15 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Avoid

15 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Avoid

Kris Korhn here and today, me and my
real estate business partner, Steven Miller, are going to be talking about 15
things that poor people do that rich people don’t and instead of a quicker
video, we’re actually going to step back and not just talk about the 15 things that
the that the rich people and the poor people are doing differently, we’re also
going to show you 15 things that the rich people do and how they think
that makes all the difference in the world so it’s a little bit longer but
hang in there because this is the knowledge after all
the thousands of people that I’ve had a chance to interview over the years and
get to know and working with poor people and wealthy people. I think there are
some huge secrets and gems that are going to be revealed to you in 15 things
that the poor people do and also 15 things that the wealthy people do. This is such a waste of time, okay. We’re
talking about 15 things that poor people do that rich people don’t and nose flutes
is definitely one of those. Don’t you dare put that in your mouth. So I want to do a
little shout out here to alux.com, they’ve done a great job producing a
video really talking about 15 things that poor people do that rich people
don’t and Steven and I, over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve had a
chance to work with thousands of people on their journey of wanting to be
successful, some of them make it and some of them don’t and we’ve gotten some
strong opinions and ideas that we’ve put together after all those case studies as
to the things that poor people do that rich people don’t and alux.com, 8 of
their 15 really resonated strongly with us and then we wanted to bring some
additional ideas to the table and what I want invite you to do is take pen and
paper and write these fifteen ideas down and if you identify with any of these
thoughts and ideas, I’m going to invite you to make the conscious choice to change
those behaviors because bottom line is, they’re likely not associated with
successful people. – Alright, so let’s go ahead and jump right in. Again, this is
the 15 things that poor people do that the rich people don’t and let’s start
with eating fast food. Now look, I will say that wealthy people on the go, they
eat fast food a lot too, theire fast food just looks a little bit differently
often. A lot of wealth people that I know eat very healthy, they’re very conscious
about what they’re eating, actually what they’re putting in their body, they are
on a go go go, you know, they’re getting after their dreams and their goals,
they’re creating businesses and networking with people so as they’re doing
that, they need to have their bodies in optimal form and so eating fast food, the
typical fast food, I won’t throw out any names here but eating your typical fast
food is not good fuel. – It’s not good energy, it produces lethargy, you’re not
going to be on your A game, you get in what you get out and if you’re putting crap
and you’re going to get crap out. – Yep, let’s do the second one. – Okay. Number two,
they buy clothes or products that are on sale and there’s an idea, there’s a
mentality here that says, I always need the best deal, I need things on sale and
so what they’ll do is, they’ll end up bypassing really incredible
opportunities that life has but they’re bypassing them because they’re
actually just looking for the deal, they’re looking for the sale, they’re
looking for the least expensive approach, the least expensive way and again, you’re
going to get what you pay for. – Can I talk about this a little bit
because this goes into the subconscious mind. If you’re constantly looking for a
deal, a deal means that you are taking, it’s almost like you’re taking advantage
of a system or taking advantage of somebody or they have to be giving it to
you for a low low price which means you gouge them, you know, it’s that
negotiation strategy. If you’re constantly looking for that negotiation,
you’re constantly looking for that good deal then in the back your mind, it means
someone else is not getting a good deal, that you’re taking it
away from them and rather than have that constant at the back of your mind, going
for sales and things like that, although you may think that you’re just going out
to save money, really what you’re doing could be hurting another business or
hurting someone else and like Kris said, hurting you in the long run so don’t
always go out and look for the sale, find what it is that you want and you
get after it. – Find what you want, I love that. Okay, number three, waking up late.
