2020 US Citizenship Interview Practice | Naturalization Simulated Mock Interview

2020 US Citizenship Interview Practice | Naturalization Simulated Mock Interview

Welcome back to our channel. The purpose of this video is to simulate an actual US citizenship interview. I will be the Immigration Officer who interviews you and you will be the applicant. I will ask a question and then pause to give you time to answer the question. You can turn on the subtitles if you need help. The subtitles will also include sample answers during the pause. Are you ready? Let’s get started. N-400 USA Citizenship Simulated Interview Version 1 hi I’m Officer Wilson.
I’ll be conducting your interview today. How are you doing? Great. Thank you for asking. Before we start the interview, I’ll need to place you under oath. Please remain standing and raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes. I promise. What did you just promise? I promised to tell the truth. Thank you. Please take a seat. Thank you. First, I need to take your picture and your fingerprints. Please look at the camera. (Look at the camera with a neutral expression.) Thank you. Please put your left index finger on the scanner. (Put your left index finger on the scanner.) Thanks. Now your right index finger. (Put your right index finger on the scanner.) Thank you. Let’s start the interview. Are you ready? Yes. I am ready. Do you have any questions before we begin? No. I don’t. How did you get here today? I drove here today. Okay. Why do you want to become an American citizen? I believe in the form of government in the U.S. and I would like to vote. How are you eligible to become a US citizen? I am over 18 years old and I have been married to a US citizen for 3 years. Okay. Can you please show me your passport, green card, and state issued ID? Sure. Here you go.
(Give all documents to the Officer.) Great. Thank you. What is your current legal name? (Tell Officer your full name on your green card.) Can you spell your family name for me
please? (Spell your last name out for the Officer.) Is the name on your permanent resident
card the same as your legal name? Yes. They are.
(If the names on the documents are different, explain to the Officer why they are different.) Have you used any other names? (Mention any nicknames, aliases, maiden names you used.) Do you want to legally change your name? No. I want to keep my name.
OR: Yes. I would like to change my name. What would you like to change it to? I would like to change my name to… (the name you want on your naturalization certificate). Okay. When did you become a permanent resident? I became a permanent lawful resident on … (the date on your green card). and what is your date of birth? I was born on … (your birthday and year). and what is your country of birth? I was born in … (the country you were born). and what is your current country of nationality? I am … (the country where you currently hold a passport). Are you requesting any accommodations because of a disability? No. I am not.
OR: Yes. I am because I am .. (your disability). What is your present home address? My current address is … (the address of where you live now). How long have you lived at your current
home address? I have lived here for the past … (number of years / months). What is your previous home address? My previous address was… (address of where you used to live before your current address). Has your address changed since you
submitted your application? No. It has not. What is your phone number with the area
code? My phone number is … (your phone number). How do you support yourself? I have a full-time job.
OR: I am self-employed.
OR: My spouse works full-time. And where do you work? I work at … (name of the company you work at). How long have you been working there? I have been working there since … (year e.g. 2015).
OR: About … (number of years/months). Where did you work before that? I work at … (the company that you worked before your current job) before that. And what do you do? I am a … (your job title). Have you taken any trips outside of the
United States during the past five years? Yes. I have taken several trips. And how many trips have you taken during the past five years? I have taken … (number of trips that are over 24hrs) trips. How many total days did you spend outside the U.S.? I spent a total of … (total number of days that are over 24hrs) days. Tell me about your latest trip. When did you leave? I left the U.S. on … (date and year). And when did you return to the U.S.? I came back on .. (date and year). Where did you go? I went to .. (country you visited). And what was the purpose of the visit? (Give the reason for your trip. e.g.
I went there for vacation.
OR: I went to visit my family
OR: It was a business trip.) Did you visit any other places during
that trip? No.
OR: Yes. I also visited … (country you visited). Okay. What is your current marital status? I am single.
OR: I am married.
OR: I am divorced. How many times have you been married? Once only.
OR: I have been married … (number of times you married someone including the current marriage). And what is your spouse’s name? His/Her name is … (name of your current husband / wife). Is your spouse a U.S. citizen? No. He/She is not.
OR: Yes. He/She was born a U.S. citizen.
OR: Yes. He/She got his/her citizenship in .. (year). How did you meet? e.g. We met through a mutual friend.
