10 times the Military plotted against their own Citizens – UNCOVERED

10 times the Military plotted against their own Citizens – UNCOVERED

In countries around the world since time immemorial,
the military’s role is to defend its people, its country, and to that end, to obey its
government. But the military does not always behave this way. What drives an army to fight its own people?
Fear? Power? Perhaps pride? Here are 10 Military Plots Against Their Own
People. 10) THE 2019 VENEZUELAN UPRISING On 10th January 2019, Venezuela’s opposition-majority
National Assembly stated Nicolás Maduro’s 2018 reelection was invalid, due to many irregularities
that went against its Constitution. Juan Guaidó (huan gooaid’o) was designed as acting president
of the nation till the new elections. However, Maduro refused the Assembly’s measure.
On 30th April, Juan Guaidó led a group of several military officers and civilians in
an uprising against Nicolás Maduro in the so-called “”Operation Freedom””. During the uprising, among opposition protesters
and government forces, four people were killed. Maduro expelled 54 members of the army and
the head of intelligence. National Assembly vice-president Edgar Zambrano was also arrested. But on 11th May in Caracas, Guaidó marched
again with a thousand Venezuelans and publicly asked the ambassador to the United States
to speak with US Southern Command to find a solution to the country’s political turmoil. As of June 2019, Venezuela is still facing
an ongoing crisis. More countries are joining the conflict and the fate of the State is
still unclear. 9) THE 1981 SPANISH MILITARY COUP On 23rd February 1981, Lieutenant-Colonel
Antonio Tejero led 200 armed Civil Guard officers into the Congress of Deputies during their
vote to elect a Prime Minister. The army, which had played a crucial part
in government during Francisco Franco’s military regime from 1939 to 1975, and the extreme
right were enraged. They blamed democratic politics for the repeated economic, military
and diplomatic failures of the country and wished to return to a full military dictatorship. The officers held Congress hostage for 18
hours. Meanwhile, Captain Jaime Milans del Bosch supported Tejero with a revolt in Valencia.
And in Madrid, the rebel army took over the radio and TV stations for 90 minutes. When King Juan Carlos I denounced the coup
in a televised address, siding with the democratic government, it was clear the revolution had
failed. On 24th February, Del Bosch abandoned his plans at 5am while Tejero resisted until
noon. By the end of the day, they were both arrested. 8) THE WILSON PLOT One of the most persistent controversies involving
the British Security Service is the so-called “”Wilson Plot””, in which officers of MI5
were accused of conspiring against Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson. During his final term, from 1974 to 1976,
Wilson became convinced that he was under constant electronic surveillance. Wilson’s fears were then publicised by the
press in 1977. This caused an immediate political controversy that led Prime Minister James
Callaghan to open an internal inquiry, which revealed that “At no time has the Security
Service or any other British intelligence or security agency, either of its own accord
or at someone else’s request, undertaken electronic surveillance in 10 Downing Street or in the
Prime Minister’s room in the House of Commons.”” However, the allegations reemerged ten years
later when former Security Service officer Peter Wright claimed that thirty intelligence
officers and some senior military officers actually plotted against Wilson. A second
investigation followed, but once again it was concluded that “no such plot had ever
existed.”” 7) OPERATION NORTHWOODS: In the spring of
1962, General Lyman Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff developed Operations
Northwoods, which consisted of faked and real terror attacks against the U.S. The plan was
to blame the attacks on Cuba. In this way, the U.S would have the perfect pretext for
launching a full-scale military invasion of the island to remove Fidel Castro. According to the Pentagon proposition, “”A
series of well-coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo
to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces… to develop a Communist
Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities, and even in Washington…
The terror campaign could be pointed at refugees seeking haven in the United States.” On March 16th 1962 the proposal was rejected
by President John F. Kennedy. 6) THE KATYN MASSACRE After the Nonaggression Pact of 1939, Poland
was occupied on both sides by Nazi German and the Soviet Union. Many Polish officers
fell into Soviet hands and were interned in their prison camps. But when the Germans invaded
the Soviet Union, the Polish and Soviet governments agreed to cooperate against Germany. However,
when the Polish general Wladyslaw Anders requested 15,000 Polish prisoners of war to be transferred
to his command, the Soviets informed him that most of those prisoners had escaped and couldn’t
be located. That is, until April 13th 1943, when the Germans
discovered the corpses of 4,443 Polish officers in the Katyn (k’atein) forest near Smolensk
(smoliensk) prison camp. Investigations revealed they had been shot from behind, then piled
