A Millennial’s Perspective on Technology For Senior Citizens Featuring Amanda Horvath

If you’ve been watching my channel for a
while now then you know that I try to bring you technology information that’s
easy to understand, easy to learn and that you can use. I’m always looking for
something new to bring you and this week I have something really special. Recently I traveled to Texas on business. While I was there I had a conversation
with a young lady, Amanda Horvath, who is a consultant and
content strategist that helps businesses with their video production, social media
and other technology needs. As such, I thought it would be a great idea to get
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photography skills. With that, I give you a “Millennial’s Perspective on Technology
for Senior Citizens Featuring Amanda Horvath.” Hi YouTube,
this is Jim Costa of Jim Costa Films and I am here today with a special guest
Amanda who’s gonna introduce herself in just a moment. If you’ve been watching my
channel for a while, you guys know that I provide useful video, photography and
technology information that anyone can use, but my specific focus has always
been on helping seniors to learn technology to improve and better their
lives and become #techsavvyseniors. Amanda, why don’t you go ahead and
introduce yourself first and then I’ll ask you some questions. Perfect.
So I’ve been doing video for actually really 10 to 12 years, because I
started in high school and but I’ve been doing it professionally on my own for
about four years running a production company here in Austin and throughout
the course of the period of working and working with clients what I found was
people were coming to me for video yet they were looking for results and so I
really became obsessed with the world of marketing and really started to focus on
how can I educate my customers further on how to actually use the videos that
were producing to actually get the results that they’re looking to achieve.
So I’ve been doing that for four years and eight months ago I also launched my
own YouTube channel and that’s how we were able to connect that helps business
owners and entrepreneurs leverage the power of video without breaking the bank
or taking out tons of their time. So that’s a little bit about what I do.
That’s very good. Now, I will say that I first found you on YouTube and on a
Facebook networking group and I honestly was very impressed with the quality of
your work. I’ve been doing this myself many years, over three decades and I have
to admit, as an older person, I can be a little cranky, you know, and I have this
idea about Millennials that us older people have, which is unfair, and I
apologize, but when I saw your work I was very very impressed with the quality of
your work and I thought it would be very nice to introduce my audience which is
mainly senior citizens, to a younger person and get their perspective on the
future of technology because my goal is always to help people to learn
technology, make it easy because it can seem daunting if you don’t have any
technical knowledge or you’re not used to computers or whatever.Wwhen I saw the
quality of your work and what you were doing, I thought you’re geared towards
more younger people I’m geared towards older people but we’re basically doing
the same thing and I thought how nice it would be to collaborate and do a video
that’s not just me. You guys watch my channel you know it’s me yakking away, a
talking head all the time. It would be be nice to work with someone and see
what their perspective is on the future of video. Let me know what you think.
Where do you think video technology is going, say, in the next 10 years? So, it’s
really cool. I think we’re really at the point where if you’re looking at a graph
right like it’s about to go like that. Like we have only just begun to
experience where video is really headed and have you heard the stat that by 2020
80% of the Internet is going to be video? I have heard that and considering how
many videos are in my Facebook feed already I agree with that 100%. Yeah and
so we’re seeing it ramp up more and more throughout the rest of this year and I
think a lot of people are starting to realize like this is something that I
need to get on now, this video bandwagon and they’re not totally sure
how to get on it which is why you and I are helping people take advantage of
that opportunity but I think in doing that, there is a new
medium or new really industry popping up. So, just to kind of give a little
background, the film industry has been completely disrupted as you know. Yes. And
that you know, studios aren’t necessarily the only producers now in terms of
producing videos. Now there’s Netflix and Amazon and Amazon isn’t even technically
like that. They have so much that they’re doing but they’re also playing a big
role in. It’s true. They’re not a film or production company. Right. They started
delivering books and then they delivered packages and now they make TV shows.
