A Video Invitation to the Founding Assembly of Cardiff Citizens & Vale of Glamorgan Citizens

Dear friends, we are writing this video letter
to a wide variety of individuals, and organisations to invite you to join your local chapter of
Citizens Cymru Wales. Citizens Cymru Wales is a new alliance of
communities organised for power, social justice and the common good. By learning to become more effective citizens,
we can begin to work out the destiny of our neighbourhoods, towns and cities. Communities organising for power, social justice
and the common good. Whether you live in Barry or Bargoed, Cardiff
or Caerphilly, Merthyr or Morristown, working through Citizens Cymru can help us achieve
more together than we could ever do on our own. So how do we move from powerless to powerful,
allow me to explain. This ability to re-build and strengthen communities
is based on a process called community organising. It works to build a diverse membership alliance
that is trained to listen to local people, build teams around issues that matter to them,
take public action that causes people in power to recognise them, and sit down to negotiate
for what they want, focusing on the world as it is, and striving to create a world as it should be. We hope Citizens organising spreads across
the whole of Wales, but right now we’re building strong alliances in Cardiff and in the Vale
of Glamorgan. To make a start before the next general election, we’re currently running
a community listening campaign called #10kStories (10 thousand stories), where 1,000 citizens from 100 organisations ask 10 people what is putting pressure on them and their family.
Once we’ve collected the answers we’ll find the biggest issues affecting our community,
and we’ll announce them at our founding assembly on the 22nd of October. So will you join us? Will you work with us
for power, social justice and the common good? Will you be there? We’ll be there We’ll be there Yes, we will, we’ll be there I’ll be there We’ll be there Citizens Cymru Wales definitely needs you. The Church in Wales has a presence in every
community, but we can’t do it on our own. We need you. Alone we are powerless in the face of injustice,
together we are powerful, together we can prevail. There is more that unites us, than divides
us. Trade unions like Unison are powerful in the
work place, but together we are stronger and we need you. and we need you.

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