97% Of People Can’t Tell What Color This Is

97% Of People Can’t Tell What Color This Is

– I don’t see how this can be
pink and/or white, I don’t see it! – Oh, what? ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today’s episode might be
a little confusing, disorienting, and overall mystifying, because you’re gonna be looking at
some of the craziest optical illusions that are
all from 2019. – Oh my God, here we go. These mess me up so much. – Oh crazy, okay, I’m excited. – I don’t look into them,
but when I do see them, I like them. So I’m excited. – I did a bunch of these,
but they always amaze me, but then sometimes my eyes
just don’t function properly, and I’m like I don’t see it. – (FBE) First we wanted to show you
an illusion that has been all over the internet recently, and we want you to let us know
what color you think the shoe is? – Okay. – Retweet if you see pink and white, favorite if you see grey and green mint. How could you see pink
and white from this, what? – I see grey and mint green. Is that, what is that, correct? – Grey and green mint,
that’s what I see. – I see grey and green mint. I don’t see how other people
can see pink and white. – I have seen this before
on Twitter. I don’t see how this can be
pink and/or white. I don’t see it! – I see pink and white. I have these shoes. (laughs)
And they’re pink. – Knowing those kinda shoes,
it’s obviously pink and white, right? I mean, it just seems like
the most, like, it’s the hue of the picture that
makes it look grey and green mint. – I see a mix of both. This is the same thing as the dress,
and the dress, I saw blue and gold. I didn’t see blue or black
or white and gold, I saw blue and gold. – (FBE) So this picture’s
actually from 2017 but it recently started to go viral. But to all those wondering,
the shoe is actually pink and white. – No way. I think I’m colorblind or something, that definitely looks
grey and turquoise, or mint or whatever that was. – I feel like it’s the filter,
’cause look at his hand. I don’t think a light works like that. – Okay, maybe, maybe refresh my eyes. Lemme try to see this again. No, I still see it, what? – If you see the comment sections
for these, like, optical illusions, it’s just too funny, because like someone
says their opinion and then other people like
counteract against it, and then they start arguing
in the comment section, and then everyone tries to hop on it. – You can only see this
optical illusion if you shake your head. Oh, what? – Ah, I see a cat. – Oh my God, that’s crazy.
It’s a cat, right? – Is there like something,
oh, it’s a cat! Oh my gosh! – Oh, I see a cat! It’s a black cat! – How does that work? – I don’t see it. (laughs) What I do see right now
is a bunch of black and white lines
right here. – I felt like I was gonna
embarass myself, but after seeing the cat,
it was all worth it. – Oh, what?
Hello sway! – Wait, the Museum of Illusions?
Where is this? – Did they hurt themselves
in like the next second? Like they took the picture,
and then all of a suddenly, they fall over? – I’m guessing these people
just have like really strong like core. Okay, wait, pause though. His hands are like under the thing, so realistically he would fall. – I think I’ve seen this before. It’s like an upside down house
or something like that, right? – (FBE) So here are some pictures
from the Museum of Illusions, which became pretty popular
in 2019 along with some other stylized museums
like the Museum of Ice Cream. – That’s really cool,
I wanna go there. – I’d have so much fun,
and I’m entertained so easily, but I feel like I’d have
the time of my life. – I’ve been to a bunch
of different museums. I’ve been to the Museum of Ice Cream,
a happy place. It makes you stop
and think of a while. You’re like wait,
how did they do that? And then it all comes together. Once you see the location,
then you’re like ah, okay. – I’ve done one of these
pictures before, it’s like, it was in
the Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, and it was like this table,
and I just had my hands up on the table, and it looks like
I was doing a cartwheel on the table. It’s super cool, these are cool.
I like these. – Wait, what? – Wait. It was just a square, what? – No, stop!
That’s crazy! – That’s so cool!
– That’s pretty cool! – No, no! – If you see them from certain angles,
like, they’re curved. The whole thing is like curved,
I got it, I knew it! (laughs) Oh! – What.
Exposed, I’m confused! – I never seen something like that before. – I think it’s the angle
that makes it like that, yeah. The pointiness of the angles. That’s, wow, that’s really trippy. That caught me off guard. – Do you have one? (laughs)
I wanna play with it now. That’s so weird! – That’s witchcraft.
(laughs) Definitely. – I know that it’s just angled,
like oh, this one goes up, this one goes down,
this side goes up and down, like it’s not perfectly circular. – Looks like a magic trick. Yeah, I don’t know
how he’s doing that. I’m guessing it’s the angles
that you look at the object in. – Whoa, it’s like pixelated. – Just looking at it,
I think it’s like an edit from a computer. – (gasps) Is this makeup? That must have taken forever. I can’t even like put foundation
and concealer on my face without it taking 45 minutes. – (FBE) So makeup and makeup artists
have been showing off their skills more and more on social media
these past few years, leading to posts like this
from artist Dain Yoon, and this was all done with makeup. – That’s insane. I can’t even imagine
how long that would take. – Hold up, someone hire her. That’s so sick! I really thought someone drew this. – What about her right eye? Which one’s the real one? No, no come on,
don’t do this to me. – It looks so pixelated
in that other eye. That’s crazy.
That’s kinda hard, ’cause skin’s not
that easy to draw on. – You can use makeup to create
anything you can think of. Your face is a canvas. – There’s like makeup,
but then there’s like makeup art. And this right here
is purely art. These are super cool,
I really, really like these. – I love this dude! That’s so cool. – Oh my gosh, Zach King
always makes the dopest edits. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Bro, Zach King always