Right and so there’s that going on and anyone that works in the film industry
or a lot of people that work in the film industry feel very unsatisfied with the
kind of work that they’re doing. Then there’s the advertising industry
and the advertising industry obviously has been blowing up but about four years
ago when I was first starting I found that the there wasn’t much opportunity
for the small business owners and entrepreneurs that wanted to create
videos for their business but they couldn’t afford an agency price of you know $15,000 dollars minimum or whatever it would cost for
them to produce that video for them. So, I saw that as an opportunity four years ago.
Oh, I have a video camera. I can go create these videos for these different
companies and so that the advertising agency started getting disrupted by
people like me that had a camera and that we’re willing to hustle and do it
for pretty cheap and kind of undercut a lot of prices and as it was obviously
it’s a different level, right, so the advertisers well they’ll never
completely go away but now they’re having to compete with a lot more people
that started like I did but now are producing pretty similar content at a
low budget. So, then there’s the entrepreneurial scene and almost
everyone I know doesn’t have a nine-to-five which is pretty wild; most
of my friends. So, especially here in Austin there’s so much entrepreneurial
buzz going around and each of these people are starting to feel disconnected;
they don’t have the same leadership that is within an organization that generally
speaking you would have older mentors you would have role models to look up to
and now we are genuinely creating our own jobs for ourselves and so there’s
been a disruption across all these different industries and where I really
see video heading is into instead of Netflix, Amazon, CBS all these bigger
companies that are going to be that have been producing content, it’s going to be
the people like you and I and we’re going to be tuning in more and more to
individuals and individual channels. YouTube’s gonna play a big role in that.
It already is and this, you know, you might meet someone on a Friday
night or whatever out and about you might connect with them on Instagram or
Facebook or wherever, YouTube and within just a couple of weeks you feel like wow
I like already know this person so much more because you’re watching their
content. You feel like you know their life. They’re sharing
so much about them; it’s very authentic & genuine and I think people are just
really craving that, so, I’m really recognizing just the the personal brand
and how much that’s exploding and how some form of new content is going to be
arising to satisfy this constant production of content, I suppose. It’s
interesting that you mentioned that people like you and I because yes, we do
create content on our YouTube channels. I personally view my channel a little bit
like the old cable channels that came up when cable TV started becoming big
like in the 1980s and 90s. You could go to watch like the History Channel and it
was all documentaries at the time or MTV was all music videos they actually used
to play music videos on MTV once. Right. And cable channels back then were very
niche and very specific about what you can do and I view my personal YouTube
channel now in very much the same way as cable channels used to be which is very
similar to what you were saying because we create niche content and it it really
focuses on the very targeted audience. Yours are for younger people. People who want
to learn marketing and production. I teach very similar things but to older
people but it’s the same idea as people used to do and it’s funny how things
like everything old it becomes new again. You know, YouTube has helped content
creators like you and I to create channels in the way that cable companies
disrupted the big networks, you know, like 20 years ago. Right. Yeah. Exactly
and I think we’re no longer having to ask for permission to produce so like
that’s been a big thing with just the way that Internet has expanded across
the world you and every single person, every one of us has an iPhone or an
Android or something that has this super high quality camera on it like now the
iPhone can shoot in 4k. It’s the opportunity to produce is so
much more accessable, I suppose, comparatively to you had
to have a super 8 camera and you had to be able to cut film and you had to be
able to you know like it was costly to produce something and so you had to get
investors and you had to figure out a way to make it happen and now anyone can
produce. That is true. I can attest to that. Being an older person I remember my
first computer I bought that can edit video was in 2001 and the whole system
cost me about $12,000 dollars which was a lot of money back then. I mean, it’s a lot of
money today what was more then. But, to me, it was a miracle that I could literally
create something with just two video cameras and my computer and a few other
pieces of equipment that was even when when I went to film school, you could not
learn. I had to do it manually tape; two machines tape to tape and you did
everything by hand and set it up and I did in an hour what took me a whole day
by hand and even my professor back then was saying he used to do everything on
film when he was a young man in the TV business so he was saying, “It’s so great.
