2018 Planetary Society Highlights – The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

2018 Planetary Society Highlights – The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

Greetings space fans. As 2018 comes to a close we thought it would be nice to take a look back at some of the best moments we had at The Planetary Society this year. Have a look. My name is Britney Schmidt. I’m one of the members of the Board of Directors for the Planetary Society. Right now I’m standing on… ice! Entirely ice. This machine is helping us to learn more about how ice shelves and sea ice in the Antarctic
form and that will help us understand how ice and ocean interactions happen
not only on Earth, but also the processes that affect Europa. Very excited to be here with Chewbacca’s third son. Live long and prsop– I’m sorry. May the force be with you. Forgive me. I’m on set here with Bill Nye because we and the good people of Intel are making
a series on artificial intelligence. What kind of AI is aboard Curiosity? Most of the artificial intelligence on Curiosity is aimed at helping it drive safely
across the surface I’m Seth MacFarlane and I am delighted to be hosting the Planetary Post this month– Hey Seth, we don’t need you after all.
We got Dr. Bruce Betts. Oh… alright. Fine, whatever. We’re going into the clean room. Moment of truth, they’re putting the LightSail 2 spacecraft into the P-Pod now. We’re here in the Astrotech Payload
Processing Facility. This is the InSight spacecraft all bundled up inside its
aeroshell that will protect it for its journey to the Red Planet This is probably the last time I’ll get to see it before, well ever except in pictures.
You know, we’ll take some selfies when we get to Mars but this is it. We’re getting close. Want to hold hands?
Absolutely. Touchdown confirmed. (applause and celebration) Bill Nye here on the steps of the
United States Capitol. Today is the launch event for the Planetary Science
Caucus in the US Congress. This will enable us to organize funding and
support for planetary science. Whatever happens out there changes this world down here. Science! With help from members and supporters of the Planetary Society, PlanetVac is about to undergo a NASA sponsored test flight in the California
desert on a rocket built by Maston Space Systems. We’re here out at the test site in the Mojave. Behind us we have the MAston Xodiac rocket. We’re getting ready for our test flight, we’re gonna launch soon, we’re gonna sample and it’s
all thanks to you guys. Sampling in 3, 2, 1. That dust means we’re getting stuff. Planetary Society members this is what we do. We are advancing space science and exploration. If you ever get an opportunity to see a
launch in person you must go. I saw the first ever SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch.
That’s the one that famously launched the Starman Tesla Roadster. It was also
the first launch I’d ever seen and it totally blew me away. Seeing them really make you feel like
you’re on the forefront of the exploration into the unknown. Welcome to Mount Wilson Observatory. We’re here above Los Angeles at five thousand seven
hundred feet above sea level. Come on follow me. This is it, this is the
famous 100-inch telescope. This telescope discovered the expansion of the universe.
When I look at objects even to this day, I’m still amazed, First time I saw
Saturn, I actually cried. It’s something that you could just stare at for hours and hours. Happy World Space Week. We just recently tied the knot earlier this year. Our wedding was outer space themed. And we had our Planetary Society
membership pin on his lapel. Ok, Happy Birthday NASA… and Bob. Everybody this is something else you
learn in space exploration when you go around the world and meet people
involved in it: People are more alike than they are
different. Check out the Planetary Society, the world’s independent space
organization and we are here, Mr. Administrator, to give you correct advice all the time. That’s good. I like correct advice. So, thank you. Thanks for watching and for supporting
the advancement of space exploration. With your help we can explore other
worlds, search for life in the universe, and defend our Earth against dangerous
asteroids. Keep it up in the New Year


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    mark vines

    What a stellar channel this is!
    Thanks for bringing us another year of fantastic content. In an age when science is being undermined, underfunded and openly doubted by the powers that be, channels like this are becoming increasingly important.

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    Scott Plumer

    So for the couple that had the space-themed wedding: I wonder if as a cake topper, they had Venus and Mars? That would have been cool.

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    Inde Tif

    I would join this organization if they would dump their goofy "leader" who cuddles up to the neo-fascist entity sitting in the WH and who warns that the US may need to control Canadian agriculture in the future.

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