2019 Season Announcement: Citizens Women

2019 Season Announcement: Citizens Women

The roles of women and the voices of
women are going through a seismic change after the Me Too movement and I think it’s wonderful that the Citizens and Dominic have decided to make this season focus
on the voices of women and also to ensure that all the productions are also
directed by women. I think there are a lot of classic plays written by men. We have a repertoire full of them. That’s what we start to feel that plays are
because their plays that are well-known and therefore that will sell for a
theatre and I think because of that sometimes there can be an unconscious
bias from theatres when they’re looking at new work when they encounter a play
that’s by a man about men staring man it feels, proper. We were really excited when we heard that there was going to be a whole year dedicated to celebrate women’s work, women artists, directors, playwrights, actors, performers and that times really well with the learning department and the work we do because
the women we work with can feel that they can relate to the issues to the
themes, they’ll be very drawn and encouraged to go to those performances
and it gives us a lot of opportunity to share ideas with each other after
they’ve been to the theatre. It comes at a time when we’re thinking, I
think, not just as a country in a society about the place of women and the
representation or misrepresentation or under representation of women but I
think there’s also dialogue going on in theater about the sort of stories that
we tell, who’s writing them, who’s directing them, who’s who’s acting in
them, and I think it’s important that we have a season that’s actually all women
there are many many seasons that are just men and quite often I’ve been the
only female playwright in a season and It’s just lovely to be alongside
brilliant female peers. I think it reflects the times that we’re
living in and I’m very proud to be part of the season.


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