2019 U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Interview 4 N400 (Entrevista De Naturalización De EE UU v4)

Hi everyone. Welcome back to our channel. if you’re new, we’re here to help you ace your US citizenship interview. Make sure to subscribe and hit that notification button to get our new content. In this video, we are going over another mock interview scenario. All of our mock interviews are based on official USCIS materials and experience from actual applicants. And if you haven’t seen our previous ones, go check them out here. Each mock interview is different. The first half of this video is the mock interview. In the second half, the applicant portion will be blank and we will give you the opportunity to practice. Without further ado, let’s get started. N-400 US Citizenship Mock Interview Version 4 Part 1: Security & Customer Service Good morning. Good morning. I’m here for my citizenship interview. Could you show me your appointment letter and ID? Sure. Here’s my appointment letter and here’s my driver’s license. (Hands the security guard the appointment letter and ID.) Please remove your shoes and jacket and put everything on the belt. And then walk through the metal detector. (Puts everything in the bin on the conveyor belt.) (Walks through the metal detector.) Please get all of your things and proceed to the customer service area on your left. Thank you. (Walks to the customer service desk.) Good morning. How may I help you? Good morning. I’m here for my naturalization interview. Can you sign in on the sheet please? (Signs in on the sheet.) May I have your USCIS appointment letter and your ID? Sure. Here they are. (Hands the customer service representative the appointment letter and ID.) Thank you. I also need to take your fingerprints and picture. When you’re ready, please look at the camera. (Looks at the camera with a neutral expression.) Thank you.
Now place your right index finger on the scanner. (Puts her right index finger on the scanner.) Thank you. Now your left index finger. (Puts her left index finger on the scanner.) Perfect. Here’s your ID and your letter. Take this number and have a seat.
We’ll call your number when we’re ready. Thank you. (Takes the number P23 and sits down in the waiting area.) Number P23, Please proceed to door 1. Part 2: Introduction and small talks
(Test your English speaking and understanding skill) Hi. I’m Officer Miller. I’m the immigration Officer assigned to interview you today. Good morning. How are you? I’m good. And you? Great. Thank you for asking. Awesome. Please follow me. (Follows the Officer to her office.) Have a seat please. You can leave your belongings on the table. Thank you. How’s the weather outside? It’s quite hot today. Well, good that we have air conditioning in here. How did you get here today? I drove myself. Was the traffic bad? It wasn’t bad at all. Do you know why you are here today? I’m here to take my citizenship interview Did you come here voluntarily? Yes. I did. Good. Part 3: Taking Oath and more small talks Before we start, I need to put you under
oath. Please stand up and raise your right hand. (Stands up and raises her right hand.) Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I do. Thank you. You can lower your hand now and have a seat. Thank you. (Sits down.) Are you ready for the interview? I think so. Do you have any questions for me before we start the interview? Yes. I just want to inform you that I made some mistakes on the application and would like to update the answers. Not a problem. One of the goals for this interview is to make sure all of the answers are accurate and up-to-date. I will go over the application and we will make changes if I need to along the way. Part 4: Information about you Let’s begin the interview. Why do you want to become a US citizen? I believe in the US Constitution and I would like to vote. Excellent. What is your eligibility to become a US citizen? I am over 18 years old and have been a legal permanent resident for six
years. May I see your passports, green card and any state issued identification? Yes, officer. Here are all of my documents (Hands over all of the documents.) Do you have any expired passports? Yes, I do but I didn’t bring them. Okay. You need to bring all of your passports, expired and non-expired ones. Sorry about that. Please tell me your current legal name. Tatyana Silverman Have you used any other names? Yes. Tatyana Sharapova. That is my maiden name. Can you spell your maiden name for me?
