94-Year-Old Graduate Redefines Senior Citizen Education

I often will ask somebody who didn’t have
to go back to college, why did you do it? And at age 94, Amy didn’t need a college degree
to hang on the wall. Something much more powerful was going on
there and I think it’s the sense of satisfaction, I think it’s the sense of achievement. I think it’s the sense of being engaged in
life, in the world, and life of the mind. For those of you who may not know all the
details here, Amy finished her bachelor’s degree- 52 years in the making, here it is,
framed and ready for your wall. A lot of students have heard about her story
recently and they’re just very inspired by her. I would totally say that she inspires me,
and probably just taking a look at what I need to do and challenge myself a little bit
more. I think Amy’s story is important because it’s
never too late. There are paths for everybody, and that’s
what SNHU is about, that’s what Amy’s story is about.

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