2020 U.S. Citizenship Mock Interview with Applicant Aldea (Entrevista de ciudadanía estadounidens)

2020 U.S. Citizenship Mock Interview with Applicant Aldea (Entrevista de ciudadanía estadounidens)

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another
educational video for US citizenship. Welcome to the U.S. Citizenship Help
Guide! Subscribe, comment, share, and hit that notification button to see our
latest videos this is a mock interview to help you pass the naturalization test
for US citizenship This interview scenario is based on our
personal experiences as applicants the official USCIS materials and feedback
from successful applicants who pass through naturalization interviews and
tests for American citizenship. Let’s get started! Good afternoon!
Good afternoon! Are they coming in with you? Yes, they are coming with me. I need to see an ID from each person please. Here are all of our IDs. Please give me your
USCIS appointment letter and ID. Here’s my appointment letter and driver’s
license. Please take off your things and place
everything on the conveyor belt. Thank you. You’re welcome!
Please walk through the metal detector. Please pick up all of your belongings Kindly take the elevator to the second
floor going to the customer service area. They will assist you further once you
arrive there. Thank you. You’re welcome! Hi! Hello! Good afternoon! Good afternoon!
How may I help you? I’m here for my citizenship interview. What time is your
interview appointment? My Appointment is at 1:30 p.m. May I have your USCIS
appointment letter and ID, please? I will take your
picture and fingerprints. Please look at the camera. Please smile naturally. We can try it
once more. Okay, this is great! Thank you! You’re
welcome! Please put your left index finger on the
scanner, now you can place your right index finger. Thank you. You’re welcome! Here’s your number attached to your
USCIS appointment letter and ID. We will call you when your interview is
ready. Please have a seat in the waiting area.
Thank you. You’re welcome. Ticket number P46 please proceed to
room number two. Hi, I’m officer Campbell. I’ve been
assigned to you today. How’s your day going so far? It’s going well, officer. My family woke up early today and
they feel excited and at the same time nervous like I am. They are praying that
I will pass the naturalization interview and test today. It’s good that your loved
ones are here. That’s nice to hear, please follow me. And before we start the interview, I will
have to place you under oath. Please remain standing. Raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the whole truth
and nothing but the truth? Yes, I do. Thank you. Please take a seat.
You are welcome. Are you ready? I think I’m ready. Do you have any questions
before we start? No officer. Okay, let’s begin with the interview. why
do you want to become an American citizen? I would like to vote I also
respect and believe in the form of government in the United States. I’m
impressed with your answers. Are you eligible to become an American citizen?
Yes officer, I had been a legal permanent resident for ten years. So,
could you show me your passports, green cards, state issued ID please? Yes officer.
Here are all my documents. Do you have any expired passport? Yes officer. It’s good that you have your passport,
expired and non expired ones. Okay thank you. You’re welcome officer. We’re going to go over your application
and check if there have been any changes. What is your first name? Stefan. Can you spell your name for me please? The spelling of my name is S-T-E-F-A-N. What is your last name?
Aldea. What is your current legal name? Stefan Aldea. And have you used any other names? No officer. Do you want to change your name? No officer. When did you become a permanent resident? I became a permanent resident on March 10, 2010 What’s your date of birth?
your date of birth My date of birth is April 7, 1986 and not April 6,1987. Sorry officer, I made a mistake when writing it on my application form.
writing it on my application form I see I see, thank you for clarifying that
information. I want to correct and confirm those changes now. That’s an
important part of this interview, to make sure that all of the answers are
up-to-date and correct. What is your country of birth? Ukraine. What is your
country of nationality? Ukraine. Are you requesting any accommodations
because of a disability? No officer. Let’s move on to the next portion. What’s your current home address? 2836 MacKenzie Way, Cranberry Township City, 16796 Pennsylvania, USA. Do you still live at this address? Yes officer. Has your address changed since you
submitted your application form? No officer. I have been living at the same
address since I came to America on March 2010. I see, thank you for clarifying that
information. What’s your phone number with the area code? 724-147-2449 Are your parents US citizens? No, both of
them are not. Have they visited the United States. No officer. Where your parents
married before your 18th birthday? Yes, they were. What is your height? 5 feet and 9 inches. What is your eye
color? Brown. What is your hair color? Brown. How do you support yourself? I have a
full-time job officer, since I came here. What type of work do you do? I’m the
senior support engineer responsible for the application process design. I work at
an enterprise application software company. How long have you been working
there? About 10 years now since I arrived in America. And you are attending school too? No officer. Have you taken trips outside the United
States during the last five years? Yes officer. How many trips have you taken during the past five years? I have taken 8 trips. How many days in total did you spend outside the US? I was outside the U.S. for about 112 days. When
did you leave the United States with your last trip? I left the United States on April 2 of last year. When did you return to
the United States? I came back on April 16. Where did you go? I went to Ukraine. What was the
purpose of your visit? I was able to see my parents and other family members. Did
you travel alone? No officer, my family traveled with me. What is your current marital status? How
