4 Shocking Secret Societies

4 Shocking Secret Societies

Wanna hang out in the woods with some
naked presidents? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – (gruffly) Good Mythical Morning.
– We gonna get secret today, y’all. – Yeah.
– We’re gonna get exposed. – Or, we’re gonna expose secrets.
– There you go. – Oooo-ee. It’s gonna happen.
– That’s what we’re gonna do. – Gotta stay clear on that.
– In a previous episode called “Illuminati or IllumiNOT?” we discussed
which celebrities were in the Illuminati, one of the most famous secret societies.
So we’re not going there today… – That’s okay.
– …but we are going to turn the all-seeing gaze of research to-wards
other societies… – “To-wards!”
– …of secretness. That’s right. So what we’re gonna do is
we have done some research on the four most prominent secret societies in
the world, and then we’re gonna give you some of their deepest, darkest secrets,
and then give you our professional Internetainment assesment, so you can
know what to think about these things. Because you don’t need to think for
yourselves. You need to listen to us. – Yes. Listen to us. (laughing)
– Okay? All right. Let ’em have
the first one, Rhett. Okay, I’m gonna tell you about the
first one: Freemasons. – You’ve heard of these guys.
– I have. They’re the world’s largest secret society
with over 6 million members. – They got started way back in the 14th…
– Wow. …century. And — I didn’t know this
until I started looking this up — they actually were masons, like brick
layers. Right from the start. – And they didn’t charge?
– Uh, I don’t know. I see where you’re… …going with that. I’m gonna point at ya.
Past and present members include… …Benjamin Franklin, George Washington,
Mozart, John Wayne, John Elway, and Shaq. Probably because he’s laid
so many bricks. – (forced laughter) Sports joke!
– Shaq and Mozart… – Sports joke!
– …in the same thing. I know none of you care, so I’m just
doing it for this camera. Sports joke! A brick layer is when you
miss a shot. He’s really bad at free throws. Don’t worry about it.
And my wife’s grandfather… – Mozart!
– (Rhett laughing) – …Papa, was also a Freemason.
– Papa, yeah! So, here’s a couple of things. Basically, the idea that a lot of
people have about them is that they’ve been around for a long time, and
they’ve been constantly working to get the whole one-world government, the
new world order started. Even going back to evidence on the one-dollar bill.
You see the all-seeing eye on the top – of the pyramid on every one-dollar bill.
– Uh-huh. They are purported to have been the
ones responsible for putting it on there. Also, it says “new order ages” — that’s
“novus ordo seclorum” — on the one-dollar bill. New world order of
the ages. People said they faked the moon landing. They were the ones
responsible for that, because we know that was fake, right? But we did a show
about that. Also, if you ascend to the 33rd degree, the highest level of
Freemasons, you must drink blood – out of a human skull.
– Ooh. So it’s very, you know, dark. Mysterious.
Lotta bad stuff going on. But I know Papa. Lemme tell you about Papa. Papa was
a Freemason. The only thing sinister that the man ever did was get addicted to
nasal spray. – (laughing)
– And he did that with a passion. He used it all the time. But listen.
This is just… He said, “I’m not addicted to it.
I use it every day.” Maybe in the past, this was a big deal.
But now this is just a bunch of old men with funny hats who like to eat barbecue
together, do secret handshakes, and possibly abuse nasal spray in mass
quantities. It’s okay. Not a threat. Freemasons: not a threat.
You heard it here. (clearing throat) Founded in 1832,
Skull and Bones is the one I’m teeing up. – Mm. That sounds scary.
– It is the oldest secret society at Yale. They meet in a
windowless tomb. – Oh.
– Some Bonesmen include… …William H. Taft, John Kerry, and many
members of the Bush family. – (Rhett) Oh, those bushes.
– Basically, it’s a college frat… – …for seniors.
– Bush’s baked beans, or Bush the… – …presidents? Got it.
– Bush the presidents. – Maybe the baked bans guy, too.
– They’re good baked beans! Not a sponsor! Could be, if you’re
into it, though. That’s true. 15 new members are added
on Tap Day every year from the rising senior class. And then there’s a
hazing week, where they play games, – they jump into mud piles…
– Oh! …they fun games like Bush family
trivia night. – (laughing) Oh, wow.
– I’ve been playing that… – …with my kids for years.
– Yeah. – They absolutely love it.
– Who doesn’t already have that? “Dad, can we play Bush Family Trivia
Night again?” – (laughing)
– “Yeah, you’re gonna go to Yale… …one day, son. You’re gonna be in the
