A society full of idiots.

As if that’s the only nefarious thing
that’s going on in the u.s. right now. So, I know I’m going to get some shit for this one but I’m gonna say it anyway. If anyone tells you it’s not cheaper
here, well, they’re either lying, or they haven’t traveled enough. So many people
felt like they were owed something for doing nothing. I think it’s only a matter
of time before the shit hits the fan, so to speak. At the end of the day it’s just
creating a society full of idiots. Good morning Tangerineys! I’m Maddie,
and I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels. After lots of deliberation and planning,
we finally, five months ago, packed up just a few suitcases after selling
everything that we owned, and decided to travel through Mexico. At this point,
we’ve traveled to over 15 cities in five Mexican states, and so we’ve learned a
thing or two. And then ended up settling in Guadalajara for a while. We won’t be
here forever but this is our new temporary home. And with all these
experiences that we have, and all the cities that we’ve been to, lessons that
we’ve learned, we thought that we could share something with you guys today. Why
you should move to Mexico. Or if you’re considering it, why you should retire in
Mexico. And we thought this was a well-timed video because recently we’ve
been getting a ton of people commenting Saying that they’re considering moving
to Mexico. Do we think they should? What is this like? What is that like? So we
thought we’d give you a compact list. This sidewalk is… Wow! [Laughter] We thought we’d give you a compact list of why you should move to Mexico and why
you should retire here. So, you gotta know We’re gonna touch on this one, and that
is safety. Is Mexico safe? We’ve talked about this in a bunch of other videos,
but if you’re using that as something to determine whether you are or aren’t
going to move here, we would say that It’s pretty safe if you’re not an idiot.
If you’re not buying or dealing drugs, or doing anything crazy, or illegal, or
something like that. It’s pretty much Your average, safe country. Yes, it is. Yes. [Laughter] In summary, yes it’s safe. Don’t be an idiot. Use your common sense and you should be fine. Another reason is there is super super fresh food here! You are going
to be hard pressed to find processed food, food with lots of chemicals, preservatives,
probably not a whole genetically modified food. And that is
great, if you’re someone like me dealing with a bunch of health issues and food
allergies to know always what is in what you’re eating. And even if you’re not,
it’s a great place to be if you want to eat healthier and have less processed, more wholesome food. So regardless of what kind of landscape or climate you’re
looking for, Mexico has something for you. Whether you’re looking for beaches, or
mountains, or a nice climate year-round. Whatever else it might be, you’re gonna
find it here. Very diverse! Laska really did not Want to be part of this video today. [Laughter] Hope you guys are digging this information so far. If you haven’t already, please
subscribe to our channel to see more videos that we’re putting out about our
lives here in… Laska! About our lives in Mexico! [Laughter] And! Gong that, woah! Gong that woah? GONG THAT BELL! [Laughter] So you get notified every time we put out a new video. Alright ,we’re gonna get back to
it. Another reason we think Mexico is a great place to move, is if you are
looking to get away from the materialistic culture of the US. It’s a
great place to be here and you can live Much more of a simple life where you can
just have things that make you happy, not a whole bunch of stuff. The stuff, you
know? Stuff. Next up, prices. I’m going to have to do
some generalizing here because the u.s. is a huge country and Mexico is a huge
country, so obviously there’s places Where it’s going to vary a lot, but in
general, It’s about one third of the cost here for most things. And this is
especially comparing to Phoenix, but Then you have other places, like more
expensive ones like New York or San Francisco, It might be 1/5 or 1/7 of the cost of
those places, or if you’re from small town Minnesota where I grew up, it’s
probably going to be about half the cost of what it is to live there. If anyone
tells you it’s not cheaper here, well, they’re either lying or they haven’t
traveled enough. Yes, anywhere in the world You could spend a lot of money or equal
to what you’re spending in another place, But if you’re living an average
lifestyle, not trying to go to fancy, expensive restaurants every single day,
then you should be spending significantly less than you would be in
the US. And you can if you want. If you have a fixed amount of income that you
can spend anywhere in the world, you’re going to be able to eat at a lot fancier
restaurants here and live in a much nicer house! If you want to move
internationally, it’s probably going to help you out a lot to learn new language.
Learning Spanish in Mexico, it’s going to be easier than learning a new language
in a lot of new countries because people are going to be so helpful. And for
instance, I’ve had plenty of friends that have gone to France, specifically,
and say that people have absolutely no patience with you when you’re making
mistakes, or you don’t know a word or some things. Or, I mean, even in the US! People
trying to learn English, it’s disgusting How people say “Ugh! Learn English already!” Or some stupid thing like that. There’s like no patience for you there. Where, in
Mexico, we would never, I can’t even imagine hearing something like that here
because people are just so patient. [Laughter] So I Know I’m gonna get some shit for this
one but I’m gonna say it anyway. If you want to be somewhere with less weather
manipulation, then Mexico is probably a great place for you to move. And if
you’re going to disagree with me on this, You can’t tell me that the countrywide
heat wave that’s going on in the US has nothing to do with weather manipulation.
I have to butt into myself here and say something, because I mentioned weather
manipulation, as if that’s the only nefarious thing that’s going on in the
u.s. right now. That the government, or powerful rich companies, or whoever else
might be trying to keep from the public’s eye. So to keep this brief, there
are a whole lot of other things beyond weather manipulation that I think fall
into this category – Like genetically modifying foods, and potentially things
that are being put into vaccines, or flu shots, or things like that. But I’m not
gonna get all conspiracy theorist on you guys. I just figured it would be good to
clarify that weather isn’t the only thing that’s possibly being messed with.