Yep, I’m talking to some you night owls, those of you that aren’t burning the
candles on both ends, in fact, you’ve got the longest candle possible. You might be
sleeping in and you might be staying out late and ultimately what research
and studies have found is that the individuals that are sleeping in, they’re
not that early bird that’s getting the worm, they’re actually sleeping in,
they’re missing a lot of life’s opportunities and just to do a little
comparison here, Steven and I, we’ve got habits over the years of waking up early
to do our morning power hours, our routines of waking up our bodies, our
minds, our spirits, reading good books, going to the gym, exercising, getting into
our prayers, our meditation and all that’s doing is, often by the time a lot
of other people are just waking up, we’ve already soaked in so much of the
beautiful promise that life has to offer so here’s our invitation is, choose to
wake up earlier than you normally do and just find out how much more effective
you are, how much more productive you are or just how much more conscious, awake,
aware and appreciative of life that you are. – Absolutely. Number four, poor people
blame others for their misfortune. Now look, I get it, it can be hard if you’re in a
situation where you don’t have money and you may see somebody else who has all
this opulence or you know great things that they’ve been able to create for
themselves but don’t ever blame anyone else for where you are. If you get into
that habit, you have completely stripped yourself of any power to
correct it. Rich people, people that are wealthy, they don’t blame other people
for their circumstances. If something wrong happens in their lives, they take
full accountability, they pull it on all into themselves, they say okay, what can I
change so that can create a different result and that puts the power to their
hands so if you find yourself blending others a lot for your misfortune, if you
find yourself, you know, sweeping the accountability off to somebody else then
just take it back, take it back and you’ll have the power to create whatever
is that you want. – Well, I want to ask this question. Is it ever rightful to play the
blame game? And I’m going to argue that it is. I’m going to argue that if you try to
create exceptions of like, no, but this person really disadvantaged me or this
person used their free agency to do this thing that hurt me or this person really
did something that they shouldn’t have done, every moment you spend focusing on
that is in making an investment into what you don’t want so I get it, you know
what, life’s unfair. Steven and I, we didn’t start in privileged circumstances,
we started behind, we started in debt and as we’ve allowed ourselves to rise, this
is something that we take really personally is that, in fact, we even put
on every month an empowerment workshop called Limitless. It’s a three-day event.
You can learn more up here by clicking that link. Get with us for a few days
and we’re going to share with you the mindset of the wealthy, we’re going to share
with you the mindset not of wealthy just in terms of riches but the wealthy that
are receiving happiness, joy and fulfillment in their life. That’s the
greatest form of wealth that I’m aware of and what we’re going to share with you
is that you never get to go into that blame game only because it disempowers
you from being able to do anything productive out of it. – Absolutely. So let’s
jump into number five number. Five is, poor people do not save money. Now that
may seem like a no-brainer, they’re poor, they don’t have money so they’re not
saving it but really this is a principle of budgeting and saving just on a very
granular level. Poor people don’t ever put any money away, this isn’t and I’m
not talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars, if you have a very
small budget or if you have a very low a little amount of money that comes in
every month, you have an opportunity that you could even just save a couple
dollars, even just a couple of dollars over several months or many years could
turn into enough money to get maybe a bigger thing that you’ve always
desired, you’ve always wanted, it’s that idea of setting a goal, sticking to it,
budgeting. This is kind of going around that same conversation so poor
people don’t save money. – If you feel like you do have a hard time saving money, I
want to invite you read one of the classics. It’s a short
book it’s called The Richest Man In Babylon. It’s a fantastic book that just
shares the analogy and life of one man and choices that he made in basic rules
that allowed him to eventually become very very wealthy and it started with
having no money and just starting with a couple of small rules and listen, even if
you’re below the poverty level, trust me, get the book, read it. It’s going to
help you. Okay, number six, you’re using credit cards or loans to
buy things that depreciate in value. Okay, we’re buying useless things, we’re
buying things that are actually not building, we’re buying things that aren’t
actually helping us and it’s amazing how quickly the money can flow right out to
things that lose value so I go and buy a computer, well six months from now, that
computer’s going to be less. Even this is the first hour that I walk away
with it, it’s less, two years later, it’s going to be less. Now, you may need a
computer but think about some of the things. Are we buying more car than we
can afford? Are we buying other things and for that matter, it is amazing how
much money can go into junk food and to things that we don’t need and ultimately,
we’re going into debt for these things and by the way, I’ve gone into that debt
for business ideas that have made me money. I’ve gone into debt for things like real
estate, I’ve gone into debt for things that have made me money and that’s a
good debt so make sure that you’re learning that poor people are really
good at going into bad debt, rich people are really good at going into good debt.
