9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

– Why is my sexuality “a lifestyle”? – Why do you call it a lifestyle? – Like choosing to wear a dress? – He lives by the beach,
that’s his lifestyle. – It’s not really a
lifestyle. It’s just my life. Why is that when you
find out that I’m gay, you think that I want you? – Standards, first of all. – Everyone has a type. You
might not be their type. – Don’t flatter yourself. – Why are you so worried about how I’m going to have kids? – Why does it matter if I’m
going to have kids or not? – Technically, the world is overpopulated and me not reproducing is helping you out. – So if I want to have
kids, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out. – Why do you feel the
need to ask who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship? – Last I checked, we were both women. – That’s why we’re together. Both have lady parts. – Why do you get offended
if people ask if you’re gay? – Why would you be offended
that someone thinks you’re gay? – I don’t get offended when
people think I’m straight. – I mean, I kinda do. – There are worse things. How does it feel to be
accurately represented in everything? – Every single show and film ever. – Why is your definition of
diversity a gay white man? – I can’t think of anyone
who reminds me of me. – The most that I had was Buffy. And she was straight. – Sailor Moon would
probably be the closest representation of a young gay Asian. – Why is it that you have
such a large dating pool? – But still a really high divorce rate? – Because it’s real marriage
because it’s heterosexual. – Why do you have to
call it a gay wedding? – It’s just a wedding. – It’s just a wedding. – Is it just so you can charge us more? – If two black people
were getting married, would you call it a black wedding? Why do you try to set us up with the very next gay person you see? – I don’t try to set you up with the other straight guy I know. – We have Tinder or Grinder.
What do gay ladies use? Oh, we don’t have one. Okay, never mind. Thank you for trying to
set us up. We need help. – You have to take into
account the percentage of women that are interested in women and then those precentage of women
who I’m attracted to and then those percentage
of women who are attracted to me and then those percentage of women that you know, I have chemistry with and that our personalities line up. And that’s like three women. Maybe.

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