Sure. S H A R A P O V A. Okay. Thank you. When did you change your name? I changed my name when I got married in 2012. Do you wish to legally change your name
today? Does it cost anything to change my name? No. Okay. I would like to change my name back to my maiden name. So you would like Tatyana Sharapova on your certificate of citizenship? Yes. That would be great. Can you verify your social security number please? Sure. 481-38-2324 And when did you get your green card? I got my green card on May 12, 2013. Where were you born? I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Can you confirm your birthday please? Sorry Officer. I made a mistake here on the application. My birthday is July 11th, 1984, not November 7th, 1984. Okay. Thank you for letting me know. Do you have any disability that requires an accommodation for this interview? No, officer. Good. What’s the best number to reach you? 310-774-2334 Is that your home number? That is my cell number. Part 5: Information about your residence Okay. Let’s move on to the next section. Do you still live at the same address since you’ve submitted your application? Yes. is that also your mailing address? Yes. However, I put the wrong zip code. It should be 91765 instead of 91775. Okay. Let me update that. Have you lived in any other addresses in the past five years? No. This is my only residence. Okay. Part 6: Information about your parents Are either of your parents U.S. citizens? No. They are not. Where do they live? They still live in Russia. Part 7: Biographic Information Okay. How tall are you? 5 ft5in What is your weight? 140 pounds Part 8: Information about your employment and schools you attended Are you currently employed? Do you mean if I have a job? Yes. Yes. I am a real estate agent And who do you work for? Keller Williams How long have you been working for them? Since 2012. On your application, you also
mention that you’re going to school. Yes. I’m studying for my MBA. And where do you go to school? I am doing the online MBA program with the University of Southern California. okay. Good. How often do you attend classes? I attend the online classes twice a week and we have to meet as a group once a month for a class project. What are you planning to use your MBA degree for? I am planning to start my own real estate company once I’m done. Part 9: Time outside the United States Have you traveled outside of the United States since you submitted your application? Yes. I went to Puerto Rico last month. That’s part of the U.S. Anywhere else? No. Okay. When was the last time you traveled outside of the United States? The last time I traveled was in 2018. And where did you go? I went back to Russia What was the purpose of your trip? I brought my kids back to see their grandparents, my parents. Did you stay outside the country for more than six months? No. I was gone for one month. What other trips did you take in the last five years? I took two more trips, one to the Caribbean for ten days and another one to Mexico for five weeks. And what were the reasons for your trips? I went to the Caribbean for my honeymoon and to Mexico for some missionary work for my church. Part 10: Information about your marital history Okay. What is your current marital status? I am divorced. And when did that happen? Last December. I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have your divorce decree with you? Yes. Here it is. (Gives the Officer the paperwork.) Do you have to pay any child support? No. I don’t. How many times have you been married? Just once. Did you bring your marriage certificate? Sorry, I didn’t bring that. What’s your ex-husband’s name? Howard Silverman. Is he an American citizen? Yes. He is. When did he become an American citizen? He was born in the U.S. Part 11: Information about your children It says on the application that you have
two children, is that correct? Yes. I have two sons. And how old are they? Two and five. What are their names? Nathan Silverman and Ben Silverman. And where do they live? They live with me during the weekdays and they live with my ex-husband during the weekends. And where is that? West Hollywood California. Are they American citizens? Yes. They were both born in Los Angeles. And they are your biological children, yes? Yes. Correct. Okay. Good. Part 12: Additional information about you Have you ever registered to vote in the
U.S.? No, never. And why is that? Because I am NOT a citizen yet. I noticed you didn’t answer question four of part 12. Sorry officer. That was one of the mistakes I made. So do you now have or did you ever have
a hereditary title or an order of nobility to any foreign country? No. I don’t. Can you explain to me what a hereditary title is? Yes. It’s the title you receive when you are born into a royal family such as a prince or princess. Have you ever been in a mental institution? No. never. Good. Do you pay your taxes? Yes. I file my taxes every year. Do you have any overdue taxes? Yes, but I have a payment plan with the IRS. I see. Can you show me some