– So this jumps right into number seven and number seven is about spending money
before you get it. Poor people spend a lot of money before, this is the
credit card .. – My paycheck is on Friday, I got 2 days to go and I already know how I’m going to
spend. – Or even going and getting up a payday loan. How many people
are going off and giving these payday loans?One of these these companies that
will give you money for a title or title loans so that you can have what you want
now rather than delaying that gratification for a while and earning it
until you’ve got enough saved up so you can get it. Don’t spend money that
you don’t have. – Okay, now this is number eight of the ideas that we want to share
from alux.com. Again, a huge shout out to them, you guys produced a fantastic video,
you should check it out. Never following through on ideas as number eight, never
following through. So you have an idea and what you do is you become an amazing
procrastinator and I’m gonna get to that someday. Now if that speaks to
you, if you know, oh man, Kris, that totally pricked my
heart, I do that sometimes. Here’s the good news,
this video is not an indictment on any of these things that you’re doing wrong,
it’s an invitation that says mount up, take courage, cowboy up, go out there and
do something about it. If you know that you’re bad at follow through then guess
what you get to do, you get to develop the skill of hey, maybe I’m going to
start using my phone for a different purpose.
I’m going to take my notepad, I’m going to take note of every idea that I get to follow
through on and then I’m going to put it where my money is and where my mouth is.
Right now, if you want to know what people are truly committed to, it’ll show
up on their calendar or it’ll affect their pocketbook and that’s what you get
to start doing so if you have an idea, make sure that in the least, you schedule
time where you’re going to tackle it, jump in and make that happen. – I want to
jump into some of the things that Kris and I wanted to add to this list now and
this starts with number 9 and number 9 is about quitting. People that are poor
or have that poor man mentality, they often quit when things get hard. Now I
want to help you understand something here, this is a principle that if you
will internalize this, it will change your life. Things that you’ve never done
before will always be hard. There is a difficulty level to things that you’ve
never done before, it may not be hard physically, it may not
be hard just emotionally or mentally but it’s going to be hard in one of those areas.
When things get hard, you’re that kind of person that’s always just going to quit,
throw your hands up and say nevermind, this isn’t for me then you’ll never
accomplish anything outside of what you currently have and if what you currently
have is poor or what you currently have is not wealth, what you currently have is
something that you’re sick and tired of then you have to continue through, you
have to break through that barrier instead of quitting, you’ve got to blast
through and start succeeding and the only way to do that is to understand
that when it gets hard, you’re going to just keep on going. – The reality is, every
endeavor you have, every goal that you have, every business you want to start,
everything that you want to do, it has a gestational period of time of how long
it needs before it can become successful and you won’t figure out what it is
until you’re in hindsight, you won’t figure out what it is until you got that
20/20 vision looking in the rearview mirror so you have an idea and it could
be that it takes in 90 days for it to come to fruition become successful but
if you have practiced becoming a failure at day 1, day 3, day 5, day 20 or 89 days,
the day before it really was going to pop then you’ve never really given any of
your ideas an opportunity to bloom and so one of the things that you get to
learn how to do is instead of quitting, you get to learn how to do hard thing,
you get to learn how to stick with it and ultimately, become the definition of
constant, sustainability and stick with it nests. – Alright. Number ten,
entitlement. Wow, this is a big one, Kris. We’ve met so many people over
the years who kind of came to us, they started off with this entitlement
mentality, we’ve been able to help them again take on more accountability.
