5 Crazy Waffle Iron Experiments | People Vs. Food

– Ooh boy!
– Ooh, that cheese pull! – Yes!
– Hell yeah! This is what I’ve been waiting for! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we are gonna be showing you five foods that you may not
have realized that you can cook in a waffle iron.
– (both) Yes! – Oh my gosh, I’m so excited.
– These are my favorite videos. – Wait.
– Oh cool. – What?
– I love waffles. – I can’t think of anything else
I can make in it, except like, variations of waffles. Like, I’ve done waffle
grilled cheese and stuff. – I feel like you could do
like a grilled cheese. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– On like a waffle maker. – I’ve done this before at home,
I’ve done stuff before. – Oh, he’s ahead of the game. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So first up, we are
going to be making some mozzarella sticks.
– Oh shoot! – Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!
– Wow! – Wow, we just turned into
the Food Network channel. – Shoot! – Yo.
– I love mozzarella sticks! – Man. – If this works,
I am making this for dinner tonight! – Oh, I’m already like conflicted,
because I hate when you cook cheese and it sticks to everything.
– Oh, it’s the worst. – Okay good, nice little even coating,
shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Let’s get the egg batter. – Oh my God, I’m so excited.
I don’t know how much flower though. – Just get in there, like put as much
as you want in there. – Your process is quite interesting.
– Thank you! (laughs) Was that a compliment?
– Yeah, mm-hmm. – Oh yeah, okay.
(party horn blows) – I’m very nervous.
– How long do we go? – I’m gonna do it sideways.
Wow, that sounds good. – So far it smells, okay.
– It sounds like it’s cooking. – Oh, y’all hear that sizzle? – Oh this is really like slimy. – I feel like this
is gonna completely melt, and then just be
a mozzarella melty-thing with cooked egg and crumbs. – Boom, wow, pro? Just took that off
with my fingers. – Ooh boy!
– Ooh, that cheese pull! – Yes!
(grunts) Hot! – Oh my God!
– Oh bro, dude! – Look at this! – Oh mine’s still a little, ugh.
– Alright, so I guess we just pop it, oh look at that,
it didn’t stick at all. I don’t know why I thought
when I opened this up, it was gonna be
a round mozzarella stick? – Yeah!
(both laugh) – I should’ve known
there’d be some nooks and crannies. – But look how pretty yours is.
– It doesn’t look bad. – No well…
– Yours is okay. – Nice try. (laughs) – Cheers, cheers with cheesesticks?
– Yeah, oh yes. – Cheers. – Oh wait wait wait,
gotta get the pull, gotta get the pull – Oh oh oh.
– Oh please be a pull. – (gasps) Wow! I’ve never had a…
– Wow! – It’s hot, it’s hot,
it’s hot, it’s hot! – Okay, bon appetite.
– Yep. – This definitely is not
a mozzarella stick, but like, it’s good, I’d eat it.
– Yeah. – Oh yeah.
– It’s not as like bready. – Yeah.
– You know. – I think I burnt mine. – Oh man.
– Mine came out like pretty nice! I like this!
– Bro, bro! – Is it good?
– It is so good! – Ah, I’m excited!
Oh my God, look! – How good is that? – (screams) Dude, no,
this actually came out like a lot better
than what I was expecting. – Yeah.
– It’s a good, I feel like, life hack. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So next up, we have falafel. But since it’s in a waffle iron, we obviously have to
call it a fa-waffle. – (gasps) A fa-waffle!
Oh my gosh, I love fa-waffles! – Alright.
– Alright, we’re gonna… – I’m excited.
I’m just gonna pop it in there. – I’m anxious to see
how this is gonna work, because there’s not that much
moisture in there. – I don’t even know
what falafel is. – That’s good, chickpeas.
– Wait what? Oh, okay.
I’ve never had that before, but cool. – I love falafel.
I’m very skeptical about this. – Ugh, it smells really bad. – Ow! [bleep] – Guys, we’re gonna have
a whole business. Cheesesticks and fa-waffles. – Cheesesticks and fa-waffles. (laughs) – Okay, cool.
– Why is it? I don’t like how it’s shaped like that. – I don’t like how it smells,
let alone looks now. – It’s supposed to be…
– Oh my God! It just looks like a waffle!
It’s so cute! – Mine’s a little fa-waffle. – There’s too much spices going on.
– Oh I taste, it’s a lot going on. This is a lot going on. My cousin’s going
to college this weekend, and I’m gonna get her that
for her dorm, so she can make herself
mozzarella sticks when she’s sad. – It tastes good,
like a falafel should taste, or like a fa-waffle should taste. – I’m not a fan,
but I’m also not a hater. Like it’s not bad,
but it’s not good. It’s like a very mediocre
neutral taste for me. – It is really good.
That is so good. – The bad thing is when I go
to get a real falafel now. When I see it, I’m gonna be like
this isn’t a falafel. It doesn’t have little squares in it. – I like this one.
– It’s really crispy! – You get the crispiness,
even though it’s not like deep-fried. – And deep fryers
aren’t very convenient. This is convenient. I can literally sit in my bed
and plug this into the side, and totally make anything
in a waffle iron. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Next up, you are going to be
making a corndog! – Corndog!
– Bro! – Hell yeah!
This is what I’ve been waiting for! – I feel like this is gonna
take a lot longer than the other two. – Oh wow, woo! – Yo, pause fam. I have too much dough. – Okay, it’s not even
covering that side! I touched it, I’m sorry.
