5 Daily Habits of Extraordinary Successful People | #TomFerryShow

5 Daily Habits of Extraordinary Successful People | #TomFerryShow

– Hey, today I’m
answering the one question I get all the time, which is, “Tom, what do all the
very best people do?” (rock music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. I get asked a lot of questions
on Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram and YouTube,
and usually the question looks something like this: “Hey Tom, what is the
one thing I have to do to be crazy successful in this business?” Well, I can tell you after
35,000 hours of coaching, there isn’t one thing. But what I did do is I took some time and I looked at the collective of all the extraordinary men and women I have worked with over
the last few decades and I boiled it down to
basically five things. Five things. Call it “Five to Thrive.” Think about it like this: the market’s a little bit crazy, right? Things are up, things are down, there’s motion in the market place, there’s a motion in your business, in your mindset every single day. What can we do every day to take control, no only of our emotional state, but to make sure we’re doing the things that give us the power, which was have talked about so many times. So again, when I reflect
on that one question I get, and I look at the broad scope
of the thousands and thousands of people that I have had
the good fortune to work with one-on-one and in small groups, they are all doing these five things. So let’s go through the list together, and I’d love for you to do this: check I do it. “Oh, I forgot to do that one. I am going to add that
one back into my routine.” Does that make sense? So let’s look at the
obvious one, number one. Every single day, those
of us who start our day thinking about the
seven, eight, ten things that we’re grateful for. Now you know this, I know this, my brother Matthew and
I, we used to call it the ten-ten visualization. Looking at ten things I am grateful for, and experiencing that moment of gratitude. You know, in sales,
it’s an emotional state. If you meet someone,
and your emotional state is that of an energy-sucking,
desperate vampire, you are less likely to ever
get business from them. They are never going to refer you, and they are going to run
in most cases from you. So the first thing we have to do is recognize how insanely
great our life already is. So maybe you’re sitting
there and you’re going, “Tom, I’ve got no listings
and no sales and no pendings, ahhhh!” Okay, remember, you
can still stop and say, “I’m healthy. I have the opportunities in front of me. I have got a family that I love. I have got people that I
enjoy spending time with.” Find those three, four, five things that you’re really grateful for, and lock in that emotional state. The second part of that, the other ten, is to look what are the
ten most important goals you’re fixated on every single day. Now I know when I say
that, gratitude and goals, the vast majority of you, maybe you, maybe the person to your right or left watching this with you, you’re not doing that right now. And here is what I know:
everybody is telling me, “Tom, how do I improve
my mental toughness? How do I get myself emotionally right? I’m afraid to make my phone calls.” My response is, if you’re not
doing the inner work every day to make sure that you are grateful for what is already
happening in your life, and committed to achieving these goals, if you’re not doing that, then the rest of this show doesn’t matter. Turn this off. Okay, let’s go to number two. Number two is you do a
little planning session. Now I know you’re like, “Tom, I plan man. I get my yellow notepad
out, or I go onto Evernote and I list out all the
things I have to do today.” Well let me tell you, no
rockstar agent does that. No rockstar agent says,
“What are all the things I have to do today?” That, my friend, that’s
the wrong question. You always ask the better
question, which is, “What are the specific
measurable results I want to produce today?” Now you and I both know, ask
yourself a great question, you are going to get some great answers. But if I say to you,
what are all the things you have to do today?” You could create a
laundry list of activities that aren’t dollar-productive, that are not about
generating opportunities, that aren’t about serving clients. But they are going to
make you feel productive when you cross off all
those things you had to do. Think about like this: If I said you, “What are
the most important results you want to produce after
watching this show?” You might say, “I want
to secure the listing at 1234 Banana Street,
and I want to get it at $497,000, and I want
a six percent commission. Now you write that down, as an outcome, versus “I gotta follow up
on that seller,” right? Big difference in the way your mind is going to look at it and act on it. You might write down “I want
to schedule one appointment after completing my
five-five-fours today.” One lister appointment,
one buyer appointment. The more specific you get about the results you want to produce,
