12 YouTubers Who Ran Away From Scary People

12 YouTubers Who Ran Away From Scary People

All of these YouTubers were chased by people
who they found scary at the time. My overall goal is to analyze each one of
these chases and figure out how much danger these YouTubers were really in. 12. Exploring With Devin is a YouTube channel
full of mini-adventures and gaming vids. This time Devin is biking along the side of
the road when he sees this creepy old abandoned house waiting to be explored. Soon a full-grown adult appears in the overgrown
front lawn and questions him while walking forward. He accuses Devin of taking from his property
even though it looks like there is nothing worth taking. Who knows what would have happened if he reached
Devin, or how exactly he plans to search him. Once he gets a good distance away, Devin says
that he didn’t take anything, and that the man is trespassing anyway. The property looks abandoned, but the man
does check his mailbox while he is out there, so he either does own this property or has
completely lost his mind. 11. POWERFUL pancake is the name of a YouTuber
who decides to ring his neighbors’ doorbell and then run away. He hides around the side of the house just
in time but his friend behind the trashcan is not so lucky. POWERFUL pancake doubles back to grab his
camera and the chase is on. As you can see here the neighbor comes charging
down the driveway with the bat over his head, ready for who knows what. They barely make it to their car in time and
speed off. I think this video is probably real because
they seem to be actually full of adrenaline and that is not easy to fake, but I’d like
to get your opinion. 10. Two YouTubers see a suspicious red balloon
tied around the grate of an old sewer tunnel and start to explore. It isn’t long before their flashlight shines
upon someone standing rigidly before them. The sewer lurker chases them down the entire
length of the tunnel at full speed and they barely make it out alive. Listen to this part and tell me if you think
the fear in their voices sound real, because it does to me. Who or what that was remains a mystery. There has been no update made since this video
was uploaded. 9. A YouTuber named Frolo Moto is dirt biking
in a random field with his friend Trevor when they see trouble ahead. A
black truck attempts to cut them off at the pass when they try to escape. Clearly the driver wants to get them off their
bikes however he can and doesn’t seem to care if they break a bone or lose their life. They both cut through some fields and eventually
get back to the main road, quickly agreeing at a stop sign that they should head straight
home. But then, just when they think they are safe
. . . The truck spots them again and the chase is
back on. Frolo Moto and Trevor head full speed towards
a narrow plot of land meant for snowmobiles. When he looks over his shoulder, he sees the
truck is too large to squeeze through. They are safe for now, but hopefully the driver
doesn’t get out and follow their tire trails because it basically leads straight to their
home. 8. A YouTuber named herbdoggy is diving underwater
when he sees a small cave that looks interesting. In less than a minute he is being chased out
by something that’s not even human. A
giant moray eel slithers out of its hiding hole and appears to chase herbdoggy away,
though I’m not entirely sure. I would like to know how territorial these
creatures are and if they would really chase someone away. I’d also really like to know if this was
an electric eel or not, in which case I totally understand why herbdoggy was in so much of
a hurry to get out of there. 7. A YouTuber named Mani Motard is riding his
motorcycle through the city when a random person mocks him in the intersection by pretending
to grab two imaginary handlebars. When Mani checks his rear cam, he is surprised
to see the man wildly chasing after him. pursuit continues for over a full city block. Exactly what the stranger’s intentions are
remains unclear, but it’s obvious that this complete stranger is trying to chase him down
one way or another. He doesn’t look to be in his right mind,
so it’s a good thing Mani got away. 6. A YouTuber named Exploration Unknown is rummaging
around a 200 year old cemetery when they notice something observing them off in the distance. At first it looks like some native wildlife,
but when the strange light changes from yellow to red, they know these can’t be the eyes
of an animal. It may not be the fastest chase ever recorded,
but Exploration Unknown is still effectively driven out of the area nonetheless by these
strange flickering lights. Let me know what these color-changing lights
could have been because I honestly have no idea. 5. A YouTuber named BIG&blonde is checking on
a Ouija board that he and his friend left in the woods not too long ago. Something chased them out of the woods the
last time they used it and now they are returning to properly end the ceremony. Not even broad daylight can keep their fear
at bay as they come across the same spot as before. Something feels extra wrong about this section
of the woods, and moments later they see exactly why. A figure dressed in black and white stomps
down their way and sends them running. As they flee, the screams of what could be
a girl’s last moments on earth fill the forest behind them. I guess this person could simply be one of
their friends, or it could be some kind of supernatural force conjured by the Ouija board. If it is the latter, then I can only imagine
it will grow stronger with each passing day until the session is ended once and for all. 4. A YouTuber named Xander H. takes a group of
friends to an asylum that was abandoned long ago. They come across wall after wall of graffiti
and begin to wonder if people could still be living in here after all. There’s not much to find on the first floor
