50th Birthday RBC Innovators’ Ball : Pushing the Boundaries of Possible

50th Birthday RBC Innovators’ Ball : Pushing the Boundaries of Possible

I’m here to celebrate 50 years but also
to look ahead, continuing to make the Science Centre one of the most important
visits for families and children across Ontario. Growing up around the Ontario
Science Centre allowed me to see all the interesting work that served as a
catalyst for me personally to want to go out there and make my own mark on the
world. The Science Center matters because it’s showing kids that science isn’t
just doing questions 1 through 10. It’s actually getting your hands dirty and
having fun with it. Science is going to be so important going forward, whether people want to get the newest cell phone or whether we’re gonna solve a crisis
by the oceans warming, or the climate change. We all need to understand science. Think about sponsoring and becoming involved in the Science Centre. It’s a
family–you’re helping build our country, you’re helping build our community,
you’re helping give access to this incredible institution. Magic happens
here. It’s very important to be a good global citizen–not just as individuals but also
as companies. So it is an all-hands-on -deck moment. That necessity for trial and error is a
vital part of human learning, and it’s one of the real strengths of sending
young kids like me to a science centre. I’m hoping when we find intelligent life
somewhere else that not only do we get to know the creatures there but I hope
that they have science centres, too. Showing any kid that walks in is that
they can be tomorrow’s astronauts. They can do so many great things, and that’s what it’s all about. What I think happened tonight was a celebration and a lot of
affection for this place which, I hope is a continuing feeling for the Science
Centre because this isn’t just a single year event. This place, this treasure for
Ontario, for Canadians, really needs our support every year.


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