OR: We met at church. When were you married? We married in .. (year). Where did you get married? We married in … (city or country you got married e.g. Los Angeles or Canada). Can you show me your marriage
certificate? Sure. Here it is.
(Provide the Officer your original marriage certificate. If the marriage certificate is in a different language, get it translated and notarized.) Does your spouse live with you now? Yes. He/She lives with me. Has your spouse been living with you for
the past three years? Yes. He/she has.
(If he/she hasn’t been, you need to provide a good explanation to the Officer and supporting documentation.) Do you have any joint properties? Yes. We own a car together and have joint banking accounts. ( make sure to bring supporting documents such as deed, car insurance, bank statements or joint tax returns.) Do you have any children? Yes. I have …(number of child/children).
(You need to include children from your previous relationship and your stepchildren.) what are your children’s names? (Names of your child/children) And when were they born? (Birthday and year for each child.) Where do they live? They live with me.
OR: They live with my ex-husband/wife.
OR: They live in … (city/country). Are they US citizens? Yes. They are born here.
OR: No. They are .. (country of nationality). What are your children the relationship
to you? They are my biological children.
OR: They are my stepchildren.
OR: They were adopted by me. Okay. Let’s move on to the next section. Have you ever claimed to be a U.S. citizen? No. I have not. Have you ever voted in a U.S. election? No. I have not but I would like to when I become a citizen. Do you have any title of nobility in a foreign country? No. I don’t. Have you ever been declared legally incompetent? No. Never. Do you know what legally incompetent means? It means you can’t make decisions for yourself because you have mental problems. Okay. Have you ever failed to file your
taxes or owe any taxes? No. I file and pay my taxes every year.
(Bring your tax returns to the interview.) Do you belong to any groups or organizations? Yes. I am a member of my local church. And how long have you been a member? I have been a member since … (year). Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? No. Never. Have you ever worked in a prison or jail? No. I haven’t. Have you ever advocated to overthrow any government either by force or violence? No. I have never done that. Have you ever stopped someone from
practicing his or her religion? No. Have you ever been arrested or committed a crime? No. Never. Have you ever had a DUI (Drive under the influence of alcohol i.e. drunk driving)? No. Have you ever married someone to get an immigration benefit? No. Never. Have you ever been a habitual drunkard? No. Do you support the Constitution and form a government of the United States? Yes. I do. What is the Constitution? It is the supreme law of the land. Do you understand the full Oath of
Allegiance to the United States? Yes. I do. What is the Oath of Allegiance? I promise to be loyal to the United States. Are you willing to take the full Oath of
Allegiance to the United States? Yes. I am willing to. Are you willing to bear arms on behalf the United States? Yes. I am. Thank you. Give me a minute to update your application. (The Officer is updating your application with the latest information you provided to her.) Okay good. I’ve made some changes based on your answers. Please review this and make sure everything looks correct. (Review all the details on the tablet to make sure everything is correct.)
Yes. They are correct. Please sign on the tablet to confirm that everything you said is true and all of the information you’ve submitted is
accurate. (Sign on the tablet.) Please sign and date here to confirm your willingness and ability to take the Oath of Allegiance. (Sign and date on the tablet.) Okay, great. Thank you. Shall we do the reading and writing test? Yes. I am ready. Please read out loud line number one for me. (Read the sentence out loud for the Officer.) Good. Now, I need you to write this down for me on the tablet. The President lives in Washington D.C. (Write down the sentence on the tablet.) Excellent. You’ve passed the reading and writing tests. Are you ready for the history and government portion? Yes. I am ready. First question. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? The Bill of Rights. What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy? Vote and run for office. Name one state that borders Canada. New York. What is the capital of your state? My state capital is … (your state capital). What was one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did? Freed the slave. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted? July 4, 1776. Great. That’s six. You’ve passed the civics test also. Thank you so much. Congratulations! Since you’ve passed the test and met all of the requirements, I’m submitting your application for approval. Here’s a copy of your test result. If there are no other issues, you will get a notice in the mail regarding your oath ceremony date. Do you have any questions at this point? No. Thank you very much. Great. Then I’ll bring you back to the customer service area. End of Interview That’s it. We hope this helps you. Remember, practice makes perfect. Watch this video several times until you are comfortable with the questions and the format. Good luck!