I touched his weenie. (laughs) – Yo, man. – Okay, I think this is
pretty well done. There is a little exposed
hot dog at the bottom. But you know,
you can’t do it all. – Oh crap, crap.
– Did you just? Oh no, that looks great. – That seemed okay, yeah.
– Yeah, that looks great. – It’s like a waffle
wrapped around a hot dog. – With corndogs, you can’t go wrong.
Put a little ketchup on the side, a little mustard,
you’re set. – I hate ketchup.
– Okay, well, everyone’s different. – This has gotta be…
– Oh. – What a weird,
what a weird looking corndog. – Alright yo,
I think it’s done. And this looks cute!
– It’s still doughy. – Oh God, it’s hot.
– [bleep]. – It’s a litte doughy.
– I love it, I [bleep] love it. – It tastes like…
– F the stick. – What’s that, pigs in a blanket,
that’s what it tastes like, and it’s really good. – I’m gonna take this out.
– Oh wow! – Voila!
– I’m actually really impressed. I didn’t think that would be good. – If this was like at
a baseball stadium or something, I would definitely buy
Alberto’s Corndogs, trademark. – It’s not a corndog though.
– What, yeah it is. – It’s a waffle dog.
– It’s a corndog. – There’s no corn. – Alright, well, way to
tear down my business. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – Oh, oh!
– Yes! – (FBE) So next up,
we got some burgers! – Yay!
– Of course! – Yo!
– Yes, I was expecting this one. – Oh, I’m so ready.
I’m so ready. – Oh my God!
– Dude, I’m hyped on this one. – Just slap it on to the thing
and that’s it! – Yeet, ooh!
– I totally almost missed. – When I grill burgers at home,
on the grill outside, I always try and like make sure
it just cooks on one side enough and then flip it,
try to do the even. – Oh, so it’s pretty with the design.
– So it has like those, like yeah. It never works,
but that’s what I try to do. – Can I toast this? – (gasps) (laughs) What is that? Wow, multipurpose! (laughs) – From now on when people
come over for barbeques, I’m not even gonna use my grill. I’m just gonna whip out
the waffle maker. – I used to actually cook my
burgers back in the day on like a George Foreman
type thing all the time, so basically the same thing. Are you flipping it?
– Yeah, I’m flipping it. – (FBE) You don’t need to. – Oh, you know what?
That makes sense, I’m so stupid! – Look at that char. – Grill marks, ooh. This isn’t bad at all. – It cooked really well. The way that you’re
supposed to cook a burger. – Mm-hmm. – You can’t tell it,
it tastes like a normal hamburger. – Yeah legit, slap some cheese on top.
– Yeah. – It did not take,
’cause normally burgers are a while to cook.
– Long time. – This was fast. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Well, we had
all our main foods. You ready for dessert? – Ooh yeah!
– Yes! – (FBE) So here are some brownies! – (both) Yes! – Gordon Ramsay is shaking. – Dude, he really is,
I’m coming for his job. Aw no, mine spread around all weird! – I’m really excited about these,
because the best part of a brownie is what, the crispy parts!
– Oh! – And this whole thing
is gonna be crispy. – It’s like making an actual waffle. – Ooh!
– Oh God. – Mine’s a little burnt.
– Ooh, yours. – I don’t know what’s going on. – Oh my God, that looks so bad.
(laughs) – This one might not work.
I’m worried about this one. – Yeah, that one’s really messy.
I definitely wouldn’t clean that. – Yeah.
– Alright, it’s ready. – (Brittany) Oh, it’s ready! – Oh, it’s ugly. – Cheers?
– Cheers. – Ah, ooh, it’s hot! – I blow on it.
– (laughs) I go (mumbles). – I’m getting pure burnt.
– Yeah. – Mine did not come out well. If I successfully cooked this,
I could see this as a snack. – Yeah.
– But right now, this is a tragedy. – This is my favorite one.
– (gasps) Wow! – I feel like you can’t
mess up brownies. – It tastes like a brownie,
so I’m not mad. – Look, we have a piece.
We have (snarls). – What was that? – This one’s actually really good,
and it’s like crunchy, ow! – You know what,
don’t ever judge a book by its cover. That’s what we learned today. It may look messy
and not appetizing, but it was delicious. – (FBE) So finally,
which of these foods was your personal favorite? – Hmm.
– Corndogs for sure! And maybe the brownie,
’cause I don’t mind the aesthetic. I just like brownies. – I’m gonna go with
the mozzarella stick. – Wow!
– I think that was my favorite. Yeah, yeah, yeah, just for the over,
everything about it. – The mozzarella.
– Yeah, that smacked. – The mozzarella was like
by far, and then if we had… – The hot dog has potential. – The mozzarella stick for me, 100%. – Ooh!
– I’m a big cheese fan. – I think the corndog
just came together well. Like the dough cooked properly,
and then also the hot dog didn’t burn. It stayed at a great crisp,
and it came together really well. – The brownie was so good,
but probably because it was a brownie. – I like the mozzarella stick the best just ’cause the cheese
was like extreme. If you have a waffle iron,
try it out! Whatever you have in your pantry,
just put it all together put it in a bowl, fine.
You got a meal. – Thanks for watching us
cook foods with the waffle iron… – On the REACT Channel.
– Subscribe! – We got new shows for you
almost every day. – What other foods
can you do fun things with? – Let us know in the comments! – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
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