then guess what happens? All that drama, that minutia, that clutter that’s happening around
us, that’s distracting us all the time? Suddenly like “Hey wait a minute, I just have to get things done today.” And when you keep it simple
like that, my friends, the very best agents will tell you. They’re not focusing on 60 things. “I gotta launch this listing today, I gotta get my email marketing piece out, and ideally get a 30
percent open rate today, and I want to secure blank
listing at this price.” They keep it really simple. And that allows them to laser-focus. Number three. Obviously we’ve talked
about this one a bunch, but it is so important. Every day, you spend five to ten minutes and you look at what’s
happening in your market. Some people call it the hot sheets, some people call ’em the dailies, but you know what I’m saying. Every day, you spend a little
time in the MLS or whatever to know what are the new listings, what just sold, what’s
pending, what are the prices, what trends are hot, what trends are not, what prices are hot, what prices are not. And by doing that, you
become the knowledge broker. You see, I get a ton, yesterday I talked to one of
the best agents on the planet. A couple weeks ago I was in Australia and I talked to the number
one agent in all of Australia. I asked him, “Tell me about
your morning routine.” He’s like, “Well I get my mindset right, and I kinda get myself going mentally.” Oh you mean like gratitude
and focus on your goals? He’s like, “I really think about what do I really have
to achieve that day.” His results. And then he said, “And then
I look at what’s going on inside the market, because
everybody’s asking me every day, ‘how’s the market?'” See, it’s one thing to be
able to say, “Hey it depends, you looking to buy, sell, invest or rent?” which is a script I’ve
taught you for years. That is important. When they want to go deeper,
it is really good to say, “Well you know, last month
we had 267 transactions go under contract, and of those the median sales price was X. But what I’m seeing is a little slow down in the higher end,
anything north of X price. But there are properties that are selling, but what’s happening is they are the ones that are coming on the
market, priced perfectly, they are beautiful, and
they sell really fast while everything else is sitting.” See, now all of a sudden,
the consumer goes, “This gal’s got it going on. She knows the market inside and out. That’s the type of
person I wanna work with. That’s the type of
person I’m gonna refer.” Does that make sense? So those first three, to
me, these are nonnegotiable. This what the very best people do. Now, let’s go to number four. This is a big one. Do you roleplay? You remember a couple weeks ago
we had the new agents right? Jeremy and Ann, and they both said it, “Look, at the end of the day,
you’re either roleplaying and practicing with a
peer or with your friend or with your puppy, or, Heaven forbid, your
practicing on your client.” I just saw my buddy this
morning, Christopher Duma, big shout out to Chris. I really hope that this guy
wins a Noble Peace Prize. Just go with me on this. He’s one of the leading gamma knife brain surgeons on the planet. Extraordinary human being. Do you think he practiced that
a few times before they said, “Alright Chris, you just
graduated, brain surgery!” I hope not. And yet you say, “Well Tom
that’s a silly metaphor. I’m just selling houses.” Wait a minute. You’re helping people with the biggest investment of their
life and in many cases, you don’t know how to handle
the most basic objections. You don’t know how to qualify in a way to discover what’s a real motive to act, and who’s involved in it,
and what happens if they do, and what happens if they don’t? See, some of this common
sense selling stuff, the vast majority of people
have never really mastered. And the only way you do it, my
friend, is through practice. So, whether you’re
thinking about sports or thinking about an attorney or
an airline pilot or a doctor, they all practice a ton, and they get paid in direct corelation to their skills and execution. Think about that for you. So could you practice five
or ten minutes a day, right? Could you look at some of
the products we produced, or other people have produced, or just grab anybodies
scripts, my scripts. I don’t care who you grab. Just use something and get
the words out of the way, because we all know the old study. Seven percent of your total communication are the words that you use. Seven percent. 38 percent is the tonality,
or how those words sound. So if i say, (stern)”Richard!”, it’s different from (friendly)”Richard!” Same exact word, but the tone
creates a different listening and interpretation of those words. And then of course the
last one is, 55 percent is the way you move your body. So if I look at you and say
like, “Have you had any thoughts of selling?”, it’s better than, “Have you have had any
thoughts of selling?” And the vast majority of people don’t know what they’re doing in the moment because they don’t practice. So that’s number four, right? That’s a game-changer. And obviously number five. Truth be told, if I