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    Hind Bouchaya

    Hello! Can you help me? I need all questions probably used during the interview and not available on form N400?I need to practice my answers

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    Rebecca Samarow

    My husband and I are kind of confused so I’m a Us citizen I was born here but he came from guyana with rights or something like that. We are married we got married last year does he have to be married to me for the 3 years before he can apply for the citizenship ? (Referring to the question 2:30 on the video)

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    diego rocha

    So , submitting application for approval it’s basically a yes ? I have my interview on October, the only thing that worries me it’s that I’ve done 28 trips outside of the us in 5 years , 440 days total but never more than 6 months a year , do you think that’s bad ?

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    mays alsamarrai

    Hi to everyone, I just passed the citizenship interview yesterday 🙌🏼🙌🏼🎊🎉
    and I want to share my experience with everyone and give all the information that may help anyone that is in the process because of this group and the videos on the YouTube channel the interview was really easy and I felt over prepared 🙃
    Couple of nots : 1-Try to go 30 to 35 minutes before your appointment they call Numbers randomly so there is people as soon as they stepped to the waiting area they called their number.
    2-Your picture and finger prints can be taken and the reception desk downstairs or on the interview.
    3-It’s best to be over prepared with all the supporting documents (marriage certificates ,any tickets receipts ,tax returns for the five or three years ago) you never know what would they will ask you to show them.
    My experience: ( in Portland- Oregon)
    my appointment was at 7:45 am I got checked in the building at 7:15 they took my picture and finger prints at the Reception desk with a number and you will proceed to the waiting area they call me for the interview at 7:38
    The officer started with the civics reading a writing test and then the (N-400 )application
    Civics questions :
    1- What do we call the first 10 amendments of the Constitution? The bill of rights
    2- Who is the father of our country ?George Washington
    3-Who is one of your state senators?
    4-What movement tried to end racial discrimination ? civil rights movement
    5-what’s the capital of your state?
    6-Who lived in America before the European arrived ?native Americans
    Reading: how was Abraham Lincoln?
    Writing: Lincoln was the president during the Civil War.
    She went through the N 400 asking questions she double checked if I know what genocide mean
    The officer was very nice the whole interview took about 30 min.
    Hope that was helpful good luck everyone👍🏼

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    Hind Bouchaya

    Hello!I have a question…I don’t file the income tax because I am a live-in IHSS provider?Is it a problem that I didn’t pay taxes ?

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    عاشقه القران

    يسلمو ع المساعده وردهَـٰٰ بس اريد منك لو سمحت تنزل حق السجن بليززز🙏انا اريده لانه بقي لي وقت قصير

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    Belen Ibarra

    I want to thank you for all your help ❤ I passed my test today 🙏
    This was my experience: I arrived 30 minutes early, was given a number and seated. I waited over an hour to be called in. That was only because the system was down. Finally I get called in, officer was a bit frustrated because of the whole system thing but not rude towards me. Had me raise my right hand and promise to tell the truth. Went over my N-400 wasn't ask to define any of the yes or no questions. Answered 6 civics questions. Read one sentence, wrote one sentence. Took about 10 minutes. I was over prepared but it's better than under prepared.
    I was super nervous but once I was called in, I sat up confident and answered the questions like I had practiced. So my advice is practice, practice, practice. Good luck to you all 🙏❤ God bless

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    gigi Gudeta

    I have an interview tomorrow but I am worried not update my current address do u think it cause any problems

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    Genie Odon

    Your uploaded videos are really a great help. I passed with great confidence answering all the questions of the Immigration Officer. Thanks again!

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    Peace & Love

    Thank you for the video is a great help!! 😊 … Hope you answer my question if I'm self-employed and they pay me cash that means I don't report taxes it that would affect my citizenship approval somehow…

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    Angle nest

    Thanks for all your help.
    Please can you help me to explain this sentence " Give up Loyalty to other country" what does it mean ?

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    Jainaba cham

    Thank you it really help me lots 😘 I am so ready I can wait to October 16 I can even think about the baby 😀 my due date is October 23 in god will

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    I like this woman's video very much. I listen to her program every day. It's the best I see on YouTube! Hope to record more content, I will declare the material in March 2020, God bless me! Thank you!

