Aegis Avenger Titan Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

Aegis Avenger Titan Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my
starter ship is the Avenger Titan a good buy
how does it compare to other ships welcome to another installment of A Star
Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
year again and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of
the aegis avenger Titan with the comparison on how those features ranks
amongst competing ships so you can make an informed buying decision let me know
what ship you’d like to see next down in the comments the ship with the most up
votes will be featured in a future episode let’s get to the ages of Indo
Titan is a small light freight ship manufactured by Aegis dynamics Aegis is
an earth-based spaceship manufacturing company known for their UE military
ships the Avenger Titan is one of four Avenger variants the Avenger stalker
warlock and renegade are also available when I review those variants I will add
links in the description and inspirations the aegis Avenger Titan is
the base variant of the Avenger with the extra cargo space and the Avengers
tried-and-true combat abilities the Titan is a light cargo hauler that is
more than capable of handling itself in a fight the Avenger is currently fight
ready it is available on the pledge store for purchase and for upgrade for
$50 and on average sells for eighty two dollars on the grey market it is not
currently available to purchase with in-game credits with that out of the way
let’s see how it compares to other ships you might be considering for comparison
I have hand-picked 34 ships that I think could possibly be considered by someone
looking to purchase a freelancer base the following slides will feature the
current ships value and rain along with the names and values of the worst and
best ships a Google sheets document with those ships and data are linked in the
description this information is sourced from multiple sources
someone’s conflicting data I have chosen the data that I think is most accurate
information and thoughts reflect the current state of the ship and the
persistent universe not what will be possible in the future when changes to
the ship or the PU are pertinent enough I will make a follow-up video now let’s
see how it stacks up against the competition
the Avenger Titan comes in around fifty thousand kilograms it has a max crew
size of one a cargo capacity of eight SCU it features a max y’all pitch rate
of 105 degrees per second an SCM speed of 260 meters per second compared to
other ships in this list its 1115 meters per second top speed is pretty low as
just over 6000 hit points of damage across his body its shield generators
can withstand over 3000 hit points of damage its guns do over 600 damage per
second and they have a theoretical DPS of just over a thousand it should be
noted the DPS only matters if you can hit your target its missiles do almost
thirty eight hundred and damage its fuel tanks hold 8,000 gallons of fuel it’s
expedition quantum drive gives it a 34 mega meter per second quantum speed and
a range of 60 Giga meters so it can travel from Cortazar to Hurston almost
two times before needing to refuel so make sure you do a refuel plan on travel
from Cortazar to Hurston will take you 12 minutes and 12 seconds that’s a great
time to watch more of my videos and leaving her some atmosphere will take
you about 2 minutes and 35 seconds now let’s talk about its firepower the titan
packs one bare buck size for gimbal mom was one mantis GT 220 on the nose this
GT 220 has 30 physical damage with a thousand rpm for a total of 500 DPS and
a 1400 meter range fYI this mount is size 4 so a size 4 Non gimbal weapon can
be equipped in addition its Wayne’s hold to Vera buck s3 gimbal mounts with one
CF 2 to 7 Bajor laser repeater each these badgers have 52 energy damage with
a 300 RPM for a total of 260 dps and an 1,800 meter range for missiles it has 2
size 3 MSD 3 to 2 missile racks with two sides to ignite tubes each ignite twos
are infrared have 948 mix damage a 1.6 8 second
lock time and has over 50 500 meter lock rings for a total of 4 missiles let’s
talk about it’s becoming the standard components available on the Avenger
Titan RS colonies it has one size one great be industrial class endurance
powerplant – sighs – great see military class racer
coolers – size one great see industrial class bulwark shield generators and last
but not least we have one size one grade C military class expedition quantum
drive with an 18-second cool down after long jumps let’s take a look at the
interior the aegis Avenger type features a cargo
bay big enough to comfortably fit at least one grey cat PTV or 8s see you in
the rear to the left and the right are unmarked component housings and some
cool spaceship stuff moving on we have more component
housings and more spaceship stuff there’s a bed to log out in toward the
cockpit we have more components the cockpit itself features three MFDs
and a radar the Titan does feature an ejection system and finally we have a canopy entry and
exit accidents in closing the ages of inter Titan is a
great small freight ship for the citizen looking to upgrade from a starter shoot
for example upgrading from the Mustang alpha will cost you $20 and for that
you’ll get a faster y’all pitch speed better weapons missiles and a cargo hole
that can hold boxes people etc you can also buy and sell widow without it being
a complete waste of time although the 7,500 alpha UEC making
profit is not worth the risk because you can do a mission around her stand and
make the same with no monetary risk but at least you can experience one of the
coolest things you can do in the game right now be sure to check out my solo
little money-making idea its pros are a good target size for a beginning player
it’s pretty nimble and it has decent shield its cons are pretty slow top
speed slow quantum speed at over 12 minutes to get from person to Portales
arc a low qt range and in my opinion its aesthetics look like it was made today
not 900 years in the future although I do understand that this is part of the
aegis design and also it looks like a space painting another Condon I found
for the Avenger type just before uploading this video is that
the HUD glare does not allow you to see very well at night even if you turn your
gamma up to 100% a workaround for this is to tap Z to enter free-look mode and
look above the HUD so is it worth the buy ultimately that decision is up to
you did you like this guy liked it for more weekly content subscribe by hitting
the bell and comment what ship you’d like to see featured in the Nexus tower
citizenship buyer’s guide until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse you you


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    What do you guys think about the Avenger Titan? What did you guys think about this review? What ship would you like to see in the next "A Star Citizen's Ship Buyer's Guide"?
    When covering the nose GT-220 I show size 2 but it is actually size 3! TY +Nathan Andreasen

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    Master Pravus

    I love my Avenget Titian, it is just a fun ship. I keep it even though I have Freelancer DUR, a Prospector, and a Connie Andromeda.

