5 People With Unique Skin Colors

Dubbed by some as “the most beautiful albino
in the world”, Nastya Zhidkova suffers from a congenital disorder known as albinism. This
is when there is a lack of production of melanin, the pigment that is responsible for colouring
your skin, hair and eyes. As a result, these features can appear very pale, which is the
case for Nastya Zhidkova. Zhidkova has used her striking complexion to land herself a
modelling career and she is not the only albino to do so; Shaun Ross, Stephen Thompson, Connie
Chiu, who we will get to later and Jewell Jeffrey are only a handful of names who have
taken the fashion world by storm and have shown the beauty that comes with albinism.
Aside from modelling, Zhidkova likes to sing and has shared her love for singing on YouTube. Many tend to think that black people can’t
have freckles, however, that’s not the case, especially for Nikia Phoenix, who’s face
is covered with them. Her striking appearance has secured her a career as… guess what…
that’s right… a model and she has featured in campaigns for Coca Cola, Target and Alternative
Apparel. In addition, Phoenix created her own blog called “Model Liberation” where
she provides beauty advice and has also founded “Black Girl Beautiful” which celebrates
African American beauty. Phoenix said, “”Being a freckled face, natural haired girl isn’t
easy. I’ve always felt different. Because of faith, I’ve been able to embrace who
I am and prosper.” Born in Hong Kong, Connie Chiu is recognised
for being the world’s first albinistic fashion model. Like Nastya Zhidkova, who I talked
about in number 5, Connie Chiu suffers from albinism, which causes her skin, hair and
other features to appear very pale. She emigrated to Sweden at a young age where she studied
arts and journalism and then went on to pursue a modelling career at the age of 24 after
her sister asked her to model at one of her shows. Chiu modelled for fashion photographers
like Terry Richardson and Heidi Niemala before modelling for French designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier.
In addition to a modelling career, Chiu performs at various clubs and events as a jazz singer. At the age of four, Chantelle Brown-Young
or Winnie Harlow, as she’s better known by, started to develop white patches on her
stomach which then spread to the rest of her body. She was diagnosed with a prominent form
of “vitiligo”, a skin condition where white patches develop on the skin due to a
lack of melanin, the very condition that Michael Jackson suffered from… Fun-fact. Harlow’s
eye-catching look meant that she was often subject to bullying throughout her childhood
and she even contemplated suicide. But thankfully, Harlow was discovered by TV personality, Tyra
Banks, who asked her to compete in “America’s Next Top Model” to which she did. After
placing sixth overall, Harlow went on to model for the Spanish clothing brand, “Desigual”
as well as becoming an ambassador for the brand and she has featured in many fashion
magazines including Glamour, Complex and Cosmopolitan. If that wasn’t enough, Harlow has also made
appearances in several music videos including Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear” and Beyoncé’s
“Lemonade”. 19-year-old, Senegalese model, Khoudia Diop
is not your average looking person as she possesses a unique skin tone with a melanin-rich
colour. Growing up Diop was confronted with bullies and teased because of her dark skin
tone, however, that did not stop her from pursuing a modelling career at the age of
17. She participated in a photoshoot for “The Colored Girl Campaign” which aimed at celebrating
the beauty of black women of every size, shape and skin tone. The campaign was a huge success
and Diop went from around 100 followers on Instagram to now, over 350,000. Her beautifully
rich skin tone has helped her become one of the most successful models in the world as
well as an inspiration to many. It’s no wonder why she calls herself the “Melanin Goddess”.

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