Now that you’re all trapped here, my reign of senseless horror for Megalopolisville will begin! Hahaahaa Maybe you were right Dr. Evil Congressman, if you really had captured the Society of Virtue You definitely can’t count heroes as well as you can count votes from your evil party or you wouldn’t have forgotten Flaring Roach! Flaring Roach!! And… a hooker? Her name is Samantha, please? so she isn’t… Yes, she just happens to be a prostitute but she could not be Flaring Roach, why did you bring her here? Would it make a difference if she was a lawyer? A surgeon? That’s not what we’re saying Why did you bring a civilian here? This
is a dangerous mission, The entire town depends on this! Yeah but you only told me that I had to save your ass at 10:15 pm on a Saturday night Sorry if I wasn’t sitting around at home just waiting for someone to call me like
Black Badness You’re a superhero Roach, that’s how it works It’s like you’re a doctor Except the doctor makes like 2 million a year for that Sorry if we don’t pay you that much here Roach but we work for a greater good here Don’t pay you that much?? Wait, you pay? There’s a salary for this shit?! It’s just a little help Roach, for those who can’t have a normal job because of the hero routine So why do I have to be a bank teller when I’m not fighting crime? You said you were an entrepreneur and you said you were a virgin that just
moved from the countryside and this is the fourth time we go out so… I’m not good with faces I wear a mask Samantha Half people I go out with wear
masks, gags, chains, whips For the love of God Roach, can you get us out of here? What do I have to do? There’s nothing you can do Roach! In less than 10 minutes the…the… Oh my god, have you been drinking It’s a Saturday night! I’m not going to keep defending myself here, at no point I said I was home reading a book in bed Are you drunk? I’m perfectly capable of doing anything Almost anything… It’s been a tough week Samantha! Cmon! Oh God…okay Samantha, could you’d release the hostages on your left? What the fuck?! REALLY? Right away Big Bang! You know what, fuck it! I’ll be drinking in the car! Alright, I’m here! What’s going on? Jonathan I can’t believe this! I left you like 50 messages! it’s Saturday night sorry if I’m not available on my day off waiting for you to send me messages all Well no one needs you here anymore Jonathan, you can go back to your laxative commercials I already saved the day… again… Wait, Samantha ? Jonathan! You know each other? Wait so no your facial memory works?!

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