Skull and Bones.” – That’s right. Get some free beans.
– They give out nicknames, including Long Devil, Boaz, Uncle Remus, Thor,
Sancho Panza… Those aren’t nicknames. Those are just,
like, names for other people in the past. – H. W. Bush was named Magog.
– Oh, Magog. – (laughing)
– He was? – Really? (laughing)
– Yeah, new initiates have to go into… …a coffin and lie down and recite their
intimacy details from their past. – (laughing) Those intimacy details.
– I’m just gonna put it that way. – Okay.
– And in the 1990s, women were added. – Women can become Bomesmen.
– Huh! They added some women! – Throw some women in there.
– Yeah, women can now be added into the mix. So here’s my assessment.
I want in. – (laughing) Okay.
– I mean, you’re jumping to mud piles. You’re playing games. You’ve got
nicknames. I mean, you would be Long Devil, because you’re the tallest
guy. The tallest guy is called Long Devil. – Call me Boaz.
– I wanna be Big Buck. I’ll be a part if you call me Big Buck.
I’ve always wanted to call myself – Big Buck.
– I don’t think… – Can we be a part of it?
– You can’t give yourself a nickname. Well, but you go in, you get in first,
and then when I show up, you’re like, “Call him Big Buck! We should call
him Big Buck!” – (crew laughing offscreen)
– We’ve got a whole strategy. So you’re not that. That’s your
assessment? – My assessment is I want in.
– How about the Bilderberg group? – Started in 1954…
– I’ve heard of them. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding them,
because basically this is an invitation-only conference. It happens once a year where
various world leaders show up to this hotel. I think they do it in different
places every year, but… – Very high-security.
– Yeah. – You can’t infiltrate that.
– And there’s people like Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, Henry Kissinger, Steven
Spielberg, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch. Some of the biggest names
in politics and media come together and meet. Now listen. They must come alone.
They can bring their personal assistants and their people, but their people have to
be in this other place. They can’t eat with them. They can’t be in the event.
No press is allowed. No details are released to the public.
There are armed guards outside. There are fighter jets that patrol the
area, the airspace around this thing. So you would be tempted to think,
“This is… something is going down.” Ever since 1954, something big has
been going down, and, of course, – lots of people say…
– Sure. …that they’re planning for the one world
government, and one world army, and one world central bank, and all
this stuff. And that’s what they’re getting in there and talking about.
But I’ve done some… (nasally voice) professional research,
and I have a theory. (nasally voice) Okay.
Tell me your theory. First of all, people often call these guys
the Bilerbergers. There’s a sign. – Of what?
– (laughing) In 1954, they had their first meeting. I ain’t making this up.
In 1955, you know what happened? The first Mickey D’s opened up. – Okay.
– Hold on, hold on. I’m not done. In June of this year,
they had their meeting. And then in October, Burger King released
the black Halloween Whopper. – Mm.
– Link, have you heard of a store that Stevie used to work at called
Build-A-Bear? – Yes.
– Who’s to say there’s not something called a Build-A-Burger, and that’s
what these — Think about Bill Clinton. He’s sitting there, he’s like,
“Hey, guys. Listen.” “This year. Burger King. Black Whopper.” – “And, no! You know what? Let’s also…”
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) “While we’re at it, let’s get ’em to do a
long burger. Extra long. Two patties, – side-by-side.”
– “And you know what?” “We can take those fry containers,
and we can put chicken in ’em.” – “Yeah!”
– “Yeah!” “That’s not a burger, though.
We can’t build that.” – “Who cares?”
– “We’re the Build-A-Burgers.” – “We can sub that out.”
– That’s what they’re doing, people. Don’t get so excited. They’re just
planning menu items for fast – food restaurants.
– Actually, once you told me that, – I started to get really excited.
– (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) Like, I’m gonna run some fighter jets
over somebody… Hey, they’re doing a good job. Keep
it up, Build-A-Burgers! – Love those burgers. (laughing)
– I love that black Whopper. – Makes your poop green.
– ♪ (Oh, Stevie worked at Build-A-Bear.) ♪ – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing)
– Let’s just hang out on that for a second. All right. And then let’s hang out at the
Bohemian Grove: the greatest men’s – party on Earth!
– Oh, I’m in! This is a campground located in Monte Rio,
