Aegis Avenger Stalker Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

Aegis Avenger Stalker Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the aegis avenger stalker and we’re starting right now Systems
green welcome to a star citizen’s ship buyer’s guide
what’s up citizens this is subliminal here and today we’ll be discussing the
features functions and benefits of the aegis avenger stalker and compare those
features amongst competing ships so you can make an informed buying decision
we’ll cover a brief overview review stack comparisons go over weapons
discuss components take a tour of the ship review some pros and cons and
finish up with my thoughts on the ship being reviewed if this is our first time
meeting be sure to check out some of our other reviews in this series now let’s
get to it the aegis of inter stalker is a civilian
life fighter that is popular among bounty hunters utilizing its cargo hold
for prisoner transport the Avenger features a sturdy reliable hull and the
capacity for larger than expected engine mounts the Avenger stalker is one of
four Avenger variants the titan renegade warlock and titan are also available
take a look in the description for my reviews on those the Avenger stalker is
currently fight ready it is available for purchase and upgrade on the pledge
store for $60 it is part of a game package that I do not recommend buying
for $75 and on average sells for 82 dollars in the grey market it is not
currently available for purchase with in-game credits now let’s see how it
compares to other ships you might be considering for comparison I have
selected the following 10 ships a Google sheets document is linked in the
description if this is your first time here check the description for an
explanation on how I select and compare ships the Avenger stalker comes in at
around 50 thousand kilograms it has a max true size of 1 as well as every
other ship in this comparison except the relying court the cargo capacity has
been filled with six containment cells in the cargo hold it has over 6,000 hit
points across its body this is tied for second place with the other Avenger
variants the shield generators come in last place and can withstand 2,400 hit
points of damage has a sustained DPS of over 700 this comes in first place its
verse DPS of over a thousand is also pretty good has a total missile damage
of almost 3,200 its fuel tanks hold 8,000
fuel units it has a max y’all pitch rate of 105 degrees per second has an SCM
speed of 250 meters per second it’s 1,300 and 10 meter per second top speed
is at the top of this list it takes 11 point 2 3 seconds to reach its top speed
it’s quantum drive has 44 mega meters per second quantum speed this is tied
with 5 other ships in this list but just 3 mega meters per second behind first so
travel from port olisar to Hurston will take you about 12 minutes and 12 seconds
it has a QT range of 60 give me ters so it can travel from Portales r2 Hurston
one point nine times before needing to refuel and finally leaving hearses
atmosphere will take you about 2 minutes and 50 seconds now let’s talk about its
firepower the stalker packs one size for hardpoint
with one very puck s4 gimbal mount with one size three mantas gt2 20 on the nose
this gt2 20 has 30 physical damage with a thousand rpm for a total of 500 dps
and a 1400 meter range its wings hold to size 3 heart points with two very puff
s3 gimbal mounts with one omni sky six laser autocannons each these omni skies
have 298 energy damage with 52 RPM for a total of 250 dps and a 2700 meter range
for missiles it has 2 MSD 3 to 2 missile wrecks with to ignite twos each ignite
tubes have 948 mixed damage our infrared have a 1.6 8 second lock time and a 50
600 metre lock range the other missile rack has 2 tempest tubes tempest tubes
have 645 mix damage our cross-section have a 2.7 2 second lock time and a 5400
meter range now for the components the standard components available on the
stalker are as follows it has two size one grade sea military class bracer
coolers one size one grapesy civilian class power bolt power plant to size one
grade c stealth class shimmer shield generators and last but not least we
have one size one grapeseed military class expedition quantum drive now let’s
take a look at the interior the Avenger stalkers cargo-hold is home
to six prisoner cells moving on we have living quarters with a
bed to logout in on the left and on the right we have some spaceship
stuff headed toward the cockpit we have
unmarked component housings next we have the pilot seat with four
MFDs and a radar an ejection feature is also available another convenient feature for the Titan
series is a cockpit NZ I would say its pros are its top speed
of over 1300 makes it one of the fastest ships in the game the Avenger variants
have pretty good HP its dps is at the top of this list and for a starter ship
a bet to log out in is also a benefit its cons are a lack of cargo space taken
up by six containment cells that will not have a purpose for the foreseeable
future its shield capacity is at the bottom of this list
and although the aesthetics are part of the Aegis design style I’m not a fan of
the whole space penguin look I think the Avenger stalker is a great upgrade from
the starter ships on paper it ticks a lot of boxes but I can’t recommend it
the lack of cargo space for no reason for the current state in the PU is a
waste one of its best features is DPS and that could be fixed with a trip to
hearse and dynamics and it’s best at its top speed is negated by the fact that it
takes too long to get there the fact that this ship is part of a
game package and the Titan is not is baffling to me
I recommended upgrade from the starter ships will be to go for the Titan first
with this you can dabble into almost every aspect of gameplay in the PU to
find out what is important to you from there if you find cargo running is your
thing consider upgrading to a Kutty black or fighting is your style consider
other light fighters like the 325 a and Aero that are not far off from price and
are better fighters in my opinion however when bounty hunting does become
a game mechanic the stalker will be a force to be reckoned with the next ship
in my review series will be the anvil Valkyrie I would like to know your
thoughts on it as well as the Avengers stalker down in the comments did you
like this review like it for more weekly star systems and content subscribe by
hitting the bell and comment what ship you’d like to see featured in the next
episode of the star citizen ship virus guy until next time citizens I’ll see
you in the verse you


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    I Agree this ship is outclassed currently by the regular titan why not just have that and ccu to the stalker at a later date

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    What do you guys think about the Avenger Stalker?
    Do you agree with my review?
    What do you guys think about the Anvil Valkyrie?

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    Ted Wendelboe

    One of my thoughts on the Valkyrie is my Main reason to not buy it was lack of Cargo Grid. However, I read the other day that eventually cargo on the cargo grid will be on a cargo manifest. Having a HUGE cargo bay with no Grid could make the Valkyrie into a giant smuggling ship. Just a thought to explore

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    Good video, good job.

    It is true that the Stalker is a module that is very mid-range in terms of price, when they implement the mechanics of bounty hunters, it may make a bit of sense since it has many detention cells, however it has been said that all Avengers will be able to exchange modules so TITAN would remain the best price / performance.

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    Well at least they got rid of the stock Joker Suckerpunch distortion cannons. I still don't see why they don't just make the Titan a game package. It's the best starter ship in the game IMO.
    As for the Valkyrie, its an amazing drop ship. It's turrets cover every angle and the gatlings are excellent for ground support. Too bad about the lack of cargo capacity. Though I see why CIG did it. If it had Cargo grids, it would totally eclipse the Cutty Black as a medium hauler.

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    Colby Butler

    Wow, really good job. Very thorough and professional. Subscribed for sure, I want to check out your other videos! (BTW: Adding the average grey market value was a nice touch. Good info!)

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    Games Dean

    I purchased the Stalker as my main daily driver a few weeks ago and I love it.
    The speed is fantastic, the stock weaponry is good, and the stealth shield is really great. Something you didn't mention at all in this review.

    What would you recommend overall as a replacement for the Stalker? The 325a?

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    This was the game pledge & ship I purchased in Feb '17. Although I agree with what you're saying about bounty hunting being totally useless, I've had fun dogfighting in it so far but I made the decision before I pleged that I want to bounty hunt. Thing that kinda annoys me is when I pledged it was equipped with distortion cannons that I didn't like for trying to take out others so I paid for web store currency to buy 2x tarantula 870's for fighting. Since then There are no distortion cannons and we have auto laser cannons now but I'm hoping it's just until they work bounty hunting into the game.

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    Frosty MeatPuppet

    I agree that the titan should be the one offered as the package ship, but the stalker was the first Avenger created. People can easily upgrade from a starter ship to the titan and should.

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    Frosty MeatPuppet

    The Avenger titan is the best ship under $60 available in the game. Regardless whether your a fan of the design or not.

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    I know a lot of people complain about the Valkyrie not having cargo, and yeah, it can be a bit of a pain, but consider what it is for a second. The Valk is a dropship, and one stated to eventually move into being a bit on the short range side. I think that what they are doing is getting people to think from the beginning that it's a specialized military ship with a dedicated purpose. If you need a heavily armed brick to get into or out of a firefight groundside, that's your ship. Plus, we don't know if there'll be new ground vehicle mechanics, where an emergency rapid deployment or evac could be aided by the specialized plating in the hold, being designed to take the weight and sudden movement of a vehicle in a hurry.

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    I bought it purely because of it's aesthetics becuase it's beautifully rounded. But my character is pacifist. And if I would advanced i'd get a position on a medical ship (the apollo), or buy a big explorer ship, depending on how my career goes. The stalker is just for me a great way to get around the universe for now.

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    Rebekah-Chris S-K

    stalkers are always bad omg they found me RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk I'm probably going to get one of these for the game

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    Seriously WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooooo Fuked..LuuL Bounty MOTFUKER goddammm BOBA B1tc#

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    Eduardo B. R.

    I think they could remove this ship from existence and make those prison cells an optional component you can put in the load out of the Titan :- makes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more sense.

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