15 People Whose Real Nationality Will SHOCK You!

15 People Whose Real Nationality Will SHOCK You!

15 People Whose Real Nationality Will SHOCK
You! #15. “Mel Gibson”-The now controversial Mel
Gibson was once one of the biggest the stars in all of Hollywood. When he burst on the scene as the lead role
in Mad Max the world fell in love with the Aussie. But though he grew up in Australia and has
an Australian accent he was actually born in the United States. Gibson was born on January 3rd, 1956 in Peekskill,
New York to an Irish mother and American father. In order for his older brother to avoid being
drafted in the Vietnam war, the family moved to Ireland for a short period of time and
then settled in Australia, where Mel would grow up and develop his acting skills. After starring in several Australian films
he moved to Los Angeles and became an award winning actor and director. #14. “Hugo Weaving”- Hugo Weaving is best known
for his roles of Agent Smith in The Matrix Trilogy and as Elrond in The Lord of the Rings
saga. If you hear him talk in interviews he has
a distinct Australian accent, so it may surprise you that he was actually born in the city
of Ibadan in Nigeria. Both of his parents were English and because
of his father’s career as a seismologist they moved around the world frequently living
in England, South Africa and Australia, throughout his childhood. Eventually they settled in Australia, where
Weaving studied drama and broke into television in the Australian TV show Bodyline. He went on to star in several Australian films
before moving on to big budget Hollywood roles and though he frequently has to travel to
Los Angeles for work, he still calls Sydney, Australia home. #13. “Emma Watson”- Emma Watson is famous for
her roles as Belle in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast and as Hermione Granger
in the Harry Potter film series. Because of being known as Hermione, most people
think she was born and raised in England but she actually was born in Paris, France. Her parents are both English lawyers who were
working in Paris during the time of her birth. Watson lived in France until she was five
years old but when her parents divorced she moved with her mother to England. There she developed her love of acting, performing
in several plays until being discovered at the age of ten and earning her role in the
Harry Potter movies. #12. “Bruce Willis”-Bruce Willis is probably
best known for his role as John McClane in the Die Hard movies and portraying all types
of gritty American heroes. Because of this you would think that he hails
from some tough working town on the East Coast, but he actually was born in the town of Kassel
which at the time was part of West Germany. His father was an American soldier stationed
in Germany while his mother was a German native. Two years after his birth they moved back
to his father’s home state of New Jersey where he was raised and developed his tough-guy
style of acting. After years of scraping-by working odd jobs
such as being a private investigator in New York and Los Angeles, he got his big break
when he was cast in the lead role of the television show Moonlighting, which would earn him several
awards. Using this success he launched his long film
career with Die Hard in 1988. #11. “Natalie Portman”- Natalie Portman has
been acting since she was 11 and became an instant screen-darling with her role as Padme
Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. You may not realize it from her American accent
in interviews but she was actually born in Jerusalem, Israel. Her father is a native Israeli while her mother
is an American and the two met while living in the United States. Eventually, her mother moved to Israel to
be with her father, they were married and Natalie was born in 1981. They lived in Israel until she was three years
old, then moved to the United States living in Washington D.C., Connecticut and Long Island,
New York respectively. While in New York she broke into film with
the movie ‘Leon:The Professional’ and she has since skyrocketed to one of the most
famous women in Hollywood. Portman still maintains dual citizenship in
Israel and the U.S. and though she says she loves America, she feels that Israel is her
true home. #10. “Tommy Lee”- As the eccentric drummer
for Motley Crue, one of the biggest Hair Metal bands of the 80s, Tommy Lee was a central
figure in The Sunset Strip’s rock’n’roll party scene. Tommy Lee on the surface seems about as Californian
as one can get, but he actually was born in Athens, Greece, a city steeped in ancient
history. Lee’s mother is native to Greece and met
his father while he was stationed there with the U.S. Army. Although his upbringing assuredly had a large
dose of Greek culture, he only lived there until he was one year old. That’s when his family moved to California,
where he formed his first band in his late teens. He met the guitarist Nikki Sixx around this
time and they would eventually form Motley Crue taking the scene by storm with songs
like ‘Dr. Feelgood’ and ‘Shout at the Devil’. #9. “Mila Kunis”-American sweetheart Mila
Kunis, famous for her role as Jackie in ‘That 70s Show’ and as the voice of Meg in ‘Family
Guy’ is not-so American. Her birth name was Milena Markovna Kunis and
she was born in Chernivtsi, USSR (which is now part of Ukraine) in 1983. Both of her parents were Russian natives but
ended up emigrating to the United States when she was seven years old in order to allow
their children to have more opportunities and to freely practice Judaism, as the religion
was subject to persecution in their home country. Not knowing any English upon the move, Mila
struggled at first and then started to flourish with the language, taking acting classes at
the Beverly Hills Studio where she met her manager. She moved from parts in commercials and bit
roles in soap-operas to the sitcom ‘That 70s Show’ in 1998. The role would set her up for a successful
career in television and film for the foreseeable future. Kunis and her family all use Russian as their
main language at home. #8. “Glenn Howerton”-The star of the deviously
funny ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ seems as American as they come, but he had
an extremely worldly upbringing as his father was a fighter pilot. He was born in Japan when his father was stationed
there and spend most of his childhood bouncing back and forth between Alabama, England and
South Korea. Because of his father’s career Howerton
almost studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University but went with his true passion
of acting. He studied at the highly-esteemed Juilliard
