50 Things Not to Say to People with Mental Illness

50 Things Not to Say to People with Mental Illness

I Think no one makes me laugh more than I do At least I laugh at my jokes. That wasn’t even a joke. That was just my hair being extra emo Hello, hold up. I’m scattering Okay, listen So recently I’ve been doing two new things to protect all my people number one is making all these videos They did one for people with colored hair I did one for my people that are bisexual and the second thing I’ve been doing to protect all of you gotta protect the kids I’ve been making my brows extra sharp Cut a cut a bitch that hurts one of you yeah, I Don’t curse on my channel. Hi, I’m family-friendly. I Play Club Penguin in my free time. I watch descendants and Barbie movies. Oh wow Anyways, so I asked you guys on Instagram I just II paid following Raja Lizzy page on Instagram might get you panic at the disco tickets might get you twenty one pilots Tickets might clear your skin might grow your crops Results have been saying following. Jesse page has been improving people’s lives clearing. So many people’s skin Sorry in in sleep Oh Anyways, I really loved this idea a lot of you guys an Instagram story We’re saying I should do one about fifty things to not say to people with mental illness and some of these Work for certain mental illnesses don’t work for other ones I tried to keep them kind of general so that any person that has suffered with mental illness to any extent can Relate or even if you’ve just had symptoms Even if you’ve just had anxious thought depressive thoughts even if you haven’t had full-on anxiety or depression this will still relate to you So if you want to share this, that’d be cool support some mental health related content. That’d be really cool. I love you This is for all of you. Yeah, I want to protect and deunan Good cover I’m gonna get into it Kiki. I Sound really mean in these videos, but I promise I’m a Hufflepuff It’s a Hogwarts house Harry Potter reference If you don’t understand that which if you don’t understand that you should watch the movies and read the books. Okay? I’m cool I’m gonna do like a quick flashback, but I used to make Harry Potter videos Yeah, love that You’re like a nerd Jesse cousin come out recently but a lot of other Jesse’s came out Gay jokes. Okay. I Love to cope with things. All right Things know to say to someone with mental illness also this is a very serious video obviously and it’s addressing things that are very serious and Obviously, I’m gonna be little theatrical sometimes but I take all this very seriously and it’s kind of like a coping mechanism for me And I feel like it could help a lot of other people to have that respect But take with this as you will love you. Okay, snap out of it. You’re faking it. Just be happy cuz it’s that easy Anxious just stop worrying. Thanks for the solution Karen. You’re so depressing. Take a chill pill. It’ll be fine Just get over. It just have a positive attitude. Yep, but easy see I went from doing this to this We love that just get over it. You’re being dramatic Drama in high school music how Sorry, it’s gloomy physical reference. You just want attention I love having attention on me when I’m super uncomfortable when I’m anxious Yep, a hundred percent what I want also I got a lot of these from you guys in your stories and a lot of them are relatively similar to try to Differentiate but a lot of them use a lot of the same words instead Wow. Why are you so dramatic? Why are you sad your life is so amazing. You have no reason to be feeling this way Just get over it. If you don’t think about it, it will go away That isn’t even a real thing, but I see you smiling all the time. So it must be fake logical Honestly, everyone is social anxiety. You’re not special Have you tried yoga or meditation? Which by the way can help people but sometimes you don’t want suggestion You know, well, maybe if you go out more you just need some fresh air just cheer up You’re not special. Stop trying to be special. You’re just lazy Stop being rude and talk to people because you saying that totally just cancels out social anxiety again. Thanks, Karen There are a lot of really nice Karen’s out there I’ll do a villain named Ursula Thanks Ursula my videos are weird subscribe if you’re new, it doesn’t get any less weird, it’s just a face. Oh, so you have a Mental illness the quotations. No, I heard that people like you were crazy Why can’t you just do it? It’s so easy. I get nervous, too Sometimes you don’t try That’s hard when you’re trying and because something’s easy for someone else. They invalidate it That bugs me a lot Rightfully so as well because no one knows what’s going on in your brain No one knows how difficult this thing is for you. That might be super easy for someone else. That is a big part of him By speaker That’s a big part of mental illness and challenging it If you don’t struggle with that mental illness You’re not gonna understand what that person is going through and how difficult something that’s super easy for you might be for them Just trying to protect my people and even when you have the same mental illness as someone else diagnosis It doesn’t matter because so many people experience that differently and that’s why other people have different coping mechanisms We’ll rant sorry for my people gotta educate the kids You’re a handful to deal with just stop thinking those thoughts. It’s that easy Ursula oh God, this bugs me just the whole appearance thing. You don’t look depressed Why do you cry so much you have? No reason at all to be depressed. You always just make excuses You can choose how you feel. Maybe if you just went outside and got away from your screen It’s just popular right now to be depressed boy Yet sounds like a great great hobby to take on But you don’t look like you have an eating disorder, haha shame what a mood – negative you just take things way too seriously But you look healthy. We don’t invite you out because you kind of just always bring the mood down You’re way too young to have one. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t like you and you’re depressing I prefer the other you when you grow up You’ll realize all this is so stupid cuz right now Nothing that we feel is valid everything. We think is stupid exactly Thanks Ursula Pinkett we spoke seriously with Ursula Poe making valid points, and I’m so proud of them and then Earth’s a lot honestly, who cares? You need to stop holding on to the past. Just anything ever make you happy And C so a lot of these were taken from anonymous Anecdotes from you guys as well as my own personal situations and going through this I’m a very empathetic person and I fell for you Obviously some of these things don’t offend certain people and some of these things do I’m a highly sensitive person Unfortunately, but it also has its benefits, you know I feel like because of that like I’m pretty kind to other people because I’m so sensitive myself, and I’m like That wouldn’t make me cry I feel like the fact of the matter is sometimes people don’t realize they’re being Offensive and sometimes they do which is really wrong If you’re saying this intentionally, but it’s also if you’re hurt by these things that’s fully valid as well Even if the person doesn’t know it’s important looking out for you that you say these things Don’t make you feel comfortable. You’re allowed to communicate that can just be like, oh, hey like thing You said kind of offended me which I don’t do sometimes I like to internalize things But that’s something I’m working on and that’s why I wanted to do this video because I feel like a lot of you guys Relate to that. I feel like no matter what you’re going through You probably identify with at least one of these especially, you know Even something like that’s not real how to defend you all and send a lot of love your way Comment something positive that happened today. I’ll tell you something positive Tom Holland Posted a pic with Robert Downey jr. And it just cleared my skin a little I Think I’m really funny sometimes. I love you. I love all my people. I’m gonna feature your pages on the screen Yes, I’m Jesse page Hahahaha, I need a new slogan Your posts on the screen proud of you all hope this made someone feel At least like they’re not alone and their struggle or that they can stand up for themselves or just validated in any certain way Yeah, I love you. Okey Bye Hannah, Montana’s a great anime I’ve got so many problems


