15 Signs of Fake Nice People Who You Need To Avoid

Brainy Dose Presents: 15 Signs Of Fake Nice People Who You Need
To Avoid Trying to tell the difference between someone
who is genuinely nice and someone who is faking it, can be as confounding as trying to tell
the difference between a work of art and a well-made replica. That’s because some people are really good
at masking their true emotions! But, as good as they are, there are still
some clues that give away their phoniness – and knowing these can come in handy. Pay attention to the following signs of fake
nice people, so the next time you encounter someone like this, you can recognize their
façade. Number 1 – They Act Overexcited To See You Fake nice people act overly amped to see someone
– it’s a vibe, and you’ll be able to tell if that’s what they’re doing. Ever run into an acquaintance or friend who
you haven’t see in ages? – And then you embrace each other like you’re
the best of friends? Besides the usual “How have you been? I’ve missed you!” pleasantries, has the
conversation ever led to something along the lines of “Oh my god, let’s totally catch
up for drinks this weekend!” You know you won’t call, they know you won’t
call – but somehow since they put the message out there, they consider it a win and manage
to make you feel like crap for not spending time with them. Number 2 – It’s All About Them Fake people tend to make everything about
them. There’s no denying that there’s something
about them that makes them crave everyone’s approval. They brag loads, and exhibit a self-righteous
attitude. The moment you get that “it’s-all-about-me
vibe,” it is only a matter of time before you realize how fake they are. Number 3 – Their Body Language Puts You On
Edge You may not always pick up on someone’s
body language at first, but if you know where to look, you’ll surely recognize signs of
deception. Whether they look you up and down, give you
a half-hearted smile, or hold uncomfortably long eye contact to subtly control you – fake
people tend to give off their insincerity through their body language. Number 4 – They Seek Attention To Validate
Themselves If you encounter someone who is constantly
seeking attention or approval, it’s usually because they need confirmation that their
persona is liked by others. Whereas genuine people show up and show you
who they are, fake people need you to buy into the story they are telling. If you don’t pay attention to them, it makes
it clear that you aren’t buying their act – and this turns their world upside down. Number 5 – They’re Passive Aggressive Fake people are really good at speaking in
a passive-aggressive way – they always find a way to insult you with a compliment. They may even ask you backhanded questions
so that they can line themselves up to insult you. They may ask where you got an item of clothing
from, whether you’ve lost weight, or something similar. But, they don’t follow up with a sincere
compliment! Instead, they give you some comments that
just make you feel like crap. This will slowly reduce your self-confidence
– and you may not even realize that it’s happening. Number 6 – They Don’t Listen When You Talk A fake person will ask a question, but then
doesn’t bother to listen to the response. Oh sure, they pretend to listen – but they
are on their phones, updating statuses, or talking to someone else while they’re sitting
right in front of you. They often give inappropriate reactions because
they aren’t paying attention, or they move onto another question or topic altogether. You’ll also notice that a lot of the time
they aren’t able to recall things you’ve said. Number 7 – They Always Talk About The Misfortunes
Of Others Often, you can tell whether someone is fake
or genuine by the way they talk about other people. Fake nice people will constantly talk about
the misfortunes of others and pretend to be concerned about the person, when in fact they
actually enjoy feeling sorry for him or her. At first, it seems like they’re sympathetic
to others – which could make THEM seem nice. But if they do it often, you’ll start to notice
the deeper meaning behind it – they may actually enjoy discussing the crappy things others
are going through – which isn’t nice at all. And it also probably means they’re talking
about you in the same way to others. Number 8 – They Like To Show Off When someone is genuinely nice, they don’t
need to make a huge deal about it. They don’t even feel the need to point it
out! But when someone is being fake, they’re acting
this way because they want everyone to think they’re nice – and so they have to make sure
everyone knows. They do things like donate or volunteer for
charities, but then brag about it to everyone they meet. Or they make you a fancy birthday cake, but
can’t be bothered to know your favorite flavor or even remember that you’re allergic to nuts
– they just want the praise for making a pretty cake. Fake people are only nice if it makes them
look good or benefits them in some way – they want others to give them props for their behavior. Number 9 – They Exaggerate And Lie You repeatedly hear the same stories from
a fake person – although they don’t realize how often they repeat themselves. Eventually, you start to notice the inconsistencies,
and even flat-out lies – as they recount slightly different versions of the same self-promoting
stories. If you then start to verify their stories
or information, you’ll likely find that exaggerated or false self-praise is involved. Number 10 – They Constantly Interrupt While
You’re Talking It’s pretty easy to spot this behavior. If someone can’t be bothered to listen to
you until you’ve finished talking, they’re not really interesting in what you’re saying,
or talking with you – perhaps at you – but not with you. This kind of behavior is a dead giveaway that
you’re talking with an insincere person, regardless of how nice they may seem. Number 11 – They Belittle You Fake nice people often direct the conversation
so that they can talk about themselves. They will ask how your weekend was – so that
they can tell you how great their weekend was. They will ask if you’re going on holiday
– so they can talk about their holiday. Or, they will ask about your life, and find
ways to put you down. You get the point. Basically, their intention is to belittle
you, one way or another. Number 12 – They Pretend To Try To Please
Everyone Fake people are in a constant state of juggling
balls that they can’t possibly keep in the air. They will try to say yes to everyone – because
they can’t stand rejection, or the idea that they might not actually be able to do
everything they say they can. Instead, they promise things, say yes, and
then many people are left out in the cold when the promises go undelivered. Number 13 – They Are Never Around Or Available You call and call, but they never return your
calls. You show up, but they are busy. You run into them on the street, but they
are late for a meeting. They can’t come to your party because of
work. While this person constantly tells you they
can’t wait to see you again, there’s always some reason or another why he or she doesn’t
want to hang out with you. What’s up with that? It’s called being fake. Number 14 – They Respect Power A genuine person will be respectful to everyone,
because that’s how we should treat each other. A fake person will be nice and respectful
to you, but only if you have the power to get them what they want. If you have more experience at the job, they
will be nice to you so that they can get ahead. If you are the way in to a social circle,
they will be nice to you in order to be invited to join. The thing is, once they get what they want,
their niceness and respect will lessen or completely go away. They don’t actually care about you as a
person, they just want what you can offer. Number 15 – They’re Too Busy To Help Disappearing acts are common among fake people. They hang around when they get what they need
from you, but the minute you need something from them, they bail. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on after
a breakup, or helping you pack and move apartments, you can never count on fake people to be there
when the going gets tough. They are not willing to take a minute out
of their own time to help someone in need. We are all self-interested to some degree,
but a person who is authentic is the same on the outside as they are on the inside. A fake person on the other hand, expresses
attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts that aren’t truly their own – just to make themselves
seem similar to the target they’re trying to influence. Keep an eye out for these kind of people,
and make room for more meaningful, genuine relationships in your life. We want to know what you think! Did watching this video make you realize that
someone you know is actually a phony? What was it that gave them away? Are there any other signs of fake nice people
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