6 Sick Strangers Caught Living in Other People’s Houses

6 Sick Strangers Caught Living in Other People’s Houses

Number 6. “The Locked Door”: Brett Mugglin and Mark
Hartman were both in their fourth year at Ohio State University when they decided to
become roommates for the semester. The house they moved into was dingy and moldy,
and the power went out all of the time, but the rent was cheap – plus, the place was
shared by 10 other students, and most of them were girls, so they didn’t mind it there
too much. One night, after the power went out yet again,
Brett went downstairs by himself into the basement to flip the circuit breaker back
on. While he was down there, he thought he heard
some movements nearby. It couldn’t have been anything, he thought. After all, the only thing down there was a
door to the utility closet, and it was always locked shut. Little did he know that things were only going
to get weirder. In fact, a bizarre series of events would
soon leave Brett and the other tenants thoroughly creeped out. Aside from the unexplainable noises coming
from the basement, the drawers and the oven were constantly left open in the kitchen that
they all shared together, and the lights were always being turned on when no one was around. Since the roommates didn’t have any other
explanations, they began to think that the house was haunted. After all, it was a large, moldy, creepy house
that seemed just right for a ghost to stalk around in. When Brett went down into the basement to
turn the power back on like usual, a stranger startled him. The man said that he was an Ohio State student
named Jeremy who had been living the house for a while, but when Brett questioned him
further, the man just walked upstairs and left the home. Alarmed now, Brett and Mark decided to check
and see what was behind the locked door once and for all. The landlord came to the property along with
the police, and together they all pried the lock off of the door. What they saw next came as quite a shock. There was no utility closet as originally
thought, but instead they found a fully furnished room complete with a mattress and a private
toilet. The intruder had been using a side entrance
to get into the basement without anyone noticing. Personal photos in the room showed none other
than Jeremy posing with what appeared to be friends and family. The landlord changed the locks and the students
tried their best to get back to a normal life. Meanwhile, the man known as “Jeremy” remains
at large. Number 5. “On Jenny’s Block”: In the year 2000,
Jennifer Lopez starred in a movie called The Cell, where she literally travels inside the
subconscious mind of a crazed psychopath to search for answers. Little did Lopez know that 13 years later
she would become embroiled with a similarly insane person, only this time it would be
in real life. His name was John Dubis, and he was an ex-firefighter
from Rhode Island who was placed on disability pension after a crippling injury left him
unable to find employment. The exact nature of the accident has not been
disclosed to the public, but after taking one look at his social media history, you
might begin to suspect that it involved a serious head injury. Sometime after becoming disabled, Dubis began
to openly obsess about Jennifer Lopez on his Facebook account. Using the screen name “David A. Lopez”,
he began to post what he called “Jenny art”. Usually this was where he carved his initials
along with hers into a tree, but other times it was random graffiti around the city that
he felt specifically pertained to his undying love and affection towards Jennifer Lopez. Other Facebook posts included invitations
for his “dear wife Jenny” to come live with him, but most of it was just semi-incoherent
musings, the strangest of which being a photo of Dubis aggressively biting a box of chocolates
with a caption that reads, “Jenny always sending me love”. Whether or not he truly believed he was in
a relationship with Jenny is unclear, but many people speculate that he was most likely
delusional enough to hallucinate a fantasy world where she was sending him gifts. In August, Dubis grew tired of his fantasies
and yearned for the real thing – to be with Jennifer Lopez in the flesh. To accomplish this, he drove to Southampton,
New York, and broke into the pool house of her 10-million-dollar private estate. Even though his car was out front, none of
Lopez’s roving security guards noticed him for 6 days as he walked around her property
and committed some truly confounding acts. At one point, he cleaned up a pathway for
her as a nice gesture. He also frequently pleasured himself in her
front yard. When later questioned by police, he casually
explained he did this because he felt that Lopez wanted him to quote unquote spread my
seed throughout the world. He posted on Facebook about his exploits the
entire time he stalked Jenny, first putting up a receipt from a nearby clothing store
to prove he was in Southampton, and then taking a picture from the pool house to show how
close he was to Jennifer Lopez’s actual home. Who knows what else he would have done if
he was not captured within a week of breaking in. Unfortunately, this does not make the end
