2949 Origin 325a Review | A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide | Alpha 3.5.1

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the new 2949 origin 325 a and we’re starting right now welcome to
a star citizens buyers guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
origin 325 a and we’ll compare those features amongst competing ships so you
can make an informed buying decision we’ll cover a brief overview review stat
comparisons go over weapons discuss components review available
customization packages look at the exterior take the tour of the interior
review pros and cons and finish up with my thoughts on the ship being reviewed
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because it’s a rough galaxy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort the
325 8 can come out on top in any dogfight the 325 a features an advanced
weapon payload as well as a custom targeting system designed especially for
the 325 a by Willa Saab the 325 a is manufactured by Origen jump works at era
based spaceship and engine manufacturer of high quality and luxury products the
325 a is the combat variant of the 300 series the 300 I 315 P + 350 R are also
available check the description and in screen for
my reviews on those the 325 a is currently flight ready as of today it is
available for purchase or upgrade on the pledge store from $70 and on average
sells for $85 on the great market it is not currently available to purchase with
off the UBC with that out of the way let’s see how it compares to other ships
you might be considering for comparison I’ve selected the following 10 ships
they’re Google sheets document what the data is linked in the description if
this is your first time here check the Google sheet or pause the screen for an
explanation of hive selected and compared ships this comparison is of the
base model 325 a check the Google sheet to see how other available customization
packages compare the 325 a comes in at around 67,000 kilograms that as a max
crew size of 1 as a cargo capacity of 4 s see you
as over 6100 hit points across its body this ranks fourth tied with the rest of
the origin 300 series it shields take second place and coolest and over 70 910
points of damage as a sustain gun DPS of almost 1200 this takes second it comes
in first with a burst dps of over 1,400 it has a combined missile payload of
over 10,500 this ranks second it has a max all pitch rate of 69 degrees per
second it gets beat by the arrow here as an SCM speed of 225 meters per second
second only to its racing sibling to 350 R and its top speed of over 1,200 meters
per second takes fifth place but isn’t far from second this was nerfed in three
point five point one from 1315 meters per second it’s quantum drive has a 50
mega meters per second quantum speed the 325 a takes first place here so travel
from Portales r2 art Corp will take you about 13 minutes and 50 seconds its QT
range of 54 Giga meters takes seven so it can travel from $4 R to R Corp 1.3
times before needing to refuel if you exclude the mass comparison it gets an
average rank of 2.6 for this is pretty good now let’s talk about its firepower
hold the firepower the default 25a comes with two size three weapon hard points
on the wings and one size four on the notes on the wings we have 2 SW 16 VR 3
shredder ballistic repeaters each one shredder is size 3 has 112 physical
damage with 240 rpm for a total of 440 a DPS and a 2700 meter range on the nose
it has one m6 a laser autocannon one m6 a is sized for does 555 energy damage
with 56 RPM for a total of 518 dps and a 4200 meter range for missiles it has to MSD three to two
missile racks with two dominator tubes each dominator twos are size two are
electromagnetic have 1099 mixed damage a one point eight nine second lock time
and a sixty two hundred meter lock range it also has one MSD five four three
missile rack with four arrests or threes each arrests or threes are size three
our cross section have 1553 mixed damage a three point eight nine second lock
time and a 90 100 meter lock range now for the components the standard
components available in the 325 a are as follows it has one size one beacon
quantum drive with a fifty one mega meter per second quantum speed and a 10
second cooldown one size one Aegis regalia power plant with over 2200 max
power generation for a second – size one bracer coolers that provide 260,000 max
cooling per second each and last but not least we have two size one all stop
shield generators with almost 4000 capacity each let’s talk about
customization to see all of the 325 a customization options including color
trim and weapons packages add the guide here to your watch later list we’ll get
straight to the point here the 325 a has four additional packages available to
purchase here’s what you need to know with the CC package for an extra $18 you