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    Love Life, Be You!

    In my last art lesson

    My teacher: make this one as messy as possible
    Me: does the neatest one on table
    Person who is always insensitive: that is way too neat
    Me: starts to have anxiety attack in lesson
    My best friend who has this way of calming me down: why tf did you say that Evan!!!
    Also her: it’s ok Jaimee, everything is ok

    Btw I have ASD and everyone just thinks I’m faking it! I had to go to therapy when I was seven, how can anyone fake that?!?

    ASD is most commonly used as Autism or autistic so yeah and it’s a neurological disorder so that’s fun! 👍🏻😅

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    WeNeedLives Productions

    This video is something I’m honestly so thankful for. I, and a lot of my friends, struggle with depression and anxiety and we get told this stuff and sayings like it. This video that covers mental illness in a more serious way (even with Jessie’s humor) is something that the world needs more of. Mental illness deserves more recognition

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    Something positive; I've started taking action in my own life and i've couldnt be happier! I also have more conection to people, and miight have found someone 😇😂😂

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    Samantha McDermott

    Someone told me that they get nervous sometimes so they have anxiety too. Then tells me that I needed to suck it up and deal with it that is it what they do, so I can do it too. THAT IS NOT HOW OT FING WORKS!!!!!!

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    Fiona Roach

    Love being 12 and being diagnosed with depression for 1 year, bipolar for 3 years and schizophrenic for 2 years 😂 thanks Karen

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    yeet, my family says bad mental health, addiction and if you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community you have a DISEASE… that is 1) why I will never come out to them and 2) I will most likely seek for better mental health when I am older and away from my family 🙂

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    Jay cohn im not ok, i promise

    'youre just doing it for attention'. im fostered, and had a horrible parent that im not going to go into detail with. i recently heard my foster parent say that my depression and (tw) self harming is 'all for attention'. aha 100%. all these feeling that i deal with are fake and i brag about it to everyone (only like 2 people in my life know i SH haha)

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    Spo0ky uke girl

    could you do a "50 things not to say to lgbt people" or "50 things not to say to bookworms"? I would really apreciate it. I also love you. Thankyou for existing in my life.