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    MariaMonica Portocarrero

    Arrive one hour in advance of the appointment; I was able to enter and register, then I waited approximately 1 hour and then the Immigration Officer called me; He was very kind, he just asked me personal questions and some like: have you ever claimed, register, vote, do you owe or overdue taxes, have you ever communist, committed crime or deported, ask me definition for detention and do you support the contitution and are you willing to bear arms, no more. For the test civic was 6 such as: what do we call the first amendments, what is the economic system, what is the rule of law, what is the highest court, name one right only for citizens and when must all men register for selective service. To read was: Who was Abraham Lincoln? and write: Abraham Lincoln was the President during the Civil War.

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    Hue Nguyen

    How many time the officer will ask you to read and write? Are there 3 sentences for each part and you just need to be make one correct, right? Thanks so much

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    Bharath Reddy

    Hi! Great video! I had interview 3years ago on 3year married rule but had to withdraw of interview as I was not ready and officer suggested me to apply on 5year rule so here I am and have interview on 28th October. I got divorced recently and wanted to know if they still ask questions about my marriage and relation, as I see you asking questions about marriage too? Can you please let me know more on this? I have 7-8 trips outside USA in last 5 years so will that be of any concern?

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    I want to thank you for all the videos you uploaded were very helpful. today was my interview and I passed it successfully. Thank you so much 😊

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    Grace Domingo

    I have an interview this wednesday. I am so nervous, Ive been permanent resident for the last 10 years and i only put my current address for the last 7 years, would it cause a problem on my eligibility? It only ask 5 years on the application.

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    Anika Shah

    I passed everything but n 400 no questions vocabulary difference I can’t tell.so give me another interview again.also office not good.she talk to me rude

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    I passed my interview yesterday! Thanks a lot of your help, the mock interview is very useful, I also want to thank my interview officer, he is nice to me, thank you again.
    It's about my experience: I was there on time on that day. I waited for about 30 minutes and the officer was in front of me , calling my name. He said hello to me. When we were in his office, he wanted me to take a promise to tell truth and asked me "what do you just promise?" he tested me 10 questions first and next part it's dictation, the last part is N-400 application, everything is good. Good luck everyone, I wish everyone can pass citizenship interview.

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    Felipe Jaen-Mendoza

    i want to say thankyou because i passed my citizenhhip those videos help me a lot i so happy righ now today was the day thanks

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    Grace Janke

    I would like to thank you for this video. It really helped me out for my practicing for the interview. Based on my timeline N-400 process: Last, July 22, 2019, I turned in my papers. Aug.6, 2019, I did my biometric then October 28th, 2019- I passed my citizenship test. It's been a month I prepared to study and review all the stuff for the test. I just want to share my experience, first I studied some legal terms from naturalization such as; legally incompetent, Totalitarian, and any other terms that could be possible will ask the officer. Also, I read and understand about civic history, and I memorized all 100 questions. Then, I practiced for one of my friends ask me random questions to make sure, I know. So, sounds I over-prepared, but it was worth it! I always keep in mind, better well prepared than I failed.

    When my actual interview, it takes 20 minutes. First, the officer starts to ask about my N-400 information. Since I didn’t travel outside of the country, the officer looked at my previous and new passport. Second, the officer asks through “have you ever”, all of them, my answers, “no’ no’s”. Except there was a part that you have to listen carefully about supporting the constitution of the U.S, Bear arms, etc. that should be answered “Yes” then after that I verify my name and signed up.

    Then, the officer begins to ask me about civic history. It was such quick questions
    1. Who’s the senator in our state(WI)? Tammy Baldwin

    2. Who’s the president at World War I? Woodrow Wilson

    3. What states border in Canada? Michigan

    4. Who’s signing the vetoes? President

    5. Why we have 50 stars? Because there are 50 states.

    6. What is one reason why colonists came to America? Freedom

    I answered all of 6 questions correctly, so he said, I passed for the civics test.

    We also go through reading and writing:

    Reading(Show on the tablet): Who can vote?

    Writing(dictating): Citizens can vote.

    That’s all. I hope it helps everyone and gives an idea of how’s the interview for citizenship in states of Wisconsin.