School of the Arts in New York City and after playing the main role in the failed sitcom
‘That 80s Show’ found success in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. #7. ‘Vivien Leigh’–Legendary actress Vivien
Leigh is best known for her role as the southern belle Scarlett O’Hara in the classic ‘Gone
With The Wind’, so might not believe that some of the producer’s originally had doubts
about whether or not she could play the role as she was too British. Despite her having an English upbringing she
was actually born in Darjeeling, India and lived their until she was six years old. Her mother was of Irish-stock but born in
India and her father was born in Scotland, they met when he was working in India, which
was then a colony of the United Kingdom. Leigh went on to be raised in various boarding
schools and study acting in England where she honed her craft in the theatre. Through her successes on the stage she transitioned
to film where she made a lasting impact on Hollywood. #6. “Keanu Reeves”- It’s easy to picture
Keanu Reeves as having been a California surfer dude like he portrayed in ‘Bill and Ted’s
Excellent Adventure’ his whole life, but his background is diverse to say the least. Keanu was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964
to an English mother and father who is of Chinese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Irish and English
ancestry. When his mother and father divorced, he first
began his extensive world travels, living in Australia, New York and settling in Toronto,
Canada where he spent most of his upbringing. He studied acting, played music and helped
out on sets throughout his young life inevitably dropping out of school when he was 17, to
move to Los Angeles and work in the film industry. He would go on to star in huge blockbuster
movies like ‘The Matrix’, ‘Speed’ and ‘Point Break’. #5. “Isla Fisher”-The loveable Isla Fisher
became known for her comedic roles in movies like ‘Wedding Crashers’ and ‘Hot Rod’
and though she may play an American very well her cultural background is complex. She was born in 1976 to Scottish parents in
Muscat the capital city of the middle eastern country of Oman, where her father worked for
the United Nations. Shortly after her birth the Fisher family
moved back to Scotland for a short period and then settled in the Australian city of
Perth. She lived in Australia, picking up the accent,
from the time she was 6 until she was 21 appearing in several television shows there. After spending her young adult life training
and performing in Paris and London she was cast in the live-action film version of ‘Scooby-Doo’
which led to her breakout role in ‘Wedding Crashers’. #4. ‘Nicole Kidman’-Audiences around the world
know of Academy-Award winner Nicole Kidman as a strong female lead who hails from Down
Under, so it might surprise you to know that she was actually born in the United States. Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii while
her parents, both Australian natives, were living there as her father attended grad school. They moved to Washington D.C. for a short
period of time after her birth and returned to their homeland when Kidman was four, living
in Sydney. Growing up she studied various performing
arts but fell in love with acting. She was cast in several Australian films and
television shows until making her American screen debut in ‘Days of Thunder’. #3. ‘Joaquin Phoenix’-The enigmatic Joaquin
Phoenix won over critics with his complex characterizations of riveting figures such
as Johnny Cash in ‘Walk the Line’. If you hear him speak in interviews you’d
think he, like Cash, was a soft spoken American man, so it is crazy when you find out that
he was actually born in Puerto Rico. Technically a territory of the United States,
the small caribbean island has its own unique latin culture so one could guess being from
there has added unique depth to his personality. Though his parents were originally from the
United States, the Phoenix family traveled for nearly a decade as part of a religious
cult called Children of God, throughout South and Central America. They left the cult and returned to the American
mainland when Joaquin was four years old. Upon their return, in order to help make money
for their family, Joaquin and his brothers and sisters turned to street-performing. While performing they were discovered by an
agent and all five of them broke into Hollywood, doing commercials and television at first,
then Joaquin and his brother River got roles starring in feature films. Because of his family’s time in South America,
Joaquin still feels attached to it and frequently takes hiatuses from acting to travel there. #2. “Gene Simmons”–As the devilish bass player
from one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Kiss, Gene Simmons epitomizes the idea
of selling your soul for Rock’n’Roll so you might be surprised that Simmons was born
and spent a large part of his childhood in the holy land of Israel. He was born to Hungarian parents who were
part of the mass exodus of Jews who left Europe after World War II. When he was 8 years old his father and mother
split up and he left Israel with his mother to live in New York City. In New York he discovered Rock and Roll through
The Beatles and became fixated on becoming just like them. After stints with several bands he broke through
with Kiss and began his life of stardom. #1. “Freddie Mercury”-Freddie Mercury is known
for having one of, if not the best singing voices of all time. As the frontman for the band Queen he achieved
legend status with songs like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We Will Rock You’. Everything about the band was steeped in English
culture but Mercury’s songwriting and vocals always seemed like they were from another
planet. So it’s not surprising to find out that
he was born in the African country of Zanzibar (now known as Tanzania) which compared to
England might as well be another planet, though it was a protectorate of the United Kingdom
at the time. His birth name was Farrokh Bulsara, his parents
were of Persian descent and practicing Zoroastrians. Until moving to England at the age of 17,
Mercury spent different periods living in Zanzibar and India. He loved music from an early age, forming
several bands that incorporated the musical traditions of his unique upbringing, his classical
training and love of rock’n’roll. When he moved to England he attended Art school
and after graduating formed the band that would become Queen. The band would go on to be one of the most
successful rock bands of the 70s and 80s. Which country outside of the U.S. produces
the most talented actors?