in stacks and buried. From that moment the Polish government blamed
the Soviets, who in turn blamed the Germans and denied the charges for years. In the 1990s,
investigations by the Prosecutors General of the Soviet Union in the 1990s confirmed
the Soviets were responsible, but they refused to classify the massacre as a war crime or
a mass murder. Russia finally admitted the crime in November
2010, when the State Duma declared that Joseph Stalin and other Soviet leaders were responsible
for ordering the massacre. 5) THE ANJALA CONSPIRACY In 1788 Swedish king Gustav III started a
war with the Russian Empire to gain more influence among his opponents. But, since the initial
success he expected failed to transpire, anger rose among his military. This anger was shared
by members of the government, who made it clear that people wanted peace. Members of the Swedish Cabinet secretly opened
peace negotiations with Russian Empress Catherine the Great. She turned them down. Nevertheless,
the conspirators spread rumours the Empress was instead considering a reconciliation pact.
This led 113 officers in Anjala, a town in Southern Finland now known as Kouvola (kouv’ola),
to sign a declaration in support of the scheme. Many others within the army and the navy joined
the cause. However, when the Russian government planned
to use the scheme to weaken the Swedish government, the Cabinet’s point of view changed. The
conspirators were charged with high treason. Nine of them were sentenced to death, while
the rest ended up deported or in prison. 4) THE KYUJO INCIDENT On August 9th 1945, Japanese Emperor Hirohito
(hiroshto) decided to surrender to the Allied nations. On the night of 14th August, he recorded
his announcement to the nation at the Imperial Palace. The recordings were then secured in the grand
chamberlain’s office. Less than an hour afterwards, some imperial officers assaulted
the palace in an attempt to stop the speech being broadcast. According to the Imperial Annals, the rebels,
led by Major Kenji Hatanaka tried to arrest the Emperor. They disarmed the palace guards,
blocked all entrances and disconnected any communication with the outside. However, after
searching in vain for hours for the recordings, and due to their failure to persuade the rest
of the Army to join the revolt, the coup flopped. Hatanaka and his co-conspirators committed
suicide. The Emperor’s speech aired at noon on August
15th. 3) THE 2016 TURKISH MILITARY COUP On 15th July 2016, a faction of the Turkish
Army, the Peace at Home Council, attempted a military coup against President Erdoğan
(Aerdoan). They attempted to seize key places in Ankara and Istanbul but failed to do so,
after forces loyal to the state defeated them. The Council denounced the lack of democracy
in the government and its disregard for human rights. Erdoğan accused their leaders of
being connected to the Gülen movement, an organization recognised as terrorists by Turkey,
and of being protected by the US and the UK. During the turmoil, over 300 people were killed
and more than 2,100 were injured. Many government buildings, including the Turkish Parliament
and the Presidential Palace, were bombed from the air. Once the soldiers were defeated,
mass arrests followed. Between soldiers and judges, at least 40,000 people were imprisoned,
and the licences of about 21,000 private teachers were revoked. 2) OPERATION GLADIO The Red Brigades were an Italian militant
left-wing organization known for kidnappings, murders, and terror attacks. Their aim was
to undermine the Italian state in favour of a Marxist proletarian revolution. Between 1974 and 1988, the Red Brigades accomplished
about 50 attacks, in which nearly 50 people were killed. This led the Italian government to join the
CIA and NATO in “”Operation Gladio””. Its purpose was to, stage terror attacks, which
were blamed not only on the Red Brigades but also on progressive leftists to demonise them
and to promote conservative, reactionary social and political parties. The government covered everything up for years.
In fact, it was only in 1990 that former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti finally admitted
the relationship between the State and the terrorist attacks. 1) OPERATION CONDOR Operation Condor took place between 1968 and
1989. It was an organised cooperation programme, sponsored by the US, to support South American
military regimes. According to thousands of secret documents
accidentally discovered in 1992, the original countries involved were Argentina, Bolivia,
Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, with the later annexation of Brazil. The main purpose was to allow the countries
to send death squads into each other’s territory to monitor, kidnap or kill political opponents
to their military dictators. For the US it was an opportunity to eradicate
potential communist and Soviet influence in the area. In fact, the CIA provided planning,
training on torture, technical support and supplied military aid to the Juntas (huntas)
during the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations. The exact number of the victims is still unknown,
but by some estimates at least 60,000 deaths and several hundred thousand wrongful arrests
can be attributed to Operation Condor.