gets me with this stuff. – Dude, like that’s so confusing. – (laughs) That’s really cool. – (guard) Hey you, you can’t be
doing that, hey! – Wait, isn’t this the Viner,
who used to do all the magic, oh! – (guard) Wait, what? – (gasps) What? – No!
– (Zach) Later! – Oh my God, that’s so cool,
I love that one. – That was in one take though. – I love Zach King. I’ve been watching him
since I was so little. His videos are so trippy,
they’re just so entertaining. – They are literally
so perfectly timed, and so perfectly edited.
It’s insane. – (FBE) So this video comes from
Zach King, who started to gain a following
on Vine for his well crafted videos which look like magic. – He’s a god, man. They’re, like I don’t know
how many takes they must do on them, but it’s like they’re perfect almost. – These illusions are just like,
they’re tricking my mind, and it’s like hurting my mind
but satisfying it, because it’s entertaining,
but it hurts and I’m confused. – Photo editing is such a cool thing. I watch Cooridor Digital. They filmed a video with Zach King
recently, of how he did it, and it’s just like
guess how he did this video. Some of it’s very simple,
it’s just angles, trying, doing it over and over again, til it works and you get it right. And a couple, a little bit
of visual effects. – Rabbits love getting stroked
on their nose? That just blew my mind! – Does, oh my God. That’s a rabbit. – Wait, that’s so weird,
why does he look like, so sharp, his ears? – Me and my mom had an argument
on this one. (laughs) She thought it was a rabbit,
I didn’t think it was a rabbit. It looks like some type of bird. – Oh, that’s a crow. (laughs) – That’s a bird,
that does look like a rabbit though. The beak threw me off, I was like what the heck
kinda ear is that? – That’s a crow. You can kinda,
you can see the feathers. I could see why
people think it’s a bunny. – (FBE) So we actually showed this
to some of our YouTubers earlier this year on a
Number Ones of the Week episode where this viral tweet post
sparked a debate on whether it was a raven
or a rabbit getting the pets, with a bird specialist
jumping in on the conversation saying that the video
was of a raven. – It was of a raven? Wait, no way. I really thought it was a rabbit. – I can’t even wrap my head
around that one. – At first I was looking at it, I was like his nose
isn’t really there. ‘Cause usually they have
like those pink noses right here, but I was looking like eh,
I don’t really see a nose. – I saw it for the raven
for a solid five seconds, and then it switched to the rabbit, and then when I went like this
and put my hands back down, it was a raven again,
like awesome, like that’s scary. – TikTok! – These confuse me so much. – That looked like it went through! – ♪ I’m ready ♪ – That looks cool! (laughs) – ♪ I’m ready ♪ – Wait, what the heck? – She did that one really good. – That’s, I wanna learn
how to do that. (laughs) That’s so cool! – When it looks like your hand
becomes the other hand, that’s when it’s like flawless. – They’re timing it right. Nah, I’m not gonna do it. (laughs) – (FBE) So this was a trend on TikTok
from earlier this year which often is called
the Magic Hand challenge. So do you wanna try it out? – How do you do that? Just, that’s all it is, right?
Just have a hand like this? – How?
Wait a minute. So uh…
Uh-uh. – That’s so weird,
how do they do it so fast? – I don’t think I can do it,
then you… – Once you learn it, I think it might be simple
after a while, it’s just like a switch of a hand. It’s a slight hand movement. – ♪ So you’re a tough guy ♪
♪ Like it really rough guy ♪ – That’s, is that Billie? – Ugh, we love Billie Eilish. – She performed like this? – I think that it’s just the way
the room is shaped, or just the tilt of the camera. Oh wait, hold up. – Whoa, okay, that tripped me out. – She went from the right wall,
to the side wall. – I feel dizzy watching it. – Yeah, that’s sick! That’s, that’s, that’s really cool. – Rotating room like Inception, or it just, camera’s upside down. Or, okay, maybe they turned the camera
as she was walking. – Either like the room is tilted,
and the camera is making it look like it’s straight, or Billie just has magical powers,
and I’m down with the latter honestly. – (FBE) For this last video, we have Billie Eilish’s performance
from SNL this year where she had seemed to be walking
on the walls and ceilings throughout her performance, which was all done by having
a room which rotated while she sang. – Oh, it rotated? But like, through our view,
it doesn’t seem like it? Oh my God, that’s crazy. – That’s so cool! – So that’s why she’s like
crawling to the corner. No, what, that’s crazy! – Wow, that girl is so talented. Wow, okay, it doesn’t,
it may not even sound that hard, just like being able to sing
in a room that’s rotating, but just being able to perfect,
her stage presence is so good, and it’s just like being able to do it
on a rotating stage, like that’s talent. – Those are so cool. My mind is absolutely blown! – So cool! Like I thought they were just
gonna be like the lines, like you look, there’s like the dot,
like the generic ones, but all of those are like really sick. – (FBE) So finally, to end this episode,
we wanted to ask, what about 2019 was confusing to you? – Everything.
All of 2019 is, I don’t even know what’s happening. – Besides being on this show,
this year nothing has happened for me. – 2019 went by super fast. Everything before summer
I just don’t remember, because it was just like,
this year was just, it kept moving. It was really cool. – 2019 was definitely about like, trying to figure out
who I am. That’s every year, honestly. That was the only thing confusing,
’cause I still don’t know who I am. – 2019 was confusing in general, like all the things
that were happening. It was all a dream! – 2019 was all a dream! It was all an illusion. I don’t know what was real,
I don’t know what was fake. (laughs) – Hey guys, this is Darius! I’m about to graduate
and go on Adults Reacts, and I wanna let you guys know,
I love you guys all, and thanks for participating
on this journey with me, and you guys changed my life forever, and I love you guys all. I’ll see you guys on Adults React! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪


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