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    Edith Komes

    There are a few mistakes in the video. Bruce Willis was not born in Kassel but in the small town of Idar-Oberstein in Germany. And the actrice who plays Herminie in Harry Potter does not have an English laywer as a father but her dad is actually a Dutch acteur.

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    My Father was born in South Jersey and my Mother in Brooklyn. I grew up in Brooklyn and then we moved to Long Island. Not too interesting.

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    I never understood why these subjects are supposed to be “shocking”. How small minded are you to assume anything of anyone. It’s more interesting, if anything.

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    Dan Cifuentz

    Nationality is different than place of birth and the video is far from shocking. Interesting yes…shocking hell noooo

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    Tripper Harrison

    Wait, Gene Simmons is Jewish ??? No f$ckin way!!

    All kidding aside,these knuckleheads failed to mention the beautiful Milla Jovavich who was born and lived in Europe as well.

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    G.D. Romanov

    Although some were accurate, some were way off. It also doesn’t help when you can’t pronounce some of these names properly. You also need to learn the definition of nationality.

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    peter obertssn

    An expat whose kids were not born in their native country said "If the cat has kittens in the oven,you don't call them scones" So,Nicole Kidman hardly qualifies to be on this shocking expose.The world is a "global village" isn't it?

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    Chris Manhoff

    I tuned out about halfway through, the only really surpise to me was Mel Gibson's story. Also, as far as I know it's pronounced Vivian Lee, no Lay.

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    Kesavan Pillay-Höss

    Mmmm, Im so shocked… Not a single mention of any South Africans like JRR Tolkein (Lord Of The Rings writer), Trever Noah (The Daily Show) Cliff Simon (Stargate -SG1), Lesley – Ann Brandt (Lucifer), Adir Kalyan (Rules of Engagement), Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy), Candice Swanepoel (Victoria Secret Angel) Charlize Theron and not forgetting Billionaire Elon Musk whom Americans think is American to name a few…

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    Patricia Bertel

    Let's take Glenn Howerton as your first incorrect answer. Just because he was born outside of the USA does not mean that he isn't a US citizen. If his father was in the military serving outside of the USA, he could still be a US citizen

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    Dale Carter

    One can tell where a person's head is when they focus on others nationality. It appears that the one who put out this video don't have a life, mind stays on bullcrap, and defocuses from m the pile of crap he's standing in. Focus on loving and excepting others as they are because people who look for faults in others or home in on things of unimportance. Why would someone's nationality be of importance? That's what's wrong with people; we're flawed, don't know what the hell they're doing because one don't make an effort to find the truth. More people will look at this instead of something edifying.