You can do it on tape. It takes only a day; what used to take us like a week to
shoot and develop and and then cut the film.” And now, it’s in minutes, you’re
right. I, just yesterday, I was live-streaming on Facebook. Exactly. Live
streaming is; I remember when Periscope first came; out trying to wrap my head
around what that was, right, and I immediately, got on the platform. Are you
familiar with Periscope? Well why don’t you explain it to my viewers who are older. Absolutely.
So, Periscope is was really the first live streaming platform. There was
another one called Meerkat as well, and it came out probably three to three to
four years ago something like that. I think that’s about right. Yeah. Which is
wild to think about that it’s been around that long but it was the first
time that you could really like talk to someone without having that delay so it
was like live TV on your phone and you could just hop on and and use it and I
just remember thinking it was coolest thing ever and had no idea how
to leverage it but that was when I was first starting to get into marketing and
figuring out how people can use these different mediums that are available to
them. But only today am I starting to really understand the power of Facebook
Live in Instagram Stories so it’s it’s exploding now it’s the time to be
hopping on and using it and exploring it while really no one knows what’s what
the next step is. Of course, I’m gonna ask you about that but I just wanted to
remind my viewers we mentioned Periscope and some of these other things. If you
have any questions or comments, please leave a comment down below in the
comment section and I will be happy to answer them. Anyone who follows my
channel or subscribes to me knows that I personally respond to every question
that people ask and I’m more than happy to answer them for you so if you don’t
know what Periscope is or maybe you want me to do a training video on Periscope
or Facebook Live or one of the things we’ve mentioned, go ahead and leave a
comment below and I will answer that and let you know. You mentioned Facebook Live.
Why don’t you let our viewers know what that is in case they don’t because my
viewers are tend to be a little bit older audience. Totally. And they may have
a Facebook page if they use Facebook at all or social media but they probably
don’t know what that is so why not to explain what that is. Right, so Facebook
Live is what they call it live streaming, so just like live TV used to be when
you’re watching the Oscars or watching the Superbowl there’s now live TV has a
little bit of a delay so that they can react to things that might not be
appropriate for airing on TV but so it’s very similar on Facebook so you can go
live and there’s still a little bit of a delay but not much and you can just
directly talk to your audience you can also invite people in to have a
conversation with you they can also get on video with you which is really cool
as well so you can have like a split screen and two people are now live and
it’s just a new opportunity you not have to worry about editing
which i think is a big thing to just kind of throw out the window when it
comes to video. Most people won’t create videos because of how complicated it is
to have to edit the video and so for this one, for Facebook Live, you don’t
have to edit. All you have to do is hit record and just talk. So, in other words,
it’s basically, think of it in the old days as one of the big three television
networks. They would broadcast a TV, a show or a movie or something.
You would have your rabbit ears and you tuned in and you’d be able to watch it.
This is essentially the same as you’re saying only it’s through the Internet
and it’s on your Facebook page, if you have one. Now you could be your own
network if you want, just like our channels as ours, like a network, So, I
wanted to ask you to get a little more in depth. We have a lot of my viewers are
generally older, as I mentioned, so how do you see technology helping them to
improve their lives; like what technologies would you, say, recommend for
older people, maybe who aren’t so savvy with video cameras or don’t necessarily
need to do marketing. Maybe they don’t own company, but how can they use
technology for themselves, in your opinion, as a young person who is born
into the technology. What would they, what would be good for them? Absolutely.
So, I really think if you can look at this technology that’s really popping up
in terms of community building opportunity, that’s the way to really
wrap your head around how they could potentially use it, in my opinion. So, your
grandkids definitely are on social media and you could be keeping up with them
you know they might not be as good as calling and touching base or coming home
and seeing you and so you can feel more connected to them by just getting on
seeing what they’re posting; engaging with them. You could leave a comment.
