2020 census: A conservative case against the citizenship question | IN 60 SECONDS

Conservatives should care about the 2020
decennial census. For one, it’s mandated in the US Constitution. And right up top.
Fidelity to the Constitution implies fidelity to a fair and accurate census.
In addition, the census is critical to American business. The best way for a
free market to work efficiently and fairly is for businesses of every size
to have access to accurate information to help them make critical decisions. If
conservatives want businesses to make the best decisions possible, they should
want a fair and accurate census. A major threat to the accuracy of the census is
underfunding. Why? Due to rhetoric coming from Washington, members of some
immigrant and minority communities have already shown concern about answering
census questions. The commerce secretary’s unfortunate decision to
include a citizenship question makes matters worse. The more reluctant people
are to answer the survey, the more money census will have to spend to get their
answers. In addition, census is employing new technologies for the 2020
count that will save taxpayers money in the long run, but those technologies need
to be tested and protected against threats. An accurate census is in all our
interests. Congress needs to step up. What do you think about the 2020 census and the citizenship question? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other
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