of Jennifer Lopez’s encounters with the man. Shortly after being released, he called the
Lopez’s mother and pretended to be her son. This landed him in jail yet again. Number 4. “Tracy Checks Again”: In South Carolina,
a 41-year-old woman who identifies herself only as “Tracy” to news reporters explained
that she was the victim of a malicious stalker who had violated her privacy and made her
fearful for her life. Tracy felt someone watching her all of the
time in her small home, especially at night. She often heard strange noises coming from
upstairs. Panicking at times, she often called her sons
to check the attic upstairs. They were never able to find anything. After a while, they joked that she was paranoid
or going senile, and they brushed it off as some kind of stray animal from the woods. One night, as Tracy lay in bed struggling
to sleep, there was a loud thumping coming from the attic. This was no animal. The thumping grew so intense that the nails
started to pop out of her bedroom ceiling one at a time. Instead of calling her sons, this time she
called her nephew over to the house and made him check upstairs more thoroughly than anyone
had ever before. At first, it seemed as though nothing was
in the attic aside from the two of them. Slowly, her nephew walked to the far end of
the attic. There was a completely darkened section where
the lightbulb had burned out long ago that he wanted to check out. The floorboards creaked below his feet. When he got there, he found Tracy’s ex-boyfriend
looking back at him, huddled in a makeshift bed that was made from coats. The ex-boyfriend gave a malicious smile. Even though he and Tracy had broken up 12
years ago, he had never forgotten her. In fact, he had just gotten out of jail for
stealing Tracy’s car. Sometime after being released, he had crawled
into the attic to watch and listen to her every move. With no explanation, he silently left the
house, still smiling. Police could not determine exactly how many
days he stayed in the attic, but based on the numerous cups from the nearby Sonic fast
food restaurant that were found filled to the brim with urine and excrement, he must
had been there for some time. Police have not been able to find him ever
since he made his grinning exit. Number 3. “Watched from the Floor Vents”: In 2012,
a woman in Massachusetts needed some simple repairs done to her trailer home. The trailer’s former owner, a 47-year-old
man named Christian Hobbs, was a handyman who was glad to help, but not before making
a few private adjustments of his own. Little did the woman know, these adjustments
would not be for her or her toddler son’s benefit, but rather for his own sick and sinister
self-gratification. Soon after the repairs were complete, the
woman – whose name has been withheld by news outlets for privacy’s sake – heard
a loud noise in her bathroom floor vent. To her, it sounded like it could have been
an animal. Concerned, she got down on the floor and peered
inside the vent. A human face stared directly back at her. “Hey, it’s just me. Don’t be scared,” a familiar voice said. It was Christian Hobbs, the handyman. Hobbs had been very busy. First, he had planted baby monitors throughout
the home so he could hear whatever the family did at any moment of the day. Next, he cut a hole under the trailer, climbed
inside, cut a second hole inside of the trailer – this time through the bathroom floor vent
– and climbed inside of there. He stayed in this hiding spot under the trailer
for two days straight with an assortment of energy bars, beverages, and tissues, as he
busied himself by watching and recording the woman and her toddler son both using the bathroom
with his cell phone. In total, police recovered 16 minutes’ worth
of voyeuristic footage. A Salem, Massachusetts judge sentenced Hobbs
to serve between 3 to 6 years in a state prison, saying that she would have given him more
time if it were legally possible. Unfortunately, she said, the biggest law that
Hobbs broke – violating privacy – was only a misdemeanor. Number 2. “The Slender Man”: It was 1941, and Theodore
Edward Coneys, like many other Americans who were just coming out of The Great Depression,
was facing a harsh life of extreme poverty. This penniless desperation was what prompted
him to visit an old friend in Denver, Colorado named Philip Peters to ask for help. Peters was much older than Coneys, and had
managed to squirrel away a fair bit of wealth in his advanced years. Coneys had intended to ask for money, but
upon arrival, he found the door to be unlocked. Nobody was there, so he stepped inside and
made himself at home . . . for months. Philip Peters was visiting his elderly wife
in the hospital. Just to give you some indication of how old
they were, she had just broken her hip. When Philip Peters returned, Coneys made a
decision in his mind. Rather than asking for money and possibly
being turned away, he would instead live in the old man’s house without him knowing. Coneys had an extremely gaunt figure with
gangly arms and long, spindly fingers. He used his small stature to his advantage
by holing himself away in the attic by squeezing through a door that no normal-sized person