What is entitlement mean? Well, there’s this old school Disney cartoon that I
watched when I was a kid growing up and it was Goofy. Goofy from Disney going up
the mountain, singing this song. He’s like, “Oh, the world owes me a living.” and that
phrase, I sung that tune so many times but now as an adult where I’m at, I’m
like, what a poisonous message. The world does not owe you anything, the world does
not owe you a living. In fact, people in the world will often use their own
agency to benefit you but they’ll also use it to disadvantage you and sometimes
it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not intentional and the bottom line is, here
you on this planet, you were born into the system and what are you really
entitled to, in fact, in our government, we like to talk about the entitlements, the
things that I’m entitled to. You know what, I’m not going to allow the
government, I’m not going to rely on the government to take care of me, provide my
medical or do these things, it’s great if it does. The moment it’s not providing
for me and I start going into the blame game is the moment I disempower myself
to go out there and make it happen so entitlement says people only thinks
the world owes me things, family owes me things, parents owe me things, the world
owes me things, we’re just stepping into a new idea and a new belief that says, I
get to take ownership and claim the things that I want life. I get to
step up and make the map and I get to be a self-made. – I want to talk to also the
people that aren’t maybe just poor, maybe even the entrepreneurs right now who
have stepped into an entitlement mentality because I’ve been here before,
Kris and I. Kris, you know, we’ve started some businesses before and I got to a
point once, I just want to tell a quick story personal real quick, I got to a
point once where in our business, I was one of the owners of this
business and I got into this entitlement mentality.
I thought the business owed me something, I thought that because I had a title and
ownership and all these different things that I was owed something, that
I should be exempt from some different things from, you know, from ridicule or
whatever, I thought I was exempt from all this. I felt entitled and
I’ll tell you, it was eye-opening for me the moment that I actually stopped
feeling entitled, the moment that I recognized that whatever I’m going to have
in life with my business or outside of my business was going to be determined by
my results that I was creating by my two hands, by my brain and that no one had to
give me anything, that I had to earn it, the moment I flipped that switch,
everything changed for me and so not just for poor people but maybe even semi
wealthy people or people that are business owners that are feeling like
they’re hitting those ceilings, check in, ask yourself, have I stepped
into a space of entitlement because I own the business or because I’m an
entrepreneur or because whatever, because I have this title? And if so, if you can
step out of that entitlement, you’ll find so much more success coming to you.
– Perfect. Alright number 11 of 15, poor people don’t do the math and I’m talking
about the math of life, what do I need for retirement, what do I need to get to
my goal, what do I need to do in my budget? Life has some really basic
essential math associated with it. There’s so many of us that are on a plan
that is guaranteed to get us where we don’t want to be and yet we’re following
that plan, it’s our directive, it’s our mo, it’s what
we’re doing and one of the ways that I really find this and look at this, Steven,
is I got people that for example will be at a job, they’ll be contributing to a
401k, they’ll be thinking this is my retirement plan and yet they haven’t
done the math. What did you make last year? Just multiply that by your next 20
years of working and how much will you have and ask yourself, will $100,000 be
enough for retirement? Will 300,000 be enough retirement? I know
that $200,000 sounds like a lot of money when you don’t have it but if you’re
making and living off of the national average of $50,000 a year,
then $200,000 will last you four years, that means that you’re on a
plan, you’ve chosen to invest in 401K or that retirement model and what it means
is that, when you get to retirement, you get four years of living. Unfortunately,
modern name medicine is allowing us to live for a lot longer than that so the
question is, what are you going to do with the next decade or two of your life?
