14 People Whose Real Nationality Will SURPRISE You!

14 People Whose Real Nationality Will SURPRISE You!

14 Famous People Whose Real Nationality Will
Surprise You 14. Jim Carrey- The actor and comedian have brought
us tears of joy, starring in notable roles like The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, and Bruce
Almighty. With a career spanning more than ten years,
what many people might not know is the actor hails from Canada. Born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada; he lived
in Burlington, Ontario for eight years. Before his career took off, Carrey was struggling
to make a name for himself. He started off working at Toronto comedy clubs
as a stand up comic before getting his big break in movies. Carrey became a naturalized American citizen
back in 2004. He stated moving to America helped him make
his dreams come true. However, he still maintains his Canadian citizenship
as well and says his upbringing in Canada has made him the person he is today and will
always be proud of being Canadian. 13. Natalie Portman- Born Natalie Hershlag, the
Black Swan actress, was born in Jerusalem. Her mother is American, and her father is
Israeli. From the age of three years old, she grew
up in Jericho, New York. Before moving to New York, she and her family
first lived in Washington D.C before moving to Connecticut in 1988 and making the final
move to Long Island in 1990. Growing up, Portman learned Hebrew and even
moved to Israel in 2004 to attend the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to take several graduate
courses. The actress holds both a dual citizenship
in Israel and America. She mentioned that even though she loves the
United States, Portman feels most at home in Jerusalem and frequently visits Israel
when she can. 12. Tommy Chong- Best known for his marijuana
themed references as half of the duo Cheech and Chong; the comedian was born in Edmonton,
Alberta Canada. His father, a Chinese truck driver, came from
China to Canada in the 1920’s. He grew up in Calgary where he formed a teen
club with friends until he moved his band to Vancouver. From 1964 to 1969, he ran four different nightclubs
before he and friends disbanded the group a short period later. Chong eventually reached mainstream success
when he teamed up with Cheech Marin where they expressed their views on free love, drugs,
and counterculture movements. In the late 1980’s Chong became a naturalized
citizen of the United States and his daughter Rae Dawn Chong became a naturalized citizen
as well. 11. Charlize Theron- The Academy Award winning
starlet was born in South Africa. Growing up, she danced and modeled and even
spent a year modeling throughout Europe before she and her mother moved to the United States. In New York, she attended the Joffrey Ballet
School where trained as a ballet dancer until she injured her knee. When Theron turned nineteen, she moved to
Los Angeles to seek work in the entertainment industry. She skyrocketed to fame in the late 90’s
before reaching mainstream success in the early 2000’s. Theron became a naturalized U.S. citizen back
in 2007. She credits her motivation to travel the world
as a factor stating that when you have a South African passport, it’s required to get a visa
for every country, making traveling a nightmare. 10. Christian Bale- Batman isn’t American?! Say it isn’t so! Born in Wales, the multitalented actor’s
career spans more than ten decades. But despite being born in Wales, the actor
is British. If you’ve heard Bale speak in several interviews,
you might be confused at times because he’ll talk in an American accent, only to talk in
a British accent in another interview. The truth is when Bale is being questioned
about a film in which he plays an American actor, he will speak in an American accent
in order not to confuse the audience. Although doing this might just confuse the
viewers watching altogether. If you watch any of his interviews back to
back, you’ll notice that he subtly switch between an American accent in the start and
gradually end with a British accent. But that’s what makes a great actor, being
diverse in anything you immerse yourself into. 9. Mila Kunis- Born in Ukraine, the actress does
an excellent job of portraying valley girl Jackie Burkhart on That 70’s Show. Growing up in Ukraine, she has stated that
her parent’s had good jobs and she grew up wealthy, but her family decided to immigrate
to the United States because her parents saw no future for her and her brother there. So in 1991 when Kunis was only seven years
old, her family moved to California with only two hundred and fifty dollars in their pocket. Kunis recalls her first day transitioning
into an American school difficult because she didn’t understand the culture, people
or the language. The actress stated she blocked out second
grade completely and often came home crying every day. When she was nine years old, she started acting
classes where she starred in commercials before breaking into movies. Her other work includes starring in Days of
Our Lives, Baywatch and 7th Heaven before landing a role in That 70’s Show. 8. Seth Rogen- The comedian turned actor was
born in Vancouver Canadian where he started his stand up career when he was just a teen. He began performing in comedy clubs where
he won the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest in 1998. Initially, Rogen didn’t want to pursue anything
other than being a comedian, but when his father got laid off and his mother quit her
job, they fell on difficult times. During this period, he attended a local casting
call and starring in Judd Apatow’s tv show Freaks and Geeks. Despite being good in school, Rogen dropped