could fit through. Coneys soon made a routine of waiting until
Peters left the house before dropping down to eat food and take care of his hygienic
needs before the old man got back. Peters was 73-years-old at the time, so he
did not really notice what was going on. It wasn’t the best plan in the world, but
it had been working so far. . . until one day. Coneys left his attic abode to cook himself
some food as normal. He thought Peters had left for the day, but
the old man was actually taking a nap, and Peters was quite surprised to find his long-time
friend helping himself in the kitchen. The conversation that followed is not exactly
clear. Perhaps Coneys came clean and apologized at
first, or even started asking for some money. Either way, Coneys eventually decided to savagely
murder his friend by beating him to death with a pistol. One could only imagine what was going through
Peters’ mind as his friend struck him over and over again in his own kitchen. Did he beg for his life? Did he ask his friend why he was doing this
in between the blows? Afterwards, police were baffled by the murder. It made no sense. All of the doors and windows were locked,
so how did the killer leave the house? As the police continued to investigate the
crime scene, Coneys lay cramped up in his attic quarters directly above them. The police reasoned that nobody could fit
through the tiny attic door, so they inadvertently left him alone. When Peters’ widowed wife moved back into
the home, she and her son kept hearing strange noises. Lights that they were sure they had turned
off were mysteriously turned back on. In their mind, the house was clearly haunted. In fact, they could not hang onto a housekeeper
because the help would always become afraid and quit. Eventually, Peters’ grief-stricken ex-wife
moved away and Coneys once again had the property to his own. Much like the widow, neighbors soon grew suspicious
after they began to hear noises emanating from the home late at night, and began to
see lights seemingly turn on all by themselves. To them, the house was clearly haunted by
Philip Peters’ ghost, or maybe by the ghost who had killed him. Police still had a sneaking suspicion about
the case and never gave up. One night, about 9 months after the gruesome
murder, they finally got their break. On a routine surveillance, they saw somebody
peeking from the behind the curtains at the old Peters’ residence. The police barged into the abandoned home
and saw Coneys’ small frame scurrying into his attic hideaway. It was too late for him to get away. He was caught and nicknamed “the Spiderman
of Denver” for both his spidery fingers and the way in which he eluded police in his
lair. In 1967, the prison inmate died just as he
had lived: alone and in cramped quarters. Number 1. “Extra Physical Therapy”: Carlo Castellanos-Feria
had a normal job working as a parking attendant at a hospital in Washington, D.C. One day, he met a beautiful girl named Michelle
Fredenburg-Onion, who he would later describe himself as instantly becoming quote unquote
“madly in love” with. While many long-term relationships have been
known to start out in a similar “love-at-first-sight” fashion, Carlo’s version of “madly in
love” becomes far more disturbing when you consider that it’s what he gave as an explanation
to a judge while on trial for burglary and stalking charges. In any event, Carlo could not keep his eyes
of Michelle from that day on. He needed to have her, and he needed to let
her know. Unfortunately, Michelle did not reciprocate
his advances. Instead of running into his arms like he thought
she would, she ran to his superiors and told them not to let Carlo near her anymore. She was the Director of Physical Therapy,
so he was fired right away, but Carlo knew she was playing hard to get. He knew that she secretly wanted him, whether
she knew it or not, and that they were destined to be together. That’s why he had a plan. Before he had gotten fired, Carlo would be
left alone with Michelle’s keys every day when he parked her car. This is how he had gotten her house key copied,
out of love of course, and it’s also how he had lovingly let herself into her apartment
for a fun date night at home. He had gotten her address on the car’s registration). He must have wanted their first date to be
extra special, so he let himself into her home two days early to give himself plenty
of time to prepare for the big night. Since he wanted to remember their big moment
together forever, he set up a camera in her room that pointed directly at her bed. This way, he could film their big date and
watch it over and over again. Then he climbed underneath of the bed and
waited. The date did not go exactly as Carlo had planned. Michelle had a boyfriend with her, and early
in the morning, he noticed something moving around on the floor. He looked under the bed and found Carlo. Then he beat him severely with a flashlight
until the police arrived. Things would not have gone well for Michelle
if her boyfriend was not there to rescue her. Under her bed with him, Carlo had a box of
condoms and a power cord.


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