5 Unbelievable Ingredients In Your Food | People Vs. Food

5 Unbelievable Ingredients In Your Food | People Vs. Food

– Good.
– There’s nothing you can tell me about this dish that’s gonna make me
stop eating mac and cheese. – (Ethan) These little critters
are crushed, boiled or dried to make beetle juice.
– Aw, oh no! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today we’ll be
tasting foods that are both delicious
and familiar. – Familiar? – As long as delicious is in there,
I’m good. – Are they delicious and nutritious? – (both) Hmm? – That sounds super simple.
What’s the catch? – (FBE) Today we’ll be teaching you
some disgusting facts about these dishes
that you may or may not know. – Okay.
– Okay. – I love to learn. – If you eat it, you get
a nugget of information with it. But if you don’t eat it,
you learn nothing. – These food episodes
get so weird, so I’m very nervous. – As long as you don’t show like
the animal being slaughtered… – What?
– I think I’ll be good to go. If you go that dark with it,
I’m screwed. – (FBE) First, a favorite dessert
of many. – Okay.
– (FBE) Vanilla ice cream! – Oh, nice, okay! – This is my breakfast,
I’m so stoked. – Yeah, it’s a pretty good breakfast
I will not lie. – You Ready, click!
– Click! – To us. – (FBE) Now let’s learn
a little bit more about this delicious meal. – (Ethan) Vanilla is one
of the most popular… – This voice sounds familiar. – Ethan’s voice is very comforting. – (Ethan) But are you fully aware
of what it takes to make it? – Oh, we’re gonna learn
how it’s made. – Oh, great.
– (Ethan) Castoreum. Castoreum is derived
from the castor sacs, or anal glands of beavers.
– What the [bleep]? – (Ethan) From the castor sacs,
or anal glands of beavers. – Yo!
– A what!? – (Ethan) Beavers use the scent
from castoreum, along with urine, to mark their territories.
– Hmm. – (Ethan) This ingredient is also…
– I’m like why is this the image that you’re
showing us right now? – (Ethan) This ingredient is also
commonly found in alcohol, baked goods, soft candy…
– Delicious! – That’s fine, I’m fine with this.
– Oh! – (Ethan) …chewing gum and pudding.
– I mean, I was grossed out, but everything is beaver butt. – (Ethan) Commonly listed
as natural flavors on most products. – Nice.
– (both) Aw! – Meat!
– He’s so cute! – (Ethan) Can also be found
in other common products like makeup and perfume. – I can’t even wear the makeup?
What is this! – (Ethan) The usage of castoreum
has decreased over the passing years, the FDA lists this extract
as a safe food additive, solidifying its presence
in our products for years to come. – So like, there’s meat in this? Like what? – You know what I say
to that beaver fact? Dam.
(Emily laughs) Now I am just gonna look at beavers
in a whole nother way, and be like “wow, you know
their butts make ice cream?” – I already like feel terrible
when I eat a burger, so like seeing that picture,
I’m like great, awesome. I’m sick now. – (FBE) So that did not affect
your love for vanilla ice cream? – Nope.
– No, not even a little bit. – It hasn’t changed my mind. – As long as it’s less than 5%
of beaver butt. – Mm-hmm.
– I can handle that. – I don’t think it’s necessarily
gonna make me eat more ice cream, but it won’t stop me
from eating ice cream. – This makes me more likely
to make my own ice cream, because this is what happens
when you buy industrial foods. – (FBE) So up next,
an American favorite! (Rachel gasps)
– (FBE) Hot dogs. – Hot dog!
– Oh! – Hot dog!
– Hot dogs, going based off this theme, hot dogs are like
literally everything. – I know that hot dogs are bad. I’ve known that from the get. – We got an American classic here. Ooh wee! – It’s a normal hot dog.
– Yeah, this is totally fine. – They’re just gonna tell us how much
disgusting crap’s in this hot dog. But we’ll give’em a bite. – Show it! – (Ethan) Hot dogs are
an American favorite. Simple, yet delicious.
– Please don’t tell me Ethan. – (Ethan) The process is not
as beautiful as it seems. What you may already know
is that hot dogs are composed of the trimmings and fat.
– Aw man! Aw!
– Oh no! (laughs) – No!
– Oh [bleep]. – (Ethan) All of our favorite
farm animals. Yes, this includes
the yummy intestines. – No, no!
Oh my God, no! It’s the full body, I can’t look!
(Rachel gags) – (Ethan) Hot dogs also contain sugar fillers for an extra
kick of flavor. High fructose corn syrup is the main
syrup of choice, among others. – That’s a brutal clip
that we were just watching. – Yeah.
