100 Citizens Campaign

If I had to pick one experience that profoundly impacted my life during college it would be 100 Citizens. Because of 100 citizens, I was inspired to go to graduate school and FINISH! Because of 100 citizens, I raised awareness about the importance of communicating NON-VERBALLY (gesturing) with people who do not understand English and are Deaf. Because of 100 citizens, I received an opportunity to teach Kinesiology at CSULA. Because of 100 citizens, I work at the National Center on Deafness working to inspire deaf college-bound individuals to come to college, achieve their goals and what they want to do if they put in the hard work and effort. Just like I did! 100 Citizens – what is it all about? It is a free group exercise program that focuses on populations that do not have access to exercise or the knowledge of how to exercise properly as well as eating proper nutrition. 100 Citizens also provides that opportunity for kinesiology students to go to the community and help these individuals learn how to improve their life That’s what I did!! I went and developed connections with these REAL, HUMAN BEINGS and taught them how to improve their life. Physical inactivity is a huge issue with it being the 4th leading cause of death in the world. That is a very severe… incident in the world right now. 100 Citizens works to resolve that ISSUE. Currently, we are working to raise $140,000 to support students who will travel to different CSU universities to help replicate and establish this 100 Citizens infrastructure that is free and sustainable! I personally donated $500 because I KNOW what is possible [with 100 Citizens]! PLEASE donate… because it has made an impact on my life those I have worked with I want the same across California, the USA, and then, the WORLD! Please! 🙂 Anything will help! Look at my YouTube description for more details! Thank you and remember… Let’s all support each other!

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