THE STUPID QUESTIONS GUY [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
[Music] [Music]>>What are you guys doing?>>Oh, we are watching the World Cup.>>Ah. How’s our country doing?>>Our country?>>Singapore is not in the World Cup.>>What do you mean
we are not in the World Cup? Singapore is in the world, right? Must we be in the cup
THE NON-FANS>>Oh, hey bro.>>Didn’t know you watch football too, huh?>>No. I’m just here for the food. Pass me the curry sauce. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE POSER>>Hey! Sup guys!>>India? India is not even in the World Cup.>>I knew that. I mean, this is my Dad’s jersey. I mean, I didn’t have anything to wear.>>Alright. Alright. Poser. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE SLEEPER>>Move over. Move over. So I’m here watching
the World Cup with my friends.>>Do you even know what team that is?>>Deutscher… Holland? Watching the Holland
games with my friends. Yeah.>>Why are you here?>>HOLLAND!>>Go home. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE HATER>>Are you guys still watching soccer?>>Yeah, do you wanna join us?>>Nah. I wouldn’t wanna see people
kicking the ball around the field.>>Why are you so against it?>>Four years ago, my Dad put all our life savings into Brazil. Putting us into a poverty cycle after Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany.>>That got dark really fast.>>Wow. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. But you can try again this year. I think Brazil has a pretty
good chance you know.>>No, no. You sound like my Dad. Stop it. Stop it. No, Daddy, no. Don’t open it. I wanna save it for the future. Don’t break it. Don’t take it away. My piggy bank! Piggy bank! Piggy Bank. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE GIRLS>>Hey girls. You watch football too?>>Of course. Ronaldo is so handsome. How not to watch?>>And Dybala’s eyes are so dreamy. Oh my God. He is so hot.>>Alright. You guys have fun.>>Bye.>>Hello? Tony. Bet on next week’s match, 3-1 Brazil. $500.>>$500, ah.>>Okay, bank transfer ya. Okay, thank you. Thank you.>>Eh, Hello Ben. The odds for next week’s match is 10 to 1. The more you bet, the more you win.>>Hello? Henry? Okay. $2000.>>Yeah, $2000. When are you gonna
make payment by the way? Wait how are you going to pay by? 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE NOISY FANS>>GOAL!>>[speaks in Spanish]>>Hey! How many times must I say? Lower down the volume
or I’ll have to call the police.>>Come on, Peter Papadum. It’s World Cup season. We’re all here to have fun. I mean, you’re a football fan, right? Why don’t you come in,
join us to watch the beautiful game?>>Me watch the beautiful game with you? Are you sure?>>Yeah. Come in. Come in. Come on. Come on.>>I told you your team
wouldn’t make it man. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE WRONG SUPPORTER>>What are you doing? This is a rugby jersey. We’re watching football.>>Get your head on the game. Come on.>>Ah, no, no, no, no, no. Liverpool? This is a club. Country. World Cup. Country.>>Come on! Yo! I love my country. But we’re not in the World Cup.>>Italy. Four times World Cup Champion.>>Not this year. They’re not in the World Cup this year.>>Alright, I give up. Ya, I know. It’s not even football.>>India. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS>>Alright. Joga Bonito, let’s go. Hey. How about you try Cheryl?>>Let’s go.>>What have you done? How are we gonna watch
the World Cup like this? Oh my god. Okay. Okay. Okay. Wait. Why is the stream lagging? Wait guys, come back. I can refresh it. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE PICKY WATCHERS>>Oh my gosh! Is this the LG OLED TV?>>Yeah, it’s the new LG OLED 77 inch C8.>>This is the one
with the Alpha 9 Processor. It supports HDR 10,
Hybrid Log Gamma, and Dolby Vision.>>Wow. I didn’t know
you knew so much about TVs.>>I just heard of it
but never seen it in real life.>>Oh. Well. Do you want to watch football
with me after I set this up?>>All my life, all I ever wanted was
to have a perfect home cinema. Yes. This one has the new Alpha 9 Processor, which supports HDR 10, Hybrid Log Gamma and Dolby Vision.>>WOW.>>These new LG OLED TVs
produce such deep dark blacks, which allow higher contrast, richer colors, which truly
achieves an excellent picture quality.>>I agree. I feel like I’m on the field with them, like I can touch the players.>>Football has never looked so good. Hey guys, don’t tell
anyone I got this TV, okay? Sort of wanna enjoy this in peace.>>Okay. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE NEIGHBORS>>Do I know you?>>No, but I heard
your house has a nice TV.>>Bro, what’s your wifi password? 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE GLORY HUNTER>>So, you’re a Germany fan?>>Yeah, been supporting
them since I was a child, since the Beckenbauer days.>>Huh? You weren’t even born yet. He’s just supporting them
because they won the last time.>>Yeah! BRAZIL! BRAZIL! BRAZIL! BRAZIL! I told you! I told you! [Music]

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