2019 U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Interview 3 N400 (Entrevista De Naturalización De EE UU v3)

2019 U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Interview 3 N400 (Entrevista De Naturalización De EE UU v3)

Hi everyone. welcome back to our channel The purpose of this video is to help you prepare for the naturalization interview
and test. The interview situation in this video is an example of what an applicant may experience at an actual interview. The scenario is based on official USCIS materials and feedback from past applicants. This will give you a general
idea of the interview format and what you should expect. Keep in mind that your interview may be different from this one In this scenario, the female applicant arrives at the USCIS office and is first greeted by the security guard. After passing through security, she proceeds to the customer service counter. The appointment is confirmed by the receptionist and she waits until she is called for the interview. Let’s get started. N-400 US Citizenship Mock Interview Version 3 Part 1: Security and Customer Service Good afternoon. I’m here for my interview. Can I have your appointment letter and an ID please? Sure. Here they are are. (hands over the appointment letter and ID.) Are they with you also? Yes. They are my family. I need to see some ID from each person. Okay. (Gives goverment IDs of the family members to the guard.) Please take off your shoes, your jacket, and put everything on the conveyor belt. (Puts everything in the bin on the conveyor belt.) Walk through the metal detector. (Walks through the metal detector.) Pick up your belongings and take the elevator to the second floor to the customer service.
They will assist you further. Great. Thank you. (Takes the elevator to the 2nd floor.) Hi. I’m here for my citizenship appointment. Can I see your appointment letter and an
ID? Sure. Here you go. (Hands the customer service representative the appointment letter and ID.) What time is your appointment? My appointment is at 2:30 p.m. (Checks the computer.)
Okay. I found you. Please take a seat and we will call
you when your appointment is ready.
Here’s your ID. Thank you.
(Sits down and waits.) Part 2: Introduction & Oath Ms Vy Ha? Yes. it’s me. Hi. I’m Immigration Officer Smith.
I will conduct your interview today. Come on in. Please follow me. Nice to meet you. (Follows the Immigration Officer to her office.) I need to put you under oath before we start. Please stand up. (Stands up and raises her right hand.) Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Yes. Okay. Please take a seat. (Sits down.) Part 3: Picture and Fingerprints Before we start, I need to take your
picture and your fingerprints. Okay. Please look at the camera. (Looks at the camera with a neutral expression.) Okay. Good. Now I’ll take your fingerprints. Okay. Sure. Please place your right index finger on the scanner. (Puts her right index finger on the scanner.) Now, please place your left index finger
on the scanner. (Puts her left index finger on the scanner.) Thank you. You are welcome. Part 4: Small talk to test your English speaking ability Now, let’s start the interview. How’s your day going so far? It’s great. Thank you for asking. Is it still raining? No. It stopped. Do you understand why you are here today? Yes. I’m here for the USA
citizenship interview. Why? Because I want to vote in the next election. Do you know when is the next election? Yes. The federal election is in November. Do you know what it means to tell the truth? Yes. When you are telling the truth,
you are not lying. Part 5: Information about you I need to see your lawful permanent resident card, all of your passports and state issued identification please. Sure. Here you go. (Hands over all the documents.) Thanks. Now we’re going to go over your application to see if there have been any changes. And you go by Winnie? Yes. That’s my nickname. Do you have a middle name? I don’t have a middle name. Can you tell me your family name? My family name is Ha. Do you want to legally change your name? Will that delay my application? No. Okay. I would like to change it then. What would you like to change it to? I would like to add “Winnie” as my middle name. Can you spell it for me? Sure. W I N N I E And you want to keep the same first and last name? That’s correct. When is your birthday? My birthday is April 1st 1990. And is your social security number 491-78-3448? Yes. That’s correct How long have you been a permanent
resident? For about seven years. When did you become a permanent resident? January 15th, 2012. Are you still a citizen of Vietnam? Yes I am. What is the best number to reach you? 908-774-1413 Part 6: Information about your residence Do you still live at the same address? I actually moved two weeks ago. I called USCIS and updated my address. What is your current address? 725 Hoke Wood Lane, Warren, New Jersey. Part 7: Information about your parents And you said here that one of your parents is a USA citizen? Yes, my father is. When did he become a USA citizen? Last year. Are your parents alive? Yes. They are still alive. And where do they live? They live in New Jersey. Part 8: Biographic Information How tall are you and how much do
you weigh? I’m 5’7″ and I weigh 130 pound. Part 9: Information about your employment and schools you attended Did you receive your degree in Vietnam? No. I got my biochemistry degree in St. Louis. Since you graduated, have you worked at the same company? Yes. I have. When did you start? I started working for them in 2013. What do you do there? I am sorry.
I don’t understand can you repeat the question? What kind of job do you do there? I am the manager of the lab. Part 10: Time outside the United States I see you traveled outside of the United