paperwork for the payment plan? Sure. Here’s a letter from the IRS confirming my payment plan. (Gives the letter to the Officer.) Did you also bring your tax returns for the past five years? I did and here they are. (Gives the tax returns to the Officer.) Thank you. Since becoming a permanent resident, have you ever called yourself a non-resident on any tax return? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you clearly. Please repeat the question. Did you ever call yourself a non-resident on your tax return? No. Other than your church are you a member of any organizations or clubs? No. I am not. How long have you been a member of your church? About five years. Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party, totalitarian party or terrorist organization? No. Never. Have you ever been involved in any genocide torture or killing? Never. Were you ever a member of a rebel group or militia? No. Can you tell me what a militia is? it is an army that does not work for the government. Okay. Good. Have you ever worked in a prison camp or a labor camp in your country? No. Have you ever committed a crime for which you have not been arrested? No. Have you ever been to jail? No. Have you ever had any problems with alcohol or drugs? Never. Do you believe in polygamy? No, I don’t. What is polygamy? Marrying more than one person at the same time. Good. Have you ever helped anyone enter the country illegally? Never. Have you ever lied to a government official? Never. Have you ever been ordered to be removed excluded or deported from the United States? Never. We’re almost done with the application. Do you support the Constitution and the form of government of the United States? Yes, I do. Do you understand and are you willing to
take the full oath of allegiance to the United States? I do and I am willing to take the oath. If the law requires it, are you willing to bear arms on behalf of the United States? I am. Are you willing to perform noncombatant services in the U.S. Armed Forces? I am. And perform work of national importance under civilian direction? I am. Very good. Is there anything I missed in the application that needs to be updated? I don’t think so. Okay. Take a look at the application in front of you to make sure one last time that all of the information is correct. if it is correct, please sign and date here. (Reviews the revised application on the tablet and checks for any errors one last time.) Everything looks good.
(Signs and dates on the tablet.) If your application is approved, you will be scheduled for public oath ceremony. please print your name, sign, and date here to acknowledge your willingness and
ability to take the Oath of Allegiance. Okay. (Prints name, signs, and dates Part 18 of the application on the tablet.) Part 13: English Reading & Writing Test Perfect. Let’s move on to the next part
of the interview. Please read the sentence on the tablet in front of you. How many Senators does Congress have? How many Senators does Congress have? Good. Now, I’m going to read a sentence to you and I need you to write it down on
the tablet. Are you ready? Yes. Congress has one hundred Senators. (Writes the sentence on the tablet.) (Reviews the sentence)
I need you to write 100 in English. Oh. Okay. (Re-writes the sentence on the tablet.) (Reviews again)
Great. You passed this portion of the interview. Part 14: Civics Test Let’s do the last part of the interview, the civics test. Have you studied? Yes. I have been studying since I completed my bio-metrics appointment. Very good. Then this should be easy. Let’s start. In what month do we vote for President? November. Good. What are the two major political parties in the United States? Democratic and Republican. Correct. What is one responsibility that is only for United States citizens? To vote in a federal election. Great. How old do citizens have to be to vote for President? 18 years and older. When’s the last day you can send in federal income tax forms? April 15th. Who was the first President? George Washington. Well done. You got all of them. Part 15: Conclusion & Recommendation You’ve passed all of the tests and met
all of the requirements. However, since you didn’t bring some of the documents I’ve asked for, a decision cannot be made today. You will receive a notice in the mail after this interview. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit all of the documents within 30 days. Here are all of your documents and
here’s a copy of your interview results.
Do you have any questions for me? (Gives the applicant Form N-652: Naturalization Interview Results.) I see. Do you know how long it will take for me to get the notice? Probably a week or two. Okay. Thank you. I don’t have any other questions. Great. I’ll walk you back to the customer service area then. Thank you. You are very welcome. As you can see in this scenario, the application was not approved because the applicant didn’t bring all of the supporting documents. Now she has to wait for the N-14 notice in the mail and then submit the requested documents. That delays her approval. That’s why it’s so important to bring everything with you to the interview. Okay. Now it’s your turn to practice. Are you ready? Let’s get started. Practice Interview: Test your knowledge now How did you do? Is that helpful? Let us know and leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you. See you in the next video.

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