They’re going to be able to see that and then also there’s, your your generations are dealing with
problems that need to be solved and starting a conversation with others on
the internet that are your age as well can be really great to start to solve
those problems because I don’t see those problems as much as you guys do so using
Facebook and just communicating with your friends, starting groups, engaging
with other pages on Instagram that’s kind of initially what I would say. Well
certainly. No, I agree that you are, in fact, I’ll remind my viewers in the past
I created a video on how to install and use Skype on your computers and not link
to that in the comments section below to remind you if you want a refresher, but
one of the things I mentioned in that video is one of the things you just said.
It’s a way to connect with you said your grandkids or your family who is far away
and I will attest this. We met this morning for the first time but we
actually met on Facebook originally we both belong to a Facebook business
networking group for entrepreneurs that we both are and I saw her content and I
reached out because I thought how interesting to see that with a young
woman is doing such a wonderful job and the quality of her videos are very nice
and I mentioned a link to her website it’s AmandaHorvath.com or her YouTube
channel is the same. Search for Amanda Horvath
and you’ll see them online you’ll see them online. Don’t take my word for it. Look for
yourself. If it weren’t for this Facebook business group, literally would not be
sitting here right now and it was Facebook that how we met because you
live in Texas I live in the Pacific Northwest they’re, I don’t know I’m 1500
miles apart. I came to Texas to this week for a work we would never,
literally would never have. Met. I know. And that is, to me, that’s one of the powers of
the Internet that I try to communicate to my viewers, whoever they are, is that
it really does bring people together. I did another video, on, when I
was doing Skype maybe or another one. I remember it and I actually put up a map
and I said “Here I am up in the Pacific Northwest and my daughter goes to school
in California. My brother lives in Florida and I have an uncle and he’s in,
like, Alabama and a cousin and, you know, they in Virginia,” and I put all the
little pins and, you know, they show up on the map and said this is where my family
is we’re all spread out we’re if we get together once or twice a year, it’s a
miracle, you know, but if it weren’t for social media, say, following each other on
Facebook and Instagram and so forth, never in a million years. We literally would drift
apart and I don’t want that to happen, you know, not just with friends or family
but friends as well & other people. Yeah. And I thought that’s so important; I think is
to stay together. Technology, to me, is neither good nor bad. It’s how you use it.
And I think there’s a lot of fear associated, like, I’m curious if anyone
and feel free to drop a comment below if you’re feeling this way but a lot of the
older generation is hesitant, like, even my mom; she’s like, Amanda, you shouldn’t
be showing people your bedroom, okay like little things like that, and I, I
definitely understand it and I think that there’s a valid side to those
things as well and you do have to be careful but at the same time
understanding that most people are good and that more good can come out of it
than bad with having caution and proceeding carefully I think that
there’s a lot to be learned in terms of, even just not having to deal with the
same loneliness that you might feel when isolated in your home and unable to do
the same activities that you used to be able to do you can relate with others
who are doing that as well so. Well that actually brings up an interesting point
that I wanted to ask you about. One of the things that I noticed myself as an
older person. I’m a Gen Xer, many of my viewers are Gen X or Baby Boomers. They
are afraid of technology but they’re more afraid
things like security and cybersecurity of things of that nature, so
you’re a young person. You use technology probably way more even than I do and I’m
in the business, just like you, so what would you recommend as a warning, for
people to be careful of ,especially older people who maybe aren’t so technically
savvy. That’s a great question. I know that online shopping and people stealing
your information can be a little scary so, not when you’re in public using the
internet; being sure not to do sensitive material on an open Wi-Fi network or
even a password-protected coffee shop. So, if I’m having to work on finances, I’ll
do it from my home network instead of out and about so that’s one thing. In
terms of, I trust my Apple messages and what I say in there is actually private
but a lot of people don’t and so if you don’t, there’s another app called Signal
that is an encrypted messaging software that you can even send, like, messages
that will delete quickly and so from ,I have that on my phone for some things.
