A Day in the Life at Open Society: Ernesto Espin

I came from an immigrant background, and we left everything behind and we just started from zero. My family has seen my trajectory from community college to a four-year school to working in the Congress to working at OSF. And I feel fortunate contributing to something bigger than me— a mission that aligns with what I want us to do in the world. So I have two roles: I’m an assistant—so I’m scheduling working with other colleagues from around the world. On the programmatic side, I’m supporting three, four program officers that we have, supporting this program, especially. Because of my involvement in the Diversity and Inclusion campaign, I have all sorts of different task and roles at hand. OSF is constantly making sure that whatever they are portraying outside in the world, that the same thing and the same work will be happening here inside. We are an organization that takes very seriously the work that we have inside here. Bringing equity, recruiting people, like myself, that might not come from a high Ivy League or privileged background. It’s what makes OSF the place that I selected to be my organization, my job.

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