California, about 75 miles north of San Francisco. So you’re getting up into
Redwood territory. Every July… – It’s beautiful up there.
– …they host a two-week camp for some of the most prominent men in the
world. Men only. No women. – Only men during this two-week thing.
– All right. Other times of the year, women can come,
but they have to leave by like 9 PM. – (laughing) The women have a curfew.
– Yeah, the women have a curfew. – Okay. I don’t know how I feel about that.
– The stated objective of the two-week camp is to, quote, “share a passion for
the outdoors, music, and theater.” – But what really goes on inside?
– Mm. Well, first thing we do know is back in
1942, the planning of the Manhattan Project, which led to the first atomic
bomb, took place there. – So there’s some…
– That’s big. – There’s some stuff going on.
– That’s serious business. And i have turned my research to
unearth some secrets here. – Okay.
– And what I have found is that – they also smoke cigars.
– Oh… – Some of these men…
– Smoky. – …like the dress as women.
– (exaggerated gasp) That’s right. And the rest of them just
like to hang out naked against – Redwoods.
– What kinda guys like to dress… – …like women?
– Uh, presidents. – We don’t do that on this show.
– Leaders. And Internetainers. They have this ceremony called the
“cremation of care,” where — there’s, like, clandestine footage of
this stuff — people in in robes. And they’ve got this huge bonfire in front
of a 30-foot statue of an owl that they – call Moloch.
– Oh, yeah. Moloch. The 30-foot owl. That’s where I was? I thought that was
a summer camp. – Well, Moloch is a Canaanite god…
– Oh. …that was a associated with child
sacrifice. – Ah.
– So people say they sacrifice… – …chil’ren this thing, y’all.
– (laughing) I mean, it gets… The fire is big.
I can say that. – (laughing) Okay. The fire is big.
– But here’s my conclusion. My assessment is that, basically,
it’s like a boy’s camp for old men who like to get naked against Redwood
trees. And… – (scoffing)
– …every Rebublican president since Coolidge has been a member.
Look at these men and ask yourself the question: do I wanna hang out
against Redwood trees with these men, – naked? There’s an easy answer…
– (Rhett) Mm. – …to that question.
– (Rhett) None of these guys look like… …they would look good naked,
I will say that. (Link) It’s “no.” And they smell like
campfire? it’s like, “Man, you look like…” “You smell like a campfire and
you look naked.” – But naked…
– “‘Cause you are naked.” “Were you a president?
Because this is weird.” Naked in the firelight’s different,
though. Sometimes you can look good naked in a firelight.
You get the right angle? – Can I show you the picture —
– I could see Richard Nixon… – Look at the man again, Rhett.
– …looking pretty good naked. Well, Richard Nixon can’t look good
in any firelight. The answer is “no.”
And so the secret’s out. – (laughing)
– I’m not on the waiting list, which could be like 30 years to go to the
Bohemian Grove. But we are gonna join that other one
that you take about. – Skull and Bones, baby!
– Yeah, let’s get in on that. We gotta go to Yale. That might be
a problem. (laughing) We’re applying right now.
Thanks for liking, commenting, – and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. Hey, guys. My name’s Brittany
Taylor. I’m from Tyler, Texas, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. It’s not too early to make that Christmas
list. And when you do, remember to go to – rhettandlink.com/store.
– (Link) Store! (Rhett) Get some lip balm for the loved
one in your life. Or some beard oil for… ..the man or woman with a beard in
your life. Ha ha! Click through to Good Mythical
More. We’re gonna play Rocket League! – It’s soccer with cars…
– Hey! …in a video game! (Rhett) “Landing a plane, but you’re
not pilots.” (impersonating an intercom) Uh, traffic
control, we’re, uh… We’re up here and we’re gonna…
We’re comin’ on down! Uh, it’s been a great flight here
with everybody. I’m glad. Thanks for flying with us today. And we hope to
see you next time. Uh… Siri, can you play some Taylor
Swift? That would be good for this, right? – I think we should…
– Little upbeat, something. I think we should probably put the landing
gear out about now, Dale. – All right. Let’s put the landing…
– I’m gonna hit this button here. – …gear down. Siri…
– Uh, now… Landing gear. Uh… All right.
Shiny buttons, and look at this. – Question for ya, Dale.
– Ugh. – You a pilot?
– Nope. Not much. – What about you, Cindy?
– (crew laughing offscreen) Nope. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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    Trista Sayers