get 9% more shield capacity 800 percent more sustained and 700 percent more
burst EPS now don’t get your panties in a bunch
distortion scatter guns do high DPS to shields only no hull damage it also
requires a close range and for all the pellets to hit no additional missile
payload a nine percent loss in quantum speed a four percent quantum range
improvement 10% more max power generation and a hefty 46 percent more
cooling per second and if you purchase these components in game right now it
will cost you around one hundred and seventy nine thousand alpha UEC with the
XC package for an extra 18 dollars you get nine percent
sheíll capacity 27% more sustained DPS 15% more verse DPS no additional missile
payload a nine percent loss in quantum speed a four percent quantum range
improvement 10% more max power generation a hefty 53 percent more
cooling per second this can be purchased in game for as low as two hundred and
twelve thousand dollar UVC this is my personal favorite with the CL package
for an extra twenty two dollars you get nine percent more shield capacity eighty
percent more sustained DPS 54 percent more burst dps again these are
distortion weapons not energy or ballistic a twelve percent drop in
missile payload a twelve percent gain in quantum speed a seven percent quantum
range improvement 10% more max power generation and 46 percent more cooling
this can be purchased in game for as low as two hundred and one thousand out for
you EC and last and certainly least because this package was probably put
together before the laser cannon nerf in three point five or someone a CI g
fat-fingered the price for a whopping twenty nine dollars you get no extra
shield capacity six percent losses sustained DPS a sixteen percent loss in
burst dps no extra missile payload QT speed or qt range ten percent more power
generation and 54 percent more cooling per second this can be purchased in game
for as low as one hundred and fifty $1,000 you EC don’t buy that one let’s
take a look at the exterior the standard 325 a features a gray and red paint job
I’m not a fan of this as the default color personally I think the red should
be exclusive to the 350 R this doesn’t look like a combat ship I personally
picked the origin celebration sagebrush green paint job on the nose you can’t
miss the massive size 4 m6 a laser autocannon and it’s distinct 300 series
LED headlights in the wings you will notice its retro thrusters under the
wings we have the shredder ballistic cannons and to size to Dominator tubes
around the rear we have our main thrusters from here you can also clearly
see it’s Union wing design underneath the rear we have a cargo bay
with four seu of cargo space now for the interior to the left we have the cockpit
you will notice the red trim this is customizable in the pledge store the
pilot seat features four MFDs and a radar the 300 series does come equipped with
an ejection feature behind us we have a head on the starboard side we have a bed
new to the 2949 325 a is a functional MFD in the bed so you control your pilot
while you sleep in the rear we have a clothing locker a functional but not yet
persisting weapon rack and some wine glass storage shelves because this is
origin we like to be fancy while we fight on the port side we have a
mini-fridge and a sink also available from the manufacturer at an additional
cost is a coffee machine food maker and sound system on a subject
of additional options there is an available picture frame and digital
clock next to the bed I would say its pros are where do I begin its shield
capacity it sustained in burst dps missile payload max shaw pitch rate SCM
speed quantum speed you can poop in it you can sleep in it I’m running out of
room here but I think you get the point its cons are well they nerfed the top
speed to be average but that’s not really a con oh yeah it’s heavy but that
doesn’t seem to have any effect in game I guess his QT range could be better
there we have a con so my thoughts the 3:25 day has been my favorite fighter
since I first bought it a few months back I never looked at much data I was
waiting to review it as well as some other light fighters but I got the sense
that it was the one for me looking at these stats now I can see why
it excels in almost every aspect of combat
I forgot the 4 s eu of cargo space you get zero in the Aero Gladius or
Buccaneer as for the top speed nerf from 315 down to 12 35 I’m disappointed but I
still can’t complain overall if you’re looking for a combat ship I think you
can’t go wrong with the 325 a those are my thoughts what are yours let’s
continue this conversation down in the comments the next ship in my review
series will be the origin 350 yard I would like to know your thoughts on it
the new 325 a and what’s if you would like to see next down in the comments
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the verse

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