing regular jobs but sometimes those people
go viral I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at ten people who went
viral for being beautiful birds before we go viral why not subscribe and press
the notification bill to coming up first we have hero policewoman in September
2019 a baby in Manchester UK was thrown into a river the baby named Zachariah
Bennet echo was thrown into the river ear world this was done by the babies 22
year old father Zack moments after this happened though a cop named Jessica
Voyles jumped into the river to save the 11 month old boy she jumped into the
river and tried to pull the baby out she did do this but sadly Zachariah passed
away later on in hospital but after this happened Jessica went viral online she
apparently wrote on Twitter had my worst shift yesterday I can’t see many things
being as bad as that in the future she looked so great that she went viral but
she later had to remove her Twitter account that’s because she got too many
comments about her looks and it was kind of creepy obviously she does look
amazing but we need to focus on how much of a hero this woman really is and I
feel very bad that she had to witness what she had to witness and also remove
her Twitter account next up is prison Bay in the United States all mug shots
taken are released publicly in 2014 Sarah C write of Arkansas was arrested
her mug shot was put on an online database and within a few days it went
viral she was dubbed prison bay as many fell for her good looks she’d been
arrested for careless driving but she’d also previously been accused of robbery
kidnapping and battery I guess people like about girl after she
went viral she added favorite prison paid to her Instagram bio as well as
booking information hey power to her for monetizing being arrested
next up is Alex from Target one of the most common jobs that the teams get to
make a few extra bucks is a cashier in a supermarket well that was the case for
once 17-year old named Alex lay on October the 26th 2015 a photo of him
went viral a twitter user named rims posted a photo of alex checking out her
items titled yo the tweet got hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes and
he was only identified from his name tag that said Alex later on he came out
saying that he was Alex from Target and even went on The Ellen Show but later on
he said the spotlight became too much and he actually became a recluse he
racked up millions of followers on social media but he became introverted
he found it hard to juggle school and his new fame and he also didn’t like all
the negative comments and trolling he got online next up is ox Ankeny vercelli
in 2016 this teacher went viral she’s from Minsk the capital of Belarus
a video of her teaching math online went viral and she became a celebrity
overnight the video was posted on Facebook originally and got over 20,000
likes not much is known about her personally but she is said to be a chess
wizard and she’s also now a professional model no longer a teacher she has over
7,000 Instagram followers and is verified next up is the hot dog you may
think that super attractive medical workers only exist on TV shows but if
you think that he likely haven’t seen Mick hell for shafts key Mikael is
better known as his nickname doctor Mike he’s a Russian American celebrity
internet doctor he is a real doctor but also had a small YouTube channel where
he provide medical themed videos he actually went viral though after he was
featured on a BuzzFeed article now though he has over 3 million Instagram
followers and he now gives medical news on Fox News and CNN as well as on many
YouTube channels next up is teacher BAE in 2016 one teacher from Atlanta Georgia
was criticized heavily she posted a photo of her an inch
crammed in the classroom addressed very nicely but at first the image actually
went viral for bad reasons many said she was inappropriately dressed for the
classroom but people were quick to point out it’s just her curvy body not the
dress this led to many people defending her and the hashtag teacher bay went
viral she said she simply likes looking good
and was not looking for any attention but teacher Bay also known as Patrice
Brown later went viral and got lots of fans she still actually teaches second
grade but now she’s also a model on Instagram and has 300,000 followers and
recently she also had a new baby Congrats teacher BAE next up is the
professor you often hear about school girls having crushes on their teachers
well this one is not fictional it’s actually real in 2016 a man named Pietro
celli went viral he was stabbed as the world’s hottest math teacher now he’s a
part-time model but he’s also a lecturer at University College London he was
doing this lecturing while studying for his PhD in mathematics Pietro later said
that many people think that models are stupid but he insisted those people are
just jealous now as well as being a math lecturer he also works for companies
like Giorgio Armani but he says no matter how much money he makes from
modeling he will always prioritize his academic work that said judging by his
Instagram he does lots of modeling and nearly has 3 million followers and
finally we have the convict so we’ve already seen one prison babe but this
one is actually the original prison bay in 2014 a mug shot of a man named Jeremy
Meeks went viral people were stunned by his bright blue eyes and great lurks
he’s a former member of the Crips gang and was arrested for that reason he was
released two years later in 2016 and began modeling right away and now he’s
married to Chloe green who is the daughter of a billionaire if anyone
watching is really good-looking it may be try and get a viral mug shot you
never know it could make you super rich but now it’s time for you guys to make
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