many times have you been married? I’m married officer. How many times have you been married? I have been married only once. What’s your wife’s name? Her name is Tracy Miller. Is she
an American citizen? Yes, she’s an American citizen. Can you
show me your marriage certificate? Yes officer. Did you bring the original document? Yes
officer. Here is my marriage certificate. Do you have children? Yes I have one daughter and
one son. What are their names? Natalia Aldea and Ivan Aldea.
When were they born? My daughter was born on May 10, 2013.
My son was born on June 8, 2015. Are they U.S. citizens? Yes, they were both
born and raised in Pennsylvania. What’s your children’s relationship to
you? They are both my biological children. So, let us move on to the next part of
the interview. Have you ever claimed to be a U.S. citizen?
No, never. Have you ever voted in any U.S. election? No officer. Do you have any title of nobility or hereditary title in a foreign country? No officer. Have you ever been declared legally incompetent? No officer. Have you ever failed to file your taxes or owe any
taxes? I always file my taxes on time and never had any overdue taxes. Have you call yourself a non-us resident on your tax
returns since you became a lawful permanent resident? No never.
Do you belong to any organizations or groups? Yes, I’m a member of the senior support engineer organization group. How long have you been a member? I had been a member since 2010.
could be no member since 2010 have you Have you ever ever been a member of the Communist Party? No, never. Have you ever been confined to a mental institution
or declared legally incompetent? No, officer.
Are you Are you a member of the totalitarian party?No, never. Have you ever advocated to overthrow any
government by either force or violence? No, never. Have you ever been arrested or
committed a crime? No, officer. Have you persecuted any person because
of race religion political opinion or national origin? No, never. Have you ever been involved in genocide, torture, killing, not letting someone practice a religion, and
forcing someone in sexual relations? No, never. Have you ever married someone to get an
immigration benefit? No! Have you ever served in the US Armed Forces? No, I haven’t. Have you ever been a member of any of these like the vigilante group, rebel group, militia,
guerrilla group, and, or insurgent organization? No, never. Have you ever been excluded removed or deported from the United States? No, never. Have you ever been a prostitute or persuaded someone for prostitution? No, never. Have you ever sold
illegal drugs or narcotics? No, never. Have you ever gambled illegally? No officer. Have you ever helped anybody enter the U.S. illegally? No, I haven’t. Have you ever failed to support your
dependents? No! Have you ever given false information to any U.S. official while
applying for a passport or immigration benefit? No, I haven’t. Have you ever lied to any government official to gain entry into the United States? No, never. Do you support the Constitution and form of government of the United States?
Yes. Do you understand the full oath of allegiance to the United States? Yes, I do. Are you ready to take the full oath of allegiance to the United States? Yes, I do.
Are you willing to bear arms in the U.S. army? I’m willing to help officer. Are you willing to perform noncombatant services in the US Armed Forces? I do. Are you prepared to do work
of national importance under civilian direction? I’m willing to help officer. Are you willing to help the government during a national emergency? I do. Do you promise that everything
you said is true? I do. I need you to sign your application.
Please read the changes that I made based on your answers. Kindly review and
make sure that everything is correct. Everything is correct officer. Thank you, officer. You’re welcome. We will proceed to the reading
and writing tests. Do you have any questions before we begin? No, officer. I’m ready. So please read the sentence on the
digital tablet out loud for me. Who lives in the White House? Very good!
Now, I need you to listen and write it down on the digital tablet. Are you ready?
Yes officer. I’m ready. Please write this: The president lives in the White House. Very good! You passed the reading and
writing tests. Okay, are you ready for your history and
government test? Yes, officer. I’m ready. When was the constitution written? 1787 That’s correct.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson That’s right. How old do citizens have to be to vote? for president? 18 and older
Correct! Who was president
during World War I? Woodrow Wilson That’s correct! Why does
the flag have 13 stripes? because there were 13 original colonies What is the name of the national anthem? The Star-Spangled Banner Well done!
That’s already six, you already have six correct answers. Congratulations! You’ve
passed the civics test! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to tell my family about the
good news that I passed the test! Since you passed all the tests and met all of
the requirements, I’m submitting your application for approval. Here are your documents and a copy of your interview results. If there are no other issues, you’ll get
a USCIS notice form in the mail regarding your oath ceremony date. Thank you, officer. Do you have any questions for me? Yes, officer. How long will it take for me to wait for the USCIS notice to arrive? usually from Usually from two to four weeks.
Any other questions? Thank you officer Campbell. I have no further questions.
Great! Then I’ll bring you back to the customer service
area. I hope and pray that the applicants who are waiting outside will also pass
their naturalization interview and test officer. That’s nice to hear. My wife was the one who really
encouraged me to take this naturalization interview and test for U.S.
citizenship. You did very well. I’m truly grateful she’s the one who supported me with this
American citizenship journey. That’s wonderful to hear!
Thank you very much! You’re most welcome! and congratulations once again!