out and started working for Apatow. He eventually moved his family to Los Angeles
to start a career in acting. His breakthrough came when he starred in the
2007 movie Knocked Up alongside Katherine Heigl. 7. Lily Rose Depp- The daughter of multi talented
American actor Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose was born in Paris,
France. She currently holds an American and French
citizenship. When Johnny Depp married Vanessa Paradis,
he learned French to communicate with her parents and even made Paris his home. When the couple split, Lily Rose stayed with
her mother. Since her birth, Depp’s life has been a
hot topic of media controversy focusing on her fashion choices and her decision to drop
out of school to pursue an acting career. She is fluent in both French and English and
recently started acting in 2014. As of 2016, she currently has four movies
under her belt with much more to come. 6. Keanu Reeves- The Matrix actor was born in
Beirut Lebanon and frequently traveled all over the world. After his parents split in 1966, he moved
to Sydney Australia, then New York where his mother remarried and finally relocating to
Toronto, Ontario. The actor primarily grew up in Canada. Reeves got his start in acting in theater
productions and received a green card through his American stepfather and relocated to Los
Angeles three years later. Reeves still maintains his British citizenship
through his mother and still holds his Canadian citizenship through naturalization. Since he spent most of his upbringing Canada,
he still identifies as Canadian. Even though his biological father was born
in the United States, Reeves wasn’t able to obtain American citizenship at the time
because he was not eligible to claim automatic citizenship by birth abroad to one United
States citizen. 5. Nina Dobrev- The Vampire Diaries starlet first
rose to the big screen back in 2006. Born in Sofia Bulgaria, moved to Toronto,
Ontario when she was two years old. Dobrev started modeling at a young age, starring
in commercials before making the big jump to acting. She got her first big break playing Mia on
Degrassi: The Next Generation. Dobrev left the show and moved to the United
States when she won the lead role of Elena Robbert. She first lived in Atlanta, Georgia while
filming the show before making Los Angeles, California her permanent home. When she isn’t busy acting, she enjoys traveling
as well as competing in various sports that include soccer, swimming, wakeboarding, and
volleyball. She also loves to travel and has often traveled
to Europe for vacation and to compete where she represented Canada in Aesthetic gymnastics. 4. Dave Matthews- The rock and roll musician
best known as the guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. But the actor is no stranger when it comes
to traveling as his family frequently moved a lot during his childhood. When he was two years old, his family made
the move to live in Westchester County, New York. A couple of years later, his family moved
to England for a year before coming back to the big apple. After his father had died from lung cancer,
they returned to Johannesburg in 1977. Matthews returned to New York in the 1980’s
to work at IBM before he turned his focus to his music. Matthews has dual citizenship and says he
still visits South Africa at least once a year. He mentioned that he stays there for a month
to let loose where he can lose himself and gain awareness all over again. 3. Lauren Cohan- Best known for portraying Maggie
Greene on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead; the multitalented actress is British and American. Cohan was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
and the actress and her family moved to the United Kingdom when she was just 13 years
old. She grew up in Surrey and even attended the
University of Winchester. If you’ve ever heard the actress speak in
interviews, then you know how unique and hybrid her accent is. Cohan explained to Pete Holmes in a press
interview that her accent is a mixture of New Jersey and has a British twinge. When Cohan’s career took off, she split
her time between London and Los Angeles, so it was easy for her to switch back and forth
between alternating her accent. 2. Kiefer Sutherland- Best known as Jack Bauer
on the Fox drama show 24, the Emmy Award winning actor is actually British-Canadian. Born in Paddington, London, United Kingdom
to Canadian actors Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland, and his family is well known in
Canada. His grandfather, Tommy Douglas created Canada’s
New Democratic Party and created the idea of a universal health care system. Sutherland lived in Los Angeles, California
until he was nine years old and moved back to Canada. Sutherland grew up in Toronto, where he attended
multiple high schools before returning to Los Angeles to start his acting career. He rose to fame in the 1980’s making his
first screen appearance in Max Dugan Returns. The actor currently retains his British and
Canadian citizenship. 1. Mischa Barton- Even though Barton plays a
girl next door and lives a privileged life in California, the actress is far from it. Born in Hammersmith, London, UK, she lived
in the United Kingdom until she was five years old. They moved to New York City shortly after
due to her father’s work. Barton became a naturalized citizen of the
United States back in 2006, a few days after she turned twenty years old. She still holds her British citizenship as
well and says that she likes people to detect that she’s an Irish-English girl who was
raised in New York City and who moved around a lot with her father’s job.