could wave a magic wand, like when I look at the
most successful people, and I can’t tell you
the name of this agent. She’s on pace to do three
and a half million dollars this year and she would be embarrassed that I told this story. But I have been working with
this woman for nearly 20 years and she said to me at a coaching session, “You’re not going to believe this. I’m doing my five-five-four.” Wait a minute, tell me what’s going on. She always says the first five, which is, “Call my past client,
call my sphere,” right? And you know it’s like 45 to 50 percent of the transactions that they do or people that they know, people
that are referred to them, et cetera. Good word of mouth advertising. She said, “But I’m making
calls for my buyers because there’s no inventory. They told me where they wanna live.” She said, “I have to tell ya, it’s actually very easy. ‘Hi, I’m just calling for a buyer, and I’m just curious if you
had any thoughts of selling.'” She goes, “I’m having so much fun, and I already got two leads from it.” What makes the best agent great? They are willing to get
on the phone every day and talk to at X number
people inside their database, keeping them informed,
keeping them empowered, use the forward script, go on Facebook, wish them Happy Birthday. At the end of the day, there
is a 15 to 16 billion dollar ad-spend happening every single year trying to get your database to
go to somebody else’s website click on it and they sell
that lead to somebody else. It’s happening to your
customer base every single day. You gotta be in communication. So, whatever that number
is, four, five, eight, every day inside your database. The equal number of people
that are new, right? Following up on open house leads, Zillow leads, I don’t care who leads. There’s no wrong way to do it. But you got to be talking
to new people every day. And then the last is your lead follow-up. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t follow-up,
you’re done, right? It’s all the money, as they say, all the money is in your follow-up. All the money. So the fifth one, right? That nonnegotiable, is making your calls, doing your follow-up, every single day. So stop just for a second. And I said just go through those five, “Okay my ten-tens, right? Do I take the time to create
that feeling of gratitude? Cause I know how I feel
on the inside radiates the people on my outside. And I can’t be an energy-sucking vampire. Nobody is going to want to work with me. And then what am I committed to?” Law of attraction, right? That I wanna say, “These the ten goals, this is what I want to do, this
is what I want to experience there are the results I
want to produce,” right? Doing that every day and locking it in on what it is you want and feeling great. And then number two. Obviously taking the
time to just get clear on what results you want to produce. Not your list of things to do. Don’t do that. What results? Number three, looking
at the daily activity in your marketplace. Being the knowledge broker. Number four, roleplaying
for just five or ten or fifteen minutes and just improving your skills, your ability to communicate and message and win and help people. You with me on this? And then the last one, making your calls. If I asked you, of those five, what are you missing right now? And then what is the
impact of you missing that? I mean think about it, if
you do two through five, that’s great, but your mindset stinks, and your energy is off,
you can make all the calls in the world and more often than not, people are going to say no to you just cause of the energy
that you’re putting out. You gotta do all five. So I challenge you. If this was the Tom Ferry Show ever, it’s not, just for the
record, for my team here. (crew laughing) But if it was, the last
Tom Ferry Show ever and you were just going
to finish by saying, “You know Tom? I am
going to do those five, and I’m going to do it
for 12 straight months,” how ever many days that is, 250, 300, 365, here’s what I know: your business would be
unrecognizable in 12 months. In three of four months,
you’d have so much activity going on that it would be
hard for you to keep it going. But then I’d challenge you to say, “Remember, what makes the
extraordinary extraordinary is that they do the
ordinary every single day, even on the days they don’t feel like it, and especially on the
days when they got lots of appointments and lots
of deals to negotiate. Because they want to
keep that pipeline full. So I challenge you. What are you going to do? Leave some comments below. Share this with a couple friends. Create an accountability
around five to thrive. Five to thrive. You and your buddies hold
each other accountable. And let’s make this year
extraordinary by doing the things that give you the power. Thanks so much for watching. Remember y’all, your strategy matters, and now more than ever, five to thrive. That’s what rules. Hey, it’s coach Tom Ferry. Have you been considering hiring a coach? If so, click the link below
and check out what we do. (inspring music)


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