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    Shezaahmed Sheza

    Thanks for understanding please upload more videos my interview is after two weeks pray for me
    I’ll share my experience

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    Leticia Reyes

    Hola! Les agradezco mucho x hacer estos vídeos. Me ayudaron mucho hoy hice mi entrevista y la pase,estudie sus vídeos arduamen te me ayudaron mucho, gracias nuevamente. Y seguiré recomendando su canal.

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    zero 444

    My citizensip intervew civics tast pass and write tast pass reading tast pass .but officer 3month leather comeback why .please reply me.

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    Marlin Mayo

    Ante todos muy buenos días para todos ustedes..queria agradecerles de corazón todo lo que hacen por todas aquellas personas Qué desean ser Ciudadanos Americanos.
    De mi parte ayer aprobé mi entrevista gracias a sus videos detallados..estoy grandemente agradecida..yo y mi familia que hoy y siempre disfrutaremos de este país hermoso. Congratulation 🌟🌟🙏❤😇

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    Life is Beautiful with God

    My appointment was 8.30 am I reach 7 clock then on door they check me from metal detector show them my bag then I went on 15 floor there was gurd who ask me for appoiment letter and driving license then he allow me to go to window I summit my interview appointment letter then they told me seat after few mint they announced my name then again I went to window number 4 she ask Me to give green card and driving license then she click my picture then they took my finger print of both hand finger then she told be seated we will call u again then 8.25 they call me again they told me go to door number 2 then officer came he open the door with smile he say I am officer I will be taking your interview how are you ?I said I am fine thank how are u officer? Then he said is your cell phone on then switch off I did that .
    : Then officer told me give me your Greencard Passport driving I gave that
    : Then he started asking me questions from n400
    : What Is your date of birth?
    Are u married ?
    : Do you have kids?
    : Where is your husband work?
    Are you working?
    Do u pay tax?
    How many trips you have out side USA in 5years?

    How you support your self?
    : Did you have any over due of your taxes?
    Have you ever gone to jail or did any crime?
    : Then he ask u got arrested ?
    . Have you ever claimed to be a
    U.S. citizen?
    : Have you ever registered to vote in
    any Federal, state or local election
    in the United States?
    Have you ever been a member
    of, or in any way associated with
    (either directly or indirectly) a
    terrorist organization?
    : Have you ever been a member
    of, or in any way associated with
    (either directly or indirectly) any
    other totalitarian Party?
    Do you owe any overdue Federal,
    state or local taxes?
    Have you ever given any U.S.
    Government officials any information
    that was false, fraudulent or
    . Have you ever been involved in
    any way with badly hurting, or
    trying to hurt a person on purpose?

    Reading sentence they gave me

    Name one right in the Bill of Rights

    Writing sentence they gave me

    Freedom of speech is one right

    : Then he took civics test
    1 The House of Representatives has how many voting members? Question

    Ans four hundred thirty-five (435)
    2 What is the name of the national anthem?

    Ans.The Star-Spangled Banner
    : 3 . Who did the United States fight in World War II?

    Ans .Japan, Germany, and Italy
    4 How many amendments does the Constitution have?

    Ans.twenty-seven (27)
    : 5 . When do we celebrate Independence Day?

    Ans .July 4
    6 What is one promise you make when you become a United States citizen?

    Ans be loyal to the United States
    : He said wow you speak very good english which country you are from I said India how many languages you speak I said 3 Hindi Marathi Gujrati
    : Then he said that so nice you know so many languages
    : Then he smile
    And Said congratulations you pass the test then I said everything is OK he said yes don't worry you are good then he shake his hand with me ..he said wait for oth ceremony: He gave me paper on that was written congratulations you pass the test
    : This was my experience all the best to everyone study hard do reading writing practice lot they don't ask me any definition of any word
    I finished my interview in 15 mint
    I am from NJ jersey city my interview was in Newark there hv same day oth ceremony
    I apply in March 23 2019 I got letter on November 1 that My interview is on 19 December 2019 8.30am

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