Do the math and make sure that you are making a planned commensurate to
fulfilling whatever’s that you’re doing. Same thing on little things like, hey I
want to start a business. I’m going to start it today, I’m going to be
successful tomorrow. Do the math and get realistic and allow the math to help
dictate, some of you are like, well, I’m not really good at math or how do you do that. Most of the
math I’m talking about is multiplication, division, plus and minus. – I’ve been making $50,000 a year and I’m probably going to live for 30 more years after retirement so what’s the
math? Just do the math, that’s exactly what you’re saying. – That’s one and a half million
dollars. – Thank you. He does math really well. So and you brought up something here in this conversation that is
actually number 12 which is not only do the math but have a plan, right? Do the
math and number 12, have a plan. – Poor people do not have plans. – They don’t have
a plan, they just kind of float through life and I love Napoleon Hill and
Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill, great book, he talks about drifters you
know and and he talks about people who kind of just are floating through life,
allowing life to happen to them and that is someone who doesn’t have a plan
really, that’s what it is so make sure that you do have a plan, get clear on
what it is that you want and then get after it. If you don’t know what you want
yet, ask yourself, what do I want and then start writing it down. We’re all clear
on the things that we don’t want which is why often times, we’re creating what we
don’t want because we’re spending all of our time focusing on the things that we
don’t want that are outside of any plan, we just don’t have a plan right but if
you get clear to plan, if you get clear on what you want, you put a plan behind
it, you’ll start putting all of your energy, all of your time, all your focus
into that plan and you’ll start to get that plan. – Boom. Okay, number 13 of the 15,
excuses excuses excuses excuses and excuses beget excuses. I didn’t because
I’m poor and this didn’t happen to me and I woke up late and then my car
got a flat tire and then this person said this thing to me and my boss didn’t
do that and that’s when I got fired. – It wasn’t my fault, it was raining. – Yeah, and he
did it to me and you know and the idea of excuses is that we always have an
external reason why we didn’t show up and do what we did. It’s what Stephen
said with no plan, you’re either acting or being acted upon, you’re either out
there claiming life and making it happen or you’re just drifting along like
Steven said. So drifters will make excuses and people that are executing
plans, they’re not going to make excuses, they’re also going to take
responsibility for what they didn’t do. You know, yesterday, I was in a
conversation where someone said, hey this business employee did not respond to the
email over the Christmas break and ended up creating a bad reputation for me. Best
thing that that employee can do is if they didn’t do it, sure, they have a great
excuse, it was the holidays, man. It was Christmas Eve, that’s true but you
also get to take ownership and say you’re right, I didn’t do it, okay.
Taking that ownership and taking that in, even though it sucks to eat a
little bit of crow or a lot, there’s a benefit that you get afterwards which is
you get to step into power, this is whoa, instead of having all these excuses. I
can rise above my excuses and really take my life back by acting powerfully
upon it. – Yeah. Guys, number 14 is all about time management. This is something where
poor people are really really, they’re bad at this and the reason why this is
so important is because so often when we look at our resources, when we look at
what our assets to us, we oftentimes will look at our money as a big resource, we’ll
oftentimes looking at energy right as a resource but oftentimes we look at our
time and we just squander our time. Your time is your greatest resource, it is
your most valuable resource, it is the only resource that you have that is
limited. Energy you can get more, right? You can eat food, you can go to sleep and
get rest and get more energy. Money, you can create more, you can create a
business and get more money. Time, all of us only have 24 hours in a day and
that’s limited by however many years you’re going to live, who knows, right? So
time is your most valuable resource, start treating it as such.
Begin today to use every minute of your day in a way that’s going to benefit you
and bring you’re closer to your goals rather than allowing those goals to just
drift away from you. – We’re also in a really highly addictive society and
whether it’s Netflix binging or all the different things that
we can invest enormous amounts of time in, often we get to make a trade of some
of those things that were maybe an access of to produce the extra time that
we need for doing the things that are more required essential or going to
actually help us achieve the level of success or personal fulfillment that
we’re going after. Alright, this is number 15, this is the final one, is that
poor people have lots of poor limiting beliefs and a limiting belief is any
idea that you subscribe to that holds you back. Have you ever said the
words “I can’t do it” “I’m too young” “I’m too old” “I’m not a good business person”
“I don’t have money for that” “Rich people are
greedy and there’s not enough” Well, these are just ideas and even
though they’re your ideas, we have mistaken our limiting beliefs
identity and this is the identity crisis is that poor people believe all sorts of
things about themselves that are only true because they believe in them and
the opposite of a limiting belief is an empowerment belief, it’s a limitless
belief and what Steven and I are going to do right now is we’re going to end with the
final bonus, we’re going to take these 15 top things that poor people do and we’re
going to create right now 15 new empowering beliefs that you can write down that
will assist you in being empowered. So the first thing that we covered is poor
people eat fast food instead the new belief would be I eat healthy food. I eat
healthy food. Number two, buy clothes or products on sale and the
new belief might be I love buying the things that I need. – Yeah,
absolutely. How about this one, number three, I wake up late, I’m not a morning
person or I wake up earlier. Yeah, I’m a morning person. – And some of you are like,
that’s crazy, dude! If you’re really addicted to your sleep, we’re not saying
get less sleep but you might need to shift your hours around a little bit in
this idea of just sleeping and sleeping in, something beautiful can happen if you
just start with the idea and area say but it’s not true, start with the idea,
that’s the beginning of change, that’s the beginning of transformation so if
you say like Steven just said, I’m a morning person.