I was skeptical about things like weather manipulation – like that can’t
actually be a thing, right? But I’ve actually seen released US government
documents from like 80 years ago that they were putting dry ice into clouds to
make it rain a lot more to win a war. So if they were doing that 80 years ago,
think about what technology they have now. If you’re looking for a place to
move internationally, Mexico’s pretty close. So, it’s a pretty obvious choice. If you still have friends and family there, and you Want a relatively short plane ride back,
well then, Mexico is going to be a lot better option than Ecuador, or Colombia, or
something like that. So if you’re considering several Latin American and
South American countries, well, in terms of location, proximity to the US, Mexico is going to be your best option there. Why else should you retire in
Mexico or move to Mexico? Well, if you, like us, we’re getting pretty tired of the
“Go go go go go!” Culture of the US, then it’s a great
place to be, because it’s way more relaxed. You’ll be around people who are
working, [Siri starts giving directions on the phone] Thank You Siri. [Laughter] You’ll be around People who are working really, really
hard, but then they know when to call it quits, and how to take time off, and how
to enjoy time with friends, and family, And generally enjoy life without just
spinning your wheels until you’re completely burnt out. Along those same
lines, there’s not so much of an entitlement culture here. I really felt
like, that in the US, so many people felt like they were owed something for
doing nothing. And here, you have a bunch of hard workers, who at the same time,
know how to take time for themselves and for family and friends. Even for
something like homeless people, or people who don’t have a job, they’re not just
standing on the corner asking for money, Saying with a sign: “Hungry, just want
food” but then you hand them food, and they say “No, no, I want your money instead.” Well, the majority of the time you’re Gonna find people trying to sell like De La Rosa Mazapan, or wash your window for you, or do something, anything, so they
can actually earn the money. That’s like Jordan’s saying, it’s not people are entitled
like “Give me money just because you have more money than me.” Or something. Whatever, whatever the mentality is, that’s not really the case here in Mexico. Mm-hmm. By and large. So something else about coming to Mexico is that they have a super
relaxed immigration policy! It’s one of the few countries I know about where you
can literally just walk across the border. There’s no one to stop you,
there’s no one to check your bags, ask you questions, and show your passport to.
You can just walk across. I did this exact thing when I was going to get some
dental work done in Los Algodones. Just about anyone can
get a six month tourist visa, and then if you want to get a permanent residency or
temporary residency, in that case, there’s some Income requirements, but the process
itself is pretty simple. We hope you’re enjoying this information so far! We’re
gonna get right back to it but first we wanted to say that if you are enjoying
it and you want some more of Tangerine Travels, you want some extra perks, head on over to our Patreon page. There we can offer a little bit more behind the
scenes information. Sometimes we have a time that we can answer more specific
questions that we don’t have time to answer in the comments of our videos. And the link will be down below for that. We’ll put the link down in the
description. You should move to Mexico if you like being around people who still
value personal relationships, in person. Something that I was really getting
fed up with, before we left to Mexico, was the fact that you could go out and hang
out with a bunch of people, and Everyone’s on their phone. They care more
about posting something on Instagram, Sending a text to someone, or scrolling
through Facebook. It doesn’t even matter, Just being on their phones. [Laughter] Instead of being present or spending time with people. Spending quality time. It’s more
about being online, and having a social presence, and seeing how many likes you
can get, or whatever your prerogative is online. It’s not like that here. People
actually spend time with each other. It’s amazing! This is one of the reasons why I
personally wanted to come to Mexico, well One of many reasons. But, not only is the
US the biggest debtor in the world, It’s the biggest debtor in the history
of the world. And in my knowledge of history, that doesn’t
end well. I think it’s only a matter of Time before the shit hits the fan so to
speak. And when that happens, I’d prefer to be elsewhere. Mexico is a great place
to retire or move if you like your Society to have more personal freedoms
and not be so much about rules, laws, Regulations, and people suing people all
the time. What we mean about personal freedom: You can cross the street without
getting a $200 fine for not crossing in a crosswalk. And you can get hit by a car,
and that’s part of your personal freedoms as well. And go hiking without a
guardrail everywhere, it’s like the metaphorical guardrail of life. And you
can go to a restaurant and there aren’t going to be so many laws about whether
you can have a beer on the patio, or no You can have it right here, but you can’t
have it 4 feet over this way otherwise you could get arrested. And yes, we do realize that some of those rules are put into place to make people
safer, but honestly, like at the end of the day, it’s just creating a society
full of idiots that know that there’s rules and laws to protect them, so they
don’t even bother looking out for themselves anymore. Yeah, I don’t want someone else deciding how I’m going to be safe. That’s up to me. [Laughter] For better or worse. Another cool thing is Mexico is full of history and culture! And this isn’t just the culture in the history from the Europeans, but in every
city there is going to be a Plaza, Buildings surrounding that Plaza that are
super super old, with tons of history. But It goes beyond that! There’s lots of
archaeological sites, and pyramids, and so Much to discover here! Last, but certainly
not least, why should you move to Mexico? Well, the food! Oh my damn! [Laughter] The food is so good! And whatever you might possibly think that Mexican food is: nachos, tacos,
burritos It’s so much more than that! I am confident in
saying that Mexico food diversity is so much more complex than anything in the
US. And it’s not just Mexican food! There is somewhat of like new-age food mixed
in, pre-hispanic food, and fusions from cultures all across the world! These are just some of the reasons that we could come up with why it would be a great
idea and why you should move to Mexico. Or why you should retire in Mexico, if
you are considering it. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe
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