– Too much. – (Ethan) Hot dogs also contain
sodium nitrate and phosphates. These dangerous chemicals are added…
– I’m sorry, pig. – (Ethan) These dangerous chemicals
are added in to preserve the wieners and keep them pink instead of
their natural brown color. – Preserve your wiener, Jack.
– Mm-hmm. – (Ethan) …are also known to cause
heart damage, pancreatic cancer, auto immune disease
and digestive disturbance, fun! If you’re not turned off yet,
studies have found that 2% of tested hot dogs…
– Ooh, ugh! – (Ethan) …positive for containing
human DNA, no, not meat. – Oh Jesus!
– (Ethan) Hair and skin particles. – What are you gonna do?
– I like… – It’s in a factory,
people are working it. – Don’t puke. – (whimpers) I’m okay,
I just feel so bad for the pig! – I will say, yeah,
this one, I felt, seemed a little more repulsive,
actually, than the ice cream. – (FBE) Are you guys going to
continue eating hot dogs? – I’m gonna eat another hot dog.
– I was gonna… – I think I’ll just like,
go to a barbecue and then eat a hot dog
and have a flashback to this. – I don’t like ’em anyways,
so I’m fine. – You know, I say, this one
might actually make me a little less likely
to eat a hot dog. – (FBE) So up next we have
a Japanese classic. – Ooh, sushi!
– (FBE) Sushi! – Oh my God.
– I’m loving life right now. Nothing you guys can show me
can make me stop eating food. – Ugh, ugh!
– Bon appetit! – (Ethan) Sushi is both…
– Ah, mukbang girl, me too! – I hate mukbang videos. – (Ethan) Is it really
as innocent as it seems? – Yes, stop.
– (Ethan) Of course not! – Oh. – (Ethan) While the art of sushi
is a beautiful thing, the fish that go into it
are not so pleasant. – Uh oh. – I’m gonna eat this
before it gets to the bad part. – Yeah, actually. – (Ethan) Salmon, for example,
is one of the more common fish types we use in America for sushi, and it’s actually
on the brink of extinction. – Oh, that’s sad.
– Oh [bleep]. – We’re killing everything.
– (Ethan) 40% of its historical range. – That’s nuts.
– That’s my favorite fish to eat! – (Ethan) Salmon also contains
polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, which are highly toxic chemicals…
– PCB? – PC, sounds like a cool drug. – (Ethan) Which are
highly toxic chemicals banned internationally since 1979. Besides PCBs…
– That’s why I don’t eat it. – (Ethan) 84% of all fish worldwide
contain unsafe Mercury levels. – Ah, I love Mercury.
– Mm-hmm. – (Ethan) Damage to the brain,
kidney, lungs. – That’s something I’ve genuinely
been concerned about. – Okay!
– I eat so much fish! – (Ethan) All fish worldwide
contain unsafe Mercury levels, which is known to cause damage
to the brain, kidney, lungs and heart. – Those are like my favorite organs. – (Ethan) Currently, there is
no government regulated test for Mercury in our seafood,
but no worries. Out of the 80%.
– Aw, the poor fish. – (Ethan) The FDA inspects a whopping
2% for possible contaminants. – Oh, bro, don’t do that.
– Oops. – Yeah, but that clip was also like, I don’t think
I’ve ever eaten that fish. That fish is gone.
– We are so bad! We are so bad!
– Oh my God. – The videos of like the ocean
and seeing all the trash and stuff, that really got me,
and made me sad. – Fish is supposed to be
one of the healthier things you can eat.
– Mm-hmm. – But now they’re eating plastic.
– The fish are eating plastic? – The fish are eating plastic!
– And surviving? – And surviving until it
gets to our table. – (FBE) So how do you guys feel? So you’re going to
continue to eat sushi? – Oh yeah, yeah, no doubt. – Maybe I’ll cut back
like a little bit more on it, at least on the fish. – Well that one,
wasn’t as bad. I’m still definitely gonna eat sushi. – I will continue to eat
16 ounces of salmon every morning as is tradition. – (FBE) So up next, we have
arguably one of the best sides in the world.
– Oh! A bold statement!
– Ooh, mac and cheese! – (Jordan) Oh my God, yes!
– Yes! – So good. – There’s nothing you can tell me
about this dish that’s gonna make me stop
eating mac and cheese. – Alright, well, just gonna dive in
and get ready for this video. – (Ethan) Mac and cheese,
an appetizing dish with a popular reputation,
and the go-to for many. As delicious as it seems,
many brands of mac and cheese contain industrial waste,
specifically petroleum. – (laughs) You gotta be kidding me. – Oh!
