2949 Origin 300i Rework Review – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide 3.5

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the all-new 2949 origin 300 i and we’re starting right now welcome to a Star Citizen’s Buyer’s
Guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
origin 300 i and compare those features amongst competing ships so you can make
an informed buying decision we’ll cover a brief overview review stack
comparisons go over weapons discuss components take a look at the exterior
take a tour of the interior review pros and cons and finish up with my thoughts
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let’s get to it the origin 300i is the base variant of the 300 series it is a
luxury single cedar starter ship that is capable of filling almost any role in
the galaxy the 300 is manufactured by Origen jumpers at Arab based spaceship
and engine manufacturer of high quality and luxury products the 300 I is one of
four or 300 series variants the 315 p 325 a and 350 R are also available
reviews on those will be coming soon after they become available later in a
3.5 point X update the 300 is currently fight ready it is available for purchase
and upgrade on the pledge store for $55 and on average sells for seventy six
dollars on the grey market it is not currently available to purchase without
the UVC with that out of the way let’s see how it compares to other ships you
might be considering for comparison I have selected the following 10 ships the
Google sheets document with the data is linked in the description if this is
your first time here check the description for an explanation on how I
select and compare ships the 300i comes in at around 66 thousand kilograms it
has a max crew size of 1 as a cargo capacity of 8 SCU this is up 6 SCU with
the new rework it has over 60 100 hit points across its body it has a shield
capacity of over 75 hit points of damage as a sustained gun DPS of just over 900
it doesn’t do so well here and a burst DPS of over 1100 has a confirmed missile
payload of under 1,800 not so good here but it’s to be expected for a starter
ship it has a fuel capacity of almost 53,000 fuel units it has a max file
pitch rate of 68 degrees per second as an SCM speed of 204 m/s it is tied with
a 315 P in first place it has a top speed of almost 1,200 meters per second
it’s quantum drive has a 44 mega meters per second quantum speed so travel from
poor dollars are to arccorp will take you about 16 minutes and one second this
isn’t so good but it’s to be expected for a small ship it’s QT range of 71
Giga meters takes a second place so it can travel from Portales r2 arccorp 1.7
times before needing to refuel let’s talk about its firepower the 300i packs
three size three hard points on the nose we have one size three vero puck s3
gimble mount this holds one size 2 m4 a laser autocannon one m4a has a hundred
and eighty three energy damage with 75 RPM for a total of 229 dps and a 2000
meter range on the wings it has two size 3 SW 16 vr 3 shredder ballistic cannons
one shredder has 112 physical damage with 240 RPM for a total of 448 dps and
a 2700 meter range for missiles the 300i has two MSD – one – missile racks with
one strike force Tunes each strike force twos are sized to our cross-section have
874 mix damage a two point six eight second lock time and a forty eight
hundred meter lock range now for the components the standard components
available on the 300i are as follows it has two size 1 hydrocele coolers that
provide 200,000 max cooling per second each one size one roughneck powerplant
with almost 2700 max power generation per second – sighs one bulwark shield
generators with almost 3800 capacity each and last but not least we have one
size one expedition quantum drive with a 44 mega meter per second quantum speed
and a 10 second cooldown let’s take a look at the exterior on the nose we have
headlights inspired by modern-day luxury vehicles under the nose we have the size
3 gimble with a size 2 m4 a autocannon under the starboard wing we have the
size 3 shredder ballistic cannon and a strike force 2 toward the rear we have
the main thruster the starboard side wing is equipped with
the same as the port side just behind and below the cabin door we
have the cargo release button that reveals the eight scu of cargo space now for the interior we’ll enter into
the cabin straight ahead we have a head next we have a bed you can log out in in the rear there is a locker a
functional but not persisting gun rack and some wine glasses on the port side
we have what looks like a mini-fridge and a sink the 300i features a panoramic
moonroof the length of the cab we’ll head towards the pilot seat the pilot seat features four MFDs and a
radar the 300i does feature an ejection system
I would say its pros are its eight scu of cargo space is great for starter ship
its QT range of 71 Giga meters is pretty good for a small ship a bed to log out
in can be important it’s 240 meter per second SCM speed is at the top of this
list and three size 3 heart points its cons are its weapon DPS without filling
the third hard point with size 3 fixed is subpar as well as a total missile
damage I think the 300 eye is a great upgrade
from the base starter ships for the citizen interested in dabbling in some
fighting missions or light exploring then once you find your role in the
galaxy you can upgrade to a ship that might better specialize in what you like
doing if you’d like fighting in the 300 I consider upgrading to a 325 a arrow or
Gladius if cargo running tickled your fancy they consider a cutlass black
consider this with a $25 upgrade from the Mustang alpha you will gain double
the cargo space you get a bed to log out in enough room to put multiple mission
boxes in the cabin and a fast enough speed and agility to be hard to hit by
larger ships Plus have you seen this thing after the rework it’s beautiful it
looks like a shoe a luxury shoe the next ship in my review series will be the
anvil Hornet heartseeker I would like to know your thoughts on it the new 300 I
and what ship you’d like to see next down in the comments did you like this
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the verse

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