20 Types of People

(doggo enters) What’s up? Haha. Hey guys! it’s Mia SOOOOOOOO Look who I’m with! ooo!! ahhhh hi!! I feel like you guys already know these two so introduce yourself! Hello, I’m Natalie, from Natalie’s Outlet I’m Niki and I’m Alisha. So, today, we are doing a collab if you couldn’t tell. So Definitely go to their channels and check out their videos I’m testing weird beauty hacks. I’m testing Forever 21 makeup. On my channel we are doing girl struggles, that no one really talks about. And over here we are doing 20 types of people. It’s kinda random, kinda similar to the back to school one that I did. (so Funny) But it’s basically just a very random video Sooo yeah.. subscribe if you havent already and subscribe to them (do it) and lets get started The one that doesn’t get a hint Oh, my, God Mia’s texted me for the tenth time today Oh, my, God that’s so annoying The Bored Eater The one that’s obsessed with their dog Hey what are you up to? Oh perfect! Do you want to come over? (sassy intro slo mo music) (oh yeah) (so sassy) (the sass) DOGGO! YAY! Oh, my, God the traffic was so bad So what are you up to? Oh just trying to figure out what I want to post on my Instagram next Oh my God Mia! What Did you get new shoes? Yeah! (shows off swaggy shoes) they were on sale! The Spiritual one You guys so last night, I was lying in bed and I heard some crazy noises Like, what do you think it was? I don’t know! But I got really scared i didn’t know what to do I almost called you. i just and i just I don’t even know what to do! I was so scared!! (humming in background) (peaceful music) Calm thoughts everyone. Think of the ocean breeze The sand in your hair.. (best dance moves ever) I banish the bad spirits, thoughts of the breeze of the ocean within your hair, of sand. (kicks) The mom oh my god, Mia! You’re not wearing sunblock!! don- girl cmon cmon what are yo- here. have my glasses good turn around, let me get your back. (so motherly) (reading) (DRAMA!) (oh.) (awkward) heheheh… The person constantly checking themselves out, in every mirror Help yourself. (weirdo) the annoying commentator oh my god, did you guys think Belle’s dad is kinda cute? He’s so hot. 10/10 (he deserves it) HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE LAST MOVIE? She actually turns into a vampire. You just blew it (flips table) The Disney singer. Oh my god, can you pass me the aux cord? Thank you! (beauteous singing) wouldn’t you think I’m the girl The girl who has Everything. The terrible listener. you guys aww lisa Jonathan dumped me! i could kill him. I saw him with Samantha! oh no. He’s not worth your time or your tears. (banana) You’re going to make me cry (yum) Mia how did you get over Branden? (dis gud) sorry wha How did you get over Branden? OH Branden The back seat driver WATCH OUT! (extreme shock) WHAT oh- I thought I saw a bird. ._. Sorry! oh my god you can’t do that! (i helped) The Facebooker Oh my god you guys, I just got this thing that says share this Or you will die at 12 a.m (oh my god) I just sent it to you make sure you share it. Share it now! You’re gonna die! You believe those things.. (lol) The fun fact person Oh my god Channing Tatum is sooo CUTEE Fun fact, he was born in Nicaragua (totally true) no he wasn’t. uh! I love daylight savings! It’s so much brighter out! Fun fact, people tend to get more sick during daylight savings. Isn’t that weird?? huh (DOGGO RETURNS!) yea The over exaggerator (trips) You guys, I literally almost just died. how? what? It’s gonna be okay thank god she’s alive The one that always says they’re on a diet, but they’re not… (everyone) groans (me too) more groans The one that always gets hit by a car (okie dokie) (happiness and peace!) (WATCH OUT!) (dude wtf) The one that gets over dressed you almost ready? I thought we were going to- the movies duh (twirls hair) the one that’s underdressed

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