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    This just happens to come out when you loons are accusing Trump of fabricating evidence to bring about a US-Iran war? Sod off.

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    You should look for the "escuela santa María de Iquique" that happend un Chile. A massacre orchestrated by the goverment and executed by the militaries.

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    Fascinating. Just goes to show that government planned false flags are not crazy conspiracy theories.

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    Think how many plots and shit is happening around the world all the time and most people doesn't have a clue or even care what is happening. And I mean for REAL, not just stupid "tinfoil" things people talk about. I guess reality really is stranger than people "think" it to be. What in peoples mind is so different to others that care (or even think about these things) compared to people who doesn't? How it can be so divided? What triggers some random dudes mind to think things like this? I don't know what triggered mine. Any thoughts?

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    Henryk Gödel

    With the Turkish military coup… you do realize Erdogan is the bad guy…right? So, it was a military action against an autocrat…

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    Uuuuf US would have like 5 spots of the 10 and thats to give others a chance. They once tested drugs like LCD i believe on their own soldiers. They tested anti pregnancy pills on Puerto Rican woman, making a lot not able to have babies. They tested radiation on prisoners in PR, the ones that were rebel like or were not in favor of US. They bombarded a town to suppress a revolt, protest in PR again and yet you dont see that one in history books, making look Tiananmen square in China like a walk in the park. The list goes on, they tested agent orange in PR forest, what else? mmmmm

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    Dont forgot 911 and Bush creation of ISIS to cover up lies in order to gain oil and profit for the elite rich

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    Tanner Holechek

    Me and my 2 friends liked going on the elevator and pushing all the buttons, so one time when there was alot of people in the elevator, we pushed all the buttons, Tony Stark dies in End Game. We had to wait to get to our floor though but it was still fun

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    Caleb Gordon

    That is why many Americans believe that 911 was an inside job. American citizens have no idea, on crimes their government has committed.

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    Beyond the Forbidden TV

    I actually had to watch this again! This definitely puts chills up and down my spine! I have interviewed several researchers on my channel that have talked about this sort of stuff before!

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    Josphine Langlois

    I am here American they killed their own people if you remember 911 I do not know if it’s the FBI or the CIA did not released this security tapes because it was that they still have ?

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    Some gook 1

    A large chunk of my family was murdered in Uruguayan concentration camps thanks to operation condor. My grandpa tho only had to suffer 8 years of torture then was let go and he and his wife and daughter(my mom) fled.

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    Peter Williams

    Lol number 10 didn't entice a Kennedy assassination comment just the facts love it …conspiracy theory hmmm maybe another upload …scraping the barrel a bit now…

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    Charles Stock

    that's because they are RFID MICROCHIPPED by the corrupted government and yes Obama is to blame for it.