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    I have bipolar disorder, including psychosis during mania, and here are some things people have said to me about my bipolar/psychosis:

    "What are the voices saying right now?"

    "Shouldn't you be in a mental hospital? Wait, you were?! Should i feel safe around you?!"

    "How does your family cope?"

    "So do you want to kill people then?"

    "I can see why you're bipolar. You change your mind a lot."

    "Are you depressed or manic right now?"

    "That's not real. I've never heard of that before. They didn't teach us about bipolar in that class about mental illness."

    "I think I'm bipolar. I get mood swings a lot."

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    Amber Alert

    Me when I think I can trust my friends: okay. Guys, I have depression.
    “Friends”: you’re obviously doing this for attention. We never expected this from you
    Me: but I just-

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    Mark Mayer

    I've had a lot of people tell me that going to the gym will make me a happier person.Buuuut I have to go outside for that and that makes me anxious so nope

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    Puzzled Peridot

    jessie: might get you a panic! concert ticket

    me: eH, i dont really listen to his music

    jessie: might get you twenty one pilots tickets

    me: oh y*EsS*

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    Claire Katsos

    How doesn’t she have more subs ?!! So happy you make these type of videos..I’m too anxious to do these videos on my channel..

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    LillyXoXo PlayZ

    When i told my mom i have depression she said "you're too young to be depressed" wow i know right mom!(im being sarcastic)

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    Stefan Unicorn

    My aunt's husband doesn't believe in mental illness, (I honestly think if he went to a psychiatrist he's be a diagnosed sociopath) and when his kids are anxious, depressed, anything, he doesn't give a shit, and yells at them. I feel bad for his kids, and on top of that he's a homophobe and transphobe, yay !

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    madison yarroll

    I don't have depression, but I do have ADHD and anxiety (not a good mix), so sometimes when my ADHD takes over I start to be an idiot with my friends, forgetting about the other people around me until I realise that people are looking at me, and then i get super shy, and to make matters worse there's always an Ursula who says "So you don't have anxiety?" And then when I say I do, they say "But you were just being an idiot then. Stop craving attention".

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    vintage detective

    i love it when I'm told "no, you're such a bubbly person! no way you have depression!" or "just pick one, the dysphoria will go away". NO, KAREN, IT WON'T, AND YOU CAN BE HAPPY AROUND PEOPLE AND BE DEPRESSED. jesus

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    Ive had depression for a while. And personally it sucks how people just think you should've grown out of it because its simply been a while since you've hae it

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    im pretty sure im the opposite to most people
    i think im fine and dont have any problem but everyone around me ( including my parents) thinks im super paranoid and have anxiety
    its frustrating

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    Hesitant_ _Alien64

    I was literally told "omg you're too pretty to cry" while in the mental hospital. I'm still confused to this day

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    honestly so many people in my school self-diagnose themself with mental illness, just to be cool and now i believe only those who actually got diagnosed by a doctor…

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    The double AA Batteries

    My mum: you can always talk to me
    Me: mum I feel depressed and anxious and alone and I see no point to life
    Mum: god why are you like this I try my best to be a good mother and you still act out like this to fit in

    Then she’s confused when I don’t talk to her

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    xXJayJay GachaXx

    This is what I get everyday by my friends.


    I just smile and nod like
    Yep. I am dead inside

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    Brendon Bluu

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I relate to most of these thank you for making this extremely important video

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    White Wolf

    Okay everybody ….
    "SKIP the first 2 minutes and 59 seconds!"
    The 'actual' thingy (the reason we clicked this) begins at:
    …. approximately @ 3:00 ….
    #YurrrrrrWELCOME !!

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    IDKHow Rat

    Tell this to my parents. They always tell me to shut up and scream at me and hit me and they don't realize how bad thay hurt me

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    Fallen Rose

    So I have a problem with #49 because its not easy to let go of the past, some people can struggle with things even years after it happenes. When I was little my friend killed herself because if bullying, and if I would have stayed 3 more hours I could of stopped a fight that would have nearly killed her, and its not easy to let that go on top of being mental abused at 6 years old I was telling my mom that I felt worthless and I do often blame myself for her death nearly 7 years later it's never easy, and people say I act depressed and like I have PTSD and anxiety (due to other traumatic memories) when I know so many people who have committed suicide, attempted suicide, or are thinking about it and behind closed doors are crying for help. That's why I always say there's more to the story

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    Lily H04

    'You don't try' hit me hard dude… that was a favourite of my mum's on our last family holiday. Apparently, me being too anxious to leave the cabin was so 'inconvenient' for her and simply my way of 'tearing things apart'.