besides lots of written warnings and an overall bad feeling, so they decide to head upstairs. They don’t even make it halfway before this
happens to them. Something large and heavy stomps down the
steps and sends the small group screaming for their lives. They don’t get it on tape, but I still think
this video is probably real because each member of the group is clearly on camera when they
hear the running footsteps. I think there is a good chance that this video
is real and they really were chased out, maybe even by something supernatural. 3. Raptor125 puts on a GoPro cam and takes his
dirt bike out to make a YouTube video. It isn’t long before he sees a familiar
grey truck, the same one that chased him away from this area just the other day. He is only riding for about two full minutes
when he sees the same truck again, much closer this time. Fearing for his life, Raptor125 speeds out
of the neighborhood and onto a dirt track, the grey truck on his tail the whole time. Not even sharp turns at high speeds are enough
to get the vehicle off him, and Raptor125 has little doubt that this person has the
worst intentions possible waiting for him if he slows down. If he falls off his bike at this moment, for
example, then there wouldn’t be enough time for the driver to swerve out of the way. The chase only ends when a farmer watching
the whole thing stops the truck. Otherwise, who knows how far this chase would
have gone. 2. Móka Vids and his friends are making a random
YouTube video late at night when a lone stranger starts walking close behind. After a while they turn around only to find
the man briskly gaining on them. Moka Vids quickly considers his options and
ultimately decides not to confront the person. The audio gets really choppy during this next
part, but I think they are basically saying that the man is darting between houses and
acting really weird. It’s hard to say if the danger presented
in this video is real or dramatized. You never actually see the person run at them,
but at the same time that also kind of makes the video more realistic because they are
too busy getting away to catch anything. Either way, they manage to run back home and
the incident is soon forgotten. Let me know if you think they were really
being chased or not based on what you’ve seen here. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. I recently released the music video for my
song Dreamland and we may have caught something paranormal at the 55 second mark. Tap the circle icon in the top right right
corner, then tap MY MUSIC VIDEO and let me know what you think it is. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. Exploring with Darknet is a YouTube channel
dedicated to recording abandoned locations in all of their various forms. This time the group finds themselves inside
of a large building that looks to have once been a manufacturing plant of some sort. While checking out various pieces of rusted
machinery, they can’t shake the feeling that they are being watched. Distant phantom lights follow them and snuff
out randomly. On the second floor they come across a room
that appears to be strewn with heaps of garbage and adult diapers. At one point they come across another room
containing more trash and a woman’s right shoe. The left one is nowhere to be found, so perhaps
there was a struggle here. If you can translate the writing on this wall,
please let me know what it says and also what language it is in. It might give us some clues as to what exactly
happened here and maybe even make some sense out of what happens next. They come across a final room on the second
floor with a dirty curtain draped across the doorway. They take a peak underneath and are greeted
with a final scare. Listen closely again and you can hear someone
screaming behind them as they pursue, their wails echoing off the thin corridor walls.


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    Apparently one of those phrases on the wall at 12:01 says "Call me Motlen just for you" in Estonian (According to google translate)

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    Andromeda The Betta Fish

    That dirt bike chase seemed kinda like a horror story and it was probably some grumpy old man

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    Number fourteen Burger King foot lettuce the last thing you would want in your burger lettuce is somebody’s foot fungus but it might turn out that might be what you get.

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    moran eels are not electric but do have sharp teeth and can break the skin of people but no real damage will really be dealt

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    Oh yeah there was these youtubers who were driving on a road and they see a clown so they start being more cautious and one of the guys went out of the car with another guy and he hit him with a bat or stick and so they went back in teh car and drove away as fast as they could

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    Did the first video you showed those guys left him out in the dust that ran so fast I mean they're faster than braids bolts

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    I used google translator, so I could be wrong:

    Helista Mulle Motlen vald Sulle=
    Call me I mean just you

    The language is said to be Estonian
    I could be wrong, I am not sure…

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    Chills in video #8 did you not see the first fish,. That was a barracuda forget the eel the barracuda are very very aggressive fish..

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    12 people who ran away…..

    Number 12: some guy gets questioned and shouted at

    How does your vids even make sense

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