    Looking forward to my oath-taking ceremony soon. (It says within 45days)



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    AN T8CH

    Hello!Could you help me to answer this question?I have been living in US for three years and now am be able to apply for US citizen.Anyways,at the time of interview if they ask me,how are you eligible to become a US citizen?How should I answer?

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    Bella Nguyen

    I passed the us citizenship test last week but they hold my result, they want me send them some documents after they mailed e what kind of documents they want from me, oh my god, so weird, I need your advise pls, it’s nonsense!

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    david marquez

    Muchas gracias acabo de pasar mi ciudadanía y estos videos fueron de mucha ayuda pues su orientación está bien explicada tienen mucha similitud

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    Maureen Oputa

    Thank you so much for the helpful videos you provide. I passed my citizenship test today. The videos on this channel prepared me for the test. I was confident and ready to answer any questions that may be asked of me. The USCIS officer/personnel was very friendly and professional. I was truly impressed with how well they (USCIS officers) perform their duties without any air of intimidation. Thank you again, for all of your help! God bless you all. Please see below for details of my experience at the citizenship interview.

    Question: How many US Senators are there? (I read the question out loud to the hearing of the USCIS officer)

    I was asked to write the quoted sentence/text "There are one hundred US Senators."
    The officer read out the sentence to me and I was instructed to write out the answer on an electronic writing pad that was in front of me.

    I was asked the following questions.

    1) QUESTION: There were 13 original states. Name three
    My answer: Rhode Island, New Jersey, Georgia

    2) QUESTION: Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states?
    My answer: Provide schooling and education

    3) QUESTION: Name one state that borders Mexico
    My answer: California

    4) Question: Who is the "Father of Our Country"?
    Answer: George Washington

    5) Question: Who was President during the Great Depression and World War II?
    Answer: Franklin Roosevelt

    6) QUESTION: Who did the United States fight in World War II?
    Answer: Germany, Japan, Italy

    For native English speakers (my country of origin was colonized by the British), passing the test should be quite easy. For non native English speakers, please take advantage of the FREE materials provided by this channel to learn all that you can in order to prepare you for the test. I wish you all good luck. God bless you and make your beautiful dreams come true (amen).

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    Ji-Anne Knight

    Very helpful thank you 🙏
    Had my interview next week ☺️ gods will
    Please praying for me to pass my test thank you and god bless to all

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    US Citizenship Test. Org

    Mock Interviews Playlist:


    N-400 Mock Interviews:






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    Ma Guadalupe Mireles

    Hi I pass my interview Nov. 20 the officer asked me my full legal name, 6 civic questions,14,22,43,96,98 read one sentence write only one sentence too, about my family husband, kids, how many trips, I had only one job, when he asked me have you ever my answer it was yes cause I have a criminal record and he said doesn't matter now you are being honest I felt a peace and said thanks to my GOD🙏🏻 and I'm wetting for my ceremony date again thank you so much for your videos! ❤ I mean waiting for my ceremony date ☺

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    Edel Tuason

    Thank you, I just passed my citizenship interview today. I was so nervous but my io was so nice. Now waiting for the oath taking ceremony date..

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    cristina ccc

    My citizenship interview is in 20 minutes…. im feeling a little nervous, but i believe in my hard work studying

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    Rosaura Ochoa

    Gracias por ayudarnos con éstos videos, me estoy preparando para mi entrevista, sólo que tengo muchas dudas y le agradecería mucho si me pudiera ayudar.
    Ya tuve las huellas la semana pasada y ahí me preguntaron cuál eras mis last name, y mi last name es Ochoa Hernández, pero la carta que le llegó estaba mi nombre y sólo Ochoa, ellos me preguntaron que cual era mi last name, porque en mis documentos está cómo Ochoa Hernández y la carta Ochoa, yo sólo entendí 2 palabras de todo lo que me decían porque mi Inglés es muy limitado y sabía que me hablaban de eso porque me mostraban como aparecía mi nombre en la carta, yo no supe explicar, lo único que le entendí fue que me dijeron…
    Como entonces le vas a hacer en la entrevista si no entiendes.?
    Ahora mi duda es que palabras pudieron utilizar y yo cómo puedo contestar.? Estoy preocupada y aunque me han ayudado mucho a sentirme más segura con sus videos, se que me van a volver a preguntar, porque la carta de el día de la entrevista llegó sólo con un apellido y todos mis documentos están con ambos.

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