– Oh, you know what that means? – Coal tar?
– (Ethan) Industrial waste, specifically petroleum and coal tar.
– Petroleum! – (Ethan) These are the main
ingredients of Tartrazine or Yellow 5, commonly found in most
yellow colored foods. These are the main ingredients
of Tartrazine, or Yellow 5, commonly found in most
yellow colored foods. – Okay, that makes sense.
– (Ethan) This includes gelatin. – What percentage is tar?
– Enough to be notable. – (Ethan) Butter, yogurt, fruit snacks
– Mmm! – (Ethan) And yes, our favorite
cheesy chips and puffs. – All those things, I will still eat
all of those things mentioned. – (Ethan) The effects of Tartrazine
(both laugh) include behavioral changes.
– Nice. – (laughs) It’s on fire! – (Ethan) Include behavioral changes,
like irritability. – Have you seen people
using Cheetos and Dortios for like fire starters?
– No, that’s gross. – (Ethan) Behavioral changes,
like irritability, restlessness, depression, insomnia, hyperactivity,
cancer and asthma. – Ooh, mac and cheese is one of
my favorite foods of all time. – (FBE) How has this impacted you? – That one didn’t get me as much.
It was like nah, okay. There was some coal in there.
I put that on my face. People drink coal water,
isn’t that like a trend? – (FBE) And our final dish of the day.
– Oh boy. Ooh, red velvet cake!
– (FBE) Red velvet cake. – Is this made from my mom,
is that what you’re gonna tell me? – It’s like a full course meal today.
I love it! – What I thought would be torture
is bliss. – Please don’t do this to me.
I love desserts. This is like my whole diet. – (Ethan) Red velvet, scrumptious,
sapid, sweetened and sugar coated. – Mm-hmm. – (Ethan) Guaranteed to put a smile
on most faces. – Yep. – (Ethan) There can’t be
anything twisted about… – Did ours. – (Ethan) There can’t be anything
twisted about such a pleasant mess, right?
– Right! – (Ethan) Maybe, depends on how
you feel about beetles. Specifically…
– Oh no! Oh no!
– (laughs) Uh oh! – (Ethan) Specifically the
cochineal beetles used in carmine, the main ingredient
in all our favorite red foods that makes it red.
How? Easy! These little critters…
– Did you see that? Oh! (laughs) – (Ethan) These little critters
are crushed, boiled… – Aw, oh no!
– (Ethan) Crused, boiled or dried… – No [bleep] way!
– Beetlejuice! – (both) Beetlejuice! – Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice,
Beetlejuice! – (Ethan) The best part is
it only takes about 70,000 beetles… – Oh, is that much?
– That’s a whole lot of beetles. – (Ethan) Yum!
– (laughs) Ethan. – Yum!
– Yum! – (Ethan) Carmine might also be listed
as carminic acid, cochineal extracts, crimson lake, natural Red 4,
E120 and more. – See, when they tell you
it’s E120, and they don’t bother with the fake name,
like, you know you’re in trouble. – Oh hell yeah.
– We have popping beetles ASMR. – (Ethan) Fortunately, other than
the slight cringe of being aware, carmine is not detrimental
to the health of those who consume it. – See, good.
– That’s right. – (Ethan) Unless allergic,
most bugs in general are safe for human consumption,
and the wide acceptance of this may even lead to a progressive future. – Heck yeah!
– See? So, there you go. That one wasn’t so bad after all. – I feel like we should assume
that like bugs are gonna make its way into everything. Somehow.
– Yeah. – Do you feel gross now?
– I don’t like that one. – Do you want another piece? – (FBE) How has this impacted you? – You know, I’m not the biggest fan
of red velvet cake, specifically for that reason. – I don’t mind eating a beetle though,
and honestly, like that, it’s super metal. – (FBE) So now that you’re more
aware of the facts behind all of these delicious foods,
are there any that you plan to stop eating? – I think the hot dog
is something like you always know it’s bad,
but when you, whenever you see videos
of that kind of thing, it’s just like yeah, not great.
Not feeling good. – Maybe the salmon one
would switch it up a little bit, ’cause that is my go-to fish
at like any restaurant when it’s just grilled, sushi,
anything, I had no idea they were
that endangered. – Hot dogs.
– Hot, yeah. – I’m so good,
like, I’m straight up good. – Seeing it with your eyes,
you are like “oh God, that’s
the impact I’m making,” and is that the impact
I want to be making? Absolutely not. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Staff Reacts… – On the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows…
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– Let us know in the comments. – Hey guys, Miya here from FBE. Help us sustain our growth
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