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    mara morales

    I want to send this to my parents and grandparents but I have a feeling if I do they’ll just invalidate me even more.

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    army's limelight phandøm

    The annoying thing about telling people that whatever they said kind of hurt you or whatever I have a friend who is always like "omg I can never do anything right, you always have to find something I'm doing wrong! That's not nice!" And I'm just like…. and then I feel bad but at the same time it all started cause they were rude to me?

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    girl i-

    My parents: you can tell me anything don’t be afraid to talk to us.

    Me: ok, I think I’m depressed and I’m really anxious and stressed.

    My parents: omg it’s all because of that phone, I’m disappointed in this generation

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    Laryssa Loback

    I had to stop at 6:03 bc I said "it's that easy… Ursula" literally at the same time you did and I screamed akckakvi

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    Insomniac Gacha

    “you are faking to be depressed. you shouldn't joke like that.” I hope the person who told me this realizes that it's a REAL thing and I'm not DEPRESSED for fucking no reason or for attention.

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    Cs petyo

    My ex best friend always bullied me because of my social anxiety and always said that i don't have a life… I tried to explain but it's hard to explain something i don't even understand. So um yeah… The main reason we're not friends anymore. And if someone is reading this i just want you to know that it's not your fault!

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    Lily Gillespie

    I will say I had a friend (vvvvv toxic) and she said that she was jealous of people giving me attention cause of my mental health and she was just acting like she was depressed so she could get the same attention and she’s a good actress so everybody helps her and act like I’m faking it :,)

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    Hoya I’m Bored

    My mom thinks I have social anxiety because I don’t go outside enough and I’m “too lazy” to go out and try to meet people. She says I make excuses too much and need to stop thinking negative like it’s that easy to just not over think everything and stop freaking out in every social interaction I come across🤦🏽‍♀️

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    #Shadowhuntersfor life

    Im using the comments here to say sorry. I am currently going through a period where I have really deppressing and suicidal thoughts and I have said alot of hurtful stuff to people without meaning it. This is why I just want to say sorry and that I am working on it. When I have the guts to talk to all of you again I will apologise in person. Sorry

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    Zia Eve

    "You cant be depressed, I see you laugh and talk to ppl all the time" that's my favorite or "how do you have ADHD? Its probably bc your always on your phone"

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  84. Post

    I read somewhere (or I think it hay have been on the news) that cutting is a “trend”….🤨😐😐😐 ummm,,, yeah I cut because it’s a trend. WTF

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    Micayla Martinez

    This is everything my parents tell their daughter with social anxiety, regular anxiety, and depression in one video.

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    Meghan Falconer

    Coming from someone who was professionally diagnosed with depression and anxiety, has spent time in mental hospitals and is on medication, I know how stupid the mental health system can be. If someone says they are depressed but they are not diagnosed, they are probably depressed. Believe them! This goes for any mental illness. To be professionally diagnosed you have to fit into a very tiny specific box. You have to have X amount of symtoms, you have to be X years old, you have to have been suffering for X amount of time. It's so stupid because that's the whole idea of mental illness! None of us fit in the "normal" box, so their solution? Try and stuff us into another box. We need to accept people who don't fit in the box because, NEWS FLASH, none of us do. It's also really expensive and it takes a lot of time and energy to get diagnosed. So moral of the story just because somebody isn't diagnosed doesn't mean they are faking it.

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    or liiiike when your school counselor tells you to cover your self harm cuts up so people won’t see and “get sad”

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    Ari Xoxoxo

    I get nervous 2 I’ve had sooooo many adults school guidance counselor tell me that and it makes my blood boil schools are a big factor in soooo May mental illness situations 🙃😡

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    "Stop self-pitying"
    "Everyone gets depressed when they aren't doing productive things"
    "Depression is for rich people"
    "You are doing "suicide drama" because of the shows that you watch"
    "You need to go out and meet new people"
    "All this is happening because you don't pray"

    Thanks, mom

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    I don't have a name

    I love your videos Jessie but especially these ones you should make one called what not to say to a gay couple mostly because I am in a gay relationship and people always say stupid shit to me and my gf so yea . Love your videos Jessie ❤️

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    Toni Macaroni

    I told my friend I have anorexia,after months of contemplation and building up the confidence to talk to someone other than my parents or doctor. She made it about herself,then told everyone,and now I'm a wreck. Everyone knows,and they talk about it constantly ,when i honestly just don't want to think about food,calories ect.
    Never talk for other people,if they are not ready to out themselves. It can make people (including me) very uncomfortable. It's not fair for them.
    This has been a PSA.

    Edit: yes we are still friends

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