You mentioned Signal. I’m going to…I don’t use that myself. I’m gonna research
it. In fact, that gives me an idea for another video. Thank you very much. There you go. Anything that can help well seniors in particular, but anyone
in general, I’m more than happy to do. I created this channel to share a lifetime
of knowledge I have on technology and video and film production. I will look
for information on that for all my followers and I’ll link to that in the
comments section below so you can learn about it too and I have to make sure I
like it. One thing I will say I always do is
recommend things that I personally use. I’m not big on getting sponsored and
trying to sell you something to my viewers. If I recommend, like I talked
about Skype earlier, I recommend it because I use it, probably, well, not every
day but three or four times a week, to talk to my daughter when she’s in
school or to talk to clients or whatever. it’s really convenient. Yeah it is.
Because I don’t have to meet someone in person so much anymore because I don’t
have time for that, then sitting in traffic and a one-hour meeting might be
like, with traffic and traveling and preparation, might be 3 or 4 hours of my
time completely which is, as you know, you’re in business, is time, is money. Yea.h
It’s very difficult to to find the time to do all the things you need to do but
I need is technology to clone me and, make like four of me so that three of
me will work and no make a forth to deal with family and I’m gonna go on vacation.
Okay, now I’m the fifth one so that’s, that’s really what I need but
unfortunately we’re not there so until that happens I need to utilize my time as
best I can. I used things like Skype or sometimes
Facebook Live or I use on my iPhone, I go video chat with my family and stuff just,
it’s because it saves time and because it saves the time I can devote
to not wasting time in traffic or doing something else it’s time that I could be
at home with my family or be, you know, working or doing or whatever or doing
anything or vegging out and from the TV if that’s what I wanna do. And feeling
and just feeling more connected like they’re you genuinely are still forming
a relationship with someone if you’re facetiming, right, so it can like, it
just blows my mind how many online friends that I have that I’ve never met,
you know, and it’s actually I’ve met now and that’s really cool but it’s it’s
it’s rare to actually meet so like I have friends now in Australia that we’re
talking, that I met also through the same networking group that we’re in and
it’s just really interesting to see how that occurs and I’m excited to see
what’s next. I think that there’s new platforms that will be popping up that
will make it even easier to create video because it’s still a bit of a challenge
for a lot of people. That’s true, it can be, especially if you don’t have
knowledge. I noticed that even everyone I know has a camera,
a smartphone with a camera now which honestly, is better than the one I
started with when I first, well, I don’t wanna say how
old I am, but younger than you let’s just say, but it’s what do you do with the
video after. Right. That I think a lot of people have a hard time with. It’s very
easy to snap, to pull out your phone and snap a photo or to record a video, that
does all the work for you. You don’t have to be have any technical skill, but
learning what to do after, like you do, to create a video, to create a
product that the family can use for marketing in their business and the
storefront or as a commercial or whatever the case may be on their
website, to make it really professional. That’s the hard part and I agree with
you that I think technology will improve to a point where the average person
could really produce almost a like a Hollywood style movie probably, well, maybe not so much in my life and maybe at the end but in yours for sure.
I mean who knows. Yeah. At the rate that technology is growing, it’s really wild.
There’s there’s a lot coming out and we haven’t even, you know, touched upon
augmented reality or virtual reality which honestly I don’t know much about
so I can’t talk on it but. That’s ok. That’s ok.
It’s probably even above the level of my. Yeah. Clients and it’s really hard
to show. Basically what she’s talking about virtual reality those glasses that
you maybe you’ve seen. Your phone goes in here. It looks like goggles and
like, it’s almost like being in a video game, you know, it’s like a cartoon, an
animated world that you could be in and that’s above my pay grade, too, I have to
be honest with you. I mean I’m so busy on, focused on my own video work and that,
that’s a whole new thing right. Yeah. Who has time for that. Who has time for that
although somebody’s doing it, so. They are they’re definitely doing it. So we
already talked about some of the ways that you thought that technology could
improve people’s lives like you mentioned communication and in
connectivity are there any other ways that you see, especially not necessarily
senior citizens, but ways that anyone who is not technically savvy can use
technology to improve other specs of their life. I think health is
something that immediately pops up in my brain is there’s so much there’s so many
applications out there that can help you track your health. Even last night I was
talking to someone that creates this, unfortunately I don’t know what it’s
called. I could figure it out and if we figure it out he can link to it in the
description below but it’s this health app that is an an avatar and as you
start to log healthy habits eating healthy, working ou,t exercising, whatever
it is, drinking water, your avatar physically starts to look better. Really?
