1,226 Leprosy Colonies Visited and Cared for in 2018

In 2018, GFA supported workers were able to minister to over 1,200 leprosy colonies in Asia. I was really impacted by a story that I’ve heard about one of our GFA workers in the leprosy colony. Her name is Sakshi, she actually was diagnosed with leprosy when she was just a teenager. When people are diagnosed with leprosy it’s not just a health diagnosis, it’s actually a lifestyle change. That often times people by their own families are just sent out to live in a colony with other people who have leprosy. She was actually able to pray to the Lord, and to receive healing from leprosy. She really felt the burden placed on her heart to go and to minister to other leprosy colonies, and just get to be a part of loving them in Jesus’ name. Thank you for helping us reach leprosy colonies in Asia with the hope and the love of Jesus! Your gift was really making a difference and I thank you.

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