Active Citizens – Sim! Eu Sou do Meio

Active Citizens – Sim! Eu Sou do Meio

The “Yes, I’m from Meio St.” project is a dream and it has been transforming people’s lives. Some young people and teenagers
who were being labelled. Many of them used to think
they didn’t have much life aspirations or even a future ahead of them. Due to the fact that Meio street is
very stigmatized for many reasons. Throughout the years, unfortunately,
they’ve stopped to look after Meio street they’ve stopped to look upon this territory. Those who come here today can actually see hope. The initial idea was to do some one-off activities. But when we came here,
we saw that there was much hardship. The children and teenagers
don’t have access to cultural events. They have never been to
a cinema or theatre play. Today, we provide the capoeira,
jiu-jitsu, cultural activities, ballet, children’s ballet,
hip hop, urban dances. There are graffiti guys here with us,
helping and strengthening the project. Here we have pedagogues helping us
to create a school tutoring project here. The children didn’t have much option before,
’cause I live in a kitchenette. So now that they come here, they dance,
they play and they make friends, and that helps a lot. Because all children want that,
they want to run and play And we can be more relaxed when they are here. I dance ballet and hip hop, and I’m also in the school tutoring programme. And I don’t think school tutoring is hard to follow. I think it’s very cool and fun. I love doing the homework. And I also love the ballet and the hip hop. She’s started to develop a lot
since she first came here. The initial idea came from the teacher. We came here and brought our children,
so we used to stay here, watching the class. The teacher noticed that and thought: “They’re enthusiastic about learning with the class from what we are teaching to the children”. And then he thought: “I’ll give
them self-defence classes”. So we get together, have fun, we practice the exercises and start nourishing perspectives. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t want to go home. We stay here, several classes take place,
and we end up staying until the classes are over. I used to have a very limited
perspective about the territory, and how I could bring people
to be multipliers of this idea. Active Citizens helped me
to enlarge this perspective to enlarge my horizon within the territory,
and see my territory in a different way. Realizing there’s a lot of potential inside this territory that allow us to create something transformative. There’s a lot of engaged people, with
a lot of responsibility and commitment. And creativity. Because sometimes we don’t have the resources,
but when we’ve got creativity, things happen. Nowadays, I have partners. I have people who are helping me,
supporting, making the project bigger. So the phrase “Yes, I’m from Meio St.”
is a belonging feeling about the territory. I can only change something
if I am working in this context, if I’m part of it, if I’m together, if I’m in it. Yes, today we can proudly say
“Yes, I’m from Meio St.”. Because none of other Belford Roxo’s projects I’ve heard of, have accomplished this kind of acceptance. Yes, I’m from Meio street!


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    Curzio T

    Eu tenho muito orgulho de dizer que essa é a Débora Silva, minha coordenadora.. Minha mentora!
    E com mais orgulho ainda eu digo: Sim, eu sou do meio!

    I am very proud to say that this is Débora Silva, my coordinator .. My mentor!
    And with even more pride I say: Yes, I'm from the middle!

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