States three times for the past five years. Can you tell me more about those trips? I went back to Vietnam twice in 2014 in 2017 for about a total of four weeks. What about the trip to Canada? I drove to Toronto with my boss for a conference. We spent about a week there. Any other trips after you submitted your application? Nothing outside of the USA. Part 11: Information about your marital history Is your husband a US citizen? No. He is not. What’s his immigration status? He is a green card holder. Part 12: Information about your children I see one child listed on the form. Is she your only child? No. I actually gave birth to my son in January this year. Congratulations. What is his name? His name is James Ha. When was he born? He was born on January 5th 2019. Where was he born? He was born in New Jersey. Okay. Good. Did you bring his birth certificate with you? Yes. Here it is. (Gives Officer the birth certificate.) Thank you. Part 13: Additional information about you Let’s move on to the next part. What is a non-resident? it’s someone who is not a
permanent resident Have you ever claimed to be an American
citizen in writing or in any other way? Never. You haven’t voted in this country,
have you? No, but I want to once I become a citizen. You don’t have any title of nobility in a foreign country, do you? No. I don’t. You indicate that you belong to the American Biochemists Association. Is that a professional group? Yes. It is. Do you belong to any other group? Oh. Just my church. And what church is that? United Methodist Church of Morrisontown Alright. Let’s go over these questions. What does it mean to overthrow a
government by force? It means you try to change the
government with violence. So have you ever advocated the overthrow of any government by force or violence? No. I have not. What is the Nazi government? It’s the government of Hitler. So did you work for or associate in any way with the Nazi government of Germany? No. Never. What is military training? It’s when you learn how to fight in the army or something like the army. Have you ever been a habitual drunkard ? No. I have not. What does a habitual drunkard mean? It means someone drinks too much alcohol regularly that gets the person into trouble. Have you ever been convicted of any crimes? Not that I know of. How about traffic tickets? I did get a traffic ticket last year. What was that for? Was I supposed to include that on the application? Yes, you have to include all offenses. Exactly when did that happen? Let me see. hmm. It was a September 2018. Where did it happen? It was a New Jersey near my home.
I didn’t make a complete stop at a stop sign. How did you resolve it? I went to the traffic school and paid a fine. We still need to have that information on
the application, but it will not affect your eligibility for citizenship. Part 14: Confirming all the information on N-400 Alright. We’re almost done. These are the changes I’ve made to your application based on what you told me. Please review them carefully. If these
are correct, please sign and date on the tablet. (Signs on the tablet.) Thank you. Now any naturalization
applicant must take the Oath of Allegiance to become a USA citizen. Do you agree to do so? Yes. I do. Okay. Please type your name at the bottom and sign next to it. (Types and signs on the tablet.) Based on your responses, I’ve concluded that you speak and understand enough English to become a United States citizen. Great! Thank you. We also have to make sure that you’re able to read and write in English. Sure. First, can you read me the sentence shown on the tablet? It says, “When is Independence Day?” Good. Next, write this following sentence down for me on the tablet. Excuse me, Officer. Is it possible to write the sentence on a piece of paper instead? Sure. Not a problem. Here’s a pen and paper. (Provides the applicant a pen and paper.) Here’s the sentence I need you to write down. Canada is to the north of the United States. (Writing.) (Reviews the answer) That’s perfect. Thank you. Part 16: Civics Test Now we’ve come to the civics test. I
assume you’ve studied for the test? I am ready. I’ve studied very hard. Great, just be calm and you will do fine. Let’s start. The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words? We the people. What are two Cabinet-level positions? Attorney General and Vice President Can you name one of our state’s US senators now? Sorry. I don’t know any. No problem.
What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for? He was a US diplomat. Can you name one Native American tribe in the United States? Crow What is the name of the national anthem? The Star-Spangled Banner Good. What did Susan B. Anthony do? She fought for women’s rights. Great job. You successfully passed the exam and you also passed the interview.
Congratulations. Thank you. Part 17: Conclusion & Recommendation Now let’s finish up a few more things
and we’ll have you out of here. Here’s a copy of your test results. (Gives the applicant Form N-652:Naturalization Interview Results.) You will receive a letter shortly to schedule your oath ceremony. Do you have any other questions for me? Yes. When can I apply for the US passport? I have a trip coming up. You can apply for your passport after the oath ceremony. Thank you. Then I don’t have any other questions. Great. I’m looking forward to seeing you
at the Oath of Allegiance ceremony. Thank you very much. I’m so happy. You are welcome. Let me walk you back to the customer service area. Okay. Great. Thank you. Congratulations again. Thank you very much. Well, that’s it. We hope this will help you prepare for your interview. Make sure to check out our other videos that go over what you should expect before, during, and after the interview. Good luck. you


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