2949 Origin 315p Review | A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide | Alpha 3.5.1

2949 Origin 315p Review | A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide | Alpha 3.5.1

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the new 2949 Origin 315 P and we’re starting right now welcome to
a star citizen’s buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
Origin 315P and we’ll compare those features amongst competing ships so you
can make an informed buying decision we’ll cover a brief overview review stat
comparisons go over weapons discuss components review available
customization options look at the exterior take a tour of the interior
review pros and cons and finish up with my thoughts on the ship being reviewed
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reviews in this series and consider subscribing now let’s get to it
exploration is man’s highest calling prepare to chart distant horizons with
man’s most sophisticated technology the origin 315 P featuring a more robust
powerplant and a custom scanning package designed exclusively by chimera
communications the 315 P is manufactured by origin jump works at arab a spaceship
and engine manufacturer of high quality and luxury products the origin 315 p is
the exploration variant of the 300 series the 315 p is one of four 300
series variants the 300 i 325 a and 350 are also available
check the description and in screen for my reviews on those the 315 p is
currently flight ready as of today it is available for purchase and upgrade on
the pledge store for $65 and on average sells for $79 on the grey market it is
not currently available to purchase without the UVC but that out of the way
let’s see how it compares to other ships you might be considering for comparison
I’ve selected the following 10 ships the Google sheets document with the data is
linked in the description if this is your first time here check the Google
sheet or pause the screen for an explanation on how I have selected and
compared ships this comparison is of the base model 315 P check the Google sheet
to see how the other available customization packages compare
the 315 P comes in at around 66 thousand kilograms it has a max crew size of one
as a cargo capacity of 12 SCU great for ship this size it has over 60 100 hit
points across its body this ranks fourth tied with the rest of the origin 300
series it shields ranked 7th place in Key West and just under 6500 hit points
of damage has a sustained gun DPS of 710 this is low but to be expected for an
exploration ship as well as its burst DPS of 896 it has a combined missile
payload of under 1,300 also low also expected it has a fuel capacity of over
52,000 fuel units it has a max y’all pitch rate of 68 degrees per second this
takes fifth place has an SCM speed of 204 m/s the origin 300 series does well
here and this top speed of over 1200 takes fourth place and is also pretty
good its quantum drive has a 41 mega meters per second quantum speed the 315
P takes last place here very disappointed so travel from
Portales r2 arccorp will take you about 16 minutes and 55 seconds it’s QT range
of 65 Giga meters takes six so it can travel from $4 R to R Corp 1.5 times
before needing to refuel now let’s talk about its firepower or lack thereof the
315 P comes with two size three weapon hard points and one size three tractor
cannon on the nose on the wings we have two shredder ballistic autocannons each
one shredder is size 3 has 112 physical damage with 240 rpm for a total of 448
DPS and a 2700 meter range on the nose it has one sure-grip tractor cannon that
cannot be replaced with a weapon for missiles it has two MSD – one – missile
racks with one tempest to each tempest – Tsar size to our cross section has 645
mix damage a 2.7 – second lock time and a 50 400-meter lock range now for the
components the standard components available on the 315 P are as follows it
has two size one heat safe that provide 180,000 max cooling per
second each one size one sonic like powerplant
with over 2200 max power generation per second each to size one shimmer shield
generators with over 3200 capacity each and last but not least we have one size
one Goliath quantum drive with a forty one mega meter per second quantum speed
and a 10 second cooldown let’s briefly talk about customization to see all of
the three 15p customization options including color trim and weapons
packages add the guide here to your watch later list we will be getting down
to brass tacks the 315 P has two additional packages available to
purchase here’s what you need to know with the XE package for an extra six
dollars you get no additional shield protection 23% more sustained DPS 7%
more burst dps no additional missile payload a 27 percent quantum speed bump
and a nine percent quantum range improvement as for the GT package
sixteen dollars gets you no additional shield protection 40 percent more
sustained DPS 11 percent more burst DPS a hefty 70 percent missile payload bump
four percent more quantum speed and an 18 percent quantum range improvement
let’s take a look at the exterior the standard 3 15 P features a nice grey and
yellow paint job on the nose you will see its sure-grip tractor cannon and
it’s distinct 300 series LED lights in the wings you will notice retro
thrusters under the wings we have our shredder ballistic cannons around the
rear we have our main thrusters you can also clearly see its yuning wing design underneath we have two cargo bays one
with eight seu of cargo space and one with four now for the interior to the
left we have the cockpit the pilot seat features four MFDs and a
radar the 315 P does come equipped with an ejection feature behind us we have a
head on the starboard side we have a bed new to the 2949 315 P is a
functional MFD in the bed so you control your pilot while you sleep in the rear
we have a clothing locker a functional but not yet persistent weapon rack and
some wine glass storage shelves because its origin we’re fancy on the port side
we have a mini-fridge and a sink also available from the manufacturer at
an additional cost is a coffee machine food maker and sound system on the
subject of additional options there is an available picture frame and digital
clock next to the bed I would say its pros are 12 scu of cargo space is pretty
good for such a small ship its max speed and SCM speed are pretty good as well
its cons are well there are a lot the Childers are subpar sustained and burst
EPS are terrible and it’s quantum speed and range are disappointing so my
thoughts the 315 p suffers from the same pitfall as all exploration ships or any
other ships with not implemented gameplay mechanics I’ve chosen to
approach this review series from the aspect that unfinished mechanics will
affect the buyers decision heavily if you are looking to haul as much cargo as
you can without bumping to the Cutty blacks hundred dollar price tag then
this is the way to go but as of right now
that would be the only use case for this ship if it had the ability to remove the
tractor cannon and equip a size three weapon that would greatly change things
however I understand why this isn’t possible and if you are considering
upgrading to the 315 p GT for an extra firepower don’t
it won’t even exceed the firepower of the base 300 I however once salvaging or
exploration is implemented into the game this will be a must-have if you would
like to dabble in that type of gameplay without spending a ton of money let’s
continue this conversation down in the comments the next ship in my review
series will be the origin 325 8 I would like to know your thoughts on it the new
origin 3 15 P and what ship you would like to see next down in the comments
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until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