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    Moni Poppaea Di Maria

    Oh C.Bale is from Wales OHHHHHHH REALLY i always though he was from Africa Ghana
    Ohh WOW i am shocked.

    I though Bale was a African name OHHH I AM SHOCKED

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    Abel Paduret

    There are tons of British accents and also multiple american accents. British accent from Wales is one of them… but also Wales has multiple accents hah
    It would be more interesting if canadians do not count in this list because it is still in the North American Continent..duh. What about the Winter Soldier actor, Sebastian Stan? He is from Romania, my country!

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    Frank Booth, sedated.

    Jesus, what a revelatory video. Jim Carrey is Canadian! Well, fuck me sideways! I can't watch the rest.

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    Too many Americans say British but actually mean English.

    They think Great Britain is another name for England and dont realise that Great Britain is a collection of countries of which England is one.

    What can you do. Its just something that is not common knowledge in the US. If you hear an American say British/Britain you can be almost certain they are talking specifically about England.

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    will holsey

    1: Jim Carrey didn't get his big break in movies, he got his big break on tv, in a all black comedy show called " in living color" originally a Wayans brother project until the white opened station forced them out. At that point Carrey started in Ave Ventura and the mask and never looked back nor spoke about it.

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    Helen Trope

    Re Christian Bale "Despite being born in Wales the actor's British"? Incorrect use of the word "despite". Why would he be British despite being born in Wales. Wales is in Britain?

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    Tina Mendel

    Every job application and school says not to ask about this and teaches us not to make this an issue but here the fuck we are with this ignorant ass video

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    Catalin Iolea

    Dustin Hoffman, Stan Lee, Sebastian Stan, Lauran Bacall, Natalie Portman, Edward G. Robinson and many more have Romanian roots. But you wouldn't know that because you know nothing beside you own surroundings.

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    john Sept

    "Christian Bale…despite being born in Wales the actor his British." WTF? The United Kingdom (U.K.) is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    (Great Britain is the island containing the first three countries.) Everyone born in the U.K. is free to call themselves British. So He is both Welsh and British.

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    Pete Camiolo

    Christian bale is British wales is in the uk..the narrator said that even though he was born in wales he grew up in London and retains British citizenship

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    mila kuni. it's not ukraine. 1-st it is ussr, 2-nd the state image differs from the real one, crimea penunsula is lost.

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    Laura B

    "Number 14 – Jim Carrey: With a career spanning more than 10 years[…]"
    Uhhhmmm… What? "The Mask" came out in 1994 (23 years ago). Not to mention the fact that he had been a full fledged comedian by then (in the 80s), and a regular cast member of "In Living Color" (1990-1994).
    I'm not even going to start dissecting the other mistakes…😒
    A little research done right never hurt anybody…

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    Nicojs 118

    what is so surprising in this video? not much!
    From an European point of view the North Americans all sound identical to each other. It's very hard to tell who's american and who's Canadian!

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    "Despite being born in Wales, the actor is actually British." Even more fascinating: It turns out that despite being born in California, Dwayne Johnson is actually American.

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    Richard Newcombe

    I remember Christian Bale when he lived in Bournemouth UK when he was a young actor and went to Bournemouth School for Boys.

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    you need to learn what British is, what the UK is and what England is. There's no such thing as a British accent.

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    Kenneth Dokus

    so weird people try to be actors. And their pay. It should be like the Roman empire days when actors were pretty much prostitutes .

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    Savadious Savadious

    2:54 says Bale has a career over 10 DECADES OLD !!! Wow… he does not look anywhere near 100 years old ! HAHAHAH

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    Thomas Jones

    Hello, Despite being born in Wales, Christian Bale is British? Where do you think Wales is situated, on the Moon. Wales is in Britain which makes me, "born in Wales", British as well. Those, despite being born in Scotland or in the North of Ireland are also British. How dumb can one be?

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    I'm Welsh but stuck in this hell hole called Australia, it is so dry and hot and horrible and the outback is putrid and gumtrees look like death incarnate and Kookaburras aren't laughing because it's funny they're laughing because after a million years of being trapped in this place they've gone MAD! Even Wombats attempt to dig their way out of this place… smh fml.

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    Captain Assblast

    There is literally nothing surprising about white "American" actors with traditional English names being from Canada or the British Isles.

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    Jim Carrey was born at the same hospital as I was. However he was raised in Jackson's point for many years.

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    Harriette Stamps

    Canadian is not a nationality. It's just a country. He is probably Irish. Most Canadians are either Irish or French. That's Nationality…

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    Harriette Stamps

    10 decades???????? WOW, Christian Bale looks good for being over 100 years old…lol.Where did this woman get her info? Geeze..

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    Dear people from Tempt…..at 5.05….you show a French/American flag…..but France got rid of the fleur de lys ( symbol of royalty) 250 years ago….try to keep up with the latest news :-)))

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    SAM l

    Charlize Theron. Watched a few “celebrity nationality” videos and this video was the only one where – yeah I was surprised of the nationality, so thank you, I learned something. I had always believed Charlize Theron to be Canadian and hearing recently how her personality isn’t always the nicest to the public or say staff I did wonder, thinking out loud “this doesn’t sound typically Canadian” and then saw this video – ohhh mmm ok, thanks for that (all is now right with the world).

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    All future generations will be Liberal haha

    I thought everyone knew all of these… 🤔

    What is Tempt's next video gonna be, 'What colour are oranges?!' 😂

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    robert clark

    @Tempt Wales is on the mainland of the British Isles the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of 4 countries England , Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales .

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    This doesn't tell me what their nationality is. My nationality is Norwegian, English and Danish even though for generations my family have been born in America.

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    America is a continent which includes Canada, Mexico and the US. It is not a nationality. People of these countries are citizens supposedly .

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