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    ned kelly

    Aside from the fact that I already knew half of these, where is the "shock"? I MIGHT have been SHOCKED if I learned someone was from Antartica, and through some weird provision was the only person with citizenship or allowed to vote there. MAYBE Pitcairn Island, Easter Island, or some other place that only has 42 people on it would have shocked me. What would have been most shocking would be if some celebrity is of unknown origin- found in a trash can as an infant or something.

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    jess jesse

    All usa people are european ancestry ! Easy sum dude! The germany europeans white skin ! All others are brown to black skinned , yellow chinees red hindu skin ! Tinny math dude ?

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    Edith Komes

    15. Mel Gibson –
    14. Hugo Weaving – born in Nigeria
    13. Emma Watson – born in Paris of English Paris
    12. Bruce Willis – born in Germany has a German mother
    11. Nathalie Portman dual American and Israeli citizenship
    10. Thommy Lee born in Greece has a Greek mom
    10. Mila Kunis born in Ukraine out of Russian parents
    9. Glenn Howerton – born in Japan
    7. Vivien Leigh – born in Darjeeling India
    6. Keanu Reeves – born in Beirut Lebanon
    5. Isla Fisher – born in Oman has English parents
    4. Nicole Kidman – born in Hawaii has Australian parents.
    3. Joaquin Phoenix – born in Puerto Rico to American parents
    2. Gene Simmons – born in Israel to Hungarian parents
    1. Freddie Mercury – born in Zansibar, Africa. Parents are of Persian decent.

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    odile gervais

    Et alors c’est quoi le problème ?????? Ce sont de très bons acteurs et chanteurs ………vous êtes NULS pauvres Américains , croyez vous que vous êtes le summum 👎👎👎👎👎👎

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    Kyriarchia TheCreateur

    Place of birth and nationality are 2 different subjects but I enjoyed watching it bc I still learned something new from those great public personalities

  63. Post

    While born in Nigeria, Hugo Weaving is not and gas never been a Nigerian citizen because (1) he is not of indigenous Nigerian blood; (2) neither of his parents are Nigerian citizens; and (3) he has not lived in Nigeria long enough to qualify for naturalized citizenship.

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    Daniel Smith

    The draft was ended in 1973. If Mel Gibson was born in 1956, he would have only been 17 years old. You didn't register for the the draft until you're 18, so his Viet Nam War fears were unfounded. Also, if you had a high lottery number, you wouldn't be drafted anyway.

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    Juliana Palicpic

    There is no shocking stories in this video. Its if you ipinanganak sa buwan ang mga personalidad na ito or sa Mars.

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    Khalid Ibn Alwaleed

    there is no such thing as a "native israili" israhell is 70 year old European apartheid colony. even eueopean in america after 2 centuries are not called native Americans, so to call pale european jews of 70 year old colony "native" is beyond retarded

  74. Post
    Khalid Ibn Alwaleed

    there is no such thing as a "native israili" israhell is 70 year old European apartheid colony. even eueopean in america after 2 centuries are not called native Americans, so to call pale european jews of 70 year old colony "native" is beyond retarded

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    Mel Gibson was an American who grew up in Australia but was not an Australian. He doesn’t have an Aussie accent either. Where you are born is very different than your nationality or where you grew up too. This video keeps confusing these points,

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    Stephen Jackson

    I'm ashamed I wasted three minutes of my life on this trite, feeble drivel. "Shocked"? They've had to set fire to my bedding. Ever heard of clickbait? And now I've worn one nanometre from my keyboard typing this. Please superglue your fingers together , wire your jaws and then go live on the surface of Venus.

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    Mark Magoo

    Puerto Rico is technically an American colony?? How about IS an American colony. What a stupid channel it's setting itself up to be another grunge.

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    Chris Duvall

    You guys forgot the guy who plays Dr.house he is British has a super thick accent but when he plays house he dose an absolute amazing job of hiding it on the show you wouldn't even know he's British

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