    Link-"Ask yourself this question: do I wanna hangout against redwood trees with these men naked?"
    Me- "I'll hangout with anyone naked"

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    Staer ‘

    Omg there are 2 guitars and 2 link statues
    What is between 2 and 4 ?
    what has 3 sides ?
    A triangle does
    If you put all the sides together like this…
    It makes 333

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    I love your show but even though I know you are poking fun at all this; this particular episode was fairly ill informed.

    Also, be careful with that "Pappy was a Mason" comment. They know far less at the lower levels.

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    Gracie Zimmer

    We found a vest in my great grandmas attic that we later found out that it was president Taft’s brother’s

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    Walter Simeon

    I am part of a group called The Cult of Omega, we believe in a singular unification, were broad individuality is banned.

    Also we listen to 'Narcissistic Cannibal' and read Lovecraft books a lot.

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    Anybody else realise that where the light reflected on their hood, the pattern looked like rabbit ears.

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    Jonathan Baltzly

    Start the "Secret Order of Mythical Beasts" for fans. Of course, we'd need to be quiet about it. To quote The Simpsons, "Let's get drunk and play ping pong!"

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    Kenzie Tankersley

    As a former Job's Daughter, I have first hand experience that the Free Mason's are just a bunch of religious old men that argue all the time lol

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    Freemasons are not evil. The highest degree is the third degree Master Mason. Past the third degree you can join the York Rite(12 degrees) and the Scottish Rite(33 degrees). The highest degree of the York Rite is Knights Templar. However, past the third degree, “rank” does not increase. You can think of it as a kind of tree. The first three degrees move upward and then the continuing degrees move outward but they never ascend because there is no higher light than the 3rd degree. I know this because my father is a Templar, my brother is a Master Mason, a close family friend is a 32nd degree mason working on his 33rd degree currently, and I am the Master Councilor of my chapter in the Order of DeMolay, currently working to become a state or international officer.

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    Chad Peterson

    Honestly, people are so dumb about secret societies. Duh there's going to be people who shut themselves into closets and conferences and coffins to plot world domination, but most people would do it just to pursue more realistic interests. The important thing to remember is that no society to can exist forever without being propped up and muddied by inner politics, and the smaller the organization, the more likely it will die. Just be a good person, keep your head down, and don't be stupid.

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    I am a member of The Order of DeMolay, which is another secretive organization for men 12-22. What makes us special is that we are directly connected to the Freemasons. Once one of us reaches the age of 18 we have the choice to become a Freemason.

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    Elephant in the room

    When my grandma was in her teens she went into her father's closet because she was looking for some records, she found a bunch of stuff that she now knows today as evidence that he was in the Free Mason society. After he passed her brothers went through his things and she was able to see all of it in a better light that he was indeed a free mason and her father had tried introduced her brothers into it as well. She was actually never suppose to see it due to the society not allowing women into it.

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    drewski west

    as a freemason i am a bit appalled at the ignorance of the comments.
    we ARE NOT THE ILLUMINATI – we are AGAINST them.

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    Why do they call them 'secret' societies when everybody knows about them? Several years I followed many of these links down rabbit holes. Eventually I gave up when Dianna and Obama were accused of being alien lizards! Everybody remember 'V'? 😁

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    Meagan Wallwork

    It makes a lot of sense why there would be so much security considering how many high profile leaders are in one place.

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    Akash khan

    1:23 illuminati confirmed…. this is Satan's channel….watch slow motion ( they make so many 666 symbles on their every videos just watch carefully on their every videos this channel is illuminati

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    SixRaven Eight

    So many societies giving people special treatment and I can't join any of them.
    Guess they liked the idea.

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    deepest darkest secrets that absolutely nobody other than everyone with 2 minutes and google could possibly know!

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    Sarah LaPorta

    One time, i was going home from a friends house when i saw a car with the freemasons symbol as a bumper sticker. When i recognized it, it was disturbing

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    Boss Ricketts

    The Freemasons same like a joke to me though my grandfather was a Grandmaster I believe. Anyhow 33rd degree is still low. 34th is a Pontiff of the Illuminati

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    Boss Ricketts

    Been to a few Bilderberg meetings with extraterrestrial beings and government agents. I am willing to use a lie detector test and truth serum to prove honesty.

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    Sprite Bonn

    Freemasons are Shriners and they do good works especially with children I'm sure you've heard of the Shriners Hospital for Children. Careful what you say about them they will take you to court and drain you dry and a lot of judges are Shriners.

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    Patrick Liechty

    These two clowns by their humorless joking are belittling the idea that these secret societies are dangerous and conspiratorial, but real research proves the opposite. Their research is frivolous. This comment is made by Kenneth R. Tarr, not Patrick Liechty. YouTube deception???

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    Brodie Bradford

    I'm a Freemason free and excepted Mason's. To be a 33rd degree you need Scottish rite. And yes there's nothing spooky about us.

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    Bart Simpson

    free masons are not a secret society because you know they exist. I am a free mason. we are a society with secrets not a secret society lol

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    That is exactly how I describe Freemason to people! Love the bbq comment, so on point!
    Disclaimer, not a Freemason, just know a lot of them.

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