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    aman kumbhaj

    Isn’t this interesting most of millitary coup has been initiated in European states but still nato try to save democracy in Middle East by launching missile in those countries.. well played deep state, & secret societies… this bankers own whole world’s millitary can do anything ..

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    …and people still doubt the perpetrators of 11/9/2001 or 09/11/2001 depending on where you're from.

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    Ruqyah Services

    ⬇ The amount of times the oppositions plans failed after hearing the narrator's suspenseful "..however.."

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    First one that comes off the top of my head is Nazi Germany.. And I think and feel bad especially for those WW1 German Jewish Veterans.. Just 70 years ago WW2 happened, imagine a world war in modern times without nukes.. Probably just as bad as nukes and more messier..

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    Scott Richardson

    the British governments go against our people with mass immigration. under UN law,a genocide is happening. the indigenous are being out bred and they know it's happening yet carry on

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    H La

    This is why i suggested that Iran did nothing to our oil tankers and its the US saying they did as a reason to go to war. They've done that exact thing before only the oil tankers were subs and it was well over half a century ago. But regardless of how long ago it was they still did it so why not again

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    Fellipe Anselmo Gemio

    What? The United States and the Brazilian army saved Brazil from the communist threat. If it were not for them Brazil would be a North Korea.

    And what you forget to mention that in Brazil the whole population and the media called for military intervention to save democracy in Brazil.

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    A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    gender politics bullshit sjw safe spaces hatespeech, thats right now! Also you forgot 911

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    what's been going on in Thailand for the past 5 years is pretty interesting too. the coup leader is now a 'democratically' elected PM (yes he completely swindled the voting process, cheating at virtually every opportunity).

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    Dareal EJ

    I always love a good conspiracy theory especially if its about the government. Keep the videos coming.

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    TGTshadowminer Bleach

    Hey I have a very interesting story that I would like to share more about with this channel.. if you are interested message me.

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    Edgar Hernandez

    Man fuck the US no wonder Latin America is a living hell, it made the lives of many innocent people terrible which is why many from Latin America are coming here and you American bastards don’t want them here? How about tell your US politicians to stay out of Latin America

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    There have been thousands of times where militaries plotted against their own. It’s not necessarily a secret thing here…

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    anna belle

    Yes. I believe the European armies must rise up and defend indigenous European people from their governments and deport all invaders

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    Tagan Reaper

    In case of Turkish Coup it's was Erdogan's perfectly planned and executed operation to remove any opposition.

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    I’m curious as to why the subtitles have a totally different #10??? I am also wondering if Operation FrEEdomE is the actual lesson. Cuban psy-op has been public for a few years…..while a example of the control at work it’s

    Not as good of a draw as the MADur0 insight is??? Right?

    Luv it luv ur show

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    Emperor Tikacuti

    ‪The #USArmy currently, the most dangerous military worldwide, angering countries and civilians throughout‬.

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    pmurt dlanod

    Operation northwoods was debunked. Its fake. It was never planned. It was fabricated by communists to discredit and destroy our democracy

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    Wtf Scully

    I'm going to take a broader approach to your question…

    I think the only acceptable action from the military in a political sense is a refusal of military action, they should never want it but always be ready for it.

    The lack of concern in getting our own troops killed is shocking even within their own camp and the concern for a foreign entity appears to be non-existent, even when it comes to civilians.

    If I was Prime Minister a lot of people in military areas would lose their position or, their career. Probably wouldn't be long before there's a bullet with my name on it or some shit. 😄

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    Irshad Hussain

    What about the Military Coup of Egypt by Sisi the Devil overthrowing the 1st DEMOCRATIC LEADER, MOHAMMED MORSI the Great!!

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    Planeracer 12

    Alltime conspiracies : no tianamen massacre here boys

    Me : surely tianamen square massacre is here right ? Did they get a death threat or something?

    CCP : perhaps

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