Guess what, let that sink in, keep saying it every single day and eventually this
belief is going to take root and it’s going to correct that old pattern of
the past and it’s not that one choice is better than another, it’s you simply
acting upon the world. – So number four, was blame others for misfortune. How
about this? I’m accountable for all of my results. I take accountability and
responsibility for everything that happens in my life. – Here’s number five,
instead of I don’t save money, it’s I’m an expert money saver, I’m really good at
budgeting. – Or use credit cards or loans for useless things, how about I use
credit cards and loans to improve my life. I use credit cards and loans to do
wise investments – and I make intelligent financial decisions. So instead of
spending money before you get it, you could step into the new belief which is,
I’m an expert at managing my financial resources. – I like that one a lot. How
about this on never fall through on ideas which is number eight, I’ve never
fall through an ideas. How about this, I follow through on every good idea that
serves me. I always follow through with my inspired ideas, I’m committed to the
choices that I make, I follow through every time. – Number nine. Number nine
is I quit when it gets hard, what would be a new one for that, Kris? – I’m
consistent, I’m constant, I stick with it. – I
like that a lot. – Okay, here’s number 10, the world owes me a living, I’m entitled,
instead it’s, I create my living, I claim my life, I claim the abundance that
surround me, I step in and I’m the maker of my life. – Yeah, number eleven is I don’t
do the math. A turnaround for that could be, I do the math, I know exactly what I
need to do. I’ve run the numbers, I love running the numbers. – Number twelve, no
plan, instead we’re going to go with, I’m an expert planner, I plan for success, I am
successful because I’m an expert planner. – Number thirteen is I make excuses. How
about this, I’m accountable and responsible for everything that happens
to me. – Number fourteen, time management problems, we’re going to play with a
different idea here, we’re going to play with I’m an expert at time management.
Now notice how often I’m dropping in the word expert. If you’ve been really bad at it,
you’re like, Kris, I could tell myself many things but not an expert. Listen,
what do you want to strive for? You got to speak in a new creation, you got to
think it and become it here before you’re going to see it out here so by the
way, would it benefit you to become an expert at managing your time? The answer
would be correct, yes. So instead just run with it,
I’m an expert at managing my time and watch how time management shifts for you.
– Now the last one and this is a little bit of a bonus but the video
that we started with and this whole thing was from alux.com,
fifteen things that poor people do that the rich don’t and I would say one
limiting belief is that you’re even poor. So try this on, I’m wealthy right, I
create an abundance all around me, I invite it into my life, I am wealthy, I am
rich.Try that on. If you start to think that way, then all these little things
that you’ve identified in your life that you may need to shift and change and
create some new habits around are going to start to bring you out of that
poverty, out of that poor man’s mentality and create the wealth that you’re
looking for. So instead of 15 things poor people do this video is 15 things that
wealthy people do. – Absolutely. – Really makes you want to reflect, doesn’t it?
On your habits, the things that you do and at the end of the day, you can keep
any habits you want but I think it’s worth studying these 15 different things
and just asking what’s worth fighting for, what’s worth dying for, what’s worth
changing and I hope that if you found even just one thing
change, it’s going to help you be far better off. I also wanna invite you to click the
link and click on the option to come spend three days with me because I got
to tell you right now, we opened the door at my 3-day live events on how to transform
your life with becoming limitless.


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