  1. Post
    Ted Wendelboe

    As today is the last day of the origin event, the 350R will probably be unavailable by tomorrow. Would have been nice to have it's review while still for sale.

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    I was surprised by its cargo capacity during the free-fly, I still can’t decide to change to the origin 300 series from my avenger as I see no upgrade to the 300i compared to the titan, the 315 and 325 are cool ships though, can’t really decide whether to buy.

    BTW I love the 325a’s firepower, melted reliant’s shield in two seconds :D.

  5. Post
  6. Post

    What do you guys think of the 315p?
    What do you think of the customization packges?
    What do you think about the new graphics in this review?
    What do you think about the way I reviewed the customization options?

  7. Post
    Nate The Great

    Thanks for taking time to cover each of the 300 series in depth. 315p is my favorite. I plan to earn one in game.

  8. Post

    They need to throw all these 300 series back in the recycle bin and go back to what a ship is supposed to look like which was the first concept. These new feminized versions are just ugh boring as hell. They look like something you store your food in from the kitchen, some idiotic Kenmore fridge appliance that has nothing to do with ship design.

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    Robert Schumacher

    I'd suggest going into more depth on the customization options or redo the videos that talk about the customization options since the flavor text now gives the component level and type (usually grade B) for the individual packages except for the basic.

  11. Post

    I'm expecting the quantum speed and range numbers to be tweaked in the future considering how CIG has and continues to advertise the 315p as a longer range ship out of the 300 line. Also something to consider is that a Tumbril Ranger may actually fit securely in the belly of the ship, but we won't know for sure until the Ranger is driveable. Nice review, Sub.

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    Везучий Эйджи

    love your videos, man! very thought out, polite and in professional manner. keep em coming!

  13. Post
    William Barnett

    hey @SubliminaL, great job as always! I love the work (awesome editing on the vids) you put into your videos.

  14. Post
    Cyril j

    Good review, I would love to see 325a reviewed next👍,love the new 300 series ,its one of the best looking ships in game 😉

  15. Post
    j Cadence

    Excellent job. This is one of my favourite ships mostly based on future game dynamics. I was looking at the custom options but, you're right, more guns doesn't add up to much with just 2 s3s or gimbaled s2s. That said, some of the internal component upgrades are decent on the XC. For $6, might be worth it.

  16. Post

    I love how organized these videos are and you aren't just screaming into the mic with as many words as you can spit out. its a nice change.

  17. Post

    In reference to your question about what we think about the 325A.

