A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineering Student

I’m Christy, a second year Civil Engineering
student. Today I’m going to show you what I do on an average day. Sounds great. So normally I have about four hours of lectures
and tutorials each day. Actually I’m meeting up with my group on our project now, do you
want to come? Sure. Civil Engineering students do lots of group
work based on real life engineering projects. This year we’re designing houses and community
centres for people in East Timor. I get to experience what it’s like to be an engineer
as well as working with different people. So currently I’m working on a soil mechanics
lab report. It’s a really great way to get hands on experience. Actually a few fourth years have labs too.
Ah, there’s Jo. Hey Jo! So normally I study at the Science Centre
but sometimes I will study here in the library. Enough about me, what do you do as a fourth
year civil engineering student? Well, as a fourth student I have a lot less
lectures but most of y time is spent on my research project which is on the water food
energy mix. It’s something that really interests me and really expands my knowledge on this
area. But it’s not all work. I am the Chief Editor of the College’s monthly newsletter.
I get to work with students from different courses across the college, producing articles
that reach over 5,000 students. I end my week with a session at the Table Tennis club at
the university. Actually, our first team just qualified for the premier division, so exciting
stuff. So whether it’s Table Tennis – Or Dodge Ball. There’s always something for everyone at the
University of Birmingham. OK, that went well. Yeah.

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