A Message to the At-Large Cherokee Citizens

Siyo, My name is Will Fourkiller and I’m in my
office at the Oklahoma State Capitol. I want to send out a brief message today to all Cherokee
Nation Citizens living outside the Cherokee Nation jurisdictional boundaries. I’ve been running a grassroots campaign
while working full time here at the Oklahoma State House where I represent all of Adair,
Northeast Cherokee and Southern Delaware Counties. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to travel
and meet you all in person, so I would like to reach out today and visit with you on my
outlook on some of the At Large Citizen issues. I want you to know as Principal Chief I will
protect all citizen rights, I will protect your right to vote and your right to be represented
on our tribal forum. I want you to know that I will listen to your
needs and concerns and working with the guidance of the satellite organizations on our cultural
and history presentations and also our regional meetings, held in our At Large Communities. I will look into allowing At Large Citizens
to buy into our insurance pool under the Affordable Care Act, to allow our At Large Citizens the
same top quality insurance that our employees receive at a low cost. I want you to know
that I will make top quality healthcare my main priority, so that when At Large Citizens
travel home for healthcare that they will receive the best services possible. I want you to also know that I will continue
the At Large Leadership Conferences in the Cherokee Nation. Because I know that if we
work together, keep an open dialogue, we can accomplish great things. I also want you to know that I support you
and that I will continue to look for expansion of our scholarship and services to At Large
Citizens. I’d appreciate your vote of support and
confidence on June 27th. If you have any questions, please call, text, or email me or even Facebook
message me. Wado

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