Address of Deputy Minister of Defense Fyodor Berezin to DPR Citizens — June 8, 2014 / Eng Subs

Good Day to you, Donetsk citizens and all who live in Donbass As Deputy Minister of Defence of Donetsk People’s Republic acting and speaking on behalf of the DPR Minister of Defence that is, on behalf of Igor Ivanovich Strelkov I am making this appeal to the residents of [Donetsk] city. First and foremost, this appeal concerns men. Please report to [the recruitment centres] of the Donbass People’s Militia Save your city! The enemy is at our gates. The enemy is pulling together [military] reserves. They are preparing [for us] that which is now happening in Slavyansk. This night Slavyansk was subjected to bombardment by multiple rocket launch systems [“MLRS”] Grad. It was repeatedly subjected. In other words the [Ukrainian] Junta has crossed the last line. They started using weapons which, by some classifications are weapons of mass destruction. This is a repetition of what we witnessed in the Georgian war of August 8, 2008. In other words, we are faced with a warcrime. Tonight GRAD Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems were used against a peaceful city. Repeated salvos [of Grad rockets] were fired at the city. If we do not gather ourselves into a fist and do not repel the aggressor and force him to retreat from our territory and leave us alone, then the same fate [as in Slavyansk] awaits the other cities of the oblast/province. We need a [real] militia, not because we are experiencing heavy losses but because people need to rest as well. While some [patrol] the trenches, others can rest, and others still can wash dishes and deliver food. Every day, we take several bus-loads as well as car-loads, and in every way possible, we evacuate children from Slavyansk, together with their mothers. I appeal to the general man Report to the [Donbass People’s] Militia This is very easy to do. Starting in the morning, come to the [former] Regional Administration building, now the Government Offices of the Donetsk People’s Republic Once there, you will see where you can apply Once done, you will stand in defence of your city the city of Donetsk. As much as [our supplies] permit we’ll give you weapons to defend the checkpoints. Any assistance whatsoever from the residents of the city is welcome. We need to repel the enemy threat. The enemies’ position is very shaky because they’re using weapons of mass destruction like the GRAD Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems and aviation against the city. If the enemies’ positions weren’t tenuous, they would have calmly continued their operation using [more] common methods. However, the earth burns under their feet — they feel that, any minute now, the balance will swing against them. Perhaps the inhabitants of Western Ukraine will see the light and realize that they are not fighting against terrorists, that their sons are engaged in a war with common folk, simple people, former Ukrainians, now citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic I urge, call on all men to report for duty at the mobilization centres; on all former officers — we have work for all of you, tasks assigned according to your specialization and also outside your specialty, as we have no aviation, rocketry systems and so on, but there is much that we do have. I call on you, come to us, your help is desperately needed.

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