    The new 325A is an outstanding little ship. Excellent firepower for a ship it's size and while it's gun capacity may look identical to the Aegis Avenger, the 325A's considerably beefed up missile capacity gives it the advantage in overall damage output. Although, you could still make a good argument for the Avenger "Titan" if additional cargo capacity is more important to you than the missile loadout with the Titan having 8 SCU capacity vs the 325A's 4 SCU cargo capacity. The 325A has more amenities than the Avenger Titan (the Titan is a little more roughneck, but functional). And both the 325A and Avenger Titan are similar enough in flight speed and maneuverability (give and take) that they mostly balance out either way. All in all, both the 325A and Avenger Titan are easily two of the most versatile, capable and downright deadly light ships in the game. In the end, I think the 325A wins out over the Avenger Titan, but it's a very close race. Honestly, I think those two ships are easily two of the best small starter class ships anyone could hope to have in the game right now. As far as price, the Avenger Titan definitely has the advantage there. However the 325A does come with a stronger default weapon loadout and stronger shields, but to be fair, it would not be difficult to upgrade the Titan's guns in game to match the 325A's capabilities because the 325A and Titan share the exact same gun hardpoint configuration. Missiles are a different story with the Titan currently having no answer to the 325A's substantial missile capabilities.

    I really like the 325A and would easily recommend it to just about anyone. It makes for a great starter ship. It's got teeth as it's geared for combat, so you'll easily be able to defend yourself or go on the offensive. But unlike a dedicated fighter, because it has an internal habitation area and a "decent" cargo capacity for ship of it's class, it's versatile enough to allow you the option to pursue other gameplay mission types such as courier missions, kill the thief and get my cargo back missions or some trading. It's a combat focused ship, but it doesn't lock you to exclusively combat only missions like a dedicated fighter would (Gladius, Arrow, SuperHornet, Sabre, etc.). The 325A should definitely be near the top of the list of ships worth "considering" if you're buying into the game and trying to decide which ship to get as your first ship.

    If I was choosing between the 300 series and the Avenger series, I'd easily take an Avenger Titan over a 300i (although the choice would've been more difficult if CIG had given the 300i the full cargo capacity of the 315p for 12 SCU of total cargo capacity), but I'd take the 325A over the Avenger Titan. But you can't really go wrong with either option.

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    Around The Verse

    It can fly 315p from PO to Hurston without overheating with one go. 300i overheated in mid flight and didn’t make it to Hurston

  20. Post

    When I first upgraded my Mustang Alpha starter package I went with the 325a and disliked it under its original design. When I saw the revision I went back and used one of my LTI token X-1 bikes to get a 315p. Yep, it is under-gunned when compared to other 300 series ships and the Avenger series but that's life with a "Pathfinder" ship. As far as QT range and speed, that is subject to further balancing by CIG so don't take anything there seriously.

    When comparing Exploration ships you must choose to do "apples-to-apples" and not to other types of vessels. The main competition to the 315p in the solo Exploration ship is the Anvil Terrapin. Looking at cost alone the 315p is a better choice, then compare the 12 SCU of cargo space to the zero SCU of the Terrapin. The Terrapin has a presumably better scanning suite but you have to leave the pilot's seat to go back and use it. The 315p has a tractor beam that the Terrapin lacks which makes sense since the latter cannot carry secured cargo. The Terrapin has supposedly heavy armor and can hide its heat signature by turning "turtle" though the scanner has to be in passive mode to stay stealthy since an active scan will light up your ER signature. Both ship have only two gun mounts but the 315p's are larger and has missiles whereas the Terrapin doesn't. One final comparison, the Origin 315p is the hare to Anvil's tortoise.

    I went with the Midnight Rose paint job, the GT upgrade package and the nicest interior I could give my 315p. Since I want to use it as a runabout or shuttle more than as an Explorer I'm happy with my choices.

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    John Boyd

    Ok. So. I have been looking for a detailed numbers/loadout based reviewer forever. You got a subscriber. However, man, you are gonna have to update these ALL the time lol

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    I have a 315p and i am very disappointed because a) the fueltank is very very low for an "explorer" and b) THERE IS NO F*CKING SHOWER… am i supposed to reek?

  28. Post
    StarCitizen Modding

    I think the upgrades on ships will be a BIG part of SC. So you can really specialise your ship this will make the stock ship details less important. SC still has alot in the pipeline.

  29. Post

    The lack of a shower makes exploration a smelly affair… and seriously, it needs a much, much longer range in order to be a true "exploration ship."

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