Yeah, and so it’s now connecting you with this abstract goal that you have that
you might not be physically seeing the results of yet but, like, knowing, oh, this
is actually doing something, like, I ca,n I can physically see that something is
changing, at least in my avatar so I thought that was pretty fascinating and
I don’t know, just like counting your steps. I know my grandmother is really
big into counting her steps. Well, the iPhone does that, right, so, you
can in the health app you can check your steps for the day. That’s correct.
I just, to remind my audience and I’ll link to the comments below and that I
did have several videos on using your iPhone and one of the things mentioned
in there is the health app and what you can do, for example, to track your steps.
Yeah, good. I did a whole series on. That’s awesome.
iPhone on Google and a bunch of things just to, everyday things that people have,
when I first started my channel, that’s the videos I started to create
and more. I have an iPhone and I’ve had an iPhone for probably ten years now or
something so I know it very well I created a whole video of all the various
apps and how you change your settings and one of the things I talked about,
it’s funny you mentioned the health app, was the health app and that you can keep
track of things. It’s important for anyone
because we all need exercise. We all need to eat better. And then we all need to
track it and it’s difficult to do manually. That’s true. I can’t keep
track of how many steps I take in the day I probably
took hundreds of them already. Yeah. & it’s like not even the afternoon yet all
right so how could you possibly know that but, you have technology that
can do the work literally in your pocket. Let it do it. Exactly. That’s what I say
Another, there are other health apps that I’ve used to like track pills,
that remind you to take your medication. If you’re an older person, you need
medications. There’s, your phone can help you with that and there are apps for
that which is very nice. I’ve talked about that in past videos too, just too, they’re
good for anyone. They’re not necessarily older people, if you’re a
young person and you have a health, anyone with a health issue of any kind
can use these apps to, you know, to not only for their stats, whether their
medications or to remind you of your doctor’s appointments or whatever, you
know, with it literally anyway anything there is an app for everything. There
really is an app for everything and I think if you just, it, when it comes back
to the community element of it of using social media for community, how can, can
you put out a problem that you’re dealing with see what other people are
using and then begin to use it yourself and in researching based on your
problems and then coming up with solutions I think is a really great way
to use technology because people. That is true. Have to already created solutions for a
lot of things. When you talked about health it just brought to mind, I talked
about in the previous video and honestly, I can not remember which one it is
because I’ve made so, I have like a 4,300 videos on my channel so I lost track of, but I
remember talking about. You have 4300 videos? On my YouTube channel right now, yes. What? Wow!
Oh yeah, well, that’s an honestly, that’s not even the, scratching the surface. Oh yeah. If I
had time to make videos as much, you know, like the old stuff. Yeah, yeah for sure. I could easily
triple that. Yeah. I mean it would normally be SD because I’ve been doing
this for so many years. Right. Not 4K or 8K like they do now. Right, right. But it would still be. I
could. I just I’m so busy moving forward, I don’t have time to go back. Totally. That’s why
I need a clone, the, one of my clothes will be designed to
make, just do videos for YouTube. Go through all my…This studio that you’re
in. I could fill it up with like, old tapes and DVDs and stuff easily. Yeah. But
you know that’s, that’s me. Go through my old stuff, you’ll see that there’s a ton,
but one of the things I talked about, you mentioned health, it was geared toward
seniors, was, there are different products like, one, like GPS and things that you
could wear seniors, like, wearables they call them. It’s like a necklace or a
watch that if you, something happens like you fall at home and you can’t get up,
you can just tap a button or it’s on your keychain and you can immediately be
connected to, like, 911 right, and that’s a very handy thing for anyone, not
just seniors. I mean this is geared towards seniors but if you’re in an unsafe
situation, you know, you’re out walking alone at night
anybody could call for help you if you need it.
Exactly. And another area I thought of was like, reverse 911 calls
now. I get those on my cell phone. Reverse 911 calls? Yes and well,
if you were in trouble you would call 911. Right. For the police or whoever.
Reversed 911 calls are: the government, the state or local or federal government,
if there’s an emergency, send you a message. Got it. It’s called reverse
9-1-1 and I was shooting just last month in Southern California, for example, and
it was pouring buckets, like sheets of water, like you literally could not see. It
was like, like looking at a waterfall like, I never saw so much rain and all of a
sudden I got, everyone around me got, the phone started beep and it was a
reverse 911 call. They issued like, a flash flood warning from the Weather
Service and everybody’s phone within the area that I was, wherever this flash
flood area was. Was Going Off. Like, it’s that zip code or something all went off at the same
time. Yeah. and I’ve also gotten Amber Alerts right
on my phone which is also a form of reverse and even the Great American
Eclipse that happened. I live in Oregon so was. It was good. Yes. Good where you were. I was well I had to, I just drove about 35 minutes
north to see totality was just a little bit. That’s so cool.
Close to where I was. I actually have, not to complain or plug my channel but
I actually did a video on the eclipse of all these pictures I took and everything
and it was it was awesome. I can, I remember thinking like, I
kind of like, I know what an eclipse is right, and I’ve only seen partials but
when you see the whole thing and the Sun is blocked out and you see the the
corona, I mean it really was amazing like Iwords don’t describe because I’ve
never in my life seen anything like it. Right, that’s incredible. And it was so
close I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I know. For a 30 minute drive north. Oh for sure. It was
worth, it was totally worth it but I got a reverse 9-1-1 call. Exactly. Oh yes
from that, from the stat, ite said “Warning do not look directly,” like, at the Eclipse
because it’ll like burn out your retinas or something whatever it said I was like,
wow, really? Yeah. That was like, okay. Yeah, yeah. That took a little bit of the wind out if my sails
I have to admit, but it was cool to do it and I think that might’ve been the first one I
ever got and I was thinking wow, maybe did I make a mistake but no. They’re watching you.
Yeah, yeah, like, hey man, look at the satellites looking down, the government’s
checking me out, but no, it was it was interesting because your phone has GPS
location. Yeah. So if there is an emergency in your area you get notified
like instantly which is very handy because well, I kind of knew about the Eclipse but when you see the message you’re
like…but like the flash flood that happened last month. I was busy working
and I was in a state I don’t live in. Right.
I don’t know there’s a flash flood .how are you supposed to know that there is an
emergency situation? So this is one I think, health and safety are ways that
technology really is, I mean making, it’s like, literally it can save lives, not just help
you, but literally keep you alive and I mean you live in Texas there’s probably
floods here and tornadoes and stuff right, so I’m
like, I’m sure you’ll get some. I don’t want you to get any tornado warnings but
if it does. Right. You will know. I mean how would you know if there was a
tornado like, unless until it’s on top of you like, you don’t know. Right. You know,
and that’s that’s one of the, that’s one of the reasons I love technology myself
and I embrace it is because it has so much potential to do so much, to do so
much good and to help so many people. Yeah. That’s what I try and do why did I
do a video ,that I did like three videos on all the things that Google can do? Why
is it? Because all anybody ever does is search for this and that it that’s like
pretty much what they do 90% of the time but it’s so much more. Yeah. And I did that just
because – because I know that so there’s so much out there that barely people
scratch the surface. Absolutely. That’s why I always try, I always try
to like, you know, you said you inherently believe people are good.
I think so, too. I’m an optimist you know. Yeah. I honestly believe, I mean
you, honestly, I message you online and you could have just ignored it like, who
is this crazy old man that’s contacting Yeah. Contacting me on Facebook Messenger
like why would you do that? But yeah, here we are.
Yeah. You know, and I think it’s I think it’s great and I do, like you, I believe
in the inherent goodness of 99% of the people out there. I want to
believe that people always do the right thing like, almost everyone will always
do the right thing like almost always Yeah. If that’s making any sense
ARight. So that’s what I try, that’s why I try to share what I know
and that’s why I wanted to bring you in, because I thought that a younger
person, who really grew up with technology that people of my generation
didn’t or even my parents generation of grandparents generation didn’t, can, you
know, can enlighten. You have stuff to share, right. I never stopped
learning. I don’t ever want…I’m a smart guy, okay, but I don’t, the one
thing I know is that I don’t know everything, you know
so. Which is the best place to be. That’s true. Once you think you know it all, life is over. Then it’s over. There you go and I think that it’s
someone like you who grew up with technology can help anyone being you
already sort of do you help business owners to improve their companies and
that’s, that’s good. They they can support their families. They have employees that
they can support their families. I mean that that’s a good thing you know, you
got to keep the money moving around. Right. But the information is the same to
me. Yeah. You know, if you know something there’s no reason why you can’t
share it and help. Absolutely, I agree. was there anything, I know we’ve got a limited time, we’ve got to
wrap up soon. Is there anything you’d like to say to my audience or to yours
about our the topic today or any other last thoughts. Yeah, I mean I just think
it’s awesome what you’re doing. I think it’s awesome that you’re watching and
you just can, like he said, you gotta keep learning and I can, there’s already
technology that’s coming out for me that I’m confused about, so I’m sure that the
experience is very daunting and I just want to congratulate you on, like, trying
and learning and continuing to learn and and you continuing to teach it’s really
cool, like, it makes this makes me think about my dad and he has such a message
to share with the world and I’m trying to empower him to get in front of the
camera and start sharing that as well and it can be scary sometimes and so
I think it’s just really inspiring so thank you and thank you. I appreciate you
guys too. Amanda thank you, and remember guys her website is AmandaHorvath.com. Why don’t you spell it. Absolutely. Yes, it’s H-O-R-V-A-T-H so AmandaHorvath.com and then youtube.com/AmandaHorvath as well. Very good and remember
I’ll link to both those in the comments section below and I’ll put a link at the
end of this video in case you want to log in and check her out. I encourage you.
Oh, before we go, you are in Austin, Texas but do you, when you help your clients,
what area, do you only work in Austin or do you work everywhere or work, if people
want to find you and hire you and discuss their business, where do you go?
Yeah, so I primarily work in production in Austin but video strategy and content
strategy I can talk to people across the globe essentially but primarily the USA, I
would say. Okay, okay well I want to give everyone a chance to. Yeah. who is
watching us, but I am sure you do, I have people who watch them all over the
world. Right. Apparently, I’m like really big in Saudi Arabia. I don’t know why
that is but in YouTube you can check in your analytics, there’s a ways to go in
the backend and look at all that and for some reason I get a have a large
following in like Saudi Arabia and that part of the world and Egypt
and I’m not sure why that it. Really? Cool.
But I am I’m happy, I welcome viewers from anywhere. If you have eyes you are
welcome to watch me. Yeah, that’s great and I will be interviewing him on my
channel as well so if you’d like to come over and check it out then you totally can. I
can I appreciate that. I will link to that interview as well and we’re
probably gonna release these around the same time, If not the same day,
certainly in the same week, but I’ll link in the comments section below to my
interview where we she turns the tables on me and puts me in the hot seat. She
was in the hot seat this time and you’ll will be able to see. Well thank you again.
My name is Jim Costa again, and I appreciate you tuning in. We’ll catch you
next time. I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion. I certainly enjoyed
bringing it to you. If all this made sense to you put #techsavvysenior in the
comments section below. My question of the day is, “How have you personally used
technology of any kind to improve your life?” Leave a comment below and let us
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