A Practice U.S. Citizenship Interview for the Month of Ramadan

Hi, I am Officer Nahil. I will be interviewing you today. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. How did you get here today? I came by car. I drove myself. Why do you want to become an American citizen? Because I love this country and I want to be with my family, What do you miss about your old country? I miss my extended family, especially my
cousins. Are you all ready? Yes Do you have any question before we begin? No, I don’t have any questions. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes I do What did you just promise? I promise to tell the truth Explain how you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen? I have been a U.S. permanent resident for five years . . . and I am over 18 years old. What is your current legal name? My current legal name is Juana Maria Garcia. Spell your name family name please. G – A – R – C – I – A Is the name on your Green Card the same as your current legal name? Yes, it is. What is your date of birth? My date of birth is October the 14, 1968. What date did you become a legal permanent resident? I became a legal permanent resident on July 6, 2013. What is your country of birth? My country of birth is Mexico. What is your country of nationality? My country of nationality is Mexico. Are you requesting any accommodations because of a disability? No, I’m fine. what is your current home address? My current home address is 1331 Calaveras Boulevard,
Milpitas, California 95035 How long have you lived at your current home address? I have lived there since 2013 . . . so 16 years, right? No, I’m sorry, six years! What did you previous home address? I don’t have a previous home address. address how do you support yourself I am
a teacher I teach at a local elementary school I teach multiple subjects English
mathematics social studies have you taken any trips outside the United
States during the last five years yes I have gone to Mexico many times how many
tips have you taken outside uh I frequently cross the border to Mexico
maybe about 20 times I go for medical appointments I have family in Tijuana so
it’s very easy for me to drive from from Northern California and I yeah I can go
and see my family very easily how many took the days did you spend uh
total days is not so much the total days is maybe about a hundred and fifty total
days but I have the the century pass so I’m able to cross the border very easily
tell me about you last day I left on April the 11th and I returned April the
24th where did you go I went to Tijuana Mexico
what is your getting my chance at this I am married
how many times have you been money only one time what did you espouse me my
spouse’s name is Miguel yeah what is the date of your marriage? the happiest day of my life? September 1st 2012 you see what a spouse
a US citizen uh yes he just became an a US citizen
do you have any children we have two children
what is your children speak uh first on the first name is me can we call him
Michael Michael and the second one is uh Juanita
is he was are they I see you yes they were born here so they’re American
citizens what is your chance come to the United
States yeah have you ever dreamed to be a US citizen no no I have never claimed
to be a US citizen have you ever bought it in any US elections no I have not I
voted in Mexico but I have not voted in the United States you have any title of
nobility in a foreign country no no I do not have you been declared legally
incompetent my husband drives me crazy but I’m okay I can make my own decisions
have you ever failed to fight your taxes I know I pay my taxes every year you all
anything say I do not owe any taxes do you belong to any groups of
organizations uh yes I belong to a teacher’s union have you ever been a
member of a communist party no I am NOT a communist what is what is common is it
covers the Communist Party is the government Party of China Vietnam North
Korea and Cuba they have a state planned economy have you ever been a member of
the tutelary and party um no I have never been a member of a totalitarian
party totally entitle eteri and party is the government party has complete
control there is no rule of law they dominate the people so for instance the
fascist government in Germany– excuse me–in Italy or the Peron
government in Argentina have you ever been a terrorist no I have not
what is it there is a terrorist attacks the people and governments to create
fear to establish chaos have you ever had to advocated the overthrow of any
couple might either force or violence never never
have you ever prosecuted any person because of race religion national origin
member of any particular social group or political opinion? No, I I love
everybody no I I support everybody’s rights have you
ever been participated in as genocide no never what is this genocide genocide
is to kill many many people because they’re different than than you have you
ever tortured someone no I have not what is torture torture is to use force or
violence to control people or to get information out of them to hurt and
dominate them have you ever killed or tried to kill someone is to kill to kill
is to take somebody’s life have you ever badly hurt until the person and purpose
no never never never what is to kill or hurt the person in purpose I planned to
do it and then I do it but I have not have you ever been forced or tried to
force someone to have sex no I have never done that what is three rape is
sexual assault to have sexual (content) contact with somebody without
their consent have you ever stopped someone from practicing his own heritage
no never I love religion I believe in freedom of religion I want everybody to
be free to worship God or not worship as they will have you ever participated in
military unit or militia? no no no have you ever been a member
of a gang? no I’ve never been a member of a criminal gang yeah have you ever been
arrested or committed a crime I have never been arrested what is a crime a
crime is to break the law I support the law I try to follow the
law have you ever been a habitual drunkard? No, I hate alcohol! no
what is a habitual a habitual drunkard is someone who drinks alcohol every day
and gets sick or somebody who is addicted to alcohol yes have you ever
been a prostitute no I’ve never been a prostitute what is a procedure
prostitute is someone who sells sex for money have you ever sold as smuggled
illegal drugs or narcotics no I have never sold illegal drugs or narcotics
what is illegal drugs illegal drugs are like heroin cocaine opium Matt crystal
meth so all these drugs are illegal and
really kill a lot of people have you ever been married to more than one
person at the same time no only one then What is a bigamy?
bigamy is to be married to two people at the same time hmm have you ever married
someone to get an immigration benefit no I did not I married my husband because I
loved him what is an immigration benefit uh that is you get permanent residents
because of your association or relationship because with to somebody so
for instance a person might petition their fiance to come here and they’re
able to come they get married and they’re able to become a citizen or they
become eligible for citizenship because they’ve been here only for three years
have you ever helped anyone enter the United States illegally? No, never.
What is illegal entry? It is to enter the United States without the proper
paperwork or visa have you ever gambled illegally no I
have never done that what is illegal gambling? It is to gamble
without paying taxes oh yeah you can gamble but you have to pay taxes have
you ever failed to support your children or pay alimony? no no no I I’m together with
my husband and so our children are together with us alimony is something
that you pay at ex-spouse and child support is something that an ex spouse
pays to support the children have you ever lied to the US government never
public benefit no nothing what is up what our public benefits
benefits from the US government say for instance medic medical
assistance or food stamps or those kind of things help with rent no I have not
taken any public benefits have you ever been deported
never what is deported deported is to be kicked out of the United States
so you’re arrested and you’re basically sent back to your country of origin have
you ever served in the US Armed Forces no no I did not
do you support US Constitution and the form of government yes I absolutely
support the US government what is the Constitution Constitution is the highest
law of the land it basically protects our basic rights and freedoms what is
value is form of government we are representative democracy do you
understand the full oath of allegiance to the United States yes we do yes I do
what is an oath? An oath is a promise. I promise to be a loyal US citizen What is allegiance? Allegiance is loyalty
what is the Oath of Allegiance to a formal promise to be loyal to the United
States are you wanting to take the full oath of allegiance to the US
government I’m just absolutely if the law requested are you willing to bear arms in the US Army yes I’m willing to bear arms in the US Army
what is to bear arms to carry a weapon to protect the country in the United
States Armed Forces are you wanting to perform a non-combatant services for
the US Army yes what is a non-combatant? to work in the US Army or to serve in
the US Army without using weapons are you wanting to have the government
during a national emergency yes I am okay thank you your best thank you so
we’re having this interview for all the the people who are studying for for
citizenship especially during Ramadan we know it’s really difficult to get to
classes so Teacher Nahil, would you like to say anything yes in Ramadan
Mubarak! we are starting our Ramadan next week so on Monday May 6
okay Ramadan Mubarak to everyone thank you so much bye-bye

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