    It had great textures on it. It just looks like an evolved space shuttle.

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    I could see the audio being off. Fluctuates a lot in volume and quality. Rest seems fine. I think the reworked 300i will be a strong contender against this ship.

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    Great videos for beginners. Very nice editing and graphics. Small suggestion: your voice seems a bit remote and could have a bit more presence. +10'd

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    Ted Wendelboe

    To answer the original question, I recommend to everyone to upgrade to the Titan, but I like the 300i better. And I REALLY like the 325A better.
    There have been 2 ships I've really been overjoyed to own. The Cutlass, and the Warden. (and I expect the Heartseeker, I had a Superhornet but all its disappointments are fixed by the Heartseeker)

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    The Titan is not that far off from the Gladius, but the Gladius can't haul cargo (Nox) and does not have a bed like the Titan. Best bang for the buc.
    Great review keep em coming

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    Hawk 206

    Great video mate. Always look forward to your vids. But if I could please suggest that you use the correct units in your comparison / ranking ship screen. For example in the center of the screen you have Mm/s which is correct but at the bottom corners you have mm/s. These are very different and are not the same. I understand that you are using the capital and lower case prefix interchangeably but they are not the same. Thanks mate please keep up the good work.

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    Robert Schumacher

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's hard to go wrong with the Titan. It's a solid addition to any collection, whether as the one ship you start with or a solid backup in case things go wrong.

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    ecevans evans

    EXCELLENT VIDEO, NO BULLSH*t. Can you make a video of the following , saber, cutlass black, freelance, mercury , 600i and constellation.

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    William Tessier

    Can you tell me what you think is the Best QD for this ship? I would like very much to go faster across the system. I use this to do pkg deliveries.

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    Jeff Worthen

    I bought the Titan exclusively for courier/delivery missions, the rear ramp prevents ladder deaths, being able to drop the box in the back on delivery missions make it very handy for this purpose. You should get in the habit of refueling the quantum fuel every stop you can, I’ve actually had to make a side trip to Port Olisar for refuels when I’ve forgotten. Personally for the extra $20, I would upgrade a Mustang or Aurora starter ships to a ship of this type without hesitation.

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    ecevans evans

    Hey good information, you do a video on ranking of the shields. Ex- C/military class or C/Industrial class which is strongest or better value

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    Oesel UNIC Klubi

    Low top speed is history if you upgrade titan to renegade. Top speed over 1300 makes it fastest cargo ship you can get. Stealth, fast and agile, hard target for every fighter. You cant kill it if you cant catch it.

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    Hey, can you compare the avenger titan to the new 300i ? They have the same cargo space and almost the same price, i'm wondering which is the overall best choice.

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    Tommy V

    Fucking cockpit sucks, and they refuse to fix it. Such a shame because it's a fantastic looking ship. All they need to do is get rid of that stupid desk lamp in the cockpit, that light is annoying. I don't know why the moron who designed this decided to add that light.

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    ACA B.B.B.

    Thanks for the good review..I'm new to the game and just looking to Mustang Alpha upgrade to Avenger Titan..
    can a little help? if they can already upgrade the Avenger Titan can post upgrade for some better and stronger ship

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    Lasse Helweg

    Something that might make this more than a starter ship is that, the freelancer (Chris said this at a Citizen-Con(maybe also the cutlass, they are nerly the same size)) won't fit trough the small jump points anymore. So for making small cargo runs trough small jump points might give this ship a very nice role other than being a great starter ship

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    Oh gee, the audio is terrible. Watched another one of ur vids earlier today and sound was fine. But not this one! What did you do???

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    Anna Floden

    2 of the cons are very personal opinions and does not fit in the video 😀 the hud glare wich prob will get fixed by time and you not liking the design. xD

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    Frosty MeatPuppet

    While I really like the presentation of your videos, I do question the ships your comparing this to. I would suggest just comparing ships in the same price range, similar attributes. Your comparison ships include combat focused and medium ships that cost way more than this ship and out perform it as well. Ideally I would have selected same priced ships with similar specs to give the viewer a better gauge of how this ship really stacks up. It seems your not a fan of the Avenger line up and have gone out of your ways to diminish its value.

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    Frosty MeatPuppet

    The Avenger titan for $50 is the best bang for the buck! Regardless if you like the design or not, the fact that it has a bed, can carry more cargo than any starter ship and has a substantially better stock loadout makes this ship the only ship you should be flying if you don't want to spend more than $60.

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    Frosty MeatPuppet

    I would also like to see you also explain the upgrades for components. The majority of viewers of your content will be new people that don't know anything about the game. It's great that you go into such great detail about all the specs but for new people most of this info is meaningless.

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    My ship from yesterday, beauty outside (reminds NASA spaceshuttles) but ugly cockpit… Please RSI do somerhing with this ugly looking like designed in 60s cockpit!

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    If you master the avenger, you can do massive damage to even the warden. I do like its looks. It finally does not look like a plane in space as most.

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    John Boyd

    What I've learned from your videos without even watching the Cutlass Black video: The cutlass black is fast at warp and long range for its price. Might actually make a very solid explorer if those mechanics ever come out

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