100 People Show Us Their Scars | Keep it 100 | Cut

– I fell down on the sidewalk because I was playing Pokemon
Go and not paying attention. (light music) – I don’t think I do.
– Most of my scars are gone. – I was a very safe child. – My wounds are internal. – I do have scars. – There we go. I was shot. No I’m just playing, chicken pox, yeah. (laughing) – I do, it’s a muffler burn. – Cat scratched my boob. – Cooking. – I can’t cook very well,
so I have like a bunch of. – Oven burns. – This is from making waffles. – By trying to grab a frog, these reeds cut me and I was like, wait a reed can cut me open? – I do have a scar. It’s on my butt though. – No. – My brother pushed a
swing into my forehead when I was a baby. – The bra wiring came out during drag. – Razor scooter accident. – I was dating a smoker. He had a bunch of cigarette burns and I was like ooh,
what does that feel like and he’s like here I’ll show you. – Yes, more scars than Frankenstein. – I got sliced. – Burnt.
– Elbowed. – [Woman] Shaved a piece of my ankle. – [Woman] Busted my chin. – Banged my head.
– Broke my foot. – [Woman] Dropped a weight on my knee. – Got my chest pierced.
– Bit by a dog. – [Woman] Almost go my hand cut off. – Glass in my wrist.
– Barbed wire fence. – Stairs.
– Paper shredder. – Boulder.
– Belt buckle. – Motorcycle.
– Pipe. – Pool.
– Scooter. – I took a dollar out of the alter tripped and hit the concrete, and it hit me dead in the face. I put that dollar back. – Have one right here.
– On my lip. – I scraped my knee on coral. – I have so many. – Back in the day we didn’t
wear helmets and all that. – I went over the handle
bars and lost my chin. – It’s still scarred. – From getting a tattoo removed. – And this angle just
slices right through my arm. – [Man] Chasing a Frisbee
and hit a cement block. – [Woman] My son bit me. – An old spring sliced up my leg. – This is from a fight. Keyed me with her key chain. – [Woman] And my ex husband kicked me. – I had a boyfriend who
would punch me in the face. – No, ’cause I didn’t say anything, but I did see him working. He was my waiter, it was really weird. – I wanted to. – Yes, I do have scars. I tried to cut myself. – I have scars on my arms. Just a few years ago I
tried to kill myself. – No. – No. – Broke my femur bone in a car accident. – It’s okay. – [Woman] My ex-husband drove into a tree. – My team got ambushed and an RPG hit a corner side of the wall. – When I was 10 I was
out riding dirt bikes. One of the kids has got his rifle. All of a sudden I feel like this sting. Blood starts pouring down my arm and I walked in the house and my mom saw me and she freaked out. That kid got talked to,
yeah, so did his parents. – [Woman] I hit my kneecap on cement and I could see my bone. – [Woman] I had two
reconstructive surgeries. – Double mastectomy. – I have two little lines
underneath my boobs, breast implants.
– I got a tummy tuck. – My brother pushed me
off a rolling chair. – I did that with a saw.
– I fell on a boat. – I ran into a corner. – I was trying to climb
a shelf, metal cut me. – My labrum surgery from last November. – I had a birth mark.
– I had a hump removed. – I dislocated my elbow. – I was like in front of my kid trying to open a toy for her. The knife just stabbed me in the thumb and it started squirting
blood all over her toy. It hit her in the face
and she was just like. – My C-section scar. – 24 years ago in Mexico and they just, they didn’t know better. – I have some stretch marks. – Can you see ’em?
– I hate them. – You know, they used
to bother me a lot more and now I’m just trying to own ’em. – I have endometriosis. So I’ve had to have laparoscopic surgery. – [Woman] I had a huge cyst full of MRSA. – It just started out as a weird bump. – I had a tumor removed.
– Possibly cancerous. – BB gun ’cause I didn’t wanna
tell my mother what happened. So I just let it bleed. I covered it up, put some alcohol on it and it left a scar for life. – Do I have any scars? I have a lot of scars. – I had my gallbladder removed. I also had a breast reduction. So those are my scars. Oh, I can’